A/N. First of all, keep in mind that this is the first fanfiction I've ever written, so don't be too harsh on me :( Secondly, I noticed that The Young Elites is written from the first point of view and Cinder is written from the third point of view, but I'll just write it all in third person. So, yeah, we'll see how this goes :/

Adelina's POV

Set this world on fire, Enzo. With everything you have.

Enzo's eyes filled with fire, shining with molten reds, oranges and yellows. Adelina could hear Raffaele shout for Enzo to stop, but it was too late. Tendrils of flame wrapped themselves around Enzo's body, slithering over his arms, his legs. The fire pooled in his hands, getting brighter and brighter. He brought his hands together, and the world went up in

Once Adelina could finally open her eyes, she saw utter chaos. At first she thought it was because of the raging inferno of flames swallowing Maeve's ships, but then she noticed something even more terrifying. In the midst of the bright colors there was utter darkness, a sphere of black eating everything around it. She didn't know what had caused it, but it was growing bigger and bigger by the second. She could feel it tugging at her clothes and hair, pulling with a greater and greater force. Soon she wouldn't be able to resist it anymore. Then suddenly she felt someone grab her by her waist and turn her around. She gasped and immediately prepared herself to throw all of her power at her opponent when she saw bright, honey-colored eyes that belonged to no one else but Magiano.

"That's a very nice, uh, sphere of eternal darkness you created over there but can you please get rid of it? It's starting to suck up the good guys too." He said into her ear, over the roar of the inferno.

"I didn't make it!" Adelina screamed back.

"Well, can you get rid of it?" He pressed on.

"No! Don't you think if I'd been able to I would've done it already?!" She replied.

"We need to get out of here-"

"Wait!" Adelina screamed, cutting him off, "Enzo!"

Enzo was kneeling on the hard wood floor, drained after using up all his energy to annihilate Maeve's ships. The dark sphere was sucking him closer and closer to its core. She could see huge chunks of debris careening into the orb of death. Even pillars of fire weren't able to escape the pull. But Enzo. Her first kiss. Her first love. Leave him to die, Adelina, whispered the ever helpful voice in her head, he deserves it. He said he would kill you if he could, he wants you dead. Why should you help him? She ignored the whispers and instead ripped herself out of Magiano's arms and towards Enzo. That was her big mistake. She knew she had doomed herself a moment too late. She cursed. See, Adelina, love makes you weak. You will now pay for your attachment to a boy who would save his own skin over yours. She grabbed onto a pole and clung on to it for dear life. Suddenly, a shadow swooped over her head and dove towards the dark mass. But at the last moment, the figure flew down and grabbed Enzo. The copper hair... the flying... It was Lucent. She turned her bright eyes to Adelina.

"I'd kill you myself right now, but I'd rather you suffer through whatever awaits you next", Lucent growled, her body language speaking murder. Then she launched herself up and away from the sphere of destruction, with Enzo in her arms.

"Adelina! Adelina!" she heard someone scream. Magiano.

She let out a small sob, but didn't answer back. She had failed. She wouldn't be queen. She will die. She didn't want Magiano to see her like this, broken. Please leave please don't look for me please go I don't want you to die please she murmured between sobs. She didn't want the one person who truly loved her to die. And then she remembered. Violetta. She had forgotten about her own sister. She was a poor excuse of a human being. Oh! You have forgotten your own sister! Leered the voices in her head. See, you are incapable of reciprocating the feelings of anyone who cares about you. And when you admit that to yourself, then you will truly find the power you've wanted your whole life. Please be okay, Violetta, she though, I love you. She was about to let go of the wooden pole, when she saw another pair of hands grab onto it. No no no no no. It was Magiano. One of his hands let go of the pole, and the other wrapped itself around her waist. He pulled her close and held her tightly.

"I love you Adelina," He murmured, " And I'll stay with you no matter what."

He loved her? Adelina was speechless. She knew that she should say something back but she didn't know what. However, she didn't have to make a decision because she felt her hands slip off the pole and the darkness pull her in.

Adelina peeled open her tired eyes. She was now inside the dark sphere, and had no idea how long she'd been passed out. Somehow Magiano stayed in her embrace through the whole ordeal. She was still flying through space, alongside huge chunks of debris. It was a miracle that she didn't get hit by any of it. She clung tighter to Magiano and squinted as something bright caught her attention. It seemed to be a... path. Suddenly she felt a spark of hope light up in her chest, and she forced her body to propel itself in a slightly different direction, pulling Magiano along. The process was slow and tedious, but eventually she made it to the path. She was about to make her way inside when she was stopped by... something. It seemed to be a transparent veil covering the opening. Through it she could now make out strange metallic slabs behind the veil. She cursed. A veil was one thing, but how would she make it past metal. She knew she had to try, so she hacked and clawed and kicked at the veil until her nails were caked with blood and the veil had started to shred. Yes, yes, yes! She had a moment of happiness as she pulled herself and Magiano through the opening, but then she was falling and hitting the hard metallic surface. She opened her eyes into slits and looked to the side. The last thing she saw was the face of a young girl around her age before something fell on top of her and she lost consciousness.