One Month Later


The alpha glared down at Finn Collins with a pure look of contempt. In the last month or so she'd become quite fond of Raven, and hearing such tale on how the male beta had treated his mate left a foul taste in her mouth. The long haired male was pacing the caged shooting nervous glances around the basement constantly. He wouldn't look directly at Lexa, but he was getting quite fond of shooting Raven the filthiest of looks.

"Finn Collins, you've agreed to this breaking of mates, I need to hear this in your own to confirm the process," Lexa spoke in a clear, even tone, standing tall and rigid. Clarke stood behind her, watching Finn carefully pace. The omegas breathing was even, but Lexa could feel the anger seeping from her. Clarke disliked Finn greatly, for chasing her around, stalking her, being cruel to Raven. The blondes hands clenched into fists as Finn continued to refuse to look at anyone in the room,

"I've changed my mind," the beta grumbled, his tone weak, rough. Lexa exhaled slowly through her nose, pushing her aura forward, coating the room in her dominating scent. Finn finally stopped pacing, turning to fidget with his hands, twisting them together.

"Finn, you have said in front of Anya, Raven and Clarke that you too wish to annul the mating bond you have with Raven. I do not recommend lying to me about this," Lexa continued, stepping towards the cage slightly. To her left Raven made a low noise,

"Finn please, just, just please. We both want this over with, stop being difficult," Raven practically whispered,

"I…I….I can change Raven, I can. I promise," Finn turned his eyes to his mate, his sunken eyes begging through the iron bars. Raven shook her head, her hair falling to cover her face as she did behind her Anya made a low noise in her chest, Lexa knew her cousin was close to attacking the beta male, her own aura trying to break past Lexa's own aura. They made eye contact and Lexa gave her to look, the back down look, which Anya usually ignored. But today, thankfully, she paid attention, pressing a hand to small of Raven's back instead, comforting the younger woman with the touch,

"Finn, its obvious you can't change. You spent months chasing me and any other tail you came across. Just, for once, do the right thing. Let Raven go, you can leave the cage and then you have a choice," Clarke spoke up, eyes narrowed at her ex-stalker,

"What choice?" he asked quietly, hands wrapping around the bars,

"You can be a usefully member of the Kongedakru or you can leave, become a mutt," Lexa continued, drawing his attention. For a moment Finn simply stared at her, then he hung his head, in defeated,

"Fine. I agree to breaking of the mating bond," Lexa heard Raven take a quick intake of breath, turning to her alpha, eyes wide

"I too agree to breaking the mating bond," the mechanic shot out, her voice a little too high. Lexa gave a quick nod, looking to Clarke,

"I am witness to this and I consent to the termination," Clarke said to Lexa, a smile playing on her lips. Anya chimed in, repeating Clarke's word, before Lexa turn back to Finn,

"It is done. You and Raven are no longer bonded, mated or in anyway tied. Anya, let him out," Lexa's beta wolf stepped forward, removing the padlock and chains from the door. The old iron crate groaned as it swung open, Finn taking a sheepish step from his home for over a month. Instantly he was knocked back onto his ass as Anya's hard fist collided with his nose. With a whimper and a splash of blood, Finn sat in a pile on the floor, clutching his face,

"Fuck sake!" he growled. Anya stepped towards him, fist raised, a growl on her lips,

"Come near her again and it'll be much worse Collins!"

"Oh for the love of! Come on, it's over, we've got a wedding to get ready for," Clarke sighed, stepping towards Lexa and threading her arm around hers. Lexa smiled wide, the omegas touch soothing her instantly, her aura retracting from the room. They did have a wedding to get ready, and interesting affair is eve Lexa had heard of it. As they exited the basement, leaving Finn down there to collect himself, Anya and Raven broke off towards the kitchen, where Anya would resume control of the banquet for the gathering, while Raven would no doubt now abuse the ability to distract her with a clear conscious.

"So how long until they actually make their mating bond?" Clarke pondered aloud as the two Alpha's made their way up to their bedroom. Their bedroom was in fact Lexa's room, now decorated with Clarke's addition of clothes scattered across the floor. Lexa chuckled low, slapping the omegas ass playfully as they entered the room,

"Probably less time then it took us," the golden skinned woman teased, dropping low to scoop up some of Clarke's clothing. She dumped the pile into the laundry basket and set about pulling their wedding outfits. Octavia and Lincoln planned on the event happening at twilight, on the circle in the forest. Kane had even gotten ordained over Internet. Lexa personally didn't see the point in this human ceremony, but Octavia and especially Lincoln were extremely set on the idea.

As Clarke flopped onto their bed, making herself more comfortable then she should, Lexa surveyed the two outfits that hung outside the wardrobe. A simple royal blue sun dress with a golden sash for Clarke, which Lexa was quite proud of, since she'd picked it out. Then there was her own outfit, the Aloha was torn between the smart pant suit she had folded away for when she went to the publishers and the emerald green off the shoulder dress which Anya had bought her as a joke one Christmas. She couldn't actually believe she was tormenting herself over what wear to a wedding ceremony when she should be thinking of more important matters. Like where her Aunt was hiding or the hunter who'd abused her mate. Sure they had the daily perimeter runs, a responsibility shared out among the pack and even search parties that had spread to the other Packs. The Floukru were especially supportive over this. But no, Lexa Woods stood before two dresses, torn between looking too famine or to butch,

"Where the dress," Clarke commented from the bed, Lexa turned and found her mate smirking at her, already stripped down to her striking red lace underwear. Lexa felt a lump form in her throat, every time Clarke stripped down Lexa felt the familiar heat of lust crept through her body, especially when the underwear was of the lace variety. The same heat that pooled in her lowers, tempting her cock to present itself. As Clarke moved to kneel on the bee, displaying her perfectly toned body to her, Lexa knew it was too late. Her pants began to strain at the front, her erection telling her exactly what she wanted.

"But that's what you want," Lexa smirked as she spoke, taking a step towards the bed. Clarke cocked an eyebrow, reaching forward to undo the Alpha's belt and buttons of her jeans,

"I think you'll find, mighty Alpha, I want this," the omega slid down the zipper slowly, letting Lexa's cock string forward. She reached out, pushing down Lexa's jeans and boxers before wrapping her hands firmly around the thick shaft. Lexa groaned at the touch, eyes fluttering shut as Clarke began to pump her slowly, "But, if you wear the dress, we could do this, much much easier later.." Clarke went to remove her hand from the Alpha's erection, but Lexa was quick on the mark.

"I'll wear the damn dress," Lexa grunted, throwing herself onto Clarke as the omega began to giggle loudly.


The circle was beautiful. Not that Clarke expected any less, Octavia had roped her mother, Harper and Raven into decorating the ceremonial circle a few hours earlier. And damn, they'd done a good job. The stone slab that she and Lexa had stood upon a month earlier was circled in wild flowers, creating the alter for Octavia and Lincoln to stand before. Each worn log that surrounded the stab was already filled with pack members. Abby. Indra, Gustus and Nyko sat closest to the slab, all dressed as smartly as they could. Kane stood before the makeshift alter, in a pressed navy shit, his beard and hair trimmed neatly, a grin plastered to his face. Besides him, Lincoln stood awkwardly, a prominent bump beneath his white shirt.

Bellamy should have been there, Clarke thought, noting that the dark haired Beta still hadn't returned to the fold. Together, she and Lexa had sent him away to the Floukru pack, as an emissary to propose merging their pack with the Kongedakru. Clarke knew he'd been sent away to lower the risks of his loose tongue during sexual antics, and that they couldn't find a suitable punishment for his time with Echo. He'd admitted his wrong doings and presented himself for punishment, but the two Alpha's had chosen to keep him as part of the pack. He could be useful after all. Unlike Echo, who still held residence within Indra's basement. Clarke shook the thoughts from her mind, smiling as she caught Lincoln's eye through the trees.

Lincoln practically beamed at her, his tanned skin shining with a healthy glow. He had become pregnant after his last heat, the first time a omega had become pregnant since Lexa's own mother had been. Octavia was so excited that Clarke thought she'd explode at some point, every time the mated pair were together Octavia couldn't keep het hands or lips off Lincoln, Clarke was honestly surprised that she'd managed to stay away from him for over twelve hours. The young alpha currently stood nervously next to Clarke, dithering from foot to foot. She wore a simple sin dress, much like Clarke's, only in pure white, a red sash around her waist,

"Calm down," Clarke laughed, pulling the slightly shorter girl into a hug. Octavia made a weird sound, somewhere between a whimper and a whine.

"Soon little Alpha, you'll be married to your mate…again…oh this really weird," Clarke huffed as Octavia pulled away, frowning, "Like, why did you have to wear white? What's that got to do with anything?" the omega asked with a puzzled look. Not that Octavia didn't look good, the sundress really excentricated everything about Octavia. From her lithe body to her muscled arms and legs, Octavia was a radiant sight, her hair down and littered with the same wild flowers that decorated the alter. Her aura buzzed, whipping around Clarke in a panicked frenzy. The blonde rolled her eyes and turned to eye the alter, where Lexa gave a small wave, indicating them to walk down to the alter. They'd really took the time to research this human tradition.

Since Octavia's parents had passed away and Bellamy sent away, Clarke had volunteered to walk the younger girl down the aisle. Which was now. Clarke took a breath and tugged Octavia's arms into hers, pulling her towards her mate. Lincoln beamed widely, his hands going to clutching his pup swollen stomach. Clarke couldn't help but smile softly as she approached her mate and Octavia's. Lexa looked stunning in the green dress, it excentricated her golden skin, the black lines of her tattoos and her eyes, Clarke couldn't tear her own from the sparkling emerald eyes. Lexa too was smiling at her and Clarke had to wonder, would Lexa want this? This whole human affair of saying words then wearing rings just to show the rest do the world they where mated?

Deep down Clarke knew she wouldn't mind if her mate did. She wouldn't mind standing before the pack, in a silly white dress, expressing her love with written words and golden bands of metal. As long as it was with Lexa. As they reached Lincoln, Octavia couldn't contain herself any longer. She broke away from Clarke, wrapping her arms around her mate and kissing him passionately.

"I think you have to say these vows before you kiss," Kane said with a low chuckle, causing the pair to break apart. Lincoln cleared his throat lightly as Octavia grinned, red faced. Clarke took her place beside her mate, sliding her hand into Lexa's. They stood as witnesses to the procedure, both smiling widely as their friends spoke their vows. Octavia's hands never left Lincoln's belly as she spoke.

"Would you want this?" Clarke whispered to Lexa, leaning her head in close,

"maybe. Would you?" Lexa replied, her fingers leaving Clarke's to tickle up her arm lightly. Clarke hummed in reply as Octavia captured Lincoln's mouth in a smoldering kiss again. The pack around them cheered and whooped loudly, clapping as the newly wed couple rejoiced before them. They turned, both hugging their Alpha's tightly, before turning to the Kongedakru family. Lexa leant into Clarke, nuzzling her cheek softly. Clarke knew they'd be wed one day, that everything would be okay, safe, that even then the threat of Nia And Emmerson would be squashed beneath their joined packs power.

The Kongedakru would be safe, mighty, and together. Clarke knew she was home now, as Lexa surrounded her with her arms, bringing their lips together in a soft kiss, Clarke knew she was safe.