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"I am going to rip your throat out with my bare teeth, tear your body into tiny pieces, light the pieces on fire and happily watch you burn!"

"Woah, Eddie!" The voice of my supposed best friend sounded from the cell phone that was in danger of being disintegrated in my grip. "Is this the thanks I get for doing you a favor?"

"Don't call me Eddie," I growled. The fucker knew how much I hated that nickname, and after the humiliation he had just subjected me to, I was in no mood for his usual joking.

"What's the matter?" Emmett asked, his tone that of a man who never experienced a serious problem in his entire life. "Don't tell me you blew the audition."

Despite the noise of the crowded café I was sitting in, I made out the small snicker at the end of his sentence.

"Very fucking funny, Emmett." I said. "There was no blowing of any kind, and I walked out of the audition as soon as I figured out what the script was about. You can't have expected me to actually go through with that."

"Ed, man," Emmett replied. "You're the one who always said that voice-over work was easy money. You also said you needed extra dough, and this is practically the same as voice-over work. You just say the words into the microphone and cash your paycheck. And, I'm expecting a good portion of that paycheck to be spent on me at the bar."

My teeth were grinding, and I could feel the skin over my knuckles stretching tight.

"You are so delusional," I seethed. "How can you imagine I would be spending money on you when I needed to take a second job?"

"A second job is not what you really need," Emmett laughed. "You're looking for a second job so that you have money to have some fun. And, trust me Eddie, I can show you how to have some fun. You've been out of the dating game a long time. You're going to need a good wingman to show you how it's done in the new millennium."

I didn't think it was possible to feel worse, but this conversation was bringing me down far enough that I was actually reconsidering walking out of the audition. The truth was, everything Emmett had just said was true.

I was a partner for a fairly successful media consulting firm and could pay my bills, which was nothing to take for granted when one of those bills was a rather sizable alimony check to my ex-wife of three years. I had always been good with my money, but no matter how well you think you're planning, going from supporting one household to two isn't easy.

I had managed to not go into debt and started rebuilding some savings by downsizing, living simply and basically never spending anything myself. That included dates. For the first year after discovering Tanya was having an affair, I couldn't even bring myself to think about being with another woman. I was too hurt and shell-shocked.

As I started to surface from the pain, I noticed other women again, but I hesitated to ask anyone out. I'm sure I could have had some fun, but I was old-fashioned and believed that a woman deserved to be treated well and spoiled. The strict budget I had set for myself didn't have any room for fancy restaurants, nights out in the city, flowers, and all the other things I would want to shower a date with.

I had made the mistake of saying something about this holding me back to Emmett, and he had lit up. I had thought, foolishly, that he was excited about me getting out into the dating world again. Now I realized he had seen the opportunity for one of his practical jokes.

"Hey, you still there?" Emmett's voice broke me out of my memories.

"Yeah," I replied, pinching the bridge of my nose and concentrating on taking big breaths. I had walked out of the office, intending to never go back.

The recording studio was one of dozens of businesses in this building. How was it Emmett had found the one that was based on naughty stories to earn me extra cash? Was that really the only opening? I looked around the crowded atrium, as various people in various versions of business casual or corporate attire wandered through. The economy was still pretty rough, there were probably twice as many people who would jump at the chance to get a paycheck for a little voice-over work, no matter what the content.

I was thinking about why I had been looking for a way to make a little extra money. Maybe I was even more desperate than I thought, because I was considering sinking to this low that Emmett had suggested. Just the fact that I was thinking of doing something Emmett considered a brilliant idea made me think I should be saving for a psychiatrist and not for dates.

"Okay," he said. "I got great news, Edward. I just got an e-mail from the production company and they want you." There was a beat of silence as my jaw dropped and I heard Emmett's man-paws pounding his keyboard. "They're even willing to give you a bonus since you weren't aware of the nature of what you'd be working on. Ha! I'm a fucking genius. I got you a bonus without even trying."

"Emmett," I started, fully intending to tell him to delete that e-mail and remove me from his contacts, but I was distracted by a gorgeous brunette entering the café. It was obvious she worked in this building, because she wasn't wearing a coat and the girl behind the counter greeted her with an easy, familiar smile. They exchanged a few words and soon the cashier was laughing as she prepared the other woman's coffee.

The brunette appeared to have a wicked sense of humor, because the café-worker was cracking up. I wished I had been closer in order to make out their conversation. I could use a good laugh – one of the non-Emmett variety.

The dark-haired woman turned away from the register, and I almost forgot to breathe as I got a full look at her. She was stunningly beautiful from her pale, heart-shaped face to her long legs. She was dressed professionally, in a simple button-down blouse and a knee-length skirt. But both hugged her perfect hourglass figure so well that it only made her sexier than any of the naughty pictures I currently had saved on my laptop at home.

I mentioned it had been three years, didn't I?

I tried not to stare like a Neanderthal as she passed by my table, but my head swiveled without permission and I got to check out the back of her, which even sexier as the front. Her extremely bitable ass was enough to make me glad I had actually come on this crazy interview. It was worth the humiliation of Emmett's joke to be able to look at this perfection for a few moments.

As she reached the door, she glanced backward and warm chocolate brown eyes met mine for a moment. My breath actually caught and I quickly turned away toward the window. The drizzly dark of the day made the plate glass a perfect mirror, and I thought she looked at me for a minute before cocking her head to the side as if trying to figure something out. I silently prayed she hadn't sensed me checking her out. The day had been enough of a disaster, I didn't need any more humiliation.

Just as I was stumbling over a lame excuse, the woman shook her head and walked out the door. Long, waves of chestnut silk fell over her shoulder. I turned around to stare again just in time to see graceful, delicate fingers reach up to tuck a lock behind her ear. My own fingers tingled as I imagined making that gesture myself, just before I tipped her chin up to mine.

Through the distraction of my fantasy, I watched her cross the lobby toward the elevators. Even her walk was subtly sexy. I imagined walking next to her with my hand on the small of her back, feeling her sway and occasionally grazing her perfectly firm ass with my fingers as other men watched her pass by, realizing that she belonged to me.

If I was ever going to be able to take out a woman like that, I needed to have more in my bank account.

"How much was the bonus?" I croaked out.

"Three grand!" Emmett boomed, and I held the cell away from my ear, grimacing. "Fifteen hundred for signing and another fifteen hundred if you can get the project done by the end of the month. Get your speed-reading glasses on, Eddie-boy."

I groaned. That kind of money could pay for quite a few nice dates. And, just maybe if I was working in this building for a few weeks I could run into the beautiful brunette again. She no doubt had a husband or a boyfriend who was planning on becoming her husband. But, getting a glimpse of her could feed my fantasies for a while. And, who knows, maybe I'd have a chance to talk with her and hear that laugh that had made the cashier smile so big.

I could swallow my pride and take this gig. Once I cashed my paycheck, I could forget about this embarrassing job that I couldn't believe I was even considering. I could ask out the next woman who caught my eye, even though I'd probably get shot down if she was anything close to as perfect as the brunette that had just disappeared into the elevator.

But, I couldn't just go through the rest of my life afraid to even try.

"Okay," I said. "Tell them I'll take it. I'm going to go home and try to drown myself, but assuming I fail at that, I'll come in whenever they need me."

"That would be right-fucking now, Ed," Emmett replied. "Take your little swim some other time, 'cause right now the producer wants your hot ass and your hot voice upstairs."

"G'ah!" I was reconsidering once again. "The producer didn't actually write that in an e-mail did she?"

"It was between the lines, buddy," Emmett said. "But, trust me, she wouldn't want you so bad if you weren't hot. I think you should ask her out for practice. Maybe ask her to go over the script with you over dinner."

"I can hear your Cro-Magnon eyebrows wiggling over the phone." Despite continuing to give Emmett a hard time and my many reasonable doubts, I was making my way to the elevator. "That's so not happening."

"You seriously need to relax and get laid, buddy." Emmett said. "But, you know what, hold out until after the job is done. I bet your crazy horniness came out in your performance and we wouldn't want to upset the mojo. So, no hook-ups and no whack-offs until the checks in hand. That bonus is only half-earned. Hey, since I got you this job, that makes me your agent, right? You can give me my ten percent in the form of shots or lap-dances, your choice."

"You are disgusting, and I'm hanging up," I said. I didn't bother to wait for his reply before doing just that and stepping onto the elevator.

My heart was hammering as the floors flashed by. I was pretty sure I had left my stomach in the lobby; my insides felt hollow by the time the elevator stopped and I stepped out onto the tenth floor.

The receptionist had paperwork waiting for me, so I focused on filling out my information and tried not think about what I was actually signing up for. It was just voice-over work. It wasn't something I had planned on doing, but it was easy, and I could fit it in around my responsibilities at my firm, which was in an annual slow period now anyway.

As soon as the clipboard with my contract was snatched out of my hands, Ben, the somewhat twitchy producer I had interviewed came whisk me down the hallway toward the sound studio. Giant earphones were snapped onto my head, which I quickly repositioned and tried to flatten my hair back into place. The assistant producer, who thankfully only appeared interested in my volume levels, led me through a few test lines and repositioned some of the equipment.

I kept thinking about the beautiful brunette, which helped in two ways. First, it kept me from walking out with my pride and no paycheck. Second, it helped get me in the appropriate mood for the script.

Emmett may have been a complete buffoon, but he did have a point. It had been a very long time since I was acquainted with any physical connection aside from my own palm. If it was possible to turn my depressing sexual desperation into cash, then at least there was a bright side.

Finally, the audio was set, and the producer told me to begin. I looked down at the page and began to read:

As I approached the young beauty who was trembling at the foot of my bed, I reminded myself not to scare her with my need. But, she was so tempting, I could tell from her wide eyes that part of her feared me as much as she also longed for my touch.

Though I knew we were both anxious for more than a gentle caress, I did no more than brush her hair over her shoulder when I reached her.

We stood looking into each other's eyes, with no sound but our breath. Hers were wide and innocent, and I knew mine were hooded with lust. Breaking away from her gaze wasn't easy, but far greater temptations than her beautiful face were waiting for me to explore with my eyes.

Standing as close to her as I was, I could see down the front of the red silk negligee that was hugging her sumptuous curves. Though the light was dim in our room, the gap of fabric and skin was wide enough for me to see the full shape of her full breasts, and to even glimpse the dark rose nipples that stood erect, tenting the silk and begging for me to pull the obstruction away, to cover them instead with the palm of my hand.

"I will take perfect care of you," I whispered in her ear, as I tucked a lock of hair into place, still not daring to touch her skin directly. "You just need to trust me, and I will make you feel so good."

She nodded her consent, and I pressed my mouth lightly to the most sensitive point on her neck, tasting her skin and feeling her pulse against my lips. Her body arched involuntarily and her silk-covered breasts were pushed against my bare chest.

My arms encircled her waist, pulling her tighter against me and keeping her upright as her knees began to give way.

"Give yourself to me baby girl," I said. "Trust me."

"I trust you," she whispered with a shiver. "I'm yours."

Her words were my undoing. I couldn't hold myself back any longer, and my fingers wound around the hem of her negligee and pulled it up over to her waist as my hips ground against hers. One hand held the fabric in place while the other grabbed the mound of her ass and pulled her toward me, pushing her wet heat against my cock, still straining against my boxers.

She moaned and her head rolled back, presenting more of her throat as her long hair fell away. She was perfect, beautiful and "mine." The last word of my thought came out as a growl.

Still just barely in control, I stepped back just enough to continue removing the silk from her body. As soon as the fabric was over her head, I tossed it to a corner of the room and pushed her down onto the soft mattress.

It was beyond erotic seeing her fall, naked except for the small scrap of lace that made up her panties, with her eyes never leaving mine. I kept her locked in my gaze as I crawled on top of her taking each of her hands in mine and pushing them over her head while my mouth explored as much of her as I could reach.

I dipped my tongue into her belly button and continued to taste her as I marked a trail to her breasts. Still keeping her arms pinned above us with one hand, I explored with the other while alternating licking her nipples and nuzzling touching the tips of my lips to the place where her ribs met over her heart. I could swear I could feel it beating against the kiss of devotion.

"More," she cried, and I was happy to oblige. Still worshipping her perfect breasts with my mouth, I reached between us where our hips met. Her warm folds were wet with her need and I nearly came myself from the way she jerked as my finger found her clit.

"Oh baby girl," I murmured in her ear. "Is this all for me?"

She nodded, unable to form speech any longer.

"Did you want me to touch you here?" I teased with both my words, and a circling motion against her nub as she writhed for more.

"Please," she whimpered. "I need you."

"What do you need, my sweet girl?" I asked. "I'm touching you where you wanted. What more can I possibly give you?"

"Your cock, please, I need…" she trailed off as I inserted two fingers inside her and began rubbing against the sensitive place inside her, still not letting up on my ministrations to her clit.

Her walls clenched around my fingers and her mouth fell open as she came. Only then did I slide my cock inside her and begin to move, losing myself to my own pleasure as hers built once again.

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