A/N: Another slash fic with Clint Barton/Wade Wilson. Gonna be a slow build for this one, and a wing!fic because why not. Also contains Deaf Clint Barton, set in cinematic universe after Age of Ultron.

Voices. All he heard was soft voices, drifting through his consciousness. That was good at least, wherever he was he at least had his ears in. He could barely understand most of what was said, just heard snippets, fragments of sentences that he knew were important if he could just gather some focus and listen. –have to Wanda?—didn't think—would be this bad—when—wakes up—gonna be in so much trouble—Just wait till Natasha gets here—might like it—could be useful— Well it's never good when the only clear thing heard is 'just wait till Natasha gets here'.

"Wha'happen?" Even hearing his own voice made Clint wince. The sounds just seemed wrong, making his head throb with a migraine. He tried to open his eyes, giving a pained grunt as the bright light of the medical bay pierced through his vision. The world was out of focus, like he'd had his eyes closed for too long. He tried to move his arms, giving a hoarse scream as pain lanced through his back.

"Clint, listen to me." The soft voice of Bruce filtered in through the pain filled haze. "You been in an incident Clint, and unfortunately we have no idea how to fix you. You'll be experiencing pain if you try to move around yet, so just relax and gain back your strength. We'll help you adapt to this Clint."

"What do you mean 'an incident'?" Clint had no idea what Bruce was talking about. He felt like he'd been tossed around by the Hulk a few times, but that didn't explain what he had overheard earlier while waking up. "Was Wanda involved? Could've sworn I heard something about Wanda."

"I'm right here Barton." The Scarlet Witch's form filtered into Clint's view, the unconcerned expression on her face worrying Clint more than Bruce's admission of 'an incident'. "I'm not sorry by the way. I think they suit you."

"…What did you do to me Wanda?" Clint tried very, very hard to keep himself calm. It wasn't Wanda's fault per say, she often used her powers impetuously, not caring about the consequences.

"Well your codename is Hawkeye. I just wanted you to accurately represent your chosen name. Besides, I think they suit you. Either way I have no desire to change you back now, so you'll have to get used to them."

Clint wasn't a very religious man by any means, but he prayed now. He prayed to any deity that would listen to give him patience. Whatever had happened, it wasn't Wanda's fault. No, it wasn't her fault she still lacked the vital qualities of restraint and responsibility she had to have constantly. She was allowed to be relaxed in her vigilance regarding her powers. She was allowed to have whimsical ideas like those kids at the Xavier Institute did. She was allowed to act like a kid, even if she was old enough to understand that using her powers had drastic consequences. Clint just had to have patience, and explain to her that whatever she had done to him would have to be reversed, because really, who goes around changing their friends without permission? …Unless Wanda didn't think of him as a friend, in which case a whole other conversation had to be had at some point. Deep breaths Barton, you'll get through this, you always do.

"Let's just start from the beginning and we'll figure out how to handle this Wanda. What did you do?"

"I simply made you the hawk you should be to reflect your chosen name. You should thank me, the wings are quite beautiful." Wanda practically glowed, giving him one of the brightest smiles Clint had seen from her since her brother died. Clint… actually didn't want to wipe that expression off her face.

"So…you gave me wings."

"Yes. I modified your bone structure to help support the new additions to your body. I had that man from the Xavier school help me, the one named Angel. Vision and Bruce said his physiology was fascinating, and gave me ideas for your new body." Wanda sounded so proud of herself.

"I…see. So, you changed my entire body structure, and gave me wings."

"Yes, I just said that Barton. Are you feeling alright?"

"Actually no Wanda. I'm feeling like the Big Guy just took me for a few rounds through a couple buildings. You changed my body just… because you thought it made more sense? Because you wanted to?"

"Well, yes. I thought you'd be happy, you've always complained that you're the 'normal' guy in the Avengers." If only I had a brain-to-mouth filter, maybe I wouldn't feel like shit and have random wings courtesy of a witch. Clint could just see Nat laughing at him for letting his mouth get him into yet another mess.

"Well, I'm stuck like this for now right? You said you didn't want to change me back so I can at least try out my new body before trying to get you to reverse it again." Clint resigned himself to a few weeks of being laughed at by the others. He could just imagine knocking things over with the wings he'd never had before, learning to use the appendages as he knew how to use his arms and legs. And how was that going to affect his archery? Would it throw off his balance? Didn't Wanda say she changed his bone structure too? Would he have to relearn how to be Hawkeye? He knew he couldn't be on duty until he was certain he could be the perfect archer that he needed to be. "How long till I get out of here then?"

Bruce's face reentered Clint's vision, giving Clint a look full of tired concern. Clint wondered briefly if Bruce had been watching over him until he woke up or if he just wasn't sleeping well again. "You can go in a day or so if your pain lets up. We weren't expecting you to be in so much pain. It's pretty worrisome. Hopefully it's just your body adjusting to the changes, but now that you're conscious we can understand it better."

"Alright, one more night here and I'll be on my merry way in the morning Doc."

"Alright well, if you need anyone Clint just let Jarvis know and we'll be on our way. Rest up." Bruce gently pat Clint's arm and walked out of the room, looking at a pad of paper in his hands.

"I hope you like them Barton. I'll come see you tomorrow to see how you're adjusting." Wanda smiled at Clint before walking out of the room as well.

"Would you like me to turn down the lighting Sir?" Jarvis's voice filtered in around Clint, the AI sounding almost concerned.

"Yeah, turn them off, I'll try to sleep the rest of the day off. Thanks Jarvis." Clint closed his eyes and settled in to sleep as long as he could. As he drifted off into unconsciousness, he was distantly aware of feathers shifting subtly against his skin.