Unfortunately for me, a peaceful night was not to be. I hear shouting before I even enter the house. Dad must've gotten home. Mom and dad are fighting again. I open and close the door as quietly as I possibly can. I try tiptoeing to my room. A sharp pain at the back of my head stuns me as I'm knocked to the ground.

I turn around and find myself face to face with my dad's enraged face. "Where were you, Kido?!" He shouts.

"Please, leave him alone," mom tries to intervene.

"Shut up, Sora!" Dad screams at mom. He punches her in the face and knocks her down.

"Leave mom alone!" I yell out.

"Shut up!" Dad starts beating the crap out of me.

Suddenly, the hits stop coming. I look up to see mom hold dad's arm so he can't get at me. "I won't let you hurt my son!"

"You little Bitch!" Dad pulls out a switchblade and cuts mom's throat. She falls to the ground. I see the light fade from her eyes as she lets out her final breath.

"No! Mom, don't leave me!" I scream. Tears stream down my cheeks.

"She's gone you little freak. Now, it's your turn!" Dad begins drawing a magic circle. I had never seen him attempt magic before.

Seeing his intention, something snaps within me. I feel a power I didn't know I had. I feel my eyes begin to glow. I stare at the man who murdered my mom.

He takes a step back. "Monster…" He gasps.

I glare at dad. I raise my hand to him and use magic (the same magic he was about to use against me) to blow him into the wall. He is killed instantly.

I close my eyes and then stumble backward as I start to feel the pain. I start breathing heavily. Stars cloud my vision. My vision swims and I sway on my feet. My eyes roll to the back of my head and I pass out.

I wake to the sound of Tiir's voice. "What happened here…" His voice is almost like a whisper.

I push myself up on my knees. "Tiir…Help me…" I gasp out.

"Kido! What happened?" Tiir asks.

"I…dad killed mom. I…I had to kill him…He tried to kill me…I had t-to…" I break off as the realization of what I had done overwhelms me. The contents of my stomach wind up all over the blood-covered floor.

I feel Tiir rubbing soothing circles on my back. "It's okay, Kido. Now, I know this is hard, but I need to know exactly what happened," Tiir smiles comfortingly to me.

"Okay. Well, dad was beating me. Mom tried to stop him. That's when he killed her. Something happened to me. I…I…My eye opened. I know I didn't see myself, but I know I bear the Alpha Stigma. That's how I killed dad. I used magic," I explain.

Tiir's eyes widen. "Let me see your eyes."

I activate my eyes. Tiir can clearly see the five point star in the center of them. I deactivate my eyes after Tiir is satisfied.

Tiir places a gentle hand on my shoulder. "I am a bearer of a magic eye as well. My eye type is known as Iino Doue. My eyes allow me to devour magic and humas for power. If you want, you can come with me. I have friends, other bearers of magic eyes. You won't be alone," Tiir smiles at me.

"O…okay…" I reply.

"Why don't you pack a few things?" Tiir suggests.

"First, can you help me with my injuries? They hurt pretty badly," I groan.

Tiir only smiles, I suppose to reassure me. He leaves briefly and returns with some medical supplies. He helps me bandage my wounds. When he's bandaging my ribs, I'm forced to clench my teeth to avoid screaming.

Once my wounds are taken care of, I carefully stand. I grab my backpack. I put my favorite toy and a few keepsakes (including the photo album with all of my pictures) in it. I then head to the kitchen and pack some good travel food. I also add some first aid stuff and my favorite blanket to the mix.

I hand the backpack to Tiir, who puts it on his own back. "Are you ready?" Tiir asks.

"Yes," I reply. Tiir reaches his arms toward me. I allow him to pick me up. I relax in his arms as he walks us right out of there.