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Chapter One

The God of Chaos within the Void


That was what he saw. That was what he heard. That was what he tasted. That was what he smelt. That was what he felt.

But that was not all that he knew.

As he began acknowledging his empty existence, he also began to realize that he was not empty.

Slowly but surely, he began to remember. Names, faces, words… one by one each and every one of his memories returned to him. It was hard. Some may call it impossible. He was not actually remembering. He was willing them back into existence, guided only by one thing: he knew they should exist. His most primal instincts were screaming at him that his memories should exist.

So he willed them to exist. Whoever or whatever said otherwise did not matter. All that mattered was that his determination did not, could not sway.

Emotions blossomed. Power ignited. And finally, that last piece, the most vital one, was in place.

Naruto Fuhen awakened.

"Impossible!" a voice yelled in denial.

"He should have disappeared!"

"How can he survive that?"

"Even if he did, how could he be HERE?"

"It's against all we know!"

"He should not exist!"

On and on, many argued on his presence there, if he understood things right. He did not speak, or even open his eyes. His experience as a ninja told him that it would be wise to gather as much information as possible before the situation changed, as it was already promising to be a violent change.

Without a sign he searched within himself and tapped into the scanning ability he had learned from Kyubi, the same which he often used to make mindscape copies of the objects in the physical world.

The first thing he felt was power. Power beyond anything he had ever felt. All the beings, as no human could hold that much power, seemed equally powerful, infinitely powerful he could say. But their power was restrained by their forms and, from what a more careful examination told him, none of them could even use a millionth of 1% of the total power they were drawing from.

Momentarily focusing his senses on himself, he was shocked, yet somehow not surprised, to have the same apparent infinite source of power. Yet he was able to draw more, far more then those arguing around him. Momentary satisfied and gaining some confidence at the possibility of fighting them, he extended his senses further.

More and more beings of such power were revealed, some stronger then others but none reaching his power.

And then he felt another. The power she wielded was great, greater then his actually though not by much. Taking interest in this being, he focused his senses, as much as he could afford without being detected, and began comprehending its appearance.

Purple skin, black fangs and claws, twin black horns on its head above the temples, the wild mane that reached its waits so white that it made the white cloak it was wearing seem grey, black sclera with golden irises… the appearance of the Shinigami was close to what Naruto imagined an Oni to be.

Yes, he easily recognized it having seen it before… the missing left hand was also a clue. But, as he stood there and examined the God of Death, he could not help but feel the amusement rolling off the being. Deciding to look deeper, he focused his sensed solely on the Shinigami… and he was stunned. Beyond the Oni appearance was another, one that seemed more natural if the emotions he felt from it were correct.

A young woman, around eighteen or nineteen years old in appearance, with her silver-blonde hair set in two ponytails reaching her ankles, her black hooded cloak decorated with white on the front not doing much to conceal her bust… and then was her face with those mesmerizing blue eyes.

"Heh." Naruto snorted, immediately silencing everyone, as all were now staring at him in surprise, anger and apprehension. "I should have known you were the Shinigami…" he said as he turned his head towards the God of Death and his eyes snapped open staring beyond the Oni appearance, his blue and green eyes meeting her own "Amateru."

In the silence that surrounded them, her response was crystal clear. Everyone besides Naruto stared in shock at the Shinigami who could not possibly just… giggled?

Seconds later the Shinigami glowed with a bluish-white light and the Oni appearance broke down into blue-white particles that soon disappeared to reveal her true form, which Naruto had sensed before. However, this time she lowered her hood as she slowly approached the place he lay on.

"I… am impressed." she spoke in a clear but powerful voice. "I admit that I was hoping you would see past my spectral form, unlike these fools." she said as he gave as dismissive wave of her hand at the others surrounding Naruto. "But I did not believe that you could realize my birth name."

"I think it was a pretty logical guess, that the Shinigami was the Master of the Graveyard." Naruto shrugged.

"But that did not reveal you my name." Amateru pointed out.

"The Lifemaker had only one daughter." Naruto said in response.

"And how did you know I was her?" Amateru inquired.

"I guessed. It felt right." Naruto shrugged.

"You… you guessed?" Amateru asked in shock. She had kept her name secret from everyone for millennia even before she became the Shinigami… and he simply guessed because 'it felt right'? Shaking her head, she decided to divert his attention from her embarrassment. "By the way: you're naked."

"So I am." Naruto agreed as he acknowledged his naked state. He slowly got up from the marble platform he was on and began inspecting his body. "Hm, nothing seems different physically." he mussed.

"Aren't you even the least embarrassed?" Amateru demanded at his nonchalant attitude.

"Not really." Naruto shrugged before smirking. "From the way you're staring at my ass, I have nothing to be ashamed of."

This earned him a glare and a blush from the Goddess of Death caught in the act.

"Just get dressed already." She huffed in annoyance as she turned away.

"Hm, alright. Let's see here…" Naruto muttered in thought before, in a flash of light, he was suddenly cloaked in his regular clothes, with his cloak being pitch black this time with a large golden seven cornered star with an eye at the center adoring its back.

"Hm, you could have gone for something more dramatic." Amateru mused. "I was certainly expecting you to."

"Maybe later. I don't feel like it yet." Naruto said thoughtfully before glancing around. "So who are they?"

"Thoth, Ma'at, Amun and Anubis." Amateru motioned to one group. "Susanoo, Izanagi, Hachiman and Omoikane." she pointed at four others. "Ares, Zeus, Chronos, Erebus and Uranus." she revealed a particularly angry group. "And finally Odin, Thor, Tyr and Mimir."

"Oh, right." Naruto nodded with little interest before turning towards Amateru once again. "By the way, I never apologized for your loss of a left hand. If I could have safely removed it from the seal, I would have done so."

"Oh, don't worry about it. I was just keeping my spectral form that way so I could slack off a bit and have Hel, Hades, Osiris and the other gods of death do some of my work. I actually recovered it in a couple human days." Amateru waved him off, to the shock of the other gods.

"So you wouldn't have taken my soul and those of the others and ate them if I died?" Naruto demanded incredulously.

"Oh, that would have still happened." Amateru admitted.

"Well, at least I avoided that." Naruto sighed. "So, where exactly am I?"

"Nowhere." Amateru smiled.

"Elaborate, please." Naruto sighed.

"Simply put, this is the endless space between all worlds. See those pinpricks of light?" Amateru pointed at a random direction, as everywhere in the distance there were pinpricks of light. "Those are realities."

"And some of them are connected because they are alternate versions of one another." Naruto said as he remembered Chao's experiences.

"Yes. As you can see, not all are connected. The large groups are called reality clusters, and follow similar patterns. As you can see, while all realities within a cluster are connected, there are threads leaving each reality. Those are either connections or interactions to other realities, or sources." Amateru explained.

"Sources?" Naruto inquired.

"Realities do not appear just like that. Somewhere, someone must think of the possibility of their existence first. Most sources are writers or inventors whose ideas gave birth to new conceptual realities. And things then evolve from there." Amateru told him.

"And we're here, huh." Naruto muttered as he glanced around. "To think that it's possible to exist within the Void."

"Hm, you did realize that after all." Amateru frowned. "This is a mystery even for us gods, to be honest. Not even we know why we can exist. We just do."

"Do not call him a god, girl. He should not exist. I did not allow it. I WILL not allow it!" an angry raspy voice was heard.

Turning around, Naruto immediately saw how Amateru's posture had become stiff, and how her eyes hardened, glaring at the figure.

It was an old woman. Correction: Ancient Woman. Her hair was nearly gone, sticking from her bony skull in odd places. Her eyes seemed to have been gorged out. Her few remaining teeth were rotten. To put it simply, she was the ugliest person Naruto remembered meeting.

"Let's see here…" Naruto mused loudly. "You're here so you're a goddess. You also happen to be an ugly old bitch."

Amateru was visibly biting her lips to hold her laughter in while the other gods present were gaping in shock, having mere moments ago been backing away in fear and grudging respect for the old woman.

"So you're Fate." Naruto nodded to himself.

"T-That's her." Amateru managed to say.

"You will return to your mortal world. Your lovers and family will die by the hands of your enemies, and you will also die after a hundred years, after giving up everything create peace in the Elemental Nations." Fate growled. "So I have said, so shall it be!" she said and turned around to leave.

Before she could finish her first step, however, her heart was hanging in font of her in Naruto's grasp, as his right arm had pierced her back, breaking her spine and ribs to remove that vital organ.

"Y-You… Fo-fool!" fate heaved, somehow still alive. "G-Gods cannot d-die! I… I am… an El-Elder G-Goddess! Y-you… will… pay… for… this… at-atem-attempt!"

"I don't care what you say you'll do to me." Naruto said in a voice so cold and full of anger that even Fate froze. "But once you threatened my loved ones…" darkness exploded from Naruto's body, enveloping him, before settling into the cloak of the Lifemaker, with a golden and surrounded by swirling black and golden lightning Great Grand Master's Key levitating at his side, the globe that usually showed the geographic state of Mundus Magicus now a perfect gold sphere "…your existence was forfeit!" Naruto finished in a demonic voice as his sclera turned a light-devouring black while his iris was a maelstrom of colors on which three black rings bearing three tomoe each stood in a ripple pattern, while under them was the outline of a seven-pointed golden star, with a third such eye appearing on his forehead from a vertical slit. From his back exploded a pitch black feathered wing and a pure white dragon wing, both surrounded by a slight golden aura. "Code of Chaos: Consumption!" he roared instinctively as he allowed his chaos energy to surge through the body of Fate, who was screaming in agonized horror.

It began as black and golden lightning into her heart, before black and golden veins seemed to appear as they bulged and spread from her chest all over her body, which eventually, with a final scream of terror from Fate, exploded into black and golden particles that moments later gathered onto Naruto's body and were absorbed into him.

"Im-Impossible! Gods cannot be killed!" a terrified voice spoke up.

"Foolish little Odd…" Naruto began.

"Odin." the Norse god corrected.

"Whatever." Naruto rolled his eyes. "Did you really expect me to obey any laws that exist? I am Naruto C. Fuhen, the newest Elder God of Chaos within this Void. I obey nothing, I do as I please, I go as I please, and if you have a problem with that…" he paused dramatically to crack each of the knuckles of his still bloodstained right hand "…form a line."

Nobody other then Amateru moved, and she merely went to Naruto's side and placed her arm, around his shoulders. Eventually, after a whispered conversation, Izanagi stepped forward.

"We have come to a decision and propose a compromise to your situation." Izanagi spoke.

"First of all, what is my situation?" Naruto demanded.

"To put it simply, from a reality only one god or goddess may be born. However, you came from the same one I did." Amateru explained.

"Well, technically you were born from the previous one, and I was from the one Mundus Magicus landed in after Dynamis's screwed up." Naruto pointed out.

"Well, it was still the same Mundus Magicus mostly…" Amateru said thoughtfully. "But the bottom line is that usually when an Unbound God such as us comes into being, it is at the price of the reality we are from, which is used to fuel our transcendence. Yet your world still exists. Hence the irregularity." She explained.

"So, what is this compromise?" Naruto asked Izanagi who was waiting patiently.

"Normally, new gods are reincarnated into an alternate reality of their original one so that they can mature their power to a certain level and learn to control it. We decided to not interfere in your ascension to godhood…" Izanagi said.

"Not that you could." Amateru said in a sing-song voice.

"…nor punish you for what you just did to Fate, if you accept to incarnate yourself at least trice, as well as do a few chores of Shinigami's choosing, maybe even take some requests from other gods." Izanagi finished.

"Do I have to do them one after another without breaks in-between?" Naruto inquired.

"No, but you must do your time in an alternate reality of your own before you can return to your home world." Izanagi answered.

"Hm… do I really have to start from birth though?" Naruto grimaced.

"Well, the first time is a must… however, you will find that we often absorb alternate versions of ourselves whenever we feel like living in a mortal world again. They are essentially small parts of ourselves anyway." Izanagi admitted.

"And how long do I have to stay in those worlds?" Naruto sighed.

"Until the Akatsuki organization and their goals are completely defeated." Amateru answered instead. "But you will have to wait until after your first Chunin Exam at 12 to take any significant action against them."

"This is gonna suck." Naruto groaned.

"Furthermore…" Izanagi smirked "…you will have access to none of your godly power during your first incarnation."

"No godly power?" Naruto repeated blankly.

"Yes." Izanagi nodded with an evil smirk.

"Give us a moment please." Naruto requested and took Amateru out of ear-range, also placing a minor silencing barrier around them. "When he says godly power, that doesn't include any of the power or abilities I had before I became a god, does he?"

"No, you will have everything from all four energy reserves to bloodlines." Amateru smirked. "You see; the thing is most of the gods you will meet here were originally humans that did not have any significant power during their mortal lives. Izanagi himself has lived so long that he has forgotten that there are other great powers that are not wielded by gods, especially since he does not visit mortal worlds much."

"He thinks that I'm gonna suffer because I'll be far weaker." Naruto shook his head. "Fool. I don't even know how to control all this new power, let alone use it. Chaos is uncontrollable by definition, after all."

"Hm, let me think on it while you're doing your first incarnation. And don't worry about your home world: from the Void, which is Nowhere and Never, you can go Anywhere and Anytime." Amateru assured him.

"Hm, can we stay in contact while I'm away from here?" Naruto inquired.

"Well… technically it's allowed, but no other gods are allowed to enter a reality of an incarnated god." Amateru mussed.

"Would a pactio work?" Naruto asked.

"I… I guess." Amateru nodded and before she could say anything else a pactio circle appeared beneath them and Naruto claimed her lips, much to her shock, which was soon replaced by pleasure as she placed her arms around his neck and deepened the kiss.

In a golden flash of light, the pactio card appeared and they hesitantly ended the kiss, with Amateru reaching out and catching the card.

"Deae Mortis." Amateru read the title written under her name. "Interesting design." she remarked at the black background pactio circle and the golden lining.

"That's one wicked spiked chain-whip." Naruto muttered at the silver chain that was held in her right hand, but appeared to be twisting around her protectively.

"Hm… Izanagi is calling. Let's go." Amateru said as she put her copy of the card away.

"What did you do?" Izanagi demanded.

"I gave her my calling card." Naruto said dismissively. "Anyway, I accept the terms."

"Very well, take this and it will give you an overview of this reality's history, the differences to your own, and a few future events to watch out for." Izanagi said as he handed him a large red gem.

As soon as he took it, Naruto was overcome by a headache before disappearing from the Void, the red gem falling before shooting away towards its place in the reality cluster.

"That was cruel; you know how disorientating the first time was." Amateru pointed out.

"I know." Izanagi smiled widely as he walked away.

"Fool."Amateru though. "If there is a multiversal law, it's that Naruto should never be underestimated."

In a different place, Naruto opened his eyes to loud screaming sounds. Recognizing two voices he quickly quieted down and tried to open his eyes. It was painful, but soon enough he succeeded… only to see a rather unpleasant and totally unexpected sight.

"Izanagi, you bastard!"

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