sherlock and waston were at home when suddenly the vise principle of the local school mr rice burst in and tripped over watson.

"ouch" said watson

"sorry mr holmes but i request your assistance."

"whats wrong" sed holms

"you see there are 8 johns"

"WHAT" sed homes "HOW CAN THIS BE"

"i dont no but i wasnt you to investigate." said rice.

"show me the money" said holnes

rice took out a sack and threw it on the table and some of the gold coins fell onto the table

"ok" sed homes

sherlock and watson went to juice school and went into business class. inside sherlock was shocked because there were two identical boys.

"hi im jon" sed john

"oh crap" said homes.

they went into phisics first aid and tourism and there were two johns in each there too.

"whats going on?!" said watson.

suddenly class ended and the 8 johns came out and surounded homes and watson.

"YOU SHALL NOT FIND THE TROOT MR HOMES!" shout the 8 johns and they all punched homes in the face BUT WATSON BLOCKED ON OF THEM! they then ran away

"HOMES ARE YOU ALRIGHT" shout watson

"yes thank you watson if you didnt block that one i surely woudnt have survived. anyway i was thinking wile i was asleep" said homes "and i think ive figured it out"

"realy" said watson

"yes we just need to find it" said holems

so herlock and watson looked around until they came to the kitchen.

"i noticed there was steam around the johns and there is steam coming out of that cooker so the trut must be there." said thelock

"really how" said watson

home opend the oven and went inside and found a big steamy room with a camera and a computer and another john in the midle doing stuff.

"see watson" said holmes "i noticed there ware projectors all over the school. this guy is the real john projectin the clones."

"god damn holmes thats fucking clever" said watson and they solved the case.