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Outskirts of a small village called Theradine from the kingdom of Ceradoa in a small training arena, a young woman with braid, wearing a white shirt, dark blue pants with a red silk ribbon at the waist and light brown ankle boots was practicing with wooden swords against a curly black haired teenager who was wearing a plain pink shirt, brown pants and leather belt and boots.

"STEVEN" cried the young woman, "Pay attention to your opponent" She said while the teenager who was in front of her was lost watching the clouds.

"Aaagh ... yes" Steven said as he returned his mind to the combat.

Connie ran to the teen and brandished her sword at her opponent who barely dodged the attacks walking backwards.

"Watch your steps" Connie said as she continued her attacks and Steven continued evading until he took a misstep and fell back to the ground.

Connie walked to Steven gasping and pointed her sword at Steven face "You lost" She moved away the sword and helped her little brother to get up "Come on, let's eat"

They started walking towards a bench that was outside the arena.

"Listen, you can't be distracted during a battle Steven, you need to focus on your opponent" Connie said after she recovery her breath.

"Sorry, it's just that I was distracted thinking" He apologized to his sister.

"Thinking about what? If I could know" she asked politely as she sat.

Steven let out a sigh and commented what was around in his mind "Well I... I don't know if I should become a knight"

"What do you mean?" Connie raised an eyebrow.

"It's just, I don't like to fight, I don't want to hurt anyone, I don't enjoy the fight as you" Steven replied as he sit beside her and turning to see the clouds once again.

Connie took her wooden sword and looked at it with a slight smile, "Well, although I enjoy the heat of battle, the duty of a knight isn't fight against others just to fight, a knight fights to protect, at least that's what 'she' taught me"

Hearing this Steven turned to see his sister "She, Connie doesn't talk much about her, but it looks that she really respects and admires the knight who saved her long ago"

"To protect? You mean the king Dewey?" the teen inquired.

"Yes and no" she replied, "Steven, the duty of a knight is to protect everyone in the kingdom, not only the king, our loved ones, our parents, friends" she explained, and then chuckle a little "Even your little girlfriend"

Steven face turned red "What? We ... we're just friends, she's not my girlfriend, we aren't even dating"

"Sure, whatever you say" Connie rolled her eyes and then sighed "Listen, you have a noble heart and you are really kind, and that's why I think you'll be a good knight, but everything depends on you"

"Certainly I want to protect our loved ones, but I know I can't do it just by being a kind person" Steven thought about it while Connie opened the basket with food.

She began to drink from a glass bottle but suddenly spat "Ew, Mom put medicine instead of juice again, beware with yours Steven"

"I've decided" Steven says almost mumbling without paying attention to the warning from his sister.

"Huh? What do you decided? "Connie asked as she turned to see him.

Steven got up and with his fist in his chest "I definitely will become knight" He affirmed with determination.

"You know, you don't have to become a knight if you don't want" She said now taking a small loaf of bread from the basket.

"But, I want to protect everyone" Steven replied with a tantrum tone.

Connie giggled and returned the bread "What's so funny?" Steven frowned.

"You are" Connie said smiling.

Steven crossed his arms and shouted "I'm serious"

"Well if that's your decision" She got up and took her sword again "Then get ready for another round"

"What? But I'm tired and you're better than me, I've just become a squire and you are a knight already, and... and, that's not fair" He complained to his sister.

"Stop arguing, you should practice more if you really want to become a knight" Connie started walking back to the field "And only training with someone stronger you'll observe your weaknesses, and you'll know what skills need more training"

He frowned and took the other glass bottle only to cough after drinking it "Medicine again?"

"I warned ya" She yelled to him.

Meanwhile far away in the middle of the ocean a small caravel was carrying a princess from a faraway kingdom and her escort toward the Ceredoa kingdom.

A tall and wide woman knight wearing an orange and brown armor with a yellow diamond in the center of her breastplate walked to a door inside the ship and knocked it "Called me, Princess?"

"We haven't yet come?" A young voice could be heard from the other side of the door.

"I'm sorry, but after the mild storm last night I'm afraid we'll arrive in a few more days" The knight reported the situation.

After a moment of silence she heard her again "I hate these royal treaties"

"I'm sorry but, let me remind you my princess that, it's your duty as a member of the royal family" The knight said politely.

"I guess you're right, but from now leave me alone and let me know when we reach our destiny" The princess ordered to her escort.

"As you wish" The knight went back to the deck leaving the princess behind in her room.

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