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Herihoff is coming

Inside the villa in the way to the Academy, Steven was thinking about his friend and the snake incident "Steven, Steven, STEVEN" was heard a young man with yellow wavy hair with a small ponytail, wearing a white wool and shirt brown pants, who was walking next to Steven carrying a backpack.

"Sorry Peedee I was ... thinking" Steven told his friend "How can I say I want to be a knight if I can't protect someone from a simple snake?" Steven let out a big sigh.

"Don't blame yourself, things might end up worse by what you told me" Peedee said trying to reassure Steven.

Steven and Peedee stopped walking "I think you're right, Dad said that he had never seen anyone recover so quickly before".

"You see? All back to normal" said Peedee and both began walking.

"Not exactly" Steven replied.

"What do you mean?" Peedee asked confusing.

"Today I found out that her mother took her to the Rojerkarn village with her aunt" said Steven a little sad.

Peedee paused for a moment to think "So that's why she hadn't come to the academy these days" Then he spoke "Not a big change, besides us she really had no friends".

"But why take her to the castle town?" Peedee asked.

"His parents believe that she is in danger if she is close to me" Steven stopped again and look to the sky "They may be right, I mean, is not the first time that she was in danger with me" Steven remembered some other incidents she had in the past.

"But what are you talking about? She always had that kind of luck, were with you or not" Peedee said when they reached the small square of the town" Only a few months ago when you couldn't come to the academy she was attacked by a squirrel after an acorn fell on her" He explained.

Peedee could see the time that marked a huge sundial that was in the middle of the square "Oh no, not again!" He shouted.

"What?" Steven asked exalted for Peedee behavior.

"Look at the time, How is it possible to be late if the town is not too big?" Peedee started running and Steven behind him "We'll be late for Perkings class and you know how he gets with latecomers"

Meanwhile in another part of the town in a small training camp, Steven's sister was practicing using a wooden sword against a practice dummy.

"Hey, hey calm down" said a young man with the same age as Connie approaching wearing a similar armor with messy light brown hair "This buddy has not done anything to you" He said hugging the dummy with one arm and played with an apple with his free hand.

Connie returned to attack the doll making the guy separated from it "Shut up Jeth" She said annoyed.

"Woah Why so much anger Maheswaran?" Jeth asked arm crossed.

Connie turned to no see him "It's nothing you care".

"It wouldn't be about your brother and his friend?" He asked Jeth relying once again on the dummy.

Connie turned "It's just that if I had gone to look for them instead of returning, maybe ..." She tried to strike another blow but this time Jeth didn't move and hit him in the arm.

"Aagh" He yelled despite wearing an armor "You know it was not your fault" Jeth said and then bit the apple "It was just an accident; no one could foresee something like that".

Connie saw Jet eating the apple and gets a little more angry "Hey Is that mine?" She asked

Jeth tried to speak but was interrupted by the head of knights in Theradine, an old man with a scar on his left eye using an almost the same armor but with a small yellow star on his chest plate "You two" he said speaking to them.

"Yes sir" they said in unison.

"Stop talking and get ready, we will escort the prince back to the castle" He said.

"Th-the Prince?" Connie asked as she blushed a little.

A young man wearing a short wine tunic and gold details, a black belt, dark green pants and a dark blue chlamys with the coat of arms of the royal family, a head of a pink lion against a yellow star, he formally greet the few knights who were in the practice field.

Seeing the prince Jeth asked "And What he came to do here?" Receiving a jab from Connie for his comment.

"Sir Sables" The prince said referring to the Knights head and make a small reverence.

When he turned Connie rushed to talk to him "Don't worry your majesty, we will be ready" She kneeled and said with a smile.

Shortly Connie and Jeth were riding escorting the Prince in his chariot, Sir Sables by the head, Jeth at the back, another knight guarded one side and Connie was on the other side of the carriage.

Jeth could see Connie talk and laughs a little with the Prince "Tch, I don't know what she see in that cocky?" He thought.

Suddenly some bushes in front of them begin to move "Everyone silence" Said Sir Sables with a signal to the escort and they quietly descended from horses.

"What was that noise?" The Prince asked worried about the old man attitude.

"Thieves? Or maybe, Assassins? "Jeth said trying to scare a little more the Prince.

From the bushes came several deer running in the opposite direction to the castle "That was weird" thought Connie.

"We are close, but we'll spend the night here, hope your highness don't mind" To this the prince shook his head "we leave early in the morning" said Sir Sables to the escort as he get off things from his horse.

Inside the castle an old man wearing a long blue tunic and white details with a yellow star on his back, he arrives where two guards with silver armor a long shield with pink lion's head in them and a spear, were guarding the entrance to the royal library "The King is in?" both guards nodded.

Once inside the big room the old man begins to seek the king "My lord" He said to draw the king attention who was reading somewhere.

Among the shelves of books came a man holding a book with little dark brown hair wearing a crown, wearing a red silk tunic with a gold and black belt under a long dark blue mantle of with withe fur and cotton, with the coat of arms on his chest.

"Oh Alfred" The King Dewey said when he see his servant, scaring him a little "Is there any news about my son?" The King asked.

Alfred cleared his throat and said little uneasy "It is, my lord; the young prince is already under way".

Without noticing his servant concern the King Dewey approaches a window where he can see the town "I'm glad he decided to return from his studies for the welcoming ceremony" He closed his book and turned to see his servant "Is anything wrong?" He asked quiet.

"Yes, my lord" Alfred said stammering a bit "We have received reports from the nearest town, Carmelia" He said worried.

"About what?" The king now worried seeing Alfred behavior.

Alfred took a breath to relax a little "Seems to have been sightings Herihoff towards the castle".

The king dropped the book and separated from the window "This is terrible" He took both hands to his head "Why did that happen now that the princess is coming?" I thought worried seeing once again to the town, he did his best remain calm and almost muttered "We must tell her" at that time elsewhere in the dark corridors of the castle could be hear the footsteps of a thin figure wearing an armor "The Crystal Knight".

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