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Ch. 20: Happily Ever After

It was a few weeks after Ironclaw's death when Judy and Nick found themselves at the train station with Nick's mother.

Surprising the two officers the entire precinct hadn't been surprised when they announced that they were officially a couple, though Clawhauser nearly broke glass with the squeal he let out. Sven, Charlie, and Winter begged to be invited to the wedding which had flustered them both. Finnick hadn't really reacted and neither knew if he was happy for them or not. But by far Judy's favorite reaction was Amelia's.

They had visited her house for lunch one day and Nick told her they were dating. She had looked at them both with surprise before speaking, "You weren't a couple already?"

Amelia rubbed her paws together, looking anxious, "Are you sure I should be here? They might not like me."

Judy smiled at her from Nick's side, "They'll love you. Just like they loved Nick, who I was pretty sure wanted to jump out of the car when I first brought him to my parents."

"I did not," Nick argued who didn't seem much more relaxed than his mother.

She and Nick had called her parents a week ago to not only tell them they were dating but that they had bought an apartment together (Judy's loud neighbors were surprisingly emotional when she told them goodbye). Her parents had stared at them with muted surprise while her younger siblings behind them jumped up and down with joy at the sight of Nick, her parents had to hang up to calm the kids down before they could share their opinion. But Judy had invited them to come see her new home and they could express their opinion then. She invited Amelia because she thought it would calm down Nick, and because she thought it was good for her parents to meet her as well, she didn't like Amelia living by herself and wanted her to be friends with her own family.

The train arrived and skidded to a halt, Nick and Amelia stood up straighter and Judy smiled.

The first to come out were the fifty youngest of her siblings that her parents had brought along; they caught one look at Nick and swarmed him with a jubilant yell, the fox disappearing in a mass of fluffy fur. Judy laughed loudly and Amelia smiled fondly.

"Judy," Bonnie called out as she and Stu walked out of the train, Stu carrying loads of luggage.

"Mom, Dad," Judy hurried over and kissed her mother on the cheek before she helped her dad place the luggage on the ground and wrapped him in a hug. "I've missed you."

"Missed you too, hun," Stu replied. "So, where's your partner?" She couldn't tell how he was feeling by his tone.

"He's buried under my brothers and sisters," Judy replied, then waved Amelia over. "But this is his mother, Mrs. Wilde; these are my parents Stu and Bonnie Hopps."

"It's very nice to meet you," Amelia smiled kindly; "Your daughter is the loveliest girl I've ever met."

Both the rabbits smiled, Stu shaking Amelia's offered paw before Bonnie wrapped her in a hug which Amelia returned, surprised delight written all over her face.

"Help you with your luggage, Mr. Hopps," Nick asked as he walked over, little bunnies still crawling over him.

Stu let out a relieved breath, "I'd appreciate it. Come on, kids, get off Nick."

The bunnies grudgingly obeyed and Nick grabbed as much luggage as he could carry, Judy, Bonnie, and Amelia hurrying to help. Together the five adults led the gaggle of bunnies out of the train station and to Nick and Judy's new apartment.

It was on the top floor of the complex, complete with a balcony that had a wonderful view of Zootopia's skyline. The apartment consisted of a living room, kitchen, three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a den. It was all covered in green carpet and blue walls that made it fill like a valley or meadow. Nick had guessed the weasel landlord was spoiling the 'heroes' of Zootopia by lowering the price of the apartment.

The little bunnies quickly broke apart from their parents to explore, the adults placing the luggage down before Stu and Bonnie slowly walked through the living room, examining it, Amelia, who had already had dinner here before, stayed by her son's side.

"It's very nice," Bonnie admired, "Very spacious."

Stu turned to them, "But isn't it a little early to be moving in together?"

Nick tensed at her side as Judy spoke, "We've known each other for almost a year now. Dad, you practically moved in with Mom's family after your first date."

The words seemed to fluster her father who didn't reply.

"Nick, give them the tour while I start lunch," Judy told the fox before disappearing into the kitchen, Amelia followed after. "I've already had the tour," she told Judy, "And I want to help."
Judy nodded and headed to the fridge and pulled out carrots and fish. As Amelia helped her prepare the carrot casserole they naturally went back to their favorite topic: Nick's childhood.

"So spill," Judy told her, "What happened on his first day of school?"

"I thought it was adorable," Amelia replied with fond amusement, "He fell head over tail with his classmate, Ellie."

"How'd that go," Judy asked, eager to know about Nick's first crush.

"Not very far I'm afraid, Ellie had a crush on a wolf and spent snack time with him before Nick could even talk to her. For weeks he stomped around the house declaring he was done with love, never mind he was only five."

Judy chuckled, "Poor thing. No wonder he didn't want me to hear."

"Oh the reason he didn't want me to tell you this story was because Ellie was a bunny."

Judy's jaw dropped, "No! His first crush was a bunny?!"
Amelia nodded, "And now he's dating you which I think is both ironic and cute."

Judy smiled and turned back to the food, "Anything else new about him?"

"He's quite the jealous type, isn't he," Amelia stated what Judy knew to be an obvious fact.

"Ah, did he tell you about Gideon Gray?"

Amelia frowned, "No, he told me you used to like the assistant mayor."

"Oh, Percy," Judy replied. "We're just friends now, he actually went on a date with his old high school sweetheart last week; he told me. Lionheart even praised him in front of her, embarrassed the poor guy to death."

Amelia chuckled, "I assumed he was jealous for no good reason, that's a quirk of his."

Judy nodded, "It can be exasperating but flattering all the same." Her expression turned serious and she turned back to Amelia, "I really do love your son, Mrs. Wilde. He might get jealous from time to time but he's the only one for me. You know that, right?"

"Of course I do, sweetie, I saw the way you looked at him when I first met you." She patted Judy's cheek and kissed her forehead. "My little boy is so lucky to have you."

Judy, overwhelmed with emotion, nodded and turned back to her food.


It hadn't taken long for Nick to give Stu and Bonnie the tour. And as soon as it was over they asked if they could have a private word with him on the balcony, with dread Nick had followed.

The two rabbits stood on the terrace looking awkward and Nick thought of thousands of terrible ways this conversation could go. The number one being they didn't approve of their daughter dating a fox.

But what they said he'd have never guessed, "We wanted to apologize."
Nick stared at Bonnie in surprise, "For what?"

"Judy told us that you had…overheard our talk after she was released from the hospital," Stu said, still uncomfortable.

"Oh," Nick replied, that day felt like it had happened years ago.

"And it wasn't fair of us," Bonnie put in, "We were scared for our daughter but that was no excuse to blame it on you."

"I blamed myself too," Nick told her, they both seemed surprised at his words. "When we became partners I promised myself I'd look after her, and I almost broke that promise. But I promise you I love your daughter, more than I thought possible."
They smiled. "No need to get worked up," Stu told him, "We know how you feel Nick, and we're glad for you both."

Bonnie smiled, "Just make sure our daughter doesn't get into too much trouble."

Nick was so relieved and happy by this acceptance that he wanted to cry, but instead he nodded and wrapped the two into a hug. The rabbits were surprised by the sudden affection but returned the hug nonetheless.

When Nick pulled away they returned inside to help Judy and his mother prepare lunch, the smile never leaving his face.


Judy had a nice dinner with her parents and Mrs. Wilde, while Nick was dragged into the living room to eat with the bunnies. After the dishes were washed the children's sleeping bags were laid out on the living room floor and they were all tucked in. Bonnie and Stu vanished into one of the guest rooms while Amelia took the other, Judy and Nick snuggled in their own bedroom.

"I think it turned out well," she told Nick who was nuzzling her neck.

"Yep," he agreed, his lips pressed against her fur. "It turned out well. Your parents love me."

She smiled, running her paws over his ears, "I know that. And your mother absolutely adores me."

"Not as much as I adore you," Nick grinned, rubbing her shoulder.

"Of course not," she giggled, "But she did tell me some interesting things."

Nick pulled away and looked at her with dread, "What was it this time?"

She grinned, "I know about Ellie."

Nick rolled off her and buried his head into the pillow and Judy laughed harder. "Don't get embarrassed!"

"Why can't my mother ever stay quiet," he moaned into the pillow, his fur prickled with mortification.

"She also told me that you were still pretty jealous of Percy," she laid across his back. "You really are the dumbest fox I know."

"What does that say about the bunny who's in love with me," Nick asked, still hiding his face in the pillow.

"That she didn't fall in love with your brains," she replied, "Good thing he's such a charmer."

"Sorry, Carrots, but you've never been jealous so-"

"Never been jealous," Judy sat up, "Of course I've been jealous."

He peeped out from the pillow, "Over me?"

"Yes," she replied, "For the longest time I thought you liked Winter."

"Oh," Nick smirked, "Imagine that."

"Don't you smile," Judy pouted.

"You've been laughing at me," he shot back.

"It's different, you…you had options," she tried to explain.

Nick cocked his head, "Options?"

"Yes, look at you," she indicated to him, "You're all handsome and charming and brave and could have any girl you'd want. I'm just…me."

"She's says that like it's no big deal," Nick shook his head. "Trust me, Carrots, I'm the lucky one."

"No you're not, I am."

"No, I am."

"No, I-"

Nick grabbed at her and pinned her down, kissing her into silence. Nick pulled back with a devilish grin and Judy smiled back, her eyes fluttering. "It's a tie."


One month later

Judy decided Nick looked good all dressed up and dapper and standing at the altar. They had matched on purpose, Judy choosing a pretty, slightly puffy, purple dress that Fru Fru had chosen for her. Nick met her eyes and winked, Judy smiled.

Nick cleared his throat and turned his attention to the two fancily dressed sloths before him, "Do you, Flash, Flash, Hundred Yard Dash, take this lovely little sloth to be your mate?"

"I…" Flash spoke slowly (as usual), "…Do."

As Nick asked the same question to Priscilla Judy looked around the church, on one side was Flash's family, on the other Priscilla's. Judy sat with Flash's family as it was him who called Nick and asked him to marry him and Priscilla, although it took nearly an hour for him to ask the question. Judy and Finnick had come with him to be his plus one and now the fennec fox was snoring on Judy's shoulder.

When the soon to be wedded couple finished their vows Nick stood up straighter, "I know pronounce you sloth and mate, you may kiss the bride, Flash. Take your time."

As the crowd slowly stood up to applaud the newly weds Judy elbowed Finnick, making the fox jolt awake, half singing before realizing where he was. He glared at Judy who cocked a brow at him.

Finally Flash and Priscilla's lips met and Judy and Finnick stood up to clap along with the rest of the sloths, it was the longest applause of Judy's life.

"So you're sure that was legal," Judy asked Nick as everyone made their way to the wedding dinner.

"Of course," Nick replied, pulling out a certificate, "I can marry anywhere in Zootopia except for Tundra Town and Wild Street."

Judy only rolled her eyes as they followed the rest of the sloths and Finnick. Said fox was climbing onto a stage with his band. Thanks to Nick, Flash has hired him to play for his wedding, something Judy knew Finnick was grateful for but would never admit it to Nick.

The two leaned against the wall, Finnick starting a slow song as Flash and Priscilla shared the first dance.

"I'm happy for them," she told Nick. "They're so cute together."

"Mmm," Nick replied, his paws folded behind his back then started to chuckle quietly.

"What," Judy looked at him.

"Flash has the same certificate," he told her, casting a sly look at the rabbit.

Judy frowned, then her eyes widened. "Did you just propose?"

"Woah, woah, Carrots," Nick waved his paws, "I know you're a bunny but let's take this slow, k?"

Judy was still trying to get over the horror that Flash would marry them off, that would be the longest wedding ever, not that she was planning on marrying the fox…anytime soon anyway.

Nick was still smiling at her, "We've done good, Judy."

She blinked at the use of her first name, "What do you mean?"

"Night Howlers…Ironclaw…Flash's wedding…we're really doing some good, huh?"

Judy smiled at him warmly, "And we'll keep doing that, no one's gonna stop the best cops on the ZPD!"

Nick nodded with a playful grin, "You bet we are the criminals will tremble in our shadows!"

The first song finally ended and Finnick immediately started the next song and Judy instantly recognized the first chord.

"No." She breathed.

"Your eyes glowing like the moon."

Other sloths started to head onto the dance floor and Judy whirled on Nick, "This is all you, isn't it?"

"Your fur makes me want to swoon."

"Hey," Nick placed a paw over his heart in mock pain, "This happens to be a very popular song, Carrots. But I may have requested this to Finnick, after all he got this gig because of me, he owed me one."

"And if I could howl, howl you know I would."

Judy placed a paw on her hip, "I say, Nick Wilde, it's almost like you're trying to seduce me with your friend's band."

"Because you make me feel feelings I never knew I could."

"That depends," Nick replied, "Is it working?"

"You didn't need my favorite song to get me in your arms," Judy replied.

"You're as pretty as a flower; over my heart you hold so much power."

"Well then," Nick dropped to a knee and offered his paw, "Would you give me the greatest honor of sharing a dance, Miss Hopps?"

"You foxes," she giggled, taking his paw, "You're so dramatic."

"And if I could sing, sing I would, because you make me feel feelings, I don't know if I should."

Nick pulled her to him and they waltzed onto the dance floor. Nick singing along with Finnick and Judy's face hurt from smiling.

"And if you'll hold me, hold me true."

Simultaneously they pulled each other closer at those words, Judy practically buried in his chest, hearing his heart thumping madly. He spun her around, her feet leaving the floor.

"I don't want to be anywhere if it's not with you."

Some of the dancers had stopped to smile at the couple and even the band had their eyes on them, the heroes of Zootopia.

"If I could howl, howl I would."

Nick stopped spinning and dipped her, his white teeth flashing.

"You make me feel feelings I never knew I could."

Their noses touched and Nick's eyes were shining like emeralds, "I love you, Judy."

She smiled back, joyful tears nearly blurring her vision, "I love you too, Nick."

And then he kissed her.