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Chapter 1: Friends and Foes

Date: 23rd April 1992.

Place: An ordinary railway platform in Scotland.

Twelve years old HARRY JAMES POTTER, was completely new to the wizarding world, his new friend Hagrid had asked him to board the Hogwarts express at platform 9^3/4 but unfortunately had vanished somewhere without telling him how to get there. So here he stood confused and thinking to himself as to what he was supposed to do to find such an unusual platform. Suddenly he was taken aback by some loud blabbering about bad shoes, he saw that it was coming from a bushy haired girl who had chocolate brown eyes and a very lovely face, she wore a nice red top and blue jeans but didn't seemed at all happy with her shoes that were of the shape of a mouse and even made a chu chu kind of sound as she walked.

"How many times have I told mom that I have grown up now and need not to wear these weird shoes meant for the two years old but she won't listen," she yelled as she passed by Harry with her luggage on a small trolley. He noticed that she had a ticket in her small hand with platform 9^3/4 written on it, he knew what to do next,

"Excuse me!" Harry called out to her.

The girl turned to find rather a very cute looking boy with round glasses, approaching her.

"Listen if you are here to make fun of my shoes then don't you dare…" but before she could say further she got interrupted,

"No, I am not here for that, I have just been wanting to ask if you can tell me how to get to" said Harry as he raised his ticket to her.

"Oh! I am so sorry, actually I feel quite embarrassed in these shoes that I can even imagine people coming to me just for making fun of them, anyways as far as your problem is concerned it's really easy, just watch me" she said as she started running towards a huge pillar vanishing into it. Harry wasn't surprised a lot, as such strange things had been occurring to him quite frequently since he learned he was a wizard. He made a tight grip at his trolley and began to run towards the pillar and then into it. The next moment he was at platform 9^3/4, he lost himself admiring the awesome Hogwarts express but soon was out of his thoughts as a girl's voice stuck into his head saying

"Hey you, round glasses, are you going to stand there, or find yourself a compartment before the entire train gets crowded."

Harry saw that it was the bushy haired girl, she made a gesture with her hand telling him to follow her and so he did, almost chuckling to himself at the new name he was addressed with. After rummaging through four or five compartments they finally found a completely vacant one, suitable for them and their luggage. Harry went and sat near the window while the girl sat opposite to him at the other window.

"I am Hermione Jean Granger and you?"

"Harry Potter"

"I knew it, since I saw you I had this feeling that you must be the famous harry potter, I have read about you."

Harry knew he was popular but people even read about him made him feel a little awkward.

The train started and during half of the journey both the kids talked about Hogwarts and magical stuff, they also ate some of the delicious candies Hermione was carrying, gradually their conversation moved to each other's respective lives, Hermione always had her mouth dropped open in surprise as she came to know what a harsh and miserable life Harry had with his cruel aunt and uncle. About her, she told that she was from a muggle family -the people who can't perform magic, Harry also found that she was a real book worm from the way she went on describing how many and what spells she had learnt, telling him even the page number the spell belonged to, and that whenever she was upset or bored she used to study her text books which made her feel refreshed and happy again, at this Harry felt that she was, a little, no, a lot scary because normal humans usually get bored of studying and this girl studied to remove her boredom . Harry was about to faint, listening to the endless name of books and horrible spells which he thought he won't be able to pronounce even, but Hermione recited like a poetry to her. Suddenly a chocolate frog came jumping in their compartment followed by a stupid looking fat boy who shouted out,

"Traver! Please come back,"

But the frog didn't seem to listen and jumped to another compartment with the boy yelling after it.

"I think he needs a little help, I'll be back," said hermione as she walked out of the compartment.

Harry really found it so nice of her always trying to help others. He sat staring out of the train's window and enjoying the beautiful views passing by when someone entered the compartment, he thought it had to be hermione but turned to find that it was not her, instead it was a blonde haired charming youth with stormy grey eyes, he came and sat opposite to harry.

"Hello Harry, my name is Draco Malfoy, I have been searching for you since we got on the train and finally here you are," he said holding out his hand to Harry.

Harry took his hand wondering why this guy was saying so, what did he want from him.

But then he didn't had to wait long, as soon he got the answer.

"You must be thinking how I recognized you, simple, by your scar which is as famous as you, but it's ironical that the scar is the reason for your fame, since my father told me that I was going to be at Hogwarts, I have always thought that if you and I happen to be in the same year which is certainly happening then we both will turn out to be great friends, just imagine the famous harry potter and the royal, rich, high class, heir of Slytherin- Draco Malfoy, how great it sounds," he said his eyes shining brightly.

Harry not at all liked how this guy laid so much emphasis on being a high class and royal, he was never going to make friends with a boy who wanted to be his companion just because he was very famous. He was about to convey it to Malfoy when Hermione came back, she stood at the entrance door of the compartment saying,

"That frog was so stubborn Harry, we tried a lot to catch it but it jumped out of the train, Navel is so upset…" though she had to say much more, she paused, seeing that Harry was not alone but there was some other boy too staring at her strangely, whom she had not noticed till now being so busy telling Harry of whatever she had been through.

"Who is she?" asked Malfoy looking at Harry.

But Harry didn't had to say anything as Hermione herself gave the answer to Malfoy's question,

"Hermione Granger" she said.

"Granger!" Malfoy mouthed out in surprise, frowning badly as if even in saying this title he felt sick.

"Granger is the title of mudbloods, so why on earth, is this low class talking to you as if she is your friend?" he asked Harry.

"Because she is my friend! and she isn't like you, arrogant and selfish, judging people by their class which actually doesn't counts while making a friend, so I better prefer to be her friend rather than being with a fool like you." Replied harry, he was very angry at Malfoy for calling his new friend a low class though he didn't knew the meaning of mudblood .

"So that's it, I thought so high of you Potter but now I see how wrong I was, you need not tell me that you don't want to be my friend as now I myself don't want to be the friend of such a brainless idiot as you are, making friends with disgusting Grangers" said Malfoy as he walked out giving a strong push at Hermione's shoulder, who still stood at the compartment's door witnessing all this.

Harry saw how insulted and hurt Hermione was feeling, her face has turned so dull and she stood with her eyes constantly looking down at the floor.

"Hermione, you should not think about whatever that monkey was saying, it was all rubbish, high class-low class, it doesn't even matter, what matters is what kind of a person are you and trust me Mione you are a great person, always helping out others, which I think will be considered as a really good quality, and you have it." Said harry.

After listening to this long speech said in her honor, Hermione seemed a little merrier than before, she came and sat facing Harry, now she had a little smile on her face.

"Thanks Harry, I didn't knew you were so good at convincing" she said, playfully hitting at his arm.

"My pleasure" he replied happily.

"Well about that frog, did it really jumped out" he confirmed.

Hermione nodded.

Harry felt sorry for the little creature who saved his life from the torture Hermionie was giving him an hour ago, by jumping into their compartment.

"He was a Malfoy, isn't it? They all are the same, high headed and rude to our kinds" said Hermionie, again bringing back the topic Harry wanted her to forget.

"What do you mean by- your kinds, you are sounding as if you belong to some species you are ashamed of, please Mione…"

"ok, ok, Harry, I will forget about it, in fact I want to, but it keeps returning to my mind, anyways I assure you I won't talk about it anymore" said Hermione interrupting him in between as she feared she would have to listen to another one of his speech which she didn't wanted as she was not used to such admirations and found it quite awkward when someone praised her a lot.

After this, they both were quite for sometime but then Hermione spoke out,

"We are about to reach Hogwarts, better get dressed in your uniform" she said to Harry as she walked out to the girl's changing room for doing the same.

Date: 23rd April 1992

Place: Hogwarts, London.

Finally the train came to a halt, Harry and Hermione came down along with other students. Everyone was surprised to see a giant telling them to get into the boats that were supposed to take them to the huge and grand castle standing in front of them a few meters away.

"He's Hagrid, remember I told you about him," Harry said to Hermione who just stared at the huge man with wide eyes.

When Hagrid saw Harry he waved to him smiling, Harry waved back.

Soon after, the two kids were sitting in a boat with a few other students among whom there was a girl named Cherry(just an imaginary character no one particular from any series)who seemed to get along really well with Hermione who was busy talking to her, almost forgetting that Harry was also there, thus he also found a red haired boy named Ron Weasley to keep company with.

At Hogwarts after some formalities and introductions the students got sorted out to various houses, whereas Malfoy got Slytherin, Harry, Hermionie, and Ron got chosen to Gryfindor.

The next day first class was of flying lessons taken by hamster faced madam Huutch. She was about to began when a Hogwarts assistant came running to tell her that the headmaster had summoned her. She told everyone that they were to stay at ground till she was back. Hermione stood holding her broom in hand when suddenly it started to rise up on its own, carrying her with it, it all happened so fast that before she could think or act, she was flying high up and all over Hogwarts. She held on to the long wooden part of the broom with her hands while the rest of her body hanged in free air. Soon she started to lose her grip as her hands were getting tired and starting to pain, also the highly fast speed of the broom was making it difficult for her to stick to it. There was a chaos at the ground, where the boys stood worried and horrified less by the situation but more by the howling and screaming of the girls. The Slytherin house laughed and mocked at Hermione with Malfoy being the loudest one at that. Harry had send Ron to call madam Huutch but it was taking him very long. Harry knew that if he waited any longer then Hermione was going to fall down so he had no other choice but to save her himself. He sat onto his broom making it fly towards Hermione, as fast as possible. On the other hand Hermione could not take it any more, her hand slipped off the broom, she closed her eyes and waited for facing the dirt and death, but it never happened, she felt something really soft holding her wrist she knew it was Harry's hand, he pulled her up onto his own broom and holding her tightly with one hand headed downwards to the ground. As Soon as they landed and Hermione's feet touched the ground she collapsed onto her knees, everyone crowded around her while Harry sat by her side rubbing her hands, Cherry gave her support from behind. Hermione felt as if every part of her body was knocked out, she gently tilted her head which was spinning badly out of dizziness, on Harry's shoulder. Malfoy walked to her moving with a royal accent,

"Enjoyed the ride Granger?" he mocked as he bent down on one knee to reach her level.

Harry was about to hit Malfoy for being a nuisance at such a critical moment but before that something happened, which was even a much better lesson to him, Hermione puked at his robes, though not doing it on purpose as she was in a condition too wretched to realize what she did and to whom, Malfoy could hear laughter specially from his own house.

"Shut up you fools! and Granger? what the….yaak!" he shouted out as he looked at the white slimy liquid at his house t-shirt, angrily he raised his hand to hit Hermione.

"Don't dare Malfoy," said Harry putting a defending arm over her.

An inevitable fight was about to start between the two when everyone heard the noise of footsteps approaching them, it was Huutch and Ron,

"What's going on here, Mr Weasley told me that Miss Granger was flying" the teacher said as she sat down near Hermione to have a better look on her.

"Oh! poor child, she immediately needs to be taken to the hospital wing and students, the class is dismissed for today" she said turning to everyone as she lifted up Hermione in her arms. Harry was keeping close to Malfoy as everyone left the ground, when madam Huutch was out of sight he pulled Malfoy's arm harshly to stop him.

"What do you want now? potter!" Malfoy yelled out.

"I know you did it, you spelled Mione's broom which led her through all that,"

"Yes I did, so what?"

"What! You're asking what, how low can you fall Malfoy? She could have died."

"I think that would have been better, the world getting rid of at least one useless Granger."

Harry was out of his nerves now and made a charge on Malfoy but he dodged it.

"Want to fight Potter" he said turning his fists into balls and taking a fighting position.

But again their fight came to a stop before it could start as professor Mcgonagall came up to them through the corridors looking out for Harry.

"Mr Potter I suppose you know that violence is not allowed within the school premises" she said looking for an explanation from Harry.

"Ma'am, you must have heard by now what happened with Hermione during our flying lessons, and Malfoy has accepted that he was behind it all when I asked him" he replied.

"If that's so then let the teachers handle it, you are no authority to decide the punishment for him" said Mcgonagall giving a stare to Malfoy which he understood was an order for him to leave and so he left, much to the dismay of Harry who wanted to beat him up badly for what he did and said about Hermione.

"Follow me, " Mcgonagall said turning to Harry.

All the way through the corridors Harry thought of where the lady was taking him, was she going to punish him for trying to fight Malfoy.

Finally she stopped by a class taken by professor Quirrel, he was teaching the senior students.

"Sorry to disturb you professor, but can I talk to Mr Chatwin please," she asked peeping through the classroom's door.

" Yes, yes sure," he replied.

Thus a very handsome boy around seventeen years of age stood up from among the students and made his way towards Mcgonagall.

"Mr Potter, he is Justin Chatwin, the senior head boy(A/N: the Justin mentioned here is the same Justin Chatwin who is a Hollywood actor, if you know him, I haven't changed his real name , and in my story he has the same look he had in his movie "The Invisible", he is one of my favorite actors, thus I wanted him to have a part in my story) and Justin this is your new seeker," said Mcgonagall smiling at Harry.

"Alright, seems I am gonna be your teacher little one," said Justin shuffling through Harry's jet black hair.

Harry didn't understand what they were talking about, but just gave a faint smile, feeling like he was a small chicken on being called little.

"I saw it from my office window when you saved Miss Granger from falling, you did it so skillfully without having any experience in flying brooms before, which sure is praiseworthy so I thought of this reward for you, I can see that you want to know what a seeker is, but you have to wait, Justin will explain you everything." said Mcgonagall smiling at Harry, and then she was gone.

It was almost the eighth time Harry was running, calling out to Snape for the purpose of asking him to enquire about Malfoy, regarding whatever happened during their flying lessons, he was doing this as Mcgonagall had told him that if any judgment was to be taken against Malfoy then it was Snape to do it as he was the main in charge of the Slytherin house but he always turned a deaf ear to Harry's protests.

"Professor!" Harry shouted out.

This time Snape stopped and Harry reached out to him panting.

"Professor…." But before Harry could complete Snape popped out,

"I know Mr Potter that you are here for getting the same job done for which you have been on my nerves since the last two days, then I must tell you that I considered the matter last night, I needed an evidence to ensure that whether Mr. Malfoy was the culprit or not and do you know what I found…" he paused with a stern look on his face, and then continued,

"I found that he is not guilty of the charges you accused him of, I casted a truth spell on him, under its influence a person always speaks the truth and Malfoy said that he wasn't responsible for making Miss Granger suffer, so I think that you were wrong about him, now will you please let me be at peace not asking me anymore to solve your petty issues, cause I have much more important works to do" he said as he walked away with the part of his long black robes following him.

Harry stood in the corridor staring at the blank air thinking to himself that since the very first day of Hogwarts, when Dumbledore had introduced Snape, he felt something really fishy about the professor but now his doubt was confirmed.

He ran to Mcgonagall's office and conveyed to her whatever Snape had told him, also letting her know how he felt about Snape being a liar, trying to save Malfoy from the evil deed he had done.

But Mcgonagall seemed to have a complete different kind of view.

"Mr Potter, professor Snape is one of the most honorable and loyal teacher at Hogwarts, so watch your words before you speak, if he is saying that Mr Malfoy didn't do it then that's the truth."

"But professor, Malfoy himself said he did it, don't you believe me?" Harry asked feeling hurt now.

"No more arguments, Mr Potter" said Mcgonagall with a strict voice.

At this note Harry left the office, disgusted at why Mcgonagall had so much faith in Snape and also that he wasn't able to take Hermione's revenge. But then a thought stuck his mind, that till now he had only tried the legal method, the illegal one was still left, a wide smile came on his face as he decided that one day he would break Malfoy's bones and teach him a lesson. Further he began pondering since when had he become so violent, earlier he used to be a calm and composed boy, but soon landed on the conclusion that he was the same Harry, it was just that he couldn't let anyone escape without paying a high price if they troubled Hermione.

Few weeks passed, Hermione was back completely healed by now, and Harry was quite busy due the addition of seeker's lessons to his schedule. He always had a great time learning to be a seeker, which he now knew was a player who had the job of catching a golden ball while flying on the broom, in a game called Quidditch. He and Justin enjoyed each other's company a lot. Hermione found that since she hadn't been with Harry from a long time he had grown really good friend with Ron, so much so that the red haired never left him even for a moment, and Hermione found herself not wanting to exchange even a word with Harry when he was around. During the classes also, Ron shared the seat with both of them, which resulted in both the boys chatting and laughing with each other while Hermione sat quietly like a dumb, feeling jealous and ignored.

Things went on like this when one day both Ron and Hermione got late for the class, they found that not only Harry's but all the seats were occupied except for the one at the back with the place of two people on it. So they both went and took it, Hermione felt so irritated having to sit with an ugly faced freak, which was exactly what she thought of Ron. The class started, Ron was not able to pronounce the spell correctly that was being taught and thus Hermione tried to help by showing him how to cast the spell properly, making the feather lying at her desk fly high up in air, but Ron took it as an insult.

After the class was over, Ron walked down the hallway with a group of boys including Harry, he made fun of Hermione imitating her voice in a funny manner and making faces, even Harry chuckled at that while the others laughed loudly, but then he noticed that Hermione was seeing all this, her eyes brimming with tears ready to burst out, Harry now felt ashamed of himself, but before he could act or say anything she ran away with tears now flooding down her entire cheeks. Harry searched for her everywhere but couldn't find her. Later that day he heard Navel saying that Hermione had locked herself in the girl's wash room and was crying badly. Harry quickly got up to go when professor Quirrel came running into the hall and fainted after telling that a giant had entered Hogwarts. The headmaster asked everyone to be at peace and to move to their rooms with the prefects. Harry pulled out Ron from the line of students following the prefects,

"Ron, Mione is still in the girl's washroom, we need to save her" said Harry getting totally worried.

"Have you lost your mind Harry? We cannot put our life in danger for that girl , you are going to get yourself killed along with her " said Ron joining back the line and asking Harry to do the same.

But Harry headed towards the corridor that led to the girl's washroom, hiding himself from the prefects and other students. Suddenly he heard a deafening scream, he followed it and came to witness a huge troll who was moving his heavy log in all directions finally aiming it at the sink Hermione was hiding under, but she dodged the attack after the sink was shattered to pieces. Harry picked up one of a medium sized piece of the broken sink and threw it at the troll distracting it's attention towards him but didn't knew what to do next. The angry troll seized Harry by one leg and making him hang in upside down position charged again and again for his head with it's log, while the young wizard somehow dodged it all. Both the kids had left their wands in their respective rooms thus there was no way they could use magic to get out of the situation. Then suddenly someone chanted out the spell "Winggardium Laviosaa" from behind, causing the log to float into air out of the troll's hand and above it's head. To the utmost surprise of both Harry and Hermione, this someone was no other but Malfoy. He removed the spell from the log and it fell down on the troll's head making it lose it's grip at Harry who landed at the floor dragging himself away from troll as it collapsed down. As soon as it happened the teachers arrived at the spot.

"Oh Merlin! What are you three kids doing out here and what is this?" asked Mcgonagall, shocked and horrified at the look of the fainted troll. The other teachers had the same expression on their faces.

"It was me responsible for all this professor, I had read about the trolls and was determined to defeat it but practically found it so difficult, if Harry and Draco have not arrived I would have died" said Hermione taking the entire blame on herself.

"Miss Granger, I didn't expected that from you, and you two boys are given 50 points for your luck, now better get going to your dormitories" said Mcgonagall.

So all the three left, with Harry and Hermione walking together whereas Malfoy walked ahead of them heading straight to the Slytherin hall, but stopped when Hermione said to him politely,

"Thanks Draco."

"Don't be so grateful Granger! I did it all for myself, I saw Potter when he got separated from the line and headed in the opposite direction, I knew what he was up to- defeating a troll and becoming the hero of Hogwarts, but I couldn't let him take the entire credit for himself so I followed him, finally ending up in defeating the troll all by myself, which I suppose turned out to be of great profit to me as I had planned, earning me 50 points for my house and the fame that I am about to get when very soon the news of this small incident spreads like wild fire, so don't think that I have turned into some kind hearted fool like you two, there is one more reason why I didn't let the troll have the pleasure of killing you both, because I want to do it myself" said Malfoy with a pure evil accent.

"You freak!" Harry yelled out as he was about to punch Malfoy but Hermione stopped him by holding him tight at his wrist. Malfoy walked away frowning, when he found himself out of the sight of his two enemies he paused for a minute thinking to himself,

" No one, not even my parents have ever called me by my first name, even I have never given it a thought of how it would sound, but I think it really sounded so nice, not to mention the way Hermione said it, so soft and simple."

But quickly he was snapped out of the thought landing into another one

"How is it even possible that I thought of that Granger by her first name and how could I think that my first name sounded nice from her mouth, it sounded weird, no, horrible, in fact venomous!" he felt satisfied after cursing whatever little good he was thinking about Hermione. He felt his head for fever but found none, still not believing that even for a moment he could think good of those whom he hated so much if he was being in a normal state. Finally he came out with a reason and it consoled him.

"Oh boy, you need rest, your tired mind and body are leading you to such weird thoughts" he said as he retired to his dormitory.

Harry and Hermione walked upstairs, neither of them had said anything till they came to the Gryfindor common room when Harry broke out the silence,

"I am sorry Mione, so sorry for everything, when you saw me laughing with Ron I wasn't mocking at you, it was just that the faces he made, he looked so funny," Harry tried to explain.

"It's ok Harry, I understand now, the moment I saw you joined in my mockery along with Ron, I felt like you have changed, like I have lost the friend who once cared so much for me but when you came to save me from the troll I realized that I was wrong."

Harry turned Hermione to face him and spoke out,

"Mione never ever think that I will change for you, you are my best friend since day one and I will never stop caring for you like I do now,"

"Then what will you say about ignoring me for almost a few weeks or so, always hanging around that Ron Weasley and treating me as if I never existed."

"Really! I didn't know it, believe me Mione I didn't do it on purpose, I was such a fool so busy with Ron that I never realized, and you should have told me if you felt that way, please forgive me Mione…."

But Hermione asked him to calm down before he could go on reciting an entire essay asking for forgiveness from her, how cute and innocent he looked when he was confused and worried at the same time, she thought.

"I was just playing around Harry, I no more feel hurt for all that after what you did for me tonight, all my doubts about you are removed and I firmly believe now that you are my true friend and will always be" she said smiling at him.

"Well then its ok" he said returning a wide smile.

"About Ron, I must tell you that he turned out to be a big coward leaving me alone in my need, while I thought of him as a great friend" said Harry sounding a bit disappointed.

"I always had a feeling that he was like this, that's the reason I disliked him so much, I know Harry how it feels when someone whom we trust so much breaks it, but forget about him, he was a prêt and it's good you got to see his true face" said Hermione putting a consoling hand on his shoulder.

There was silence for a moment, this time Hermione being the one breaking it,

"What do you think of Draco?" she asked.

"Why are you even asking? Obvious he is a one who deserves nothing but to be hanged, at such a young age he is full of utmost violence that could think of killing people, and why am I even surprised at that, he can't only think but he had even tried to kill you and came out of it untouched because of that Snape" said Harry anger fuming in his eyes at the thought of Malfoy.

"Harry, I think he wasn't responsible for the broom incidence anyway" said Hermione mustering up some courage as she knew he was to get mad at this and it happened,

"What! I suppose I have told you what he confessed to me that day, yet you are saying this, and yes, I almost forgot to question that why are you being so nice to him since the troll incident, he said whatever he did, was for his own selfish motives which if he didn't have told then too I already knew it, you even stopped me from breaking his nose that he pokes everywhere,"

"Listen, I just feel he is not so harsh and rude as he pretends to be in his words" replied Hermionie.

"Pretends? What do you mean by that?"

"You know how much he likes to keep up with his bad boy personality and I think that's why he took up the blame of everything in spite of the fact he was never behind whatever happened with me during the flying lessons, and may be that's the reason he turned out innocent during the truth spell test, performed on him by professor Snape. "

"Ok, so now you believe Snape also, Hermionie how could you, I mean who could you think was behind all that if not Malfoy?" Harry asked frustrated.

"I don't know Harry, you yourself told me that the authorities later informed that my broom was defective which led to all that"

"But I also told you that I don't believe it, the authorities must not have been able to find the real culprit cause he was already proven not to be guilty by Snape and thus they just gave an excuse of a defective broom to dismiss the matter quickly, Mione you are so good that you start finding good in everyone and I am surprised to know even in Malfoy."

"Ok fine, you win, Draco is a waste who should be beaten up to a plump" she said which made Harry feel a little better.

"Harry look, I am not saying I am very sure of all this that I said about Draco but I was just suggesting a possibility"

"There can't be even a possibility about that ferret having a bit of good in him"

"Alright, I think we should retire for sleep now" she said not wanting any arguments with Harry as she was badly tired through the day's mishappenings.

Harry too agreed as he himself was really tired and weary.

"Good night Mione" he said as he moved to his dormitory.

"Night Harry" she replied as she entered her own.

Hermione sat on her bed in deep thoughts "Harry you won't understand but I feel that Draco is not the person he tries to be, when he gave the reason for saving us from the troll I could see that his eyes reflected opposite of his words, it's not like I have any experience in reading people's eyes in fact I have never been able to do so, but to my surprise, it seemed as if I could clearly read Draco's eyes and they said that he was not there for him but for us, I don't know, may be it was just my imagination cause it's really hard for me too, to believe that Draco can have a good side" with this and some similar thoughts in mind she found herself curling into her bed finally ending up in heavy sleep.