AN: Hello Guys, this is Alpha and this is my new story, a crossover between the Mortal Instruments series and the Harry Potter series. I would like to tell everybody that this is so very AU. And I would also like to remind everybody that since this is my story, what I say goes, I disregard canon where it suits me and I make up my own.


I'm not sure where I am. All I know is that I got abducted from my home by impeccably dressed gentlemen. They put a bag over my head and took me somewhere. I'm now in a very dark room seated in a very uncomfortable chair. They pulled the bag off my head. In front of me was a table with a sort of contract on it. A man walks in. He sits across from me and says "You will sign over the rights to the Harry Potter and Mortal Instrument series."

I gaped at him "I don't own either of those series!"

"Well apparently not. I see you made a post on that did not have a disclaimer. Don't lie to us. Sign it over and we might not torture you!"

"I promise; I don't own either of those series! Please you have to believe me!"

The man sighed, "Take him away and make him confess."

Next thing I know I was being dragged out of the room and pushed into another white padded one. There was a bright light in the top of the room. Then the most horrible sound started to blare throughout the room. "Friday" by Rebecca Black.


City of Bones

During Magnus' Party

"I was proud of my work on you," Magnus said slowly, looking at Clary. "So clean. So perfect. What you saw you would forget, even as you saw it. No image of pixie or goblin or long-legged beastie would remain to trouble your blameless mortal sleep." Magnus was about to say something else but he was interrupted. A man emerged from the shadows, seemingly out of nowhere. He had black hair and emerald green eyes. His face was handsome and he was dressed in a green and silver suit that complemented his eyes.

"Now Magnus, what have I said about bragging." The man spoke in a rich deep British accent.

Jace and Alec tensed at the sight of the man, their hands reaching for their weapons. Clary just looked at him with an unidentifiable look on her face. Magnus just looked at the man and bowed his head. "To do it as often as I could."

The man laughed. "It is good to see that you have not forgotten my lessons." He turned to look at the three teenagers, looking each of them in the eyes. Then he smiled, "How rude of me. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Harry Potter, unlike my young friend, I am not a warlock."

"I am 700 years old!" Magnus said, clearly irritated at being called young.

Harry smiled. "Like I said. So very young." He said this as if he was speaking to a teenager who thought they had it all figured out.

Harry then turned to Clary and smiled. "Clearly Magnus will not introduce you, so I'm afraid you will have to do it yourself."

This snapped Clary out of her thoughts and introduced she herself, "Hello, I'm Clary Fray, these guys are Jace Wayland and Alec Lightwood."

"How wonderful to meet you Clary." Harry smirked and she blushed. "It seems to me as if you have a problem. Would you like to tell me about it, maybe I could be of some service to you?"

"How can you help you help her when you aren't even a Warlock?" Jace said this condescendingly.

Harry looked Jace in the eyes and stared at him for a minute. Then he spoke, "Jace Wayland, Shadowhunter extraordinaire. Someone who thinks they had a hard life because daddy killed his bird."

Jace looked shocked but Harry kept talking, "I can help because I am not a Warlock, I am something much, much older, much more powerful. I was here when the first humans were banished from the garden of Eden. I was there when Johnathan Shadowhunter summoned the Angel Raziel."

At this he paused and smirked. "Who do you think told Johnathan how to summon the Angel."

Jace was about to say something when someone cleared their throat.

It was Magnus. "I would be quick about it if I were you. It is not everyday someone gets a favor from Harry Potter."

Harry just smiled "Yes, I do rarely offer my help in these things, however, something tells me that I will not be able to resist any more requests from the beautiful young woman." He said the last part smiling at Clary. It was a sincere smile.

Clary blushed again but started talking, "Thank you for you offer Mr. Potter- "

"Harry please"

"Harry. Well you see I need to get my memories back so that I can save my mom, but Magnus hid them away and I wanted to know if I could get them back somehow but now I doubt it since apparently it was his masterpiece."

Harry looked at Magnus. "Perfect you said?"

Magnus nodded.

"Well, we will see about that." He looked at Clary again. "I can help but it will be slightly painful. Like a really, really bad headache."


Harry smiled. "Now you might want to lie down."

Clary complied. Jace moved forward and whispered to Clary "You don't even know the dude. How do you know you can trust him?"

She looked at him and answered "What other choice do I have?"

Jace and Alec just stood back, staying silent.

"What I am about to say is important so you must listen. When I perform this spell you will see a door. You must open the door to regain your memories. It will try to keep you away but you must fight it. This magic I am about to use is unique. Unique to me and it will be painful. Not physically but mentally. You will fall asleep for a minimum of two hours not anything lesser. Now prepare your mind. Clear it of all thoughts." Harry spoke in a calm hypnotic voice, "Clear your thoughts of all distraction. Breathe, In, Out, In, Out." He flicked his wrist and an ornately beautiful and powerful stick came out. He looked her in the eyes and pointed the stick at her head and said a single word. "Legilimens!"

Clary's Mind

Clary was drawn into her mind. It was as if she was walking through her own memories. Then she saw the door. It was a silver door, carved on it were small pictures, too small to make out. She was about to take the door knob in her hand when suddenly her surroundings changed. The door was still there but so was her mother, Luke and Simon.

"Hey sweetie, where have you been? We've been looking for you!" Her mother said in a concerned voice.

She was about to move forward and hug her mother but a voice in her head said something, "Clary, get to the door. You must open the door. It's not real."

Clary snapped out of it. Luke and Simon looked concernedly at her. She took one last look at all of them and said "I'm sorry. I promise I'll get you back mom. I promise." A tear slid off her cheek. With that, she pulled the door open and stepped through.

Back at Magnus' Party

Harry stepped back. He looked at Magnus and whistled appreciatively, "Very good job Magnus. Very good job. To think, I actually had to exert some effort to break that."

He looked to Jace and Alec "She will be asleep for the next two hours. I would advise against moving her, as she is currently being bombarded by her missing memories. Oh and I would suggest returning to the party Magnus, before it dies down."

Magnus nodded and left.

"I should probably check on Izzy and the mundane." Alec said before he left. Jace just nodded, he was still looking at Clary.

Harry looked at Jace intently before he turned around waving his wand around Clary's body. He spoke softly, "You should check on your friends you know."

"I'm not leaving until she wakes up."

"I will be here when she wakes up and she will still be here when you come back. I promise not to do anything that will hurt her while you are gone, now go and party or whatever. There are still some 2 hours to go before she wakes up, most likely more since her memories were taken rather liberally for the past 12 or so years from what I could tell." Harry spoke in the same soft voice.

Before Jace could respond Alec, Magnus and a girl, who must have been the Izzy Alec was talking about earlier, stepped into the room. They looked angry. Well, Alec and the girl looked angry, Magnus just looked bored.

They stepped into a corner of the room and spoke quietly. Harry could only hear tidbits of the conversation.

"… took Simon…"

"… turned into a rat…"

"… Vampires went to Hotel Dumont…"

"… get him before she wakes up…"

Jace turned around to face Harry and said "We have to go get a stupid mundane that was taken by Vampires."

"A mundane? For what?"

"The mundane was Clary's best friend."

"Well then by all means go. Magnus will show you out." Magnus practically dragged them out.

Harry drew the stick from his sleeve and waved it around her body and it glowed a shimmering gold, like a divine shield protecting her body. "Huh, what would vampires want with a mundane?"

I know, a bit of a cliff. I won't let you guys fall off. Don't worry. If there are any grammatical errors, I apologize. I do not have a beta. This will be a full on story, not just one of my vague beginnings. It will become detailed. Throw the rule book out of the window on this one. I hope you guys like it. Constructive Criticism please. And Chapter Two will be up in a week. I project about 15-30 chapter and I am planning to have at least 100k words for this story. I also might do POVs to make it easier. Tell me what you would prefer.

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