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The arrival

Still inside the room of the books was King Dewey walking from one side to another waiting for the arrival of the Crystal knight.

"What should I do? What should I do? "The king was muttering with his hands on his head.

After waiting a long time Alfred enters the room "Umm, Lord" he tried to get the king's attention without getting it.

"The Crystal knight is here" Alfred finally said as a tall, thin woman with short peach hair walked into the room wearing a white armor with cyan details and four roses in the center of the breastplate, one of black and three red, surrounded by a stem of thorns.

But the king continued muttering to himself "Not again," The knight sighed as she took off her right gauntlet and approached the king and slapped him.

"Sir!" Some guards shouted while others pointed their spears at the knight while putting on the gauntlet once more.

"No, it's okay" The king hastened to stop and calm the guards "It's fine".

"Oh! Crystal Knight, I'm glad you're here" Said the king rejoining to explain the situation.

"I know," The knight hastened to say. "My king" sighed once more "We must guard everyone inside the castle as soon as possible" She said in a serious tone.

"Yes, you're right" The king continued while taking a chair from the room "We can't allow the same thing to happen 15 years ago".

Just before the king could sit the knight stopped him. "My lord, I will personally take care of everything, please return to your room".

"But me, I should" The king protested without much success while being escorted by two guards outside the room.

"Are you sure?" Alfred asked.

The knight approached a small desk I throw down the books and put a map on this "The king does not think very well in these situations" She replied.

"So what should we do?" Alfred continued questioning.

"How long will it take for Herihoff to arrive?" She asked, checking the map.

"We think maybe it would be here tomorrow around noon" He replied "But it will appear before in a small village" He point out on the map.

"At this time most of the knights will be asleep," she muttered "Well, I'll take half and go to that village." She took the map and went to Alfred "You take the rest and start here, and please without much fuss".

The next day in the morning, in a small two-story house, one of the farthest from the castle, was Lapis with a sad and bored expression watching toward castle "La ... Lapis Can you come a moment?" The voice was heard of an older woman from downstairs.

"Yes Aunt Janet" Replied Lapis.

Once down Lapis met his aunt, an older woman bent a little by age and supported by a walking stick, dressed in a long cream-colored skirt, slightly powdered covered with a blue woolen cloak, a navy blue sash and a veil The same color as the skirt "I'll need to bring a little more supplies, I did not expect your sudden ... visit" Aunt Janet said as Lapis nodded.

"Please, stay here" Said the woman before leaving Lapis alone in the house.

Once again, in her new room facing the castle she spoke to herself "I don't understand why my parents sent me here" Lapis sighed "It was just a little bit" She said as she watched tiny marks on his wrist.

For a while Lapis simply stayed in her room until she could not take it anymore "I know my aunt said to stay here, but it seems like a beautiful day to explore the surroundings of the castle" she said a little bored "I'll be back before that he knows" she said, convincing herself before leaving.

She walked without a specific direction on the cobbled streets observing the differences that were inside the high exterior walls that protected the town, a lot of places dedicated exclusively to the trade of craftsmen and merchants, some high others small, the buildings were different in structure to those of the small village what kept Lapis fascinated.

She began to walk towards the castle but the closer she got the people seemed to run from one place to another carrying a lot of things "Wow, it seems that everyone is in a hurry" And then she stopped for a second "I wonder, What's going on?" she asked curiously.

While Lapis watched the whole scene she heard someone approaching "Could you ..." Lapis turned to see but it was too late, she crashed into a young man carrying a sack on his shoulders leaving her lying on the floor.

"I'm sorry" she could hear as the young offered a hand to get her up "Are you okay?".

"Oh I'm sorry, I was just a little distracted" She said a little embarrassed "Everyone is very busy here hehe ..." She said trying to ease the situation a bit.

"Well, there is a rumor that Herihoff is coming" Said the young man again carrying the large sack he had made to the side to help Lapis.

"Herihoff? Who is Herihoff?" She asked curious.

"You're new over here, Isn't it?" A woman's voice was heard now behind Lapis, and she turned a little scared "I'm not surprised you do not know him, you're still young, the last time you heard about him was a long time ago" Said the woman.

"A long time ago, about 14 or 15 years ago, was the last time he was seen, I remember it as if it had been yesterday" The woman said trying to remember "To begin with, it must be said that Herihoff is the worst imaginable creature, giant, winged with the breath of fire, he is a dragon "

"A dragon?" She asked skeptical "Those things are just stories to scare the kids".

"I had already said you were very young, but I assure you it's real" Said the woman very seriously as she approached who appeared to be her son.

"Well to shorten the story, Herihoff's last appearance was long ago and caused great destruction in the kingdom, fortunately we counted with those knights who protected us with such dangers" The woman said sadly while letting out a sigh.

"Counted?" Asked Lapis.

The woman's face changed to a sad one while she hugged her son a little "Herihoff is very dangerous, there were many losses, that's the reason why everyone is gathering their things and going to the castle".

"It's getting late" Said the young man as he watched as the sun approached its highest point of the noon "If you do not have someone to go with you should come with us" He finally said.

Lapis stopped to process what they said, although it seemed just a fairy tale, everyone in the town seemed to be very serious with the subject "Oh, thank you but I must find my aunt" Saying this, she ran back to her aunt house.

At the same time the escort of the young prince was already in the town "It seems that everything is very hectic around here" Connie said when she saw all the commotion.

They continued for a little longer until Connie thought she saw someone's silhouette "Isn't she ..." Connie wondered as she slowed her horse a little.

"Maheswaran" Sir Sables was heard to reprimand the young knight "Focus only on escorting the prince" He said seriously.

"Yes sir" She said hurriedly as she rejoined the escort, which raised some laughs for Jeth.

At the end of the journey in the gardens in front of a huge castle the prince quickly got off the carriage " What is everyone doing?" The prince asked the first guard who was waiting for him.

"Something very bad is happening, my son" King Dewey said, drawing the prince's attention.

While the King and his son were talking, Connie couldn't stop thinking about the person she had seen on the way.

"Hey, is something wrong?" Jeth asked approaching his partner.

"No, it's nothing, it's just…" Connie began to speak without stopping looking at the town but stopped "Nothing" She finally mentioned.

"What do you think is happening?" Jeth asked.

"I fear that the kingdom will receive an attack by an old enemy" Said the king before the Jeth's question startling the young knights "And the best we can do is to bring everyone inside the castle".

"Attack from another kingdom?" Connie tried to guess.

Shaking his head the king said "I'm afraid is something even worse young knight".

"And why do not we just attack instead of just hiding?" Jeth asked.

"It's hard to explain now" The king replied "All you need to know is that everyone in the town should all be in the castle as soon as possible".

"We are glad to help whit anything my king" Connie said, preventing Jeth from bothering the king with more questions.

After receiving instructions, the escort separated to look for all those who still weren't yet in the castle.

While Connie was roving a certain area of the town, she found again that young lady she thought she saw shortly before "I knew it" she shouted, calling attention.

"Connie?" Lapis was surprised to see the young knight.

"Lapis, we must take shelter in the castle" Connie said as she took Lapis by the hand "Come with me"

Lapis resisted and let go her hand "I can't" She said "I have to find my aunt".

"I left her house without permission and when I found out about what happened, I returned, but the door was opened but she wasn't there, so now I'm looking for her" Lapis said guiltily.

Connie sighed "Okay, I'll help you" She said as she walked towards Lapis.

As they look around for Lapis's aunt there was a huge roar in the sky "What was that?" Lapis asked "Connie what happens?" Lapis asked once again but only found a Connie in shock, she didn't react to anything, and everything went black for her.

"Connie, Connie, Connie" Connie could hear a familiar voice growing slowly in her head while she was in darkness

"Steven?" Connie muttered while she was now kneeling on the floor hugging herself.

When she raised her head she could only see destruction and fire on all sides and when he looked ahead he found herself face to face with Herihoff and his young brother among them defending her with a large wooden shield with a pink glow.

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