Chapter 5

December 24, 2015

Bio-merge activate

"Renamon bio-merge to Sakuyamon!"

"Guilmon bio-merge to Gallantmon!"

The two megas stood firmly as they stared at Mother D-Reaper. "This could be our final fight," Sakuyamon said.

"I'm ready," Gallantmon growled, "This ends now!"

The Mother D-Reaper stared at both of the megas. She raised her arms and flexed her giant, red muscles. When this act did not intimidate Sakuyamon and Gallantmon, she stomped over with her massive legs. Both megas did not even flinch.

"You think that can scare us, you're wrong!" Sakuyamon shouted, defiantly.

Gallantmon nodded his agreement. "You're not going to make us back off now! We're here, and you're going to pay for all of your crimes!"

They both nodded. They stared at the Mother D-Reaper, determined that nothing would cause them to back off, nothing would intimidate them. They were going to defeat the invader, and return peace to the world. Nothing would have shocked them at this point, but, to their surprise, the Mother D-Reaper spoke.

"Oh really?" she asked, in a deep sinister version of Jeri's voice,"Don't bet on it!"

"You spoke?" Sakuyamon asked in awe.

"Forget that!" Gallantmon gasped, "It's the way she was speaking, like she had..."

"Emotion?" D-Reaper chuckled. "Yes, I have absorbed enough mental energy from subject Katou Jeri to experience emotions and observed you humans to speak in your style."

High above them, Jeri and Calumon were still trapped inside of the Kernel Sphere. "She got that from me?" Jeri asked, "I..I don't talk like that, do I?"

She turned to Calumon, but he just coughed and turned away from her.

"Calumon!" she snapped,"That's not funny!"

Down below, Mother D-Reaper seemed to have just remembered about her two captives. She raised one of her hands, then pointed it at the roof of a building closer to the battlefield. The Kernel Sphere flung from between the two towers and situated itself on the building's roof.

"Jeri!" Takato shouted from inside of Gallantmon.

"Takato!" she shouted.

"Silence!" Mother D-Reaper snapped at the teenage girl. She cowered at the rage she felt.

"That's enough!" Gallantmon shouted, "You need to be stopped!"

"Ha!" Mother D-Reaper laughed, "My swarms of ADR-02, the ones you called 'Searchers' have observed your fighting style. I know every move you will make, you can't beat me!"

"You're lying!" Gallantmon grinned, "I haven't been fighting as Gallantmon until just now. I bet you don't know my fighting styles!"

Mother D-Reaper chuckled slightly. "Maybe, but what about your partner?"

"What?" Sakuyamon gasped.

"Don't listen to her!" Gallantmon ordered, "She's just trying to distract you. We can't let her do it! We're the only ones left! If we do defeat her, here and now, nothing can!"

Sakuyamon nodded. "I am ready."

Gallantmon lead the attack by charging forward with his lance ready to strike. Sakuyamon hovered in the air behind him. As the mega knight was unable to fly, he was only able to attack the towering invader's leg. He executed a frenzy of jabs and thrusts, and succeeded in creating a large hole in the D-Reaper's leg. He jumped back and grinned to himself. "All right."

The large hole in the Mother's leg slowly repaired itself, leaving her un-harmed. "No!" he shouted. He glanced up to the head of the towering behemoth. D-Reaper did not have the functions to smile, but he was sure she would have if she could. She forcefully used the same foot to send him flying backwards. She threw her fist down to crush him, but Sakuyamon leapt to Gallantmon's rescue.

She swung her staff around before her. "Spirits of fire/Warriors of great nature/Grant me your power!"

A large red fox emerged from her staff and exploded into Mother D-Reaper's fist. The might giant cringed back in fear. Sakuyamon was shocked. "Hey, that actually hurt her?"

Inside of the Kernel Sphere, Jeri started to rub her fist. "What's wrong Jeri?" Calumon asked.

"Sakuyamon's attack, it really hurt her," she said, in awe, "But why am I...? Wait, Mother D-Reaper said that she was connected to me; that must mean that I'm connected to her too!" She smiled slightly, "Maybe there's something I can do."

Sakuyamon ran over to Gallantmon's side. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," he said, slowly standing up, "I-Look out!"

The two Megas quickly dove out of the way to avoid D-Reaper's foot. Sakuyamon attacked the Mother D-Reaper's foot from the right and Gallantmon slashed from the left. D-Reaper used her other foot to kick the knight onto his back and a simple shake of her right foot sent Sakuyamon crashing into a brick wall.

"This is going to be harder then we thought," the fox woman said.

"She's too big!" Gallantmon shouted, "We can't do any damage from down here. Oh, I wish I could fly!"

Sakuyamon leapt over. "I can. I'll lift you up there."

He nodded. "I'm ready."

She grabbed him by the shoulders and flew towards the head of D-Reaper. "Alright," Gallantmon said, "Let me go."

Sakuyamon released her grip and the knight fell towards the red giant. He swung his lance around, "Lightning Joust!"

The blast created a hole in the D-Reaper's chest. He planted his lance in the small crater and caused a massive rip in the Mother's skin as gravity pulled him to the ground. Sakuyamon used this opportunity to fire another red fox into the large cut. The Mother D-Reaper stumbled backwards.

"Yes!" the fox woman grinned, "We're actually hurting her"

Gallantmon got onto his feet. "Yeah, but it doesn't last long! Look!"

Sakuyamon spun around and watched in horror as the massive wound on D-Reaper's chest pulled itself together. "Oh man!" she sighed, "What's it going to take to kill her?"

"More then you've got!" Mother D-reaper chuckled.

"We're not going to give up!" Gallantmon shouted,"Never! We're going to save Jeri, no matter what you say or do!"

Inside of the Kernel, Jeri smiled broadly. "Takato.."

Sakuyamon landed next to Gallantmon. "Okay, we need a new plan."

Gallantmon caught his breath. "Okay, since physical attacks don't seem to be working, we need to use something with even more power."

"Our energy attacks," Sakuyamon nodded. "All right, nothing else seems to be working."

The two megas stared at Mother D-Reaper. "Okay," Gallantmon said, "I'm going to attack, you go right behind me."

"Got it."

Gallantmon charged forward and swung his lance around. "Lighting Joust!"

Sakuyamon created two beams of light with her staff. "Spirits of water/Givers of the holy life/Grant me your power!"

She fired a blue fox at the evil invader. Her attack merged with Gallantmon's attack, causing Mother D-Reaper's body to spasm as it was electrically shocked. The two megas grinned to each other, but were thrown aside as she slammed her fist into the ground. Sakuyamon floated into the air, but Gallantmon quickly saw an opportunity. He leapt onto her fist and run up her arm to her shoulder. He pointed his lance at the side of the Mother D-Reaper's head and tried his attack again. "Lighting Joust!"

The force of the impact sent him backwards where he landed gracefully on a building's roof. He watched with anticipation as Mother D-Reaper stumbled around in a daze. Her head was un-harmed, but her inability to remain in one place suggested that the mega knight had damaged something inside of the evil behemoth.

Sakuyamon floated up to him. "What are you doing up here?"

"I'm waiting for a taxi. What do you think!"

Sakuyamon was about to snap back, when Gallantmon shouted to her. "Look out!"

The fox woman was not able to move out of the way in time before Mother D-Reaper's fist slammed her in the side and sent her flying off the roof. Mother D-Reaper glared at the armored knight. "You will pay for that!" she sneered.

Gallantmon leapt onto the ledge. "I'm taking you out first! Shield of the Just!" He braced himself as he shield fired a beam of intense energy at the red monster. Mother D-Reaper raised both of her palms and executed a similar attack. The two beams of energy slammed into each other, illuminating the sky.

Sakuyamon sat up from where she had landed and lightly rubbed her head. "Wow, that hurt." She looked up and saw the energy duel between Gallantmon and Mother D-Reaper. "I've got to help him."

She started running to the battlefield when she noticed the Kernel Sphere on top of the building she was next to. The Mother D-Reaper was distracted, but Gallantmon could not hold out against her for very long. But he would want her to save Jeri; that was the most important thing. Should she leave Gallantmon on his own or rescue something that had no powers or abilities at all. The fox woman nodded and flew towards the Kernel Sphere.

Jeri was staring so intently at the energy duel between Mother D-Reaper and Gallantmon that she did not notice Sakuyamon silently flying towards her until Calumon pulled on her dress. "Jeri."

She spun around. "What?"


The brown haired teenager broke into a giant grin when she saw the fox woman hovering outside. "Sakuyamon!"

"Hang on," she whispered, "I'll find a way to get you out."

A few blocks up the street, Mother D-Reaper and Gallantmon were so focused on their own battle, they were completely unaware of Sakuyamon's attempted rescue. That is, until Jeri's feelings of hope and joy reached the Mother D-Reaper via their connection. The evil matriarch turned her eyes slightly down the street to the Kernel Sphere. She could not spare her attention to deal with the threat. While she was stronger than Gallantmon, he had enough 'leverage' in their energy duel, that if she broke away, he could cause her serious harm. She had a way to handle the situation. She groaned slightly as her side burst apart to allow a figure to shoot out.

Gallantmon recognized this new figure at once. "J-Reaper?"

ADR-1, known to Takato and Guilmon as J-Reaper, flew across the city streets and tackled Sakuyamon to the ground before the fox woman could succeed in freeing Jeri and Calumon. She tumbled on the ground before jumping onto her feet. Inside of the mega, Rika glanced around the darkness. "Renamon, what was that?"

"Something attacked us."

"But wha? There!"

Sakuyamon spun around in time to be kicked by the J-Reaper. This time she was able to keep her balance and only skidded back a few feet. She glanced up to see that was attacking her and gasped in horror. "What that heck is that?"

J-Reaper just grinned as she leapt forward, swiping her claws at the fox woman. "Scanning memories of Katou Jeri...confirmed. Sakuyamon, merged form of Rika Nonaka and Renamon. One who held Katou Jeri hostage and betrayed Kamiya and the Tamers..."

Sakuyamon growled as she held onto her staff. "I know what I did is beyond forgiveness, but I'm going to try! And I don't need you to remind me of every mistake that I made!"

She launched forward at the same time as the D-Reaper Agent. The two warriors crashed into each other, twisting their bodies around before slamming into the ground. Sakuyamon rolled to a safe distance, then spun around to attack, but the Agent was gone. She looked to the sky and saw J-Reaper dive bombing towards her. She was only able to swing her staff up and block the Agent's claws. The two were locked in a struggle before the fox woman managed to swing her into the ground.

Back at the energy duel, Gallantmon watched Sakuyamon and J-Reaper through the corner of his eye. "Worried about your partner?" Mother D-Reaper asked,"You should be. There's no way that she'll be able to stop my most powerful Agent. And once I overpower your pathetic 'Shield of the Just' beam, I will have won! I will be the strongest being on Earth!"

"I liked it better when she talked like a machine," Takato muttered.

"Me too," Guilmon agreed.

Sakuyamon panted as she glanced around with her staff. "Where did she go?" The pavement directly in front of her exploded as J-Reaper shot from underneath. The fox woman was too shocked to move out of the way before the Agent slashed her claw across the armored mega. She cringed and stumbled back. J-Reaper was relentless as she pounded and tore into Sakuyamon. The fox woman was finally able to get a footing on the ground and threw J-Reaper into a brick wall of a building. The Agent responded by rocketing forward and throwing Sakuyamon into a building's wall across the street. J-Reaper shrieked and leapt forward, ready to strike at the fox woman. Sakuyamon swung her staff, sending a wave of energy into the harpy, sending her crashing into the ground.

The mega digimon flew forward and was able to smash her staff into J-Reaper's face. ADR-1 brought her hands up and grabbed the staff. She swung Sakuyamon around in the sky and smashed her into the pavement. The fox mega used her sharp heeled boots to jab into J-Reaper's side. This caused the Agent to release her grip on Sakuyamon's staff. The fox woman leapt into the air, unfortunately, the J-Reaper shot after her. She pounded her claws into the mega's chin, then grabbed and threw her into the side of a brick building. She gave small chuckle and shot towards her. Sakuyamon gave a small chuckled, then pointed her staff in the air.

"Spirit Strike!"

J-Reaper's eyes shot open as Sakuyamon's energy attack tore through her, causing her body to dissolve. Sakuyamon had defeated the last D-Reaper Agent, but the amount of energy needed was too much for the mega to sustain. She glowed bright, then split back into Rika and Renamon.

The teenager slowly got onto her feet. She tried to take a step forward, but only succeeded in falling over. "Renamon, can we Bio-merge?"

"I don't think so, Rika," she said, weakly, "I'm too weak."

"Yeah," Rika sighed, "Me too." She looked up to where Gallantmon was still trying to overpower Mother D-Reaper. "Well, Goggle Head, it's up to you."

The evil invader chuckled as she continued to pour her energy beam into Gallantmon's Shield of the Just attack. "Sakuyamon has been defeated, your mentor and your friends are now part of me. You're the only one left. You have failed."

Gallantmon sighed. "Maybe she's right. The D-Reaper's just too powerful, what if we can't win?"

Inside of the Kernel Sphere, Jeri gasped. "What's wrong?" Calumon gasped.

"It's Takato," she said, almost in a trace, "He's loosing hope. If he gives he can't! I've got to help him!"

"What can you do?" Calumon asked.

"I..I...Wait, since the D-Reaper is connected to me, maybe I'm connected to her! If I can find someway to make Mr. Kamiya talk to him..." She closed her eyes and concentrated.

Gallantmon kept pouring his energy into the Shield of the Just attack. Despite his impressive display of determination, he was silently debating his mission. Mother D-Reaper seemed unstoppable; she had already absorbed everyone else, and that was before she evolved into her present form. If Mr. Kamiya and Yamaki failed, what hope did he have?

"You're starting to falter, aren't you?" Mother D-Reaper asked, "You're going to fail, whether you keep fighting or not. No one can defeat me, I am the ultimate in evolution! I am the perfect being, the perfect evolved warrior!"

Gallantmon started to realize that the red behemoth might be correct. He started to loose hope and the amount of power of his Shield of the Just beam began to dwindle. Mother D-Reaper chuckled. "You've lost your lead, and now you're through!" She roared and her energy beam grew twice in size. Gallantmon's beam was overpowered as the impact point of the two beams flew towards the mega knight.

"I've lost!" he gasped. He was so focused on his own internal struggle that he failed to notice a beam of orange light shoot from the Mother D-Reaper's body and into his own armored form.

"What?" Mother D-Reaper gasped,"What is this?"

Gallantmon could not answer, as deep inside of his mind, Takato and Guilmon suddenly found themselves inside of a black void. "Guilmon?" he asked, "If you're here, and I'm here, then we're not Gallantmon anymore, are we?"

"We're not!" Guilmon gasped,"And where are we?"

"This is the landscape of your mind."

The duo spun around and saw Tai and his two digimon partners standing in the darkness. "Mr. Kamiya?"

The Master Digidestined nodded. "Yeah."

"But, I thought the D-Reaper got you?"

"She did. The reason I'm able to talk to you is because of Jeri. She's using her connection with the Mother D-Reaper to give me the chance to convince you not to give up!"

Takato sighed. "Mr. Kamiya, I'm sorry. I can't beat her, she's too strong!"

"No she's not!" he snapped, "The only reason you think you can't win is because you think you can't! The only way you can loose, is if you give up!"

Takato nodded. "But how can I win? She's so strong."

Tai sighed. "That's why I'm here. Takato, you were my best student...well, my Tamer student, and you remind me of myself. And that's why I am giving you my own trait, Courage." He held out his hand and a small orange ball flowed into the teenager's chest.

Takato looked on with awe. "Wow."

Tai smiled. "Jeri's trying her best, and the others need to talk to you. Good luck, and remember, never give up."

He slowly vanished, but in his place appeared Jenrya and Terriermon. "Hey Takato."

"Jenrya," he smiled.

"Hey!" Terriermon protested, "No one says any hellos to me?"

"Hi, Terriermon!" Guilmon waved.

"Hi Guilmon!" Terriermon called.

"Stop it you two!" Jenrya snapped,"This is serious!"

Takato chuckled. "It's good to see you two again. So, what's up?"

"Not much, I'm afraid," he chuckled, "I know why I'm here and I've been thinking about what I could give you. I never thought I had much to offer to the team, I mean, you and Rika were so powerful, what reason could Mr. Kamiya have for wanting me on the team? Well, I think I found the reason."

"What?" Takato asked.

Jenrya smiled slightly. "My sense of justice, my sense of right and wrong. Dad always told me I should be a judge or lawyer."

Takato nodded slightly. "Yeah, I think that suits you fine."

Jenrya gave Takato his power of justice in the same manner that Tai gave his courage. "Good luck." he waved as he and Terriermon vanished. Kazu and Guardromon appeared next.

"Hey, Takato man! What's up?"

"Kazu!" he shouted in reply.

Guardromon bowed. "Greetings Takato, Guilmon."

"Hi, Guardromon," Guilmon waved.

Kazu scratched the back of his head. "Well, I know why I'm here, Jeri told me, but I don't know what I can give you. I mean, besides my superior card battling skills, but that can't help you here."

Takato laughed slightly. "I know what you can give me, and its something that I really need right now."


"Your sense of self-confidence," Takato grinned, "I need it right now."

Kazu nodded. "All right, then take it with my love, Chumly. I'll see you soon."

After he and Guardromon disappeared, Kasumi and Snow Agumon faded in. "Hello Takato."

He nodded. "Kasumi."

Tai's daughter fidgeted slightly. "I know that we haven't really known each other that long, but I want to say that..well, that you're a great warrior."

"Really?" he asked, smiling slightly.

She nodded. "Yeah, I've lived around fighters like you all my life. My father is one, my mother and step-father are fighters, so are most of my friends back in New York." She smiled, "But I think you're the best one I've ever seen. I know that you can beat the D-Reaper, you just think that you can't."

Takato smiled slightly. "I'm beginning to understand that I can."

Kasumi shrugged. "Well, my gift to you is my heart, my father always told me that my greatest power was my goodness. I know it's not much, but I'm giving it to you."

Ai, Mako and Impmon appeared after Kasumi faded. "Takato," they bowed.

He returned the formality. "Hi."

Ai spoke. "Jeri told us to give you a trait that we have, but I don't think we have anything."

"Yeah," Mako sighed, "We're just a bunch of little kids, what can we give you?"

Takato smiled. "I know the perfect thing you can give me, something that I think we've forgotten about too much as we grow up, Innocence."

The trio smiled as they faded. Next to appear was Ryo and Cyberdramon. "Well," Takato said, "Orion."

Ryo nodded. "I know that we haven't always been fighting on the same side, but I want to help you now."

Cyberdramon nodded in agreement.

Ryo held out his palm and a grey sphere floated into Takato's chest. "That is something that I haven't had much of lately, it was buried deep within me, but I don't think its ever been as strong as it is now. Take my honor."

Takato nodded as he felt the power flowing through him. "Thank you.".

Inside of the Kernel Sphere, Jeri fell onto her rear, exhausted. Calumon looked to her. "What happened?"

"That's all I can do," she said, panting, "I'm just not strong enough. I can't give him any more help."

Calumon pointed to where Rika was lying on the ground. "What about her?"

Jeri glanced down at the other girl and nodded. "Yeah, Rika!" She started pounding on the edge of the bubble. "Rika! Rika!"

The red head turned to the hovering bubble. "What?"

"Your power!" she screamed, "Give your power to Takato!"

Rika glanced up to where Mother D-Reaper and Gallantmon were still fighting. Despite the energy battle that was occurring, six glowing beams of light flowed from the Mother into Gallantmon. "My power?" she asked.

"Yes!" Jeri cried, "Your trait, you special emotion, whatever it's called! Give it to him!"

"My..trait?" she asked, "Well, what do I...? Wait, I've got it." She grabbed her D-Arc and pointed it skyward. It shot a beam of blue light into Gallantmon. "Takato, this is all I have to give to you, I just hope it's enough. Take my Determination!"

Inside of Gallantmon's armored body, Takato grinned in delight. "Guilmon, can you feel it?"

"Yes, Takato, all of their powers, they're flowing through us! Nothing can stop us now!"

"Yeah Guilmon, now, let's show Mother D-Reaper exactly what we can do!"

Outside, Gallantmon's body started to glow brightly. "What's happening?" Mother D-Reaper shouted.

Down below, Rika stared on in awe. "Renamon?"

The fox appeared behind her. "I have no idea."

Gallantmon continued to glow brighter and brighter and brighter until the light exploded in a force that illuminated the entire city. When it faded, a new Gallantmon stood on the building roof. This one did not wear white armor, but a fiery red suit. Instead of a flowing cape, he had a set of white wings, and two glowing sabers.

Mother D-Reaper was in complete awe. "What is this? I don't have any information in my database!"

"Well," the new Gallantmon said, "You can add this to your database, I am Gallantmon Crimson Mode!"

"C..Crimson Mode?" she gasped. "Well, even if you have succeeded in evolving to a higher level, you still do not have enough strength to defeat me!"

Gallantmon flew into the air and slashed the sword in his left hand. A crescent of light flowed from the glowing saber and exploded into the Mother D-Reaper, splitting her skin open. He attacked with the other sword, causing the same result in the evil behemoth.

"This can't be!" she shouted, "My sensors must be defective!"

"They aren't," Gallantmon said, "Your time of arrogance is over!"

The Mother D-Reaper screamed. "I'll never give up! Never!" She placed both of her palms together and a ball of white light appeared. "It is illogical for a weaker being to defeat a stronger being. I am the perfect evolved being! You cannot defeat me, it defies the laws of logic. You will be eliminated!"

The ball of light transformed into a powerful beam, which shot to the floating Gallantmon. "Takato!" Jeri screamed, "Get out of the way!"

"Takato!" Rika called, "You've got to move!"

Gallantmon remained still as the beam of light smashed into him. Everyone held their breaths, sure that he was destroyed. However, much to their delight, he remained completely un-injured. Mother D-Reaper's beam of power had reached Gallantmon, or more accurately, his left palm, which he was using to hold back the beam. This beam from one of the most powerful being the Earth had ever seen, a creature that destroyed entire city blocks in a matter of hours, and hr was holding the beam with his palm!

Gallantmon did not show any joy or happiness. He knew that the battle was not over yet. He did, however, give a small yell, which sent a beam of red light out of his palm, which shot D-Reaper's beam back towards her. The Mother D-Reaper responded by giving her own small yelp. The point of impact between the two beams moved back towards Gallantmon.

"Do you now compute?" Mother D-Reaper shouted, "I too am able to evolve as the situation demands!"

"No!" Rika gasped, "Even in his new form, he doesn't have enough strength to defeat Mother D-Reaper. He needs more power!"

"We are the only ones that are here," Renamon said.

Rika nodded. "Then it has to be up to us!"

Renamon nodded. "I am ready for whatever you wish to do."

The Digimon Queen once again raised her D-Arc and pointed it at the newly evolved mega. A thick, dark blue beam shot from the small device and into Gallantmon. The knight spun to stare at her. "Rika, what are you doing!"

"Giving you my power!" she screamed, "Renamon and I are giving you the chance to win!"

"You can't! You've lost too much energy!"

"That doesn't matter!" she screamed, "Take it, take everything I have!"

Her beam of blue light doubled in size and completely encased Crimson Mode Gallantmon. Rika smiled. "There...that's...that's all I have. T..the rest is up you..." She fell to the ground.


"Ha!" Mother D-Reaper laughed, "She would sacrifice herself to save you? Completely illogical, self-sacrifice defies the laws of life itself! This is why humanity and digimon must be destroyed!"

"You're wrong!" Gallantmon screamed. Through her sensors, Mother D-Reaper was ale to see that Gallantmon's energy had increased dramatically.

"Cannot compute!" Mother D-Reaper shouted, "Cannot compute!"

Gallantmon had both of his sabers in his right hand, which he raised to the sky. The glowing sabers began to glow into a ball similar to the one that Mother D-Reaper had formed. "That's right D-Reaper," Gallantmon said,"Because you'll never understand humans or digimon. You think you're so superior because you find illogic in everything we humans and digimon are! But you'll never understand, you'll never understand our courage!"

An image of Tai, Agumon and Gatomon appeared behind him.

"Our justice!" An image of Jenrya and Terriermon briefly appeared.

"Our goodness!" Kasumi and Snow Agumon's image appeared.

"Our self-confidence!" Kazu and Guardromon.

"Our honor!" Ryo and Cyberdramon

"Our innocence!" Ai, Mako and Impmon.

"Our Determination!" Rika and Renamon appeared.

"And our Love towards one another! You'll never understand."

The ball of light in his right hand glowed even brighter. "You've committed too many crimes, D-Reaper! And I find you guilty!"

The ball glowed even brighter, filling the entire city once more.

Inside of the Kernel Sphere, Jeri and Calumon cheered wildly. "You can do it, Takato!" Jeri screamed, "I believe in you!"

Calumon jumped up and down, "Go Takato! Go! Go! Go!"

Down below, Renamon and Rika were still conscious and staring at the ball of energy in Gallantmon's hands. "Gallantmon!" Renamon cheered.

Rika growled. "That energy I gave you really drained me and I didn't do it for you to just stand up there and try to convert her! What are you waiting for Goggle Head?"

Everyone screamed at once, "Fire!"

Gallantmon swung his hand down and changed the ball of light into a beam, which shot towards the evil invader. "Take bitch! Final Judgment!"

Mother D-Reaper stared as the massive amount of light and energy came careening into her. She refused to move as her body was completely enveloped. Her sensors registered something she had not ever felt before, pain. She screamed in intense agony as her body crumbled. Starting from her limbs and moving inward, she quickly turned to dust. The evil world destroying behemoth, was gone.

Gallantmon slowly floated to the pavement, where he split once more into Takato and Guilmon. The goggle wearing teenager was almost completely out of energy, but he still found enough to stumble over to where Rika was lying on the ground. "Well, 'Digimon Queen'," he chuckled, "We don't work that badly together, do we? When we're not trying to kill one another, that is."

Rika glared up at him. Takato just smiled slightly. She continued to growl, but it turned into a smile. "Yeah."

The Kernel Sphere slowly floated to the ground, where it popped, freeing Jeri and Calumon. The brown haired teenager screamed. "Takato!"

The Tamer spun around and was tackled to the ground by her. "Owe! Jeri!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry!" she said, helping him to his feet, "I'm so sorry! Does it hurt?"

"Only when I breath," he said.

Guilmon, Renamon and Rika were struggling to stand behind them. "What about us?" Guilmon asked.

Rika snorted. "Let's face it, Love does conquer all."

"I have a question," Renamon said, "Where are our teammates? The ones that Mother D-Reaper absorbed?"

Rika gasped, then started to look around. "Takato, did you...?"

The goggle wearing Tamer chuckled. "I think this is the first time you've ever called me Takato. And don't worry, everyone's right over there."

Rika and the two digimon looked behind them. Their faces broke into a smile as the rest of their ground ran towards them. "You guys are all okay!" Rika exclaimed, her face breaking into a smile.

After a long reunion, Wong used the key and deactivated the shield generators, allowing the triumphant group to watch the sun slowly raise over the horizon. The red mass of the D-Reaper that was still covering areas of the city were starting to dissolve in the sunlight. Tai placed his hand on Takato and Rika's shoulders. "I'm proud of both of you. You put aside your differences and worked together to defeat one of the worst beings the earth has ever seen. You did really well, and you are both on your way to becoming two of the greatest warriors ever."

"Yeah," Rika sighed. She turned to where Jeri was holding Takato's hand. "Jeri, can you ever forgive me for what I did?"

"Of course!" Jeri smiled.

Rika returned the smile. "Thank you." She turned to her partner, "Renamon, did you hear that..Renamon?" She tried to find the tall fox, but found a small yellow dog creature in her place. "Renamon?"

The others gasped as they looked at their partners. "Guilmon?" Takato cried as he lifted a small red blob in his hands, "Guilmon, is that you?"

"They're in their In-Training forms!" Tai gasped, holding up Koromon and Nyaromon, "But...why?"

Wong snapped his fingers. "Of course! They used their powers to seal away the D-Reaper, they're out of energy. If they don't return to the Digital World, they'll die!"

"No!" Takato shouted, "Guilmon, don't leave."

A glowing circle appeared in the sky and the digimon quickly floated into the portal. As each one returned to the Digital World, their partner called out to them.

Kazu: "Guardromon, I love ya' man!"

Ai and Mako: "Goodbye Impmon, we'll miss you!"

Kasumi: "Snow Agumon, don't leave!"

Ryo: "Cybderdramon, don't forget me!"

Jeri: "Thank you, Calumon!"

Jenrya: "Terriermon, I'll never forget you!"

Rika: "Stay strong Renamon!"

Tai: "Agumon, Gatomon, I'll get you guys back, I swear!"

Takato. "GUILMON!" he screamed, "Guilmon!"

The Tamers' pleas were not of any use. They watched with tear-stained eyes as their partners vanished. Everyone broke down in tears. "They're gone," Kasumi cried, "Snow Agumon."

Her father ran over and comforted her. "It's all right," he said, "It'll be okay."

It was not, as Jeri's statement sent a chill down everyone's spines. "I don't feel so good."

They turned to her only to experience a frightening sight: half of her body was gone! "Jeri!" Takato gasped.

"What's happening to her?" Yamaki demanded.

"She's dissolving," Wong exclaimed, "She was connected to the D-Reaper on a molecular level, so since the D-Reaper is dying..."

"No!" Takato screamed, "No! Jeri, fight this!"

The brown haired girl shook her head. "I'm sorry Takato. I can't."

"Jeri, you can't!"

Jeri held her transparent hand out to him, "Goodbye Takato. Remember, I'll always love you."

Takato tried to grab her, but it was not any use. His hands flowed right through her. "Jeri!" he screamed.

She closed her eyes. "Goodbye." Her entire body vanished.

"Jeri!" Takato cried, falling onto his knees, "Jeri..."

December 25, 2015

So, Christmas Day came, a day that is suppose to be filled with joy and happiness. As I walked down the street, I passed by little children, who were dancing around and laughing with each other. They were playing with each other in a snow ball fight. I walked right through the middle of their battlefield, but did not care. One of the balls hit me in the shoulder. They started yelling for me to join in, but I wasn't in a very festive mood. I almost screamed at them, but just ignored the little brats and kept walking.

Why did I ever agree to go to this stupid party? Just because Kazu came up to me, "Hey Chumly, I know you're depressed, we all are, but that's all the more reason for us to get into a better mood. Come on, you need to cheer up." I should have just told him to stuff it.

I did go to the party anyway. Kazu was doing his best to throw the 'gala event of the year!' Well, it wasn't that great of a party, not that I've been to many anyway.

All of the Tamers were there, with Mr. Yamaki and Commander Ootori and Onodera. They all seemed like they didn't care at all. Kazu was playing host, while the others were standing around talking. I would have thought that the antisocial Digimon Queen would have been as miserable as me, but she was actually talking with Ryo! I can't believe it, Rika sold me out! I couldn't believe it! I had to get out of there.

I ran out to the balcony and stared over the edge.

"I hope you're not think about jumping."

I turned and saw Mr. Kamiya walking to me. "Hey Takato."

I turned back to looking at the night sky.

He placed a hand on my shoulder. "You should talk about it."

"Why?" I asked, "It just makes the pain so much worse. Guilmon was my best friend!"

He smiled at me. "Don't worry about that. This happened a few times before. You see, when Digimon are in they're In-training forms, they can't stay in this world for very long. Give them a few weeks to regain their strength, and they'll be back."

I started to smile a little. Guilmon was coming back! I was overjoyed, but then I remembered about Jeri.

"Look I appreciate you coming out here, but you don't have any idea what I'm feeling!""

I heard him sigh and I mentally slapped myself. Out the entire group, he was probably the only one that did know what I was feeling. "Mr. Kamiya, I..I'm sorry I.."

He nodded. "It's all right."

We both stared over the balcony. "I just miss her so much," I said, the sharp feeling descending into the pit of my stomach. "Every time I close my eyes, I keep seeing her face." I started to tremble as tears welled up in my eyes, "If I hadn't of destroyed D-Reaper, then..then Jeri would still be alive!"

I couldn't see what Mr. Kamiya was doing, but I did hear him. "Takato, there was no way that you could have known. And even if you did know, you couldn't have sacrificed the city to save her. I know you better than that."

I sniffled. "But I miss her so badly!"

"I know, I know."

I took a few breaths and calmed myself down. I didn't want to ask him, but there was something that I had to know. "Does it get any better? Does the pain ever go away?"

He sighed. "To be totally honest, it doesn't. All I can tell you is that it does get easier. My sister died fifteen years ago, but I don't feel the same way I did the day after she left this world. That doesn't mean that I don't think about her every day, that I don't wonder what kind of woman she would have become." He took a deep breathed and looked to the skies,"You know, she died around this time."

We didn't say anything for a couple of minutes before I turned to him. He was staring at a Christmas Tree. "Some Christmas, huh?" I asked.

He patted my shoulder a few times before he walked back inside. I took a last look around before I snuck back inside and out of the apartment.

I wandered down the streets for a long time. Everyone was celebrating, but I couldn't, how would that honor Jeri's memory? As I traveled down the street, I passed by a small reindeer scene. You know, one of those places where kids could get their pictures with Santa. I wish that I could tell him what I really wanted for Christmas.

I turned away from the scene and wandered to the park. I found myself as Guilmon's hideout. It seemed so empty now. It used to be filled with such energy and emotion, now it was just an empty building.

I was just about to head back, when something caught my eye on the side of the building.

I saw that something had been carved into the cement bricks of Guilmon's hideout. When I saw it, I felt the dark feeling in my stomach return. It was a large heart, with words carved in the center: TAKATO + JERI

I realized at once that Jeri had written it at some point, before the D-Reaper or while she was still inside of it. Why hadn't she told me! Why did she wait so long!

I fell to my knees and cried. All of my depression and anger came flowing out, everything that had been building up since Zhuqiaomon nearly killed me. My 'death', Megidramon, Rika betraying us, the D-Reaper, everything came flowing out.

After what seemed like hours the tears finally ceased. I looked up at the stone carving and saw that there was still room in the heart that Jeri had carved. I picked up a stone and filled in the rest. I then calmed myself down again and stumbled out of the park. Goodbye Jeri, I'll never forget you.

As the sun slowly rose the next morning, it cast its rays on the park, illuminating every snow covered trees and every snow covered brick. When the bright ball of light ascended high enough into the morning sky, its beams of light reached Guilmon's small hideout, allowing the stone carving to be seen to all that past:



Author's Note:

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