After that encounter, Hermione didn't want to do anything. It was one thing to say that fortune-telling was rot and rubbish. It was quite another to have someone turn up cards that might have been a standard sleight of hand for the happy ending, but had been chillingly accurate with the past.

The death card.

And she'd reacted to Draco's Mark.

"Do you have any more wine?" she asked when the three of them made it back up to the flat She knew she was wobbling. She knew if she drank more she'd have a horrible headache the next day. She just didn't care. Draco must have shared her feelings because he pulled a bottle down without any commentary and began to pour. Hermione drank the first glass too quickly, and held her cup out for more. He obliged.

She sipped this one and looked around. "That was fun," she said at last. "Donna. What a gal."

Theo laughed, but she could tell it was a hollow sound. "Maybe next time we can do the ice cream thing," he said. He had a glass of his own and had already downed half of it.

"Maybe," Hermione said. She twisted her fingers around and around the stem of her glass, sure that what she was about to say was a bad idea. Lie fallow, the woman had said. But when you let a field lie fallow that was so it could break down the things already within it. It was so it could be made richer. "What was it like?" she asked. She knew it was abrupt.

Draco didn't pretend to not know what she meant.

"Horrible, mostly," he said. "Interspersed with flashes of fantasy that I'd be important." He wouldn't meet her eyes as he said that.

"Seems like a normal thing to think," she said.

"That's what I keep telling him," Theo said.

"I hate that most." Draco still wouldn't look up, wouldn't look at either of them. "That I thought anything other than he was a madman, that everything was… I hate who I was."

"We shouldn't have sex," Hermione said. The words had come out of her mouth before she realized she'd said them aloud. It was another full beat before she realized the timing was about as bad as it could have been. "I mean, because of the wine," she added as hastily as she could. She didn't want him to think her announcement was because he'd had totally normal dreams of being important. Voldemort had preyed on people's fantasies the way a demon might, and promised just enough to string them along. They had probably all felt they would be powerful and important.

"Right," Draco said. "Because of the wine."

She took a deep breath and tried again. "We should have sex tomorrow, when we are sober."

He fumbled with his glass but managed not to drop it.

"Do nothing," she said. "That was the suggestion for a present that leads to a happy ever after. I think that includes my not looking for an apartment."

"Might also include not having sex," Theo said.

"I don't see why we have to punish ourselves," Hermione said. "We should have sex and we should talk about how things were. Cleanse the soul and all. End the nightmares."

"I like how you think," Theo said. He might not be quite sure it would be that easy, but it was a path. It was a possibility.

She grinned at him. "You always did think I had a beautiful mind," she said.

"True enough," he said. He raised his glass toward her in a toast. "To doing nothing."

"Except sex," Draco said.

And they all laughed.

. . . . . . . . . .

A/N - I just wanted to wrap this one up. The plotless ones are hard to find an end to, but this seemed like as good a place as any. I hope you enjoyed the little confection that this ficlet was.