Star Wars

Episode VII: The Force Awakens [reimagined]

Luke Skywalker has vanished.
In his absence, the sinister

FIRST ORDER has risen

from the ashes of the Empire

and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi,

has been destroyed.

With the support of the REPUBLIC,

General Leia Organa leads a brave RESISTANCE.

She is desperate to find her
brother Luke and gain his
help in restoring peace and
justice to the galaxy.

Leia has sent her most daring

pilot on a secret mission
to Jakku, where an old ally
has discovered a clue to
Luke's whereabouts . . . .

Jakku orbit

The ominous silhouette of the dagger shaped starship hung high above the darkened planet, the small light specks of shuttle craft and fighters embarking in a small contingent to the surface breaking its seemingly ominous stillness in the desert planet's space.

The First Order had someone it wanted on this planet, someone who by order from the Supreme Leader, had to be stopped before he could find what his General in the New Republic wanted.

The Finalizer hung back, the 3-kilometre-long Resurgent class Star Destroyer waiting patiently in orbit as the landing party descended into the atmosphere.

Atmospheric Assault Landers, or AALs, flanked by TIE/FO fighters, flew down in a small squadron, with a single black Upsilon class Shuttle following.

Jakku, Tuanul village

The small village, sparsely populated, was one of many outposts on this battle scarred planet. The past wrecks from the last great conflict between the Rebellion and the Empire 29 years ago littered the planet, and great profits were made from salvage across the planet by those willing to endure the harsh environment.

But junk salvage was merely their means of sustaining their life, not necessarily why they had come to this remote planet in the neutral space.

Sometimes solitude was the only means of safety for those of the Church of the Force.

Founded under the same ideals as the Jedi, before the Old Republic became the Galactic Empire, the Church had been clandestine, keeping heads low during the age of the Empire. In the 30 years since, they had flourished in their chosen safe outposts, and made lives for themselves, eschewing all but necessary modern technology to make a life of peace, their salvage from wrecks merely subsistence to support their lives out in this backwater planet.

And the New Jedi order had made contacts with the Church, had dealings, and even made arrangements known only to a very select few.

The village elder, Lor San Tekka, handed the small device to the pilot before him, sat in the hut opposite him, a small ball shaped droid watching nearby.

"Keep this safe, he entrusted it to me, and now I do the same to you."

Taking the small device, Poe Dameron pocketed the thumb sized data drive into his jacket, while the droid, BB-8, whistled lowly from nearby, slowly wheeling out on his spherical body to begin idly scanning outside.

"General Organa would want me to thank you for helping, despite the dangers."

"General? No, to me she'll always be royalty." Lor San Tekka gave a rueful smile, though Poe then asked outright:

"So what is this exactly, just so I know what I could be getting gunned for."

"It is a signal. You must bring it to one who knows where Luke is, the only one he ever told. Someone not as affiliated with him, but one he could trust."



A sudden electronic beeping sounded, as BB-8 rushed inside the hut. Poe, with in built translator tech in his ear, understood.

"We've got company. 10 minutes out, and a star destroyer in orbit."

"You must leave."

"I can get in my-."

"No! If they're that close you'll never get away, and you must not fail."

Lor San Tekka replied hastily, as he then said:

"This planet is vast, with villages elsewhere. Take my speeder bike, get as far from here, and make your way back when you are safer to do so. They'll only look here for now."

Sensing a hidden truth of resignation, Poe paused briefly, as Lor San Tekka gave him a stern look of pleading to go.

"Thank you."

"May the force be with you. Go."

"We gotta pack light BB, come on!"

Hauling the last of his essential supplies, including compact rations, from his X-wing, Resistance Pilot Poe Dameron clambered out, having set the X-wing to self-destruct if fired upon.

BB-8 whistled from afar, as the droid was already beside the antique 74-Z speeder bike, a few mini grappling cables hoisting it onto the back of the skeletal looking bike. Running up, Poe gave the droid a last hoist up, as he clambered on himself.

Sparing a last look back, Poe saw the villagers readying what rather pitiful weapons they had. It didn't feel right, leaving them, but he had to.

This was bigger than them.

Gunning the engine, Poe Dameron and BB-8 took off into the desert, keeping systems powered as low as possible to fool scanners. But night was a good cover for them.

Minutes later, the lights and first bursts from a low flying TIE fighter strafed the edge of the village, to which Poe cast a hard look back at as he was now 5 miles from the village. BB-8 whistled mournfully, but the droid and pilot continued into the night desert while they had the chance.

The shaking of the AAL's hull signalled they were nearing the drop zone, as the stark white First Order Stormtrooper armour was shadowed with many shakes of the hull playing with the lighting.

FN-2187 breathed calmly. This wouldn't be his first combat mission, but he was tense nonetheless.

"Hey, you okay?"

A small whisper from behind him came, as 2187 turned his head to see FN-2003, one of 3 other stromtroopers he knew from operating in the same cadet unit. 2003, nicknamed 'Slip' was a Stormtrooper who looked up to 2187, of whom 2187 often helped during his 'slipups'. Even so, being on this mission meant even slip had potential, or else Captain Phasma wouldn't even consider taking him.

"Yeah, just, nervous."

"I get that. Lot of training missions, but it won't be as bad as that mining colony shootout. These guys are definite enemies."

"Yeah." 2187 remarked. This was his first official assignment, as all others before had been training. Phasma was nurturing him and his unit as officer material, her own personal soldiers.

Up at the front, Phasma stood imposingly in her grey armour, the blood red cloak hanging from her shoulder as she hollered to them as they landed, pulling the hatch switch:


The battle was short, but brutal. The Stormtroopers shot with zero remorse, as the villagers had few weapons that really stood much harm to them.

What villagers that weren't shooting were rounded up, though most of the stormtroopers focused their fire on those actually shooting at them. Blaster fire and shots ricocheted and lit up the village, setting on fire a few awnings draped outside some of the huts, as cries and the smells of burning, blood and smoke filled the air.

As another shot flew past his head, 2187 ducked behind some cover. This time was different, he had someone actually firing back at him. But even so, they were attacking them.

Though he had to admit this was the first enemy that was using mass slug guns instead of blasters, very primitive.

Slip ran past, firing his blaster at another villager who was trying to hold back them taking a larger hut. A stray bolt came and caught Slip in the neck, between the more protective armor parts.

Incensed, 2187 dashed from cover, his blaster downing the robed villager that shot Slip in a heartbeat before he dashed over, bending down to inspect Slips, who had a hand to his throat as he slightly gurgled beneath his mask. Weakening, as 2187 shook him to keep him awake, 2003 ran a bloody hand over 2187's mask, before he slowly faded from life.

The fighter craft was found behind a large hut, on the edge of town.

"A Resistance fighter! Come out right now!"

The parked fighter was motionless, at which point the Stormtrooper pair fired a warning shot each. Without warning, the X-wing exploded in a large fireball, as the self-destruct program had been programmed to do.

The Resistance maintained secrecy, and any means of undermining the First Order were used.

The fighter explosion outside the village was a barely discernible rumble to FN-2187, though it was a motivator for the other troopers to finish up in the village.

The blaster noises around were numbed, as 2187 recoiled slowly from his fallen brother, looking around as the carnage was finally settling. A ring of captured prisoners, mostly elders and children, were being hauled into the centre of the village.

The blood from 2003's handprint on his helmet made one of his eye visor sides slightly red, as 2187 felt numb in the whole situation, other Stormtroopers going past him to the centre.

"FN-2187, fall in." A coarse female voice sounded behind, as Captain Phasma strode past, noticing his disorientation. Snapping out of it, 2187 gathered himself and fell in with the other ranks, noticing the landing shuttle nearby.

The black Upsilon shuttle's massive wings folded upwards as it landed, the boarding ramp lowering as a figure well known among the First order, from propaganda, strode out. Clearly this mission was of great importance.

Kylo Ren, leader of the Knights of Ren himself, approached the gathered huddle of prisoners. His black mask, lined with imposing grey metallic lined around the eye visor, was cold and menacing in its slate like surfacing, the black robes swirling amidst some stray smoke from a few smouldering hut doorways.

He coldly pointed his finger towards the village elder, as Lor San Tekka was roughly brought forwards before Ren, forced to stand still before the masked male human.

"Look how old you've become."

"Something far worse has happened to you." Tekka retorted, though if it phased Ren, nobody saw it.

"You know what I've come for."

"I know where you come from, before you called yourself Kylo Ren."

"As I'm certain the Old Jedi Master told you before he and his order vanished. But where is the data drive? The First Order knows Skywalker entrusted you with clues to his whereabouts."

"Clues even I cannot fully comprehend. But others can."

"Like the Resistance pilot we tracked to here? The First Order has many spies; it was easy to find out General Organa had a skilful Resistance pilot go in secret to here. The Republic she has ties to isn't as incorruptible as they preach to be."

Lor San Tekka was adamant as he spoke: "The First Order rose from the Dark side, you did not."

"You do not know the Dark side."

"Maybe. But you cannot deny the truth that is your heritage."

"You're so right."

A lightsaber broadsword sprung to life, 1 long red blade with 2 hilt side blades above the handle, as Kylo Ren struck down Lor San Tekka, the two troopers holding him flinching slightly as the blade only sliced diagonally into his torso, but not all the way through it.

But from a hut roof, a blaster bolt suddenly flew, a lone survivor of the villagers outraged in hiding at their elder being struck down.

His hand flying out, Kylo Ren focused, freezing the blaster bolt midair 10 feet from him, his focus mostly on keeping it stationary, to the stunned looks of the villagers, and the one on the roof nearby.

"Fire!" Phasma ordered swiftly, as a hail of blaster bolts razed the hut's rooftop, the rogue villager falling off the roof onto the ground in a smoking heap.

Slowly walking sideways, Kylo relaxed, and the blaster bolt shot through the air to impact the small carved statue a way's behind him. Amidst the stoic Stormtrooper ranks, the blood covered helmet of FN-2187 hid his trembling face.

"I presumed there wouldn't be any more left to dare fight." Captain Phasma remarked, to which Kylo Ren replied coldly:

"Never presume anything with insurgents. Execute the prisoners."

Turning to stride around the village, searching for any more hiding survivors, Kylo Ren ignored the command from Phasma to ready firing lines.

2 seconds later, the blaster bolts began to fly, though FN-2187 trembled, he was not composed, he didn't fire. The prisoners died before his eyes.

Captain Phasma saw the one trooper who didn't fire, but kept her mouth shut as the prisoners were dealt with. Fire troopers torched huts around them, they would leave nothing standing.

As the Stormtroopers readied to depart, Kylo Ren mused as he realised that whoever the pilot was, they were still on Jakku. But long gone.

They would be remaining in orbit around the planet for longer than they initially anticipated.

Striding to his shuttle, Kylo sensed hesitation, as he turned his head slightly to see a single Stormtrooper gazing around, a bloody handprint on his helmet.

Their blank helmeted gazed met briefly, and Kylo decided that Stormtrooper would need keeping an eye on. Even so, he sensed Phasma already knew this, and paid it little heed for now.

The black shuttle beckoned ahead, as the First Order finished up on the planet.

Elsewhere on the planet, the speeder bike raced across the sand dunes, the cool desert night good to use for fast travel. They were dozens of miles from the village, but needed to keep moving.

There were villages, outposts on Jakku, more junk dealers, bound to have a ship he could use to get off world. Poe Dameron knew that the data drive held one of a few keys to finding Luke, and the rumoured selection of Jedi children that vanished with him.

But he was stuck on this planet, and he needed to find a way off, or else he and BB-8 would be lost here if the First Order didn't find them.

The little droid whistled, while Poe gently patted the droid as they sped over another dune in the dark, starlit desert.

I write this story because of my love/hate relationship with Episode 7.

The prequels were flawed in their execution, and if Lucas had someone else direct the actual actors/tweak some spoken dialogue, then I can see the prequels as being more warmly received because the characters came across better. His creativity and overall narrative in the prequels is undeniably ambitious and creative.

I couldn't say the same for Abrams, though his new characters were good, they were deserving of a better Star Wars story.

Love: New Characters, idea of an Imperial Remnant and of a proxy war type role of the Resistance.

Hate: Way new characters were wasted in service to a mediocre plot that rehashed too many old elements.

I am writing this, salvaging what parts I can from Force Awakens, using the good new characters made to a more original effect.

The New Republic is not foolishly demilitarized, and has a larger, more spread out fleet, but uses the Resistance to avoid causing an all-out war.

Characters and circumstances in how they meet will be less convenience driven: Han and Chewie show up for a good reason. Finn doesn't defect so quickly. Poe has a more substantial role. Rey's abilities are better fleshed out, Phasma has more of a role, and Kylo Ren's mystery is kept intact more.

The First Order builds up conventional military, and any superweapon plans do not entail a simple death star rehash. Something more creative or useful to them.

As I said, I am salvaging what parts of Force Awakens I can, and actually this remake will end on a not too dissimilar note to the movie. The story will be different; the way it ends will not necessarily be different in the grand scheme of things.

Biggest changes will be the 'third act', aka no Starkiller base and Rey captured, and it takes place on the planet Luke is found on, along with a hidden Jedi 'class' he also took into exile for safety. More on that later.

Han still dies by Kylo's hand, but the specifics are altered.