Felicity woke up to a little hand patting her arm. "What is it Trinity" she asked still part asleep. "It's 6am mommy" she said in her big girl voice. Sitting up immediately Felicity thanked her little alarm clock. She was supposed to have Trinity at daycare by seven and she was supposed to be at work by seven thirty. "Let's get moving little monster" she said scooping up trinity and heading to the kitchen.

When Felicity got them both to the kitchen she made them both a bowl of chocolate mini wheats with some dairy free dark chocolate milk. Trinity loved late mornings because she got to dress herself. Today she was in her Loki

t-shirt and a fluffy tutu she wore for her one day at ballet. Just like her mother, physical activity wasn't her thing. "Alright bug, you wait here and I'm going to go and get dressed." Felicity said as she checked that the security camera was on and the feed was in her room.

Felicity ran to her room and pulled out the black pants suit she had thankfully picked out the night before. She checked the feed and Trinity was still eating her bowl of mini wheats. She couldn't help but laugh when Trinity stuck her tongue at the camera like she knew she was watching. Her bra strap snapped hard onto her shoulder and she tried not to scream. Finishing getting dressed Felicity headed over to the makeup mirror and started applying her daily face. She went out, scooped up Trinity again and took them both in to brush their teeth and brush their hair.

Trinity jumped into the backseat of their station wagon and got herself settled into the car seat. Felicity was proud and sad at the same time on how her little girl was so self-sufficient. Heading to daycare Trinity hummed her favorite song, kermit the frogs it's not easy being green. She loved the color green and Felicity could never figure out why.

They arrived at Green Arrow Preschool. Felicity got out and helped Trinity get out of her car seat and then put her sailor moon backpack on her. When they got in the classroom, Felicity bent down and kissed her daughter on the forehead. They said their goodbyes and Felicity left.

Her heart was already hurting, it always did when she parted with Trinity. Especially when she had a stressful day and today would be stressful because it was the day an FBI officer would be there to talk about the explosion.