Author's note: While I did call this story Makura's Heart for the preview in Mystic Digimon War, I have decided to change the title. It will now be called,"Legacy.

Also, this is an alternate reality story in which the Tamers are older, 15-16, around that age, but they're in the last year of middle school. This is going to be a kind of re-write of season 3, but I think you'll enjoy it. Tai's in it!

Heighten View Terrace, Tokyo, Japan, 20 years ago...

"...ninety-seven, ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred!" Taichi Kamiya cheered as the soccer ball landed in his hands.


He jumped slightly when he heard the foreign voice. He came to the small section of the park because he thought it was deserted. He didn't expect that anyone else would arrive, especially at this late hour.

He turned around slowly and sighed with relif."Oh, Dad, it's only you."

His father had his arms crossed while he was leaning against one of the lamp posts. "I watched the whole thing, bouncing the soccer ball a hundred times on your head, you're good, Tai."

Tai grinned. "Thanks Dad."

His father uncrossed his arms and walked towards his five-year-old son. "Now, why are you out this late at night?"

"I couldn't sleep," Tai said, shifting the ball in his hands.

"I think all those comics that you're reading before bed are getting you too excited. From now on, you can't read them before bed."

Tai sighed,"Oh.."

"Come on," his father said, "Let's go home."

As they started walking, Tai spoke up. "You know, I'm going to be in comic books some day."

"Really?" his father asked.

"Yup!" Tai said, nodding,"I'm going to be a great hero! I'm going to have super powers, and be the leader of a super team! Then, I'm going to save the world!"

"What are you going to do after that?"

"I'm going to be a famous soccer player!"

"Maybe you should think about becoming a teacher..."

"Awe!" Tai shouted,"I hate school!"

His father smiled as he wrapped his arm around his son and started to laugh slightly.

"Hey dad," Tai said,"If I can't read comics before bed, can I read them when I'm suppose to be doing my homework?"


The light of the day sun slowly began to fade as night descended on the city below. The busy people below didn't notice, they kept their eyes completely focused on the ground in front of them. To many of them, star gazing was useless, the 'real' world was all that mattered. If they had been looking up, however, they would have noticed one of the stars in the black sky seemed to have exploded.

It was not a supernova, though, nor was it even a nova, the people wouldn't have known what exactly it was, only a few people on earth would be able to identify it. It was a gate to another world, a Digital World.

Something emerged from the bright flash, a creature the world below had seen only rarely. It was a large green skinned monster, with a giant mouth, two nasty tusks, and a spiked club that he swung around in the air. The creature landed on one of the many buildings that rose high into the air.

He was slightly disoriented, but he knew where he was. He laughed to himself as he began to walk towards the ledge of the roof. Before he could reach it, however, he became aware of a group of beings floating around the roof.

He knew who they were, they were the inhabitants of the world he was on, he knew they were humans, but, he didn't know they could fly! As he looked closer at the many humans hovering around the building, he realized that the square devices on his back were keeping them afloat.

He was unsure of what to do, but a soon as he took of step, one of the humans shouted out,"Stay right where you are, Ogremon!"

The creature turned to the one that called out his name. This human was slightly smaller than the others, and while the others were wearing just black jump suits, this one had a black cape flowing behind him. He also had a sharp sword strapped to his side, but the most shocking thing of all, was that his left was was bright red. "I said, don't move!"

Ogremon laughed slightly as he raised his club. When he did, he noticed that the rest of the humans lifted objects he recognized as guns pointed towards him. "This is your last chance," the human with the cape shouted.

Ogremon laughed and charged towards the leader of the group. Suddenly, he became of a sharp, fierce pain in all of his body. He turned his head and saw that all of the humans' guns were firing at him. The one with the cape smiled slightly,"I told you not to move!"

Ogremon tried to charge forward, but the guns' energy beams intensified. Ogremon screamed out in pain as he vanished from sight.

The one with the cape sighed deeply, as he grabbed a small square device from his belt and brought it to his mouth. "Orion calling base, come in."

"Base here, go head," a female voice spoke over the device.

"Ogremon has been dealt with."

"Understood. Yamaki is very pleased with your work Orion."

He smiled slightly,"I won't rest until every Digimon has been vanished from the face of the Earth!"


Part 1:

"...and you're out! I win again Takato!"

All the color drained from fifteen-year- old Takato's face as he stared, mouth open, at the cards in front of him. "B..b..but how did you beat me? I had you, Kazu!"

"No, you didn't," Kazu smiled,"You should have finished me off with your last turn, but you didn't use your strongest card-and I know you have it in your deck-thus, you left me open for a hard come back! You can't beat me!"

Takato sighed as he grabbed his cards,"How about one more game, a quick one?"

Suddenly, they heard a bell sound through the small room they were in. "That's the bell, guys," Kenta said, jumping out of the elephant in the playground,"Come on!"

"Coming," Kazu said, quickly shoving his cards into his box and gently throwing it into the corner. He jumped off of the small platform and ran off with Kenta.

"Thanks for waiting guys!" Takato cried out as he placed his cards in his box. As he started to climb out, his foot accidentally hit the box, sending his cards all over the small platform.

"Oh man!" he said, starting to gather his cards up again. As he did, his hands grazed across a card he had never seen before, a bright blue card. "What the?" he asked, holding it up,"I wonder what this does...?"

He slid the card through his card reader. He watched with interest as the small screen began to display letters across it. Suddenly the card reader sent a current of electricity across the front and the letters vanished.

"Oh great!" Takato cried, hitting his hand against the side,"Oh man, it shorted out."

He heard another bell. "Crud, that was the late bell!" He quickly shoved everything back into his box and placed it next to Kazu's.

"I'm really late now!" he yelled, running across the playground,"Late, late, late!"

He threw open the school doors and charged down the halls. When he reached his class room, he peeked through the window. He saw his teacher writing on the black board. He quietly opened the door and started to sneak inside.

"You're late."

He flinched and slowly looked up. His teacher was staring down at him, arms crossed. "Ah, listen, I can explain, Mr. Kamiya."


"Oh," Takato said, placing his hand behind his head,"Well, you see...ah...there was, that won't work...I saw"

"That's what I thought," his teacher said, nodding,"I will see you in detention this afternoon. Take your seat."

Takato sighed and slowly made his way to his seat. He plopped down and rested his head on his hand. His teacher sat down at his desk and started to take roll. "Okay, I just want to remind those of you that haven't handed in your permission slips for the field trip tomorrow, you still have until I actually board the bus to give it to me. Once I am on the bus and seated, I will not be taking any more slips. Meaning you get to spend the day in the prinicple's office listening to his war stories," he shivered slightly and shook his head,"It is not an experience I would wish on any one, so please bring in your permission slips. Now, please open your notebooks and copy down what I have written on the board."

All of the kids opened their notebooks and started to copy the writing on the board. Takato, however, grabbed a smaller notebook which he hid inside his larger one, which was filled was his drawings. He took out a red pencil and started to color in a drawing of a large dinosaur. "This guy is going to be so cool! I think I'll call him...Guilmon!"

He became aware of a presence looking over his shoulder. He turned and came face to face with a strange dog.

"Ah!" he yelled, falling over backwards in his seat.

"Is there a problem, Takato?"

"No, no, Mr. Kamiya," Takato said, jumping back into his seat,"I. ah, just fell out of my chair."

"See that you don't do it again," his teacher said, going back to grading papers.

Takato sighed, then turned. "Sorry, Takato," the girl sitting next to him said,"I didn't mean to scare you."

"That's okay, Jeri," Takato whispered,"Just don't do that again."

The girl sitting in front of Jeri turned around to look at the two of them. "Shh!"

"Sorry, Miki," Jeri said, going back to writing in her notebook.

Takato stared at Jeri for a second longer, feeling his cheeks start to burn red, then started to write in his notebook as well.

Takato bowed at the doorway. "I'm sorry that I caused you trouble today. Mr. Kamiya. Please forgive me." He shut the door and ran back down the hall. "I hope my card reader is okay. I was so worried about it today, it was on my mind all day long!"

He ran outside and over to the elephant. He jumped up onto the small platform that they played cards on. "Guys, I've got the next game...guys?" The small room inside the structure was empty. He let out a sigh,"I really didn't expect you guys to wait for me. Oh well."

He grabbed his box and opened the lid. His card reader was now glowing brightly. When he grabbed it, it started to shift, changing into something completely different. "T..This is too weird," he gasped, staring at the circular device in his hands. "I...I..."

He heard a thunder bolt crash outside.

"I've got to get home!" he said, throwing the new device in the box along with his cards and ran from the playground.


The young woman's back instantly tensed up as she heard the familiar clicking sound. She quickly closed the solitaire game she was playing and opened her filing program. She started to type in names and dates when she saw her boss walk into the office. "Good afternoon sir, how did it go?"

Her boss sighed as he click the top of his lighter up and down. "Ours was the last case of the day, so that lazy judge made a hasty decision."

"Really, what did he say?"

"He ordered that if I cancel one more time, I will lose all visitation."

"Well, I have tried to keep you from canceling, but you don't listen to me."

"My daughter really does not like what I am doing, Onodera!" he barked.

She flinched slightly. "Is she really into the Digimon game, sir?"

"Yes, but she believes that invading Digimon must be stopped, but Digimon that are just curious about Earth shouldn't be harmed." He chuckled slightly,"They're all dangerous!"

He sighed and walked into his office. "Anything special on the agenda today, Recorder?"

"No," she said,"but you have that five o'clock appointment with the committee members of Tokonawa Electronics. They wish to sponsor us, but they would like an update. The chiefs of staff will meet you there."

Her employer frowned. "I hate those meetings."

"And there is a class trip coming tomorrow."

He nodded. "You've established the tour that will take them through the unclassified sections of our 'company'?"

"Of course sir, they won't know anything about the bounty hunter aspect of our organization."

He smiled slightly,"I know I can count on you." He started to walk out of his office,"If there is nothing else to do tonight, I will see you tomorrow, good night, Recorder."


"Sorry I'm late!" Takato yelled as he threw off his shoes and charged inside,"I had de, um, I'm sorry I'm late."

He ran into the kitchen past two people washing dishes. "I'll be upstairs if anyone needs me."

"Takato!" the woman cried,"Thanks a lot..."

"What's wrong?" the man asked.

"Oh, some kids actually give their mothers a hug when they come home. Besides, he was suppose to help clean up the bakery earlier."

Takato threw open his door and slammed it shut. He tossed his book bag onto his bed and ran over to his desk. He reached inside of his card box and pulled out the mysterious device that had been created from his card reader. It was a round object, with a plastic face, and two thin slots down the sides. It was connected to a strap of fabric with a clip on the end.

He examined it frontwards and backwards, upwards and downwards, until a thin smile formed over his face. He could hardly contain his excitement as a thought entered his mind. "Is...Is this a...this is a Digivice! Which means...I'm a Digidestined! This is so cool!"

He held the device tightly in his palm as he hit the large button on the right. The image on the screen shifted to the next screen. "Hmm," Takato said, pressing the button again. The screen moved once more, but, still, nothing appeared on the screen. "Where is my Digimon partner?"

He felt his excitement slowly fade away. "W..where is my Digimon?" His smile turned around and he fell onto his bed. "It figures that my Digimon wouldn't show up at all."

"Takato!" he heard his mother shout,"Dinner!"

He sighed,"I'm coming!"


Tai swung the door open and stumbled inside, papers falling out of the pile under his arms. He hooked the door with his foot and slammed it shut. He gripped tightly to his suitcase in his hand while trying to keep the papers under his arm from falling. He walked very slowly into the apartment, trying to keep his balance, when his foot stepped on something round and his legs flew up. He landed hard on his back and saw an orange ball roll past his head. He sighed deeply. "Gatomon!" he cried out.

A second later a white cat with a long thin tail ran over to him. "Tai, are you okay?"

"I tripped over your ball," he said, getting up,"again!"

She lowered her head. "Sorry, but we get bored you know..."

"At least you can go outside," Agumon said, walking into the small hallway,"I'm stuck here all day."

Tai slowly got to his feet and dusted "I'm sorry about that Agumon, we haven't done much lately, have we? We'll see a movie or something, alright?"

"Sure," Agumon said, walking into the kitchen, "thanks."

Tai stumbled into the kitchen and fell into his seat. "Agumon, what are you cooking?" he asked, sniffing the air.

"An Italian dish called..."

"Tai, come in here and look at this!" Gatomon cried.

Tai jumped up from his seat and into the living room, where Gatomon was watching the television set. "What is it?"

"Look," she said, pointing at the screen.

Tai watched an image of a burning building, with a group of odd beings running from the police force. Hundreds of injured people were outside, coughing and breathing through air masks, while wrapping themselves in burn blankets. "...and these images are from a recent attack on an apartment building by a group of so-called Digimon Gangsters. This marks the latest in a long line of attacks on residential areas by these gangs. The government allowed 'Digital Bounty-hunters' have been on the track of these gangs, but they don't seem to be getting any closer to the main bosses. This is Mia Kounicho, signing off."

"Tai," Gatomon said, turning to him,"We've got to do something about this! They're hurting innocent people."

Tai sighed. "I'm not a fighter anymore, I'm just a mild-manner school teacher, its not my problem anymore."

"But, Tai.."

"This is the end of the discussion!"


The figure wrapped his trench coat tighter around his body as he pulled the rim of his hat farther down as he passed by a young couple walking down the sidewalk. They were so lost in one another, that they didn't even notice him. He smiled to himself as he turned the corner and enter a dark alley. He walked past a few rows of trash bags and dumpster to a door hidden in the shadows. He knocked twice and a thin slot opened on the door."Who's there?"

"The password is 010100111000."

The slot closed and the door creaked open. Once the figure was inside he pulled off his hat and trench coat, letting giant black wings spread open. "That's much better. Hey," he asked looking around at the barren bar, then at the empty pool tables and computer terminals resting on tables in a corner of the room,"Where is everybody?"

The figure behind the door, a floating white ghost mentioned to a set of stairs to the right of the bar counter,"He is waiting upstairs for you."


"You know.."

His eyes opened wide, and his skin would have paled, if it wasn't already. He took a deep breath and walked up the stairs.

At the top was a metal door. He knocked and the door opened. He took another deep breath and walked into the office. "Yes, sir?" he asked the figure seated in the large red chair behind the desk.

"Ah," the figure said, flipping through a portfolio that was on the desk,"Ice Devimon, Ultimate level, very proficent with ice attacks. Well, duh!"

" wanted to see me, Master Digidestined?"

"Yes," the figure said, leaning forward on the desk,"I have called you here because you are one of the premier assassins in the city. There is a job I want you to accomplish."

"W..What is my target?"

The figure flicked a thin photo off the desk that landed at Ice Devimon's feet. He picked it up and stared at the photo,"This female looks cute, in a human sort of way.."

The human male growled at him. "She has something that I want, bring her here for questioning, but do not kill her, understand?"

Ice Devimon nodded. "Right, I understand, my Master."


The light of the stars and moon slowly started to fade as a thick fog descended around the park. The people ran away from this strange phenomenon, not that there were that many people inside the park in the very late hours of the night anyway. It was way past midnight, many people were at home, asleep. Takato certainly should have been, so what was he doing there?

He tried to tell himself that it was just a dream, after all, he was floating in the air, but he felt the rain dropping against his skin, his pajamas were starting to get wet, and he felt the wind whip against his skin. What was going on?

As he was suspended in the air, he turned his gaze downward, and focused on a large blue dinosaur. "Is that my Digimon partner?" he asked himself,"He does look really cool."

He became aware of two other presences. Looking to the right, he saw a red-headed girl about his age wearing sunglasses and a trench coat. She grabbed a deck of cards and started to twirl them through her fingers.

"Wow," Takato thought,"She's one of those Digimon Tamers, a real one! Wait, her Digivice is the same as mine! I'm a Digimon Tamer!"

He couldn't pull his eyes away as the girl held up her Digivice. "Hmm," she said,"Allomon, armored Digimon. Doesn't seem so tough."

"Do you want to bet?" the Digimon laughed,"I'm going to crush all opponents!"

"Whatever," the girl said, walking to the side, to reveal another Digimon, a yellow fox walking on two feet. "Walk all over him Renamon."

"As you command, Rika," the fox said, jumping into the air.

"Rika...Renamon..." Takato said to himself.

Renamon jumped into the air and crossed her arms. "Diamond Storm!" she shouted, firing a barrage of light objects at Allomon. He winced in pain, but was none the worse for wear. Allomon screamed out a bellowing roar, then slashed down with his claws, ripping into Renamon.

She let out a moan as she slammed onto her back. Allomon jumped over her and pressed all his weight onto her, crushing her into the pavement. The fox Digimon hissed in pain as she squeezed her arms into Allomon's calf, trying to crush it.

Rika sighed and grabbed one of her cards. With simple ease she maneuvered them through her fingers, then slid it through her Digivice. "Digi-modify: Speed Activate!"

"That's what those slots are for," Takato thought as he watched the battle.

Renamon smirked at Allowmon, then disappeared. Allomon started to swing his head around. "Where are you, coward?"

"I am not a coward, and I am closer than you think."

Allomon shot his head up and saw Renamon's foot slam between his eyes. He started to fall over as the fox Digimon fired her Diamond Storm, ripping Allomon apart. Renamon gracefully landed on the ground as Allomon's information merged with her body.

"Not bad, Renamon," Rika said,"But, next time you'll win without my help."

"Yes, Rika," Renamon said.


"...and then I woke up."

Kenta was leaning back against the wall with his arms crossed and his eyes as slithers. "And you're trying to tell me that this really happened?"

"Yes," Takato said,"My sheets were even wet!"

Kazu started laughing. "And what are you chuckling about?" Takato asked, turning his head.

"You had a dream about a girl, and you woke up in a wet bed! I bet I know what happened!"

The two of them started laughing, while Takato's face turn bright red while he was trying to keep his temper under control. "That did not happen!"

"Sure," Kenta said, leaning back against the wall,"Did you two bring your cards? I hear it's a pretty long ride."

"Where are we going again?"

"Some kind of computer company or something," Kenta said unimpressed.

"I heard they're a research team," Kazu said, his eyes lighting up," Maybe even some weird inventions or something!"

"There's the bell," Kenta said, mentioning to the ringing sound that was heard across the playground don't want to be late."

Kazu and Kenta jumped off of the same platform, followed by Takato. As he reached his hand into his pocket, he felt his strange Digivice. "...and still no Digimon. Maybe I'm not supposed to have this after all."


Takato sighed to himself as he filed in with his other classmates as they walked through the doorway. "Make sure you stay together!" he heard Tai call out,"I don't want anyone getting lost!"

"Why does he keep saying that?" Kazu whispered into Takato's ear.

"I don't know," Takato said, a smile crossing his face,"Let's just ignore him and look at all this cool stuff!"

Kazu laughed slightly at the thought of ditching Tai and running around by themselves, then his smile broadened as the class entered an extremely large room filled with all sorts of scientific wonders. The floor space was gigantic, and there were rows of catwalks above their heads. There was a large cylinder shaped object in the far corner of the room, emitting a faint blue glow, on the right corner there was a sort of laser gun attached to the bottom of one of the catwalks, and in the center of the room were two cylinder shaped towers with yellow globes on the top of them. There were dozens of people in white lab coats walking around, and even more on computer terminals beside the large equipment.

"This is cool, isn't it, Takato?"

Takato blushed slightly as he heard Jeri's voice. "Yeah, I know."

"You guys are hopeless."

Jeri turned to her best friend, "What's wrong Miki? You don't sound interested at all."

Miki turned away slightly and ran a hand threw her light brown-bluish hair. "My father works in a place like this."

"Your parents are divorced, right?" Kazu asked.

Miki nodded,"I don't see my father that much, which is just fine for me. He is the biggest creep in the world!"

"Excuse me," Tai called to them,"Do you want to be left behind?"

The four kids looked up and saw that the rest of the class had traveled across the room over to the laser gun object. They quickly joined the rest of their class that was surrounding the area around a computer terminal next to the gun. A man with glasses was talking to them.

", I am Dr. Yazuna welcome to Electrical Development. This device behind me is called an Electronic Computerized Virtual Reality Recombinator, or the E-CAR, for short. What we are trying to do with this is hopefully allow a virtual reality projection to be projected into 'real' space, as opposed to inside a computer. It is different than a normal projection, as it will appear to be 'real'. You can tell when something is projected, something like a slide show, right?"

The kids nodded.

"Well, this will appear so real, they you won't be able to tell the difference."

The kids all 'awed' and gasped. Behind them, Tai crossed his arms and leaned against a metal support beam for the ceiling. "If they only knew.."he thought.

"Now," Yazuna said, typing something into the computer keyboard,"See that picture on that larger screen?"

The children turned their attention to a large monitor screen attached to the right wall. There was an image of an apple on the screen. Dr. Yazuna continued,"I am going to try to project an image of that apple onto that table directly under the E-CAR."

He typed into the keyboard, and the E-CAR started to hum as it came to life. "This is so cool!" Takato whispered into Jeri's ear.

The device moved until it pointed towards the table directly beneath it."Now," Yazuna said, with a tone of excitment,"I hope this works." He pressed the enter button.

Almost instantly, a beam of light shot from the tip of the gun to the table below. An image of the apple slowly began to appear. "Almost there," Yazuna said with a smile.

Suddenly, the E-CAR began to sound like gears were grinding together. Dr. Yazuna was at the keyboard in a second, typing away. "It..It's not responding," he said to himself.

The E-CAR swung upward, with the beam of light still shooting from it tips. The kids dove out of the way, but Takato didn't move in time. The beam of light zapped into his chest, sending him into the ground. As the world turned dark around him, the last thing he heard was Jeri shout his name out. "TAKATO!"

To be continued...

Well, what do you guys think so far? I know it's starting out slow, but we'll see some action in the next chapter. Hope you read it.