Moko-Chan: Hi again! A new fanfic revolving mostly around our dear demons when they were still in the Demon World. So far I only thought of two chapters.

The first will be the time when Satan was going to recruit Alsiel into the army. Though I have not read Vol 0 for a while, I remember that the terms was that Alsiel and his entire army of warriors will join as long as Satan beats Alsiel in a one-on-one fight. The second will be a fight between Alsiel and Lucifer.

I'm not very good at writing battle scenes but I will try my best.


Chapter 1: Satan vs Alsiel

Two demons stood in the middle of a ring made up of various other demons surrounding them. One of the two demons was a creature covered in jet black armour. His long scorpion-like tail poked out from under his waist cloth, decorated in a way that was traditional of his clan for over a century. He stood with his back straight and his arms folded across his chest as he stared at his opponent.

The opponent was a large sized and muscular demon (a bit larger than the armoured demon himself) with a bare torso and goat-like legs. He had no armour and only donned cloth pants and a red tattered scarf around his neck. The only part of him that looked intimidating were the think horns on top of his head. While holding onto a sword made of ice, he started doing stretching exercises. When it seemed like he finally loosened up, he gave a smirk and held the sword in front of him and looked straight at the armoured demon.

"Any time you're ready, Alsiel."

The one called Alsiel lowered his body, his tail curling before him, and his right claw extended in front of his face. He silently waited for his opponent to strike first.

Just a few moments ago…

Alsiel stared at the retreating troops belonging to a young demon known as Satan. Even Lucifer, the infamous vagrant demon of the wastelands, whom just barely escaped the clutches of death thanks to Satan's interference swallowed his rage and backed off together with Adramelech's group.

"What, you're backing down?"Alsiel growled in annoyance. Just a bit more and he would have finished off the small winged demon and the large bull headed demon.

Satan. who was more preoccupied with getting his troops to retreat, turned to face Alsiel when he heard the protest and spoke as though he just noticed him.

"Oh, that's right. I apologise, Alsiel. It's such a rare chance that you actually come up to the frontlines yourself. I actually came here to propose something. After they're done backing off, you will fight me here."

Alsiel's eyes widened as he tried to comprehend what Satan was implying. The words had a straightforward meaning, they will fight each other, but for what reason, he did not know.

"...What did you say?"

Then Satan crossed his arms and started looking upwards as though he was thinking of something. Then after a few seconds, he looked straight at Alsiel again.

"Let's see, if you win, you can kill me and at the same time, you can do anything you want with my troops. But if I win….."

Satan pointed the ice sword he was holding right at Alsiel and he declared in a booming voice.

"Clan leader of the Iron Scorpions, Alsiel, you and the warriors from your clan will belong to me."

To Alsiel, Satan's suggestion was nothing short of madness. Not only was it a one-on-one fight, the victor will become the leader of all the demons involved in this. Alsiel opened his mouth to protest but the words escaped him.

Not waiting for Alsiel to respond, Satan shrugged and said in an extremely smug tone.

"Honestly speaking, we already won this battle. But you're probably thinking that if you stubbornly resist and make some huge sacrifices, all of you might just be able to get away. You must have been thinking that, which is why you showed up here, am I right?"

Alsiel growled when he heard that. Much as he would like to deny it, the situation will not change. He understood that the only way out would probably be beating down the demon in front of him.

"I'm sure you are not willing to retreat just like that are you? So I am giving you a chance to fight back. However, once you are satisfied then you can come with me. Like this, whether it's you or your clan, no lives will be needlessly wasted."

Alsiel gritted his fangs and glared at the horned demon.

"...You think…" Alsiel spat the words out.

"That you can beat me alone?"

Satan rested the tip of his ice sword on his shoulder and replied in a relaxed manner.

"If I did not think I had any chance of victory, I would not even say those words. Well, I can't guarantee my win so it's not as though you are at a complete disadvantage. When we are fighting, I will not let any of my people have a hand in this. Once I got here, the army led by Camio had already stopped sending in reinforcements so don't worry about that."

Alsiel eyed the other demon suspiciously.

Can I really trust him?

Although Satan looks capable of putting up a fight, he does not seem to possess the same overwhelming strength that Adramelech or Lucifer has.

Perhaps his abilities lay in his strategic planning and wits then.

Alsiel let out a snort and then asked Satan in a haughty tone.

"Do you really think I would believe that during our fight, none of your troops will not join in? This is the same for yourself, do you really think that the Iron Scorpions would cooperate with your farce?"

"Oh….only someone with the leadership to lead the people here would think of such a thing. Anyway, if any side dares to cheat then we'll just battle it out the traditional demon way, one army against another. That shouldn't be a problem should it? It's just as per normal."


Alsiel's expression became stern again. Even if the situation turn disadvantageous, it would be no different from normal so what in the world was he worrying about?

"Well, in the end, the current demon world is different from the old demon world."

"However, if you and I follow the pact of the having a one-on-one battle, the number of us who will survive will increase and a larger, no, an even more massive group would be born."

Suddenly, Alsiel had a flash of a scene. All the demons in this red world at their feet, and the one leading this group was….

Alsiel shook his head.

What am I thinking?

"...Watch your words." Alsiel said in a threatening tone.

"Hm?" Satan tilted his head trying to make sense of what the armoured demon just said.

"A large group will only be born if you win. I have no intention of having any other subordinates other than my own. It's far too early for you to believe that you will triumph."

"...Ah, you realised it." Satan laughed with a guilty expression.

"Well, if you do win, it's not that much trouble to take in the subordinates I trained. Nevermind, it would be tough for you to organise them but that's up to your leadership capacity eh?"


Alsiel smirked at Satan's suggestion.

"Fine, I accept your deal. A one-on-one fight."

"Oh! That's great!"


Alsiel glared at Satan who was looking joyful.

"I am Alsiel, the proud leader of the Iron Scorpion clan! My dictatorship has no need for the hands of other demons! Before I truly declare my victory, no matter how long it takes, I will destroy everything you left behind."

"...Man, you are stubborn. Well, that makes you worth recruiting."

At that moment, the attentions of all the fighters in the area were focused on the two.

The battle between the young demon of a weak clan and the leader of one of the strongest clans in the wastelands.

"That reckless brat…."

Camio, an aged bird demon who had accompanied and mentored Satan since he was young, muttered under his breath.

He had no doubt that Satan was strong, at the very least, stronger than most of the demons in his current army but no matter what, Alsiel was still the leader of one of the most powerful clans in the wasteland. Not only were the defences of the Iron Scorpion clan legendary, they also possessed phenomenal telekinesis powers which made it difficult for any opponents to get near them. At least Satan removed one of the Iron Scorpion's advantages in this fight, that being their strength in numbers.

"But what in the world can you do to break that kind of defence?"

At that moment, Camio heard the light fluttering of wings and turned to the direction of the sound.

"You alright there, Lucifer?"

The petite human-like demon donning a heavy coat had landed next to Camio. He folded his jet-black wings tightly behind his back and looked at the fight between Satan and the leader of the Iron Scorpions. Glancing at Camio, he replied.

"Of course I'm fine!" Lucifer snapped.

"Really? You took quite a few heavy blows back there." Camio said, some suspicion in his voice.

"Stupid armoured bastard. I'll get him back for this…." Lucifer grumbled.

The battle between the two started and Lucifer followed Satan's movements as the horned demon dashed towards Alsiel and swung his sword towards Alsiel's head. With one swift movement, Alsiel waved his arm and Satan was thrown backwards onto his behind.

"That telekinesis power is troublesome." Lucifer commented.

"Indeed it is. It almost makes the Iron Scorpions unstoppable. Not only is it difficult to get close to them, once you do, you still have to figure out how to break that armour of theirs. And so far, the only one who has the capability of even damaging their armour is you." Camio said calmly.

"You make it sound like Satan has no chance of winning."

"I'm just analysing the situation. Well, that brat has surprised us many times so he might just win. Of course, I do hope he wins. If Satan dies, no doubt most of us will get wiped out by Alsiel."

"That won't happen."

"That's quite some confiden…." Camio raised an eyebrow in surprise. Many a times, Lucifer had mocked Satan so for him to show such faith in Satan was quite unusual.

"Because if Satan loses, I'll tear him apart and then kill that armoured bastard myself."

"I take that back." Camio gave a wry smile and then continued observing the battle.

What is this bastard hiding? All the attacks he made so far are nothing short of predictable.

Alsiel had been very cautious throughout the entire battle, making sure that he does not use any large movements or overwhelming power at one go. But as the fight went on for a few minutes, he was starting to wonder if the words spouted by Satan were just empty words.

Satan had attacked him with basic sword techniques, poking, slicing and swinging his sword, none of which that Alsiel could not fend off.

Maybe he's really just a fool from a weak clan after all.

Though he had not heard much of the Black goat clan, at the very least, he was aware that that clan were not especially large or strong, nor were they exceptionally skilled in magic.

Alsiel scanned the area, shooting glances at Adramelech who just stood nearby with his arms crossed and watching the fight.

Is he planning let Adramelech spring a surprise attack or…

Alsiel's eyes darted around the blood red sky. However he could not spot Lucifer.

Is he planning for Lucifer to shoot me from a distance?

He knows that the small winged demon was the only one who had enough power to damage his armour.

"Hey, hey…"

Alsiel's attention snapped back to the fight and just in time as the ice sword came down at his head.


Alsiel quickly raised his arm and blocked off the attack. The ice sword came into contact with his claw. Alsiel grabbed the sword and with a swing, he threw both the sword and Satan a distance away. Satan landed on his feet and with a smirk, he said to Alsiel.

"You should be paying attention to the opponent in front of you."

"Hmph, I don't pay attention to weaklings."

"Oh, and I managed to get close to you for the first time you know?"

Alsiel laughed and said mockingly.

"And what did that do? It's not as though your sword can damage my armour."

Satan smiled confidently and used his index finger to point at the claw which Alsiel used to block off the previous attack.

Just as Alsiel looked down at his right claw, a sharp pain shot through his wrist and lower arm.

"You bastard…." Alsiel growled. Small icicles had formed under the hard scales of his wrist and arm forcing them to pull apart from his skin. Drops of blood started to ooze out.

"Adramelech was right. We thought only heat magic could get to you but it seems like if we can peel that armour from you'll work as well."

Then I just have to keep you away from me!


Satan let out a grunt as he was suddenly lifted a few feet off the ground.

"I tire of this. Farewell, Satan."

With his telekinesis power, Alsiel start applying pressure on the horned demon's body.


"What are you laughing about?"

Satan just lifted an arm and pointed behind Alsiel. Alsiel wheeled around only to see a small purple glowing orb. He quickly released the telekinesis he had on Satan but a beam shot out of the orb before he could jump out of the way. He felt the heat of the beam on his armour however….

It didn't pierce through? No way, Lucifer's one should be able to…

A strong blow hit his back. Alsiel stumbled forward and just like what happened on his arm, first he felt the cold of the ice and then the warmth of his own blood seeping through his shell.

"You thought that was Lucifer's attack? Sorry, that was mine. Well, I can't make my heat beam as strong as his yet but that sure fooled ya, didn't it?"

Satan's gloating voice was heard from behind him.


Alsiel let out a yell and he swung his scorpion like tail at the opponent but it hit nothing. He turned again and saw no one standing on the ground.

Instead, there was someone in the air. And that someone dropped at a very fast speed, sending an ice sword at his head. Alsiel dodged to the side and the ice sword hit his shoulder. Alsiel gritted his teeth as the pain seared through his back and shoulder.

No way. He can fly as well?!

The one in the air was Satan. Alsiel had expected that the demon with bat wings would be flightless because no matter what it looked like, he just didn't seemed built for flying, unlike the members of the Pahalo clan.

"Lucifer doesn't seem built for flying either but he taught me how to overcome that."

Now Satan was behind him again.

He turned again, only to catch a blow from the ice sword. Now Satan was attacking at a faster speed, not allowing Alsiel to even focus for a second to execute his telekinesis. Blow after blow followed and more blood started to flow through the armour. The ice was also making it more difficult for Alsiel and he was also starting to feel lightheaded from the excruciating pain.

"And lastly, Camio told me, as long as you can't fight back, victory is mine."

That was the last thing Alsiel remembered hearing.

Alsiel only passed out for a few seconds. When the fogginess faded from his head, he realised that he had truly and completely lost.

Satan was over him while he lay on the ground.

I'm going to die.

That was what Alsiel instinctively thought. In this crimson world, only victors lived.

"Well, I won. So from now on, the Iron Scorpion clan and clan leader Alsiel will be part of my "Demon Army"."

"What…did you say?" Alsiel mumbled in disbelief as he slowly stood up.

"Huh, don't tell me you forgot my conditions? Even if you don't have as much wits as Camio, I know you can think. Do you want to come with us and bring the name of the Iron Scorpions to higher levels? Let's create a world where even the most ignorant if demons would be in awe upon hearing your name."

Satan painted out an optimistic future but Alsiel still could not picture himself lowering his head in front of a younger demon. He did not want to do something so humiliating.

"How could I agree to such a thing…."

Alsiel muttered and then he caught Satan looking at him with a very cold gaze. With an equally cold and cruel tone, Satan warned him,

"If you don't want to join me, it's fine. But if you die here meaninglessly, I'm not going to let off the survivors of your clan either."

A chill ran down Alsiel's spine as Satan said that.

"As long as you live, the rest of the Iron Scorpions can survive as well. But if you die here, they will be killed with you. Choose. Is the leader of this proud clan someone who is willing to sacrifice his men for the sake of his name?"

Pride or survival.

Alsiel never thought there was anything more important than pride. His clan was a clan of warriors. Each generation had been thought to die for the sake of this clan. But now someone was offering him an option which had never crossed his mind before.

"Lord Alsiel, we can beat them! We can beat them!"

One of the shamans from Alsiel's clan started chanting. The rest joined in.

Satan's own army started riling up. The weapons which were held at a neutral position beside them were raised. Satan, however, did not move. He just stood with his arms crossed in front of his chest and he raised an eyebrow as though waiting for Alsiel to make his decision.

"Lord Alsiel, we will fight!"

"Hey, your call. If you want to fight, we can do it right here and now. Or we can end this and no one gets hurt." Satan said casually.


"Lord Alsiel!"

Then Alsiel raised his arm. His clan fell silent. There was a brief moment of silence and then Alsiel lowered himself to his knees.

"We will pledge our loyalty to you, Lord Satan."

Alsiel said the deciding words with his head bowed. Without any further signs to his clan, his clan members bowed down as well. Satan's army cheered.

"Alright! Let's go then!"

Satan turned and started to walk off.

"Hey, you coming with me?"

"What?" Alsiel asked in surprise.

"You're part of my army now. Let's go. We have some plans to make."

And thus the Iron Scorpions became part of Satan Jacob's Demon Army.

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