Shunshi was a seventeen year old boy. He would always do his best to make sure he kept himself in great shape. Also, he enjoyed keeping his hair grown down to his shoulders and styled it the ends of his hair to be spiked.

One day, while riding the train home from school, he noticed a poster on the wall of the train advertising for some sort of new company called the Hero Association. Not knowing what to think of this oddly named organization, he made sure to make a mental note to look up more information on the subject later.

Once he had returned to his house; where he lived with his with his Mother and Father, while his older sister was away at college to become a doctor; he looked up this 'Hero Association' on his laptop. Eventually, he found a commercial being narrated by a pretty and young girl wearing a business suit. The commercial explained, that, if you passed their entry exam, you could join up with this organization and, not only would that make it legal for you to become a vigilante, or a 'superhero' as the advertisement put it, but you could also get paid for your work as one. As someone who had always loved superhero comics growing up, Shunshi's interest had obviously been more than just a little peaked.

After he'd finished watching the commercial, Shunshi felt both excited and confident. He was sure that he could at least pass the entry test for the Hero Association, due to his athletic build, and the fact that he had been studying martial arts since he was twelve years old.

The next day, Shunshi hopped onto his bike and raced to the testing center for the Hero Association. Arriving at his destination; a stadium-like building, Shunshi eyes were filled with confidence that he could qualify for the job that he, and so many others in the world, had wanted since they were children; to be a superhero. A few hours later; after taking part in a semi-difficult written test and a series of very intense physical tests; the would-be hero walked away from the testing facility in shame, having only received a total of 62 out of 100 points on his hero test. A minimum of 70 points was needed to pass, so this obviously resulted in him failing.

Despite his pride having been heavily wounded, Shunshi refused to allow his dream to die that easily and, now more determined than ever to prove that he had the potential to become a true hero in the eyes of the Hero Association. He decided that he needed to start training harder than he ever had before now, as hard he assumed superheroes must train. Regardless of how long it took him, he was determined to train until he felt that he was strong enough to join up with the other powerful heroes of the Hero Association.

All throughout the days that he spent training, he would even go out and fight some of the weaker monsters that had plagued society for as long as anyone could remember.

After three years of his intense training regiment, Shunshi had grown into a twenty year old man with the physique of a professional fighter.

Despite the fact that he had not yet joined the Hero Association, he had decided to put his skill from his workshop class to good use and create a costume for himself. In actuality, he originally just made the suit to act as armor in order to protect himself from monsters, but, when the eventuality of the suit needing repairs came around, Shunshi quickly let his imagination take control, as he began to add one design flair after another during each of the repairs. Eventually, it became the suit that he currently roams the streets in.

His suit had a black and grey color scheme in its design. Most of it was made of a grey colored, flexible, but somewhat weak, body armor that allowed for easy movements. The gauntlets and boots were both made from solid steel that Shunshi had painted black. The gauntlets had small spikes placed on its knuckles, and he even went so far as to make the fingertips clawed. The knee and elbow pads of the suit were made from iron that he'd also colored black, while also placing a single spike in the center of each one.

In order to protect everything above his shoulders, he created a grey colored steel helmet, that he designed to somewhat resemble the face of a dragon-like monster that Shunshi saw on the news when he was younger. He made the helmet with interlocking pieces so that it could be collapsed and be taken off with ease. Its designed made it so that it wouldn't just cover his head, but also his face and neck.

The final piece of Shunshi's costume was a black cloak that covered his shoulders and went down to the back of his knees.

By this time in his life, Shunshi had drastically improved both his martial art skills and physical abilities. His legs had become strong enough to jump dozens of feet into the air, could withstand falls from great heights and could carry him fast enough to outrun an average car; while his arms had become strong enough to lift several tons over his head.

The last, and most important, thing he had gotten out of his training was a hidden ability of the Human body that Shunshi had previously been unaware existed, and even now was still unsure of what every aspect of the power holds. Whatever it was he had unlocked, he knew he had to come up with a good name for it, but, after hours of racking his brain, he simply settled on calling this power Kie. Any time that he spent using his Kie, it made his body much more durable, but only while it was being used. The Kie created an inch-thick field of white flames that covered his entire body as well as whatever he was wearing.

This strange internal energy, for reasons beyond the young man's understanding, also caused his body to heal at a somewhat faster rate than that of a normal person. However, Shunshi found that the most useful combat related ability that his Kie provided him was that it allowed him to created balls of light in the palms of his hands. These balls would cause high powered explosions when he threw them at solid objects; and the more time that he spent on creating an individual light ball, the more powerful the explosion created by it would be.

One day, while Shunshi was exercising and listening to the news as background noise, his attention was grabbed when the reporter explained that there was some sort of deadly mosquito outbreak in City-Z. Concerned about any people who might be stuck in the city, the would-be hero decided to throw on his costume, and go search through City-Z in case their were any people who lacked the ability to evacuate on their own.

About a half hour later, Shunshi had been running through the city's streets at superhuman speeds, and, much to both his relief and disappointment, he had yet to find any people in need of help. Soon after that though, out of the corner of his eye, Shunshi saw a thuggish looking man climbing out of the window of an electronic store. He had a large sack of goods in his left hand and a devious smirk on his face.

When he saw this robber, Shunshi had a confused look behind his helmet, which quickly became a look of extreme annoyance, as he thought to himself "Really?! He's robbing a store right now?! Why did this idiot stay here after the evacuation warning was given?! Great, now I gotta save a selfish moron. What a pain in the ass..."

Shunshi begrudgingly started to make his way towards the robber in order to stop the robbery and get the criminal to safety. Unfortunately, by the time he'd only taken a few steps towards the man, a massive swarm of the mosquitoes that the news had warned them about, came out of nowhere and flew past both of them at such a high speed that the bugs created a gust of wind powerful enough to blow Shunshi's cloak into the air. When he saw that one of the mosquitoes had landed on his arm, he was quick to get ready to swat it, but before he could kill the insect, half of the massive swarm covered his body and quickly started crawling through the pieces of his armor.

Out of a mixture of fear and hatred for these bugs, Shunshi shouted at them panicked state "Get off of me, you little bastards!" Just as the tiny parasites were about to dig their proboscises into his flesh, Shunshi channeled his Kie into its flaming aura state, burning up all of the mosquitoes in white flames.

Once all of the insects that were on him had been reduced to ash, Shunshi was gasping for breath in an attempt to slow down his panicking heart. Remembering the crook that he'd intended to intercept, Shunshi saw that the man had been drained of all the blood in his body by the mosquitoes that went after him, reducing him to a mummified state.

Shunshi watched in fury and disgust as the little vampires that had killed this man flew into the air and towards some sort of humanoid mosquito monster with a body resembling that of a naked, shapely woman. This Mosquito Woman was using her wings to hover in a suggestive and relaxed pose in the air above her victims.

Upon reaching her, the mosquitoes emptied all of the blood they had gathered from the robber into the Mosquito Woman, but after the insect abdomen that was on the back of her waist stopped pulsating red, she sighed in frustration and complained to the mosquitoes "Oh, come on! That's not nearly enough!"

Wrath spread through Shunshi's body at the sight of this monster, who would so casually take another's life, and then complain that it wasn't enough for her. After stretching her arms out to relax, the Mosquito Woman spotted the young man wearing black and grey armor, clenching his fists and glaring up at her.

Seeing this person as just another meal for her to consume; she started smiling sadistically as she licked her lips, pointed at him in an overly dramatic fashion, and gave orders to her mosquito army "You guys missed one! Go get some more delicious liquids to pump into me!" Following their master's orders, the mosquitoes formed into what looked like a roaring river of bugs, a river that was aiming to crash right into Shunshi. Due to the mosquito monster once again displaying her utter lack of value for the lives of others, Shunshi's still visible eyes became filled with white flames and horrid rage, as the blood suckers drew ever closer to him.

As the mosquitos were about to reach Shunshi, he thought to himself in a tone of pure malice "You little shits think you're just gonna turn me into a snack?! Like Hell you will!"

Pulling his arm back in a pitching motion, Shunshi formed a light ball in the palm of his hand, threw it and just as quickly threw another ball from his other hand. Repeating this pattern at an increasingly faster and faster pace, he was pelting the stream of mosquitoes with a flurry of light balls. This didn't just keep the bugs at bay, it was also slowly but surely whittling them away with a series of small explosions.

The Mosquito Woman looked very annoyed by this Human's audacity to think that he deserved to keep the blood in his body more than she deserved to consume it. Her appetite for death overtaking her, she suddenly vanished into thin-air, by moving through the air at such speeds that it was too much for even Shunshi's enhanced physiology to keep track of. Just as he took out the last of the mosquitoes, a hint of fear crept into Shunshi when the Mosquito Woman reappeared behind him. Realizing that his opponent was right behind him, Shunshi's instincts took over, as he spun around and to round-house kick the Mosquito Woman in her face. Unfortunately, she easily dodged this attack by swiftly tilting her head back. With how open her prey's guard was, the Mosquito Woman quickly countered his attack by slipping past his leg and clawing at his torso, ripping open the chest-piece of his suit and cutting into his flesh by a half inch. Aside from the damage that the sharpness of her claws inflicted onto his body, the sheer amount of raw strength behind her swipe sent Shunshi flying backwards into a nearby building.

Once the ringing in his head had stopped, Shunshi found himself laying on his back, in a mixture of the rubble of a wall and his own blood.

As he winced at the pain in his chest, Shunshi thought to himself in an agonized tone of voice "Agh! Damn it! I'm pretty sure that that would've killed me if I didn't have my Kie... Is that freak of nature a Demon Level Threat?! Ah crap; I'm way out of my league here!"

By playfully whistling, the Mosquito Woman had called thousands of more of her pets to her side from out of nowhere, as she walked in a seductive manner towards the hole in the wall she'd created.

Seeing the man who tried to oppose her struggling to stand back up, she laughed sadistically, pointed condescendingly at the would-be hero, and, with nothing but pure sadism in her voice, she gave a command to her insects "Suck out every last drop of that delicious red goo from that piece of meat!"

While looking at the horde of mosquitoes getting ready to mummify him, Shunshi thought to himself in a panic "Oh, shit! Is this the end for me?! I didn't even get a chance to try and join up with the Hero Association again! No no no no no!" However, before the mosquitoes could move in on their target, a large fire ball that came out of nowhere was barreling towards the Mosquito Girl. Unfortunately, she saw the attack coming, so she intercepted it by sacrificing the mosquitoes that she'd just gathered as a living shield, incinerating all of them at once. Forcing himself to ignore the pain pulsating from his bleeding chest, Shunshi took advantage of the fact that the monster had stopped paying attention to him, and climbed out of the hole that he'd been put in. Looking in the direction that the fire ball came from, he saw his savior; a young man who appeared to be no older than fifteen, with blond hair, black and yellow eyes, and metal arms with what looked like fire coming out of them.

After quickly looking this kid over, Shunshi thought to himself in confusion "I don't remember seeing anyone like him on the hero registry... Is he new or something?"

Not having noticed that Shunshi was even there, the young man pointed one of his arms at Mosquito Girl and said coldly "I am going to eliminate you. Hold still." The Mosquito Girl looked a little confused by the young man's statement, before she started cackling like a mad woman.

She, then, asked the stoic teenager standing before her a question in an angered and psychotic tone of voice "You're going to eliminate me?... Just try it!"

Without a moment of hesitation, the young man shot a large ball of fire at the Mosquito Woman, but she quickly dodged it. Wanting to get up close to his target, the young man ran up the side of a building, jumped off of the building's wall and tried to punch the Mosquito Woman whilst his momentum kept him airborne, but, she once again dodged the attack and used one of her claws to slash across the young man's back, creating sparks against his, apparently, metal torso. In the second before her metal foe could be sent flying, she tried to slice at his head, but he managed to block her attack with his arms, which launched him back towards the building he'd previously jumped off of, and instantly launching himself back at her while throwing another punch. She countered this with a punch of her own, before maneuvering elegantly around him and using her large claws to slam him into the ground.

After the young man had hit the ground with enough force to crush a car twice over, he was left completely unfazed, save for his damaged shirt, and just got back onto his feet as he glared at the Mosquito Monster.

After watching all of this superhuman combat between this blond haired boy and the feminine mosquito monster, Shunshi couldn't help but think to himself in pure amazement and shock "Holy crap! This kid must be in, like, the top 10 of A-Class or something!"

The young man, then, pointed his hand into the air and calmly spoke "Incinerate." As soon as he said this, he blasted machine gun-like volley of fire blasts from the palm of his hand at the Mosquito Woman, but, with a cocky grin on her face, the monster was easily flying closer towards him, all while maneuvering around each shot. After she had quickly closed in on the young man, she popped a horn out of her forehead and impale the arm that the metal teen was shooting fire at her with; ripping off most of it as she flew away from him.

When Shunshi saw this happen, he became incredibly worried about the metal boy that was fighting a monster all on his own, and so he thought to himself "Oh no! What am I doing just sitting here?! I have to do something to help him!"

Digging his clawed gauntlets into the wall of the building he'd been smashed into, Shunshi quickly scaled up the side of the building. After making it to the top of the structure, he ran straight in the direction of the Mosquito Woman. When he got close enough to the female monster, he utilized his powerful legs, jumped towards her, and punched her in the back of her head, sending her flying towards the ground hard enough to make a small crater.

Out of genuine shock for his own performance, Shunshi thought to himself in confusion "I... actually hit her?"

Once he'd landed a few feet from where he had put her into the ground, he looked to see if he had, by some miracle, killed her. However, all he got was another shock when he saw that the legs were missing from her stunned body.

In a completely baffled tone of voice, Shunshi yelled out loud "What the heck?! I took her legs off with a punch to the back of the head?! How the Hell does that even work?!" After contemplating the idea that he may have just broken the laws of physics with his punch, Shunshi saw the young man walking towards him and holding the monster's legs with his remaining hand, before just throwing them to the ground in disgust.

While seeing the metal-armed boy tossing away the Mosquito Girl's legs, Shunshi muttered to himself in confusion "Wait... When did you?..." Thinking back to when Mosquito Woman had torn off this robot kid's arm, Shunshi felt like an idiot as he realized that the kid must have torn them off at that point in the fight.

After piecing this together, Shunshi took a bow and said in a respectful tone to the young man "Hello there, I am Shunshi."

The young man replied to him in polite, but disinterested tone "I am Genos. Now please move aside, so that I can finish that bug woman off for good."

As soon as Genos said this, the Mosquito Woman, with a terrified look on her face, scrambled out of the small hole and flew back into the air as fast as she could; wanting to get as far away from Genos as she could.

Shunshi started charging up another larger light ball in order to try and stop her, but, before he could fire it, Genos shot off a large fire ball that was equal in destructive force to what Shunshi was trying to do, except prepared in just one third of the amount of time that it would have taken him to charge up his attack. Before the fire attack could actually hit the Mosquito Woman, another swarm of mosquitoes formed around her and took the hit for her once again.

Having become slightly frustrated with this monster's insect based defense, Genos stated coldly "You cannot escape me."

A moment later, at the same time as the two were firing their respective forms of long-ranged attacks at the monster, Genos and Shunshi were also giving chase to the Mosquito Woman as she fled from them, but, she eventually stopped flying when, what looked like, over a million mosquitoes showed up and formed an orb of bugs that surrounded her.

Starting to get a little grossed out by all of the blood sucking bugs, Shunshi thought to himself in a somewhat frightened tone "Geez. I hope that this Genos guy has enough fire power to take out all of these parasites." As if he had read the mind of the man standing next to him, Genos stared at the swarm of mosquitoes for a split second, before preparing to fire off another massive fire blasts from his remaining arm.

The golden haired teenager, then turned to look at Shunshi and said to him in a demanding tone "Get on top of a building as quickly as you can. Right now!"

Before Genos could fire off his attack, or Shunshi could start to follow his advice, their collective attention got grabbed by some weird looking bald man who was running down the street in their direction, all while spraying bug spray in the air at a single mosquito and shouting furiously at the insect "Get back here, dammit!" When the bald man got near the two of them, the mosquito he had been chasing entered his mouth, so he had to stop to spit it out.

Once this oddball notice the giant quivering orb of mosquitoes, he asked the two men standing by him "What's that huge squirming thing up there? Is it... a bunch of mosquitoes?"

In a calm tone of voice, Genos gave an order to the bald man "You over there. Evacuate now." In response to this order, the bald man just gave Genos a confused look.

Also wanting him to get to safety, Shunshi quickly explained to the man in an alarmed tone of voice "Inside that swarm is a powerful monster that has mosquitoes drain people of all their blood. The monster is even strong enough to beat a powerful hero like me. And it even took off... um... Genos' arm!"

The bald man looked a little frightened when he heard this and asked "Is that so? That's bad! We gotta get-" Before he could finish his sentence, the giant ball of mosquitoes started moving down towards the three of them.

Shunshi immediately did as Genos ordered him to do a moment earlier, and ran over to climbed up to the top of a nearby building. While he did that, the yellow eyed hero quickly charged up and shot off a fire blast at the mosquito swarm that was powerful enough to cover the streets of the entire city block in scorching flames, thus incinerating all of the parasites that the Mosquito Woman had gathered to protect her.

After Genos had finished his attack, Shunshi was taking a minute to slow down his heart rate from all the excitement by sitting against an exhaust vent that was on top of the building he'd climbed up.

Placing the palm of his gauntlet to the forehead of his helmet, Shunshi started talking to himself in relief "Phew. Good thing a real pro-hero like Genos showed to save the day." After relaxing for a few more seconds, his eyes almost popped out of his head when he realized that, much to his horror, he had left the bald man behind on the street to be burned alive.

This caused Shunshi to fall to his knees in despair, as he ridiculed himself "What kind of hero just leaves an innocent person behind in order to save his own skin!? How could I have failed so horribly?! He's probably been burnt to a crisp now! Oh dear God!"

After continuing to freak out and morn for a couple more seconds, Shunshi swore he could hear talking coming from the streets below. Wanting to know what was going on, he quickly ran over to the edge of the roof and saw Genos and the bald man, who was now naked, standing next to each other. As confusion and relief took over his mind, Shunshi chose to jump down from the roof, to the burnt up city streets so that he could try and ask this strange bald person how he survived.

As Shunshi walked towards him, the, now naked, bald man said to Genos "Man. You really made them bug out! Ba-dum-tsh... Get it? I was making a joke with them being bugs and-"

Just as Shunshi was about to try and apologize to this man for leaving him behind, as well as ask how he was still alive; the three men froze when they heard sound of a blatantly crazy woman laughing, coming from where the ball of mosquitoes once was.

All of them looking into the air, they saw that the Mosquito Woman had returned, with her legs now regrown, her skin and claws now turned red and black, and her white hair having become completely unkempt and unruly.

After finishing her laughing fit, the Mosquito Girl stated in an arrogant tone to the three people standing below her "Idiots! I no longer need the little ones! Just look at how strong I've become."

In a demonstration of her power, she slashed one of her claws through the air in the direction of a building, demolishing that building with just the wind force of her attack alone. The amount of raw power she now wielded, visibly horrified Genos and Shunshi, even with the all concealing armor the later of whom was wearing. However, the bald man remained strangely calm through all of this, in fact, he seemed to have no response to this display of destruction what so ever.

Within the next instant, the Mosquito Woman had flown behind Genos and slashed open half of his torso before he was even able to figure out that she'd moved. Shunshi tried to thrust a light ball into the creature's back in order to help Genos, but, without even looking in his direction, she kicked Shunshi in his pelvis, breaking it, knocking him a distance away, and leaving him unable to stand up. Desperate to defend himself, Genos tried to turn around and punch at his attacker, but, before his attack could even hit her, she effortlessly slapped him hundreds of feet into the air. She quickly followed him around in the air, smacking him around each time she got near him, cutting off more and more of his cybernetic body with each attack.

Genos eventually started falling back down towards the ground, but he was left torn to shreds with only his metal spine keeping his two halves together. With a bloodthirsty smile on her face, Mosquito Girl started rushing at the falling hero. From some strange reason, as the female monster was getting closer to him, a ball of light started forming in Genos' chest.

The horrible sight of a teenage boy about to be killed caused Shunshi to shout at the Mosquito Woman in a pleading horrified tone "NO, STOP! Leave him alone! Take me inst-"

Before anything else could happen, the naked, bald man moved in front of the Mosquito Girl and slapped her in her face so hard, that she was send flying towards a building at extremely high speeds, resulting in her exploding into a mass of blood and monster guts as soon made contact the side of the structure, making Genos' jaw drop.

The bald man, with a small, satisfied smile on his face, said in an amused tone "Mosquitoes... suck."

Out of pure amazement for this man's feat of power, Shunshi thought to himself in utter confusion "He... I... What just...? This guy is strong... Amazingly strong... He must be a new S-Class hero! Maybe even the strongest one yet!"

Feeling that he had no more reason to stick around, the bald man started walking away, but, before he could go very far, Genos shouted to him in an urgent tone of voice "Hold on!"

The bald man turned to look at him and replied emotionlessly "What's up?"

While struggling to keep his head up, Genos stated "Please tell me your name."

The bald man, still without any emotion, replied "It's Saitama."

Hearing this, Genos exclaimed without hesitation "I'd like to be your disciple!"

Upon hearing this, Shunshi eyes widened to the size of dinner plates, as he thought to himself in surprise "Wait a second. You can just ask a S-Class hero for something like that?!"

Saitama simply replied to Genos' request with an unconcerned "Oh, okay... huh?"

Hoping against hope, Shunshi shouted to Saitama as well "I'd like you to teach me too, Saitama, sir!"

Saitama, then, stared over at Shunshi and asked in a puzzled tone "Wait, what?"

Hello, my alias is Batt1377 and there are a few interesting things about the One Punch Man universe that some fans aren't aware of that I feel should be mentioned: First off, there are no countries in this world; all of civilization is on one super continent and each of this world's so called 'cities' are each about the size of a large country; really puts into perspective how dangerous a Demon Level threat really is if it could destroy one of THIS world's cities.

The second thing worth mentioning is that, in this universe, the Earth has four moons, each the size of the one in real life. I have no idea what purpose having four moons serves to the story, but they're there.

That's about it, thanks for reading the first chapter and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. If you don't, please tell me why.