Beauty and The Beast: A Varia's Tale


"Only true love can break the curse."

The Varia were so sure they'd never escape their fate now. Why? One. Their boss was incapable of falling in love with women. Two. Because he loved tequila more than anything. Three. And because of reason two, he'd NEVER find love. Or so they thought.

They didn't expect Miss Vongola Decimo, afteral.

[Fem!Tsuna x Xanxus]

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A/N: I know this is like my second KHR fic after days from the first BUT this plot bunny kept on bugging me so I HAD to write it down xD And yes Tsuna is female here but even so she'll still be known as Sawada Tsunayoshi, because finding a new name will be troublesome and I'll end up confusing myself too -_-

And Viper is female :'3

Do keep in mind that with the Varia comes curse words.

Alright! Read on!

1. An unfortunate start.

"Just a room for the night. That's all I ask." The hooded girl pleaded.

"VOI! Who the fuck allowed her in?" The long white haired swordsman yelled.

"Ushishishi. How did a mere peasant get in here?" The blond who wore a crown twirled a uniquely shaped knife in his hand.

"Boss! I will take care of this menace!" The large man with an extraordinary moustache exclaimed as he stood up with great force, his chair fell back.

"Mou~! Where are the lovely men guarding the entrance~?" The flamboyant man with a fancy mohawk wondered aloud.

"Senpai-tachi. Can I eat the dessert?" The youngest among them who wore a frog hat on top of his teal green hair questioned as his hand reached out for the caramel that lay on the dining table in front of him.

"That is mine. You will have to pay me if you want it." The woman clad in a cloak with a hood that covered her face hit the younger one's hand.

"Trash." The man seated on the end of the table growled. He was the boss of the Varia and he did not like to be interrupted when he was enjoying his meal.

"Just one night." The hooded girl continued, ignoring the chaos. "Just one room."

The boss whipped out his gun and pointed it at her. He had enough of this.



"Scum." The boss replied as he went back to attack his steak. "I don't care."

"Oh really?"

Everyone whipped their head towards where the girl once stood. The dust from the flame-powered shot had started to settle down.

"You are so…" The hood which the girl wore was discarded and now they could see her features clearly. She had orange hair that fell to her waist and eyes so green they appeared to glow in the dark."Cruel."

"Impossible! She's not even scratched!"



"Ah. The dessert fell."


"This. She couldn't be…"

The boss narrowed his eyes as he brought up his gun again. However, before he could shoot, she vanished from her spot and reappeared behind the man. "Xanxus. Wrath."

The Varia suddenly found themselves unable to move. It felt as though something had them in its grasp and the more they tried to fight it, the more trapped they felt.

"Squalo. Pride." She continued in her sing-song voice. "Belphegor. Sloth."

Only the cloaked woman seemed calm. "You. You're the rumoured-"

"Viper. Greed."


"Poor little child present in the wrong time, Fran. Gluttony."

" Lussuria. Lust."

"Levianthan. Envy."

The moment she stopped speaking, a bright light blinded them all. Once they were able to see again properly they all felt…different.

"What did you do to us?" The cloaked woman demanded. She was the only one who seemed to be able to speak from amongst them.

"Ahahaha." The girl laughed gleefully. "You want to know? I cursed you!"

"What!?" The woman was alarmed and so were the others though their expressions betrayed their emotions.

"Because you're too full of yourselves." She smiled mischievously. "Correct your own personalities. And maybe the curse will be released…"


" But of course there is a very important condition." She tilted her head to the side with a thoughtful look on her face. "To break this curse it all depends on your boss. Complete it before the hourglass-" with a wave of her hand an hourglass appeared on the table, blue sand slowly beginning to trickle down. "-runs out of time. If not…everyone dies."

She laughed at their shocked expressions. "Keep in mind! Only true love can break the curse."


The moment the 'fairy' disappeared, all of them felt as though a weight had been lifted off their shoulders. The Varia were silent. They processed the words she had spoken to them. They had faced their own share of risky situations where they could've died before but they survived nonetheless. They would survive this like they always did. Right?

It was the white haired swordsman who broke the silence first. "Fuck. We're all dead."

Reborn stopped walking. He knew he was being watched. His eyes narrowed as he turned to look into the dark alleyway to his right. Pale green eyes glowed in the dark. The owner of the eyes stepped into the light. A young male with short orange hair gestured for him to come closer.

The hitman could've ignored it but something in the back of his mind told him that this was important.

"What?" Reborn questioned immediately.

"The Varia will die." The male replied. "Only Vongola Decimo can save them."

The hitman frowned. "What do you mean?"

"They were cursed by my sister and they will definitely not be able to complete her condition on their own. They need Vongola Decimo's help. It's the only way to save them."

"And what if I don't believe your story?"

The male's eyes shone with an unknown emotion as a mysterious smile graced his lips. "Well, you will."

As if on cue, the hitman's cell-phone began to ring. "Yes?"

"Reborn. It's the Varia. It seems like they have a problem." Iemitsu explained from the other end. "We need you back in the headquarters. Right now."

"I got it." He cut the call and stared at the male in front of him. "You're coming along. Don't resist. I need you to explain what the fuck is going on."

The brown haired teenager hummed to herself as she got out of her bath. This morning was strange so to say. Reborn hadn't brutally woken her like he usually did. He wasn't even there to begin with. No. He hadn't been around for a few days. She thought that maybe it had something to do with some assassination. He was afteral, the world's strongest hitman as he had claimed to be. It was peaceful without him around anyway.

"Ah." Sawada Tsunayoshi smiled to herself as she drew back the curtains. The view outside was of the vast forests which surrounded the Vongola mansion. Italy was a peaceful place to be in. "What a great way to start the day. Plus, Reborn's not here to push me around."

"Jyuudaime!" The door suddenly burst open startling the brunette who yelped and turned around to face her Storm Guardian.

"Gokudera-kun!" She exclaimed in surprise.

"AH! I'm so sorry Jyuudaime!" The silver haired teen immediately fell to his knees. "You weren't responding to the knocks so I thought something had happened!"

I must have been lost in my own world. Tsuna sweat-dropped. "It's alright! You don't have to apologise-"

The window flew open with a bang and Tsuna found herself flung to the ground and nursing her sore arm. Her eyes grew wide on noticing the hitman tutor who casually sat on the window sill with a smirk on his lips. "Chaos."

"Reborn! What was that for!?" The brunette complained.

"You always have to be alert Dame-Tsuna." The hitman merely shrugged.

"Jyuudaime!" Gokudera Hayato rushed to his boss's side and helped her up. "Are you alright?"

"Ah. Thank you Gokudera-kun." She smiled with gratitude. Her smile was so warm and innocent; the Storm Guardian found himself blushing. "I'm alright."

"Tsuna." The hitman called out, suddenly sounding serious. "There is an important lesson I have yet to make you learn."

The brunette looked at him suspiciously. The last time he said that, she ended up spending a whole week in the Alps to survive the 'cold'. And moreover, he'd left her alone. "You brought me to Italy to enjoy the vacation and I would like to go back to the university in one whole piece after the break is over."

"Don't worry Jyuudaime!" The Storm Guardian exclaimed. "We'll all be there to help you!"

"Unfortunately, this lesson is very complicated and only meant for Tsuna." The hitman stated with a smirk that sent shivers down her spine. "Because she has no experience in the field of this lesson and it will serve itself as a really good experience for her."

Tsuna frowned. "If it's another version of the Alps no thank yo-"

"Too bad." Reborn moved swiftly and pressed a nerve on the unfortunate teenager's neck. "Tsuna. Haven't I taught you to be alert all the time? This clearly proves that you need more training."

"You bast…" The brunette collapsed limply into her tutor's arms.

The last thing she saw was his devious smirk and Gokudera's worried face before she slipped into darkness.

Sawada Tsunayoshi woke up with a pounding headache. She opened her eyes but shut them closed almost immediately. It was bright. Too bright, to be exact. Then she slowly opened her eyes again. It took a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the light. She found herself staring at the vast blue sky.

Somehow, that seemed to comfort her along with the sweet smell of the roses.

Wait. She quickly sat up. Outside!? Roses!?

She was surrounded by roses. A lot of roses which were all white in colour. To top it off, she found herself in a white sleeveless dress and her waist length hair in a loose braid. The last time she remembered, she was in shorts and a t-shirt. "What-!?"

Then suddenly it all rushed back to her and her eyes darkened. It was all Reborn. A lesson, he had said.

The brunette stood up and looked around her. This appeared to be a really big rose garden which wasn't inside a greenhouse. Whoever owned it seemed to take good care of it. She cocked her head to the side. This place seemed rather familiar to her. She had seen this garden once or twice but it was from afar. Ah, I remember. She would admire it from the common room window in the mansion of the- Varia.

The moment realisation stuck her; she noticed a note that lay on the ground where she had once been lying upon. It was written by an all too well-known handwriting.

'Enjoy your stay in the Varia. As the next boss, you should get to know everyone in your family better. Oh. And yes. They don't know that you're there. Don't even bother trying to escape. Good luck Dame-Tsuna.
- Reborn.'

Tsuna's eyes widened in horror. I'm in the Varia.

The brunette panicked. Even years of being around them did not calm her uneasiness of the assassination squad. She needed- no. She HAD to get out of this place or she would die. She was getting out of here regardless of what her tutor had said. Getting to know them better could wait. She didn't want to die young. She was going to quietly get out. And when she did, Reborn was going to pay.

Tsuna ran towards what she presumed was the exit.

"Eeeks!" She exclaimed as she tripped and landed on top of something. Something warm. No. More like someone.

Someone who had come to the garden to enjoy a sunbath and a nice nap, away from the chaotic mansion only to have someone else fall on top of them. Someone who growled in annoyance and snapped open their eyes at the sudden disturbance. Someone who owned the rose garden and also the very same someone Sawada Tsunayoshi was dreading to meet.

Caramel brown eyes clashed with crimson red.


"HIIE! Xanxus-san!"


A/N: This is long, but please make sure you read it. And yes this is the Varia so…there'll probably be a lot of curse words in the following chapters I guess? I'll be using Italian for the inappropriate sentences though, so that the innocent readers (like my lil sister) don't end up…uhh…scarred xD

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Poor Tsuna. But oh well, if unfortunate things don't happen to him then who will it happen to right? I meant 'her' xD

The members of the Varia, if you weren't aware, are based on the seven sins (well, except for Fran but since Gola Mosca was destroyed by Hibari, the illusionist had to take its place :3) so I brought that in as it has a somewhat important (I guess?) role to play in the fic. Hopefully, cause I don't have a definite plot for this new baby xD

Oh and yes. Tsuna's a little older here. 18-19 years, somewhere around that age and no. Here, she has not taken up the title of boss yet as she wants to complete her education first. Or something like that. Well, that's about it :'D