Shunshi was a seventeen year old boy who made sure to keep in above average shape and had shoulder length hair with spiked tips.

One day, while riding the train, he saw an advertisement for some sort of new company called the Hero Association. Not knowing what to think of it, he made a mental note to look up more information once he got home.

Once he had returned home, where he lived with his with his Mother and Father, while his older sister was away at college to become a doctor, he looked up the 'Hero Association' on his laptop and found a commercial being narrated by a pretty girl in a business suit. The commercial explained that if you passed their entry exam, you could joined up with this organization and, not only would be a part of it make it legal for you to be a vigilante, but you could also get paid for your work as one.

As someone who had always loved superhero comics, Shunshi's interest had obviously more than been peaked.

Now getting very excited, Shunshi felt pretty confident that he could at least pass the entry test for the Hero Association, due to the fact that he was actually pretty athletic and had been studying martial arts since he was twelve years old.

The day after seeing this advertisement, Shunshi decided to ride his bike to the testing center for the Hero Association and see if he could qualify for the job that he, and so many people in the world had wanted since they were children: to be a superhero.

A few hours later; the would-be hero walked away from the testing facility in shame, having received only 62 out of 100 points on his hero test. A minimum of 70 points was needed to pass, so this resulted in him failing.

Despite his pride having been heavily damaged, Shunshi refused to allow his dream to die that easily and, now determined to prove himself as a true hero to this organization, he decided that he needed to train as hard as he assumed superheroes train, until he felt that he was strong enough to join up with the other powerful heroes that were strong enough to make it into the Hero Association; he would even go out and fight weak monsters during his free time.

After three years of intense training, Shunshi was now twenty years old and, while he had not yet joined the Hero Association, he had created a costume for himself, improved his martial arts and physical abilities significantly, and he had unlocked a new ability of the Human body that he was previously unaware of.

His costume was colored black and gray. Most of the suit was made up of flexible, but weak, body armor, while the gauntlets were made of solid steel, had small spikes on the knuckles, and claws on the finger tips. The knee and elbow pads were made of iron and they had small spikes on them as well; He wore a collapsible steel helmet that covered his entire head, as well as his neck; and the final part of Shunshi's costume was a black cloak that went down to the back of his knees.

Shunshi's legs had become strong enough to jumps dozens of feet into the air, fall from great heights and outrun an average car; his arms had also become strong enough to lift several tons.

The new ability of the Human body that Shunshi had unlocked was something that he decided to call 'kie'. Whenever he was using it, it made his body much more durable. It also created what looked like an inch thick field of white flames that covered his entire body. This strange internal energy even healed him at a bit of a faster rate than most normal people. However, Shunshi found that the most useful combat ability of this power was that it allowed him to created balls of light. These balls would cause high powered explosions when he threw them at solid objects; and the more time that he spent creating an individual one, the more powerful the explosion that they created would be.

One day, while exercising and listening to the news, Shunshi heard that there was some sort of deadly mosquito outbreak in City-Z, so he decided to throw on his costume, search through the City-Z and see if he could find any people who either weren't in a state to leave on their own, or just hadn't managed to evacuate yet.

While running through the city at high speeds, Shunshi saw a man breaking in and out of an electronics store. He had a large sack of goods in his left hand and a smirk on his face.

Upon seeing this robber, Shunshi became extremely annoyed and thought "Really? He's robbing a store? Why did this idiot even stay here after the warning was given?! What a pain in the ass."

Despite disliking this man, Shunshi started to make his way towards the robber in order to get him to stop stealing, as well as to get him to safety, but before he could even get all that close to him, a massive swarm of mosquitoes suddenly flew past them both at such a high speed that they created a gust of wind that was powerful enough to blow the cape of Shunshi's cowl into the air. He, then, saw a mosquito land on his arm. He was about to swat it, but, suddenly, half of the entire swarm covered his whole body.

Out of a minor sense of fear and hatred for these bugs, Shunshi shouted in a panicked state "Get off of me, you little bastards!"

He, then, turned on his kie, burning up all of the mosquitoes that were trying to suck his blood in his aura of white flames.

While gasping for breath in an attempt to slow down his panicking heart, Shunshi saw that the crook that he was gonna stop had been drained of all the blood in his body by the mosquitoes, turning him into what looked like a mummy without its bandages on.

Shunshi watched in disgust as these little vampires flew towards some sort of female mosquito monster that was in the sky above them.

The mosquitoes emptied all of the blood they had gathered into her and, after the insect abdomen that was on the back of her waist stopped pulsating red, she complained to the mosquitoes "Oh, come on! That's not nearly enough!"

After stretching her arms out, she spotted Shunshi glaring at her, this made her start smiling sadistically as she licked her lips, pointed at him and said to the mosquitoes "You guys missed one! Go get me some more delicious liquids to drink!"

The mosquitoes, then, formed into, what looked like, an entire river of bugs, a river that was aiming to crash right into Shunshi.

Shunshi's still visible eyes became filled with a horrible rage when the Mosquito Girl gave this order.

As the mosquitos were getting closer to him, he thought to himself in a tone of pure malice "You think you're just gonna turn me into a snack?! Like Hell you will!"

Shunshi, then, started firing a volley of small light balls at the stream of mosquitoes that was headed for him, each of them creating a powerful explosion on contact with these insects. This attack managed to hold the river of mosquitoes at bay for the time being.

The Mosquito Girl looked very annoyed by this Human's audacity to think that he deserved to have his blood more than she did, so she suddenly vanished with speed that was too much for Shunshi to keep track of. She, then, reappeared behind him.

Taking his attention away from the mosquitoes for a moment, Shunshi instantly realized that the monster had gotten behind him, so he spun himself around in order to round-house kick her in her head, but she easily dodged his attack and clawed at his torso, ripping open the chest of his costume and cutting into his flesh a little bit. Aside from the sharpness of her claws, the amount of strength behind her attack resulted in him being sent flying into a nearby building.

While laying on his back in a mixture of the rubble of the building's wall and his own blood, Shunshi thought to himself in a pain filled voice "I'm pretty sure that that would have killed me if I didn't have kie... Is she a Demon level threat?! Ah crap, I'm way out of my league here!"

After having thousands of more mosquitoes come to her from out of nowhere, the Mosquito Girl pointed at Shunshi and, with nothing but pure sadism in her voice, she shouted to the mosquitoes "Suck out every last drop of that delicious red goo from the blood bag over there!"

While looking at the horde of mosquitoes getting ready to mummify him, Shunshi thought in panic "Oh, shit! Is this the end for me?! I didn't even get a chance to try and join up with the Hero Association again! No no no no no!"

However, before the mosquitoes could move in on Shunshi, a large fire ball was thrown at Mosquito Girl, but she saw the attack coming, so she had it intercepted by the mosquitoes that she had just gathered up around her, resulting in them all being incinerated instead of her.

Forcing himself to ignore the pain coming from his bleeding chest, Shunshi climbed out of the hole that he was in and saw his savior: a young man with blond hair, black and yellow eyes, and metal arms, with what looked like fire coming out of said arms.

After quickly looking this kid over, Shunshi thought to himself in confusion "I don't remember seeing anyone like him on the hero registry... Is he new?"

Not having noticed that Shunshi was even there, the young man pointed one of his arms at Mosquito Girl and said coldly "I am going to eliminate you. Hold still."

The Mosquito Girl looked a little confused by the young man's statement, before she started laughing manically.

She, then, asked him in an angered and psychotic tone of voice "You're going to eliminate me?... Just try it!"

Without a moment of hesitation, the young man shot a large ball of fire at the Mosquito Girl, but she quickly dodged it. The young man, then, ran up the side of a building, jumped off of the building's wall and tried to punch Mosquito Girl while he was in the air, but, she once again dodged the attack and used one of her claws to slash across the young man's back, creating sparks against his apparently metal torso. She, then, tried to slice at his head, but he managed to block her attack, launch himself back towards the building and then launch himself back at her while throwing another punch, which she countered with a punch of her own, before slamming him into the ground.

After the young man had hit the ground with enough force to crush a car, he was left completely unfazed by her attack and he just got back onto his feet.

After watching all of this spectacular combat between this blond haired boy and the feminine mosquito monster, Shunshi couldn't help but think to himself in pure amazement and shock "Holy crap! This kid must be in, like, the top 10 of A-Class or something!"

The young man, then, pointed his hand into the air and calmly said "Incinerate."

He, then, shot a machine gun of fire blasts at the Mosquito Girl, but she was easily flying towards him while maneuvering around each shot. After she had quickly closed in on the young man, she used the horn on her head to impale the arm that he was shooting fire at her with; ripping off most of it in the process.

When Shunshi saw this happen, he became incredibly worried about the metal boy that was fighting a monster all on his own and thought to himself "Oh no! What am I doing just sitting here?! I have to do something to help him!"

While reaching around the outside of the hole he got put into, he dug the claws of his gauntlet into some stable wall and quickly began climbing up the side of the building. After making it to the top of the building, straight at the Mosquito Girl.

When he got close enough to the female monster, he punched her in the back of her head, sending her flying towards the ground.

Out of genuine shock, Shunshi thought in confusion "I... actually hit her?"

He, then, landed a few feet from where he had put her into the ground, looked to see if he had, by some miracle, killed her. However, all he got was another shock when he saw that her legs had seemingly been ripped off.

In a completely baffled tone of voice, Shunshi asked out loud "What the heck?! I took her legs off with a punch to the back of the head?! How the Hell does that even work?!"

After freaking out about possibly breaking the laws of physics for a second, he saw the young man walking towards him and holding the monster's legs in his remaining hand, before just throwing them to the ground.

While seeing the metal armed man tossing away the Mosquito Girl's legs, Shunshi muttered to himself in confusion "Wait... when did you..."

Thinking back to when Mosquito Girl had torn off this robot guy's arm, Shunshi realized that he must have torn them off at that point in the fight.

After piecing this together, Shunshi took a bow and said in a respectful tone to the young man "Hello there, I am Shunshi."

The young man replied to him in polite, but disinterested tone "I'm Genos. Now please move aside, so that I can finish that bug woman off for good."

As soon as Genos said this, the Mosquito Girl, with a terrified look on her face, flew back into the air as fast as she could, in order to get away from Genos.

Shunshi started charging up another larger light ball in order to try and stop her, but, before he could fire it, Genos shot off a large fire ball that was equal in destructive force to what Shunshi was trying to do, but he managed to fire it off in just one third of the amount of time that it would have taken him to charge up his attack.

Before the fire attack could hit Mosquito Girl, another swarm of mosquitoes formed around her and took the hit for her once again.

Having become slightly frustrated with this monster's insect based defense, Genos stated coldly "You cannot escape me."

A moment of continued fighting later, both Genos and Shunshi were running after Mosquito Girl as she flew away, but she eventually stopped when, what looked like over a million mosquitoes, flew at her and formed into an orb of bugs.

Starting to get a little grossed out by all of the bugs, Shunshi thought to himself in a somewhat frightened tone "I hope that this Genos guy has enough fire power to take out all of these parasites."

Genos starred at the swarm of mosquitoes for a second before preparing to fire off another massive fire blasts from his remaining arm.

The golden haired teenager, then, looked at Shunshi and said to him in a demanding tone "Get on top of a building as quickly as you can. Right now!"

Before Genos could fire off his attack, or Shunshi could start climbing to the top of a building, their attention got grabbed by some weird looking bald man was running down the street in their direction, all while spraying bug spray in the air at a mosquito and shouting furiously at the bug "Get back here, dammit!"

When the bald man got near the two of them, he asked while looking at the giant orb of mosquitoes "What's that squirming thing up there? Is it... mosquitoes?"

In a calm tone of voice, Genos said to the bald man "You over there. Evacuate now." In response to this order, the bald man just gave Genos a confused look.

Shunshi, then, stated to the man in an alarmed tone of voice "Inside that swarm is a powerful monster that has mosquitoes drain people of all their blood. The monster is even strong enough to beat a powerful hero like me. And it even took off... um... Genos' arm!"

The bald man looked a little frightened when he heard this and then asked "Is that so? That's bad! We gotta get-" Before the bald man could finish his sentence, the giant ball of mosquitoes started flying down at the three of them.

Shunshi immediately did as Genos told him to do earlier, and jumped, ran and climbed up to the top of a nearby building, while the yellow eyed hero quickly charged up and shot off a fire blast that was powerful enough to cover the streets of an entire city block in scorching flames, thus incinerating all of the mosquitos that the Mosquito Girl had gathered up.

After Genos had finished his attack, Shunshi was taking from all the excitement and sitting against an exhaust vent on top of the building that he climbed up.

Placing the palm of his gauntlet to his helmet, Shunshi thought to himself in relief "Good thing a pro-hero like Genos showed to save the day."

After relaxing for a few more seconds, he realized that, much to his horror, he had left the bald man back on the street. This caused Shunshi to fall to his knees and think in despair "What kind of hero just leaves an innocent person behind in order to save his own skin!? How could I have failed so horribly?! He's probably been burnt to a crisp now!"

After continuing to freak out for a second, Shunshi could hear talking coming from the streets below, so he quickly ran over to the side of the building and saw Genos and the bald man, who was now naked, standing next to each other.

He, then, jumped down from the building to the burnt up city streets so that he could try and talk to this strange bald person.

As Shunshi walked towards him, the now naked bald man said to Genos "Man. You really made them bug out! Ba-dum-dum-tsh... get it? I was making a joke with them being bugs and-"

Just as Shunshi was about to try and ask this person who he was and how he was still alive, the three men heard some crazy laughter coming from where the Mosquito Girl had been in the air.

The Mosquito Girl had returned, with her legs now grown back, her skin and claws now turned red and black, and her white hair had now become completely unruly.

After finishing her laughter, the Mosquito Girl stated in an arrogant tone to the three standing people below her "Idiots! I no longer need the little ones! Just look at how strong I've become."

In a demonstration of her power, she slashed one of her claws through the air in the direction of a building, demolishing that building with just the wind force of her attack, all the while, horrifying Genos and Shunshi. However, the bald man remained strangely calm, in fact, he seemed to have no response to this display of destruction at all.

Within an instant, the Mosquito Girl had flown behind Genos and slashed open half of his torso before he was even able to figure out what happened. Shunshi tried to attack her in order to help Genos, but she, without even looking in his direction, kicked Shunshi in his pelvis, breaking it and leaving him unable to stand up.

Desperate to defend himself, Genos tried to turn around and punch at her, but, before his attack could even hit her, she effortlessly slapped him hundreds of feet into the air.

She quickly followed him around in the air, smacking him around each time she got near him, cutting off more and more of his robotic body with each attack.

Genos eventually started falling back down towards the ground, but he was torn to shreds with only his metal spine keeping his two halves together. With a bloodthirsty smile on her face, Mosquito Girl started rushing at the falling Genos. From some strange reason, as the monster woman was getting closer to him, a ball of light started forming in Genos' chest.

This horrible sight caused Shunshi to shout at Mosquito Girl in a pleading horrified tone "NO, STOP! Leave him alone!"

Before anything else could happen, the naked bald man moved in front of the Mosquito Girl and slapped her in her face hard enough to send her flying towards a building at extremely high speeds, resulting in her being exploded into a mass of blood as soon as she hit the building's side.

The bald man, with a small, satisfied smile on his face, said in an amused tone "Mosquitoes... suck."

Out of pure amazement for this man's feat of power, Shunshi thought to himself in utter confusion "He... I... What just?... This guy is strong... He most be a new S-Class hero!"

Feeling that he had no more reason to stick around, the bald man started walking away, but before he could go very far, Genos shouted to him in an urgent tone of voice "Hold on!"

The bald man turned to look at him and replied emotionlessly "What's up?"

While struggling to keep his head up, Genos stated "Please tell me your name."

The bald man, still without any emotion, replied "It's Saitama."

Hearing this, Genos exclaimed "I'd like to be your disciple!"

Upon hearing this, Shunshi thought in surprise "Wait a second. You can just ASK a S-Class hero for something like that?!"

Saitama simply replied to Genos' request with an unconcerned "Oh, okay... huh?"

Hoping against hope, Shunshi shouted to Saitama as well "I'd like you to teach me too!"

Saitama, then, stared over at Shunshi and asked in a puzzled tone "Wait, what?"

Hello, my alias is Batt1377 and there are a few interesting things about the One Punch Man universe that some fans aren't aware of that I feel should be mentioned: First off, there are no countries in this world; all of civilization is on one super continent and each of this world's so called 'cities' are each about the size of a large country; really puts into perspective how dangerous a Demon Level threat really is if it could destroy one of THIS world's cities.

The second thing worth mentioning is that, in this universe, the Earth has four moons, each the size of the one in real life. I have no idea what purpose having four moons serves to the story, but they're there.

That's about it, thanks for reading the first chapter and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. If you don't, please tell me why.