More than a crossbreed..

*this is a crossover of RE and a new, pretty much unknown RTS game called impossible creatures. I will have a background for the game before I start the actual story.*

In 1937, the depression was at its peak. It seemed inevitable that Europe would go to war and that the earth would go to hell in a hand basket.


At this same time, a doctor, working on genetic technologies had made a breakthrough in the science of genetics. His name was vladikof. He was ridiculed throughout the scientific community for his ideas and theories about, what he dubbed sigma technology. This was the use of electric currents to stabilize DNA to the point where it could be combined with any other genetic structure. After his banishment from the community, he left to the South Seas to continue his research under the guise of a man named Upton Julius. Upton was a man of militaristic genius, but he was mentally unstable and kick out of the armed forces. He sought revenge and used sigma technology to create, loyal and near unstoppable creatures. These beasts were the product of combining two creatures to a perfect and powerful match. He was halted however by a man named Rex Chance, son of Dr Vladikof. After witch, the creatures put to rest and the sigma tech destroyed.


In 1999, the umbrella corporation bought the islands to research the climate, and study there viruses. During a routine excavation, they uncovered a sigma machine, perfectly preserved in mud. They reassembled a more powerful and more covert project called; viper. Project viper was the combining of the use of sigma technology and the T, G, and T Veronica viruses. Then an accident happened. After losing word with the facility, umbrella sent in agent hunk and his team to eliminate the automatic sigma machine and destroy any creatures on the long abandoned islands. They, however, were up against more than anyone could possibly imagine..

*well that is it for now, not very long I know. But I want to wet you appetite for what is to come.*