Note: I want everyone to have a good first impression of this story and I discovered a lot of grammar and spelling errors in my beginning chapters. So I'm editing the first few chapters. The plot will stay the same but the writing will be better. Whenever I post a new chapter I'll re-post an updated version of the older chapters until they catch up with the chapters that are actually written well.

Prologue - The Amazing Discovery of Water 7

Fire. Hot red flames licked the sky. A raging inferno sweeping across a once beautiful landscape of an island. A wall of fire raged on when suddenly a lone figure cloaked in black quickly breaks through the wall of flames racing towards the shore with a basket clutched tightly to their person.

As they reach the water they drop to their knees in exhaustion gently placing the basket down at the edge of the water.

The basket wiggles slightly indicating something living within it. The figure calmly lifts the top of the basket revealing a small baby.

Loud sounds and cries of agony can be heard not far from the figure and the baby. Knowing what caused the destruction was closing in on them the figure closes the basket and gently puts in the water.

With one final goodbye, the figure pushes the basket setting it afloat into the water, whispering their final words.

"Please be safe….I love you."

The basket that occupied the new life was set adrift and floated for two days until it washed up on the shore of an island which could be described as a scrap heap, only to be discovered by an odd pair….of shipwrights.


A young teen with dark blue his screaming out the name of one his closest friends, unfortunately, their meeting isn't going to so pleasant.

This teen is known as Iceburg.

"Where did that idiot go! He's supposed to be helping me and Tom!" Iceburg raged looking around.

A hand reaches out and gently places itself on Iceburg's shoulder, "Now now calm down," the figure said.

Iceburg, still angry, turns around to face Kokoro, "How can I calm down? That idiot is always doing this! I bet he's building boats to attack sea kings again. Well, I'm not letting him skip out of work this time! I'm going to find him and bring him back here."

Iceburg starts running towards the junkyard screaming for Franky the whole time.

"Haha, those boys." Kokoro muses.

- Junkyard -

Franky, the boy who doesn't know that his life is currently in danger, is currently doing exactly what Iceburg said….building ships to attack sea kings.

"Haha with these parts I'll definitely build a ship that can take down those sea kings."

Franky gathers what he needs and starts walking past the shore of the junkyard beach, when something catches his eye.

"What the is that?" Franky squints his eyes trying to get a better look at the object, "Huh is that a-"


"OW WHAT THE HELL!" Franky screamed grabbing his head.

"So you think you can just skip out of work!" Iceburg yelled.

"I am working!" Franky yelled back.

"Trying to build ships to kill sea kings is not work!" Iceburg yelled.

Franky stands up and starts to walk away towards the shore, "WHATEVER!"

Iceburg follows after him, "Hey! Where do you think you're going!?"

Franky ignores Iceburg's ranting and makes his way over to the strange object that washed on shore, finding it to be a black basket. Franky picks up the basket just as Iceburg reaches him.

"If you think-", Iceburg is cut off when he notices the basket in Franky's arm starts to move.

"Hey! It moved I wonder what's in it?" Franky lifts up the basket to his ear in an attempt to shake it.



Iceburg quickly snatches the basket out of Franky's arms, "What the hell is your problem! You don't shake something that has something alive in it!"

"It could be a sea king!" Franky yells pointing at the basket.

"Did me hitting you knock your brain loose! This basket is way too small to have a sea king in it!" Iceburg said.

"Oh yeah, mister smart guy! Then what's in it?" Franky retorted.

"How should I know?" Iceburg looks down at the basket as it starts to move some more, "But I know it's not a sea king."

Iceburg sets down the basket and unlatches the lid off the top.


Franky looks down at the basket, "IS THAT-"

"A BABY!" The two yell.

Inside the basket was indeed a small baby wrapped in a white blanket with ice blue eyes and hair that matches.

The two stare at the baby, who just stare right back.


Franky finally breaks the silence. "WHY THE HELL IS THERE A BABY IN A BASKET!"

The baby unaffected by Franky's yelling just continues to stare at the two teens.

Iceburg finally coming out of his stupor picks up the baby holding it.

"What are you doing!" Franky yells pointing at the two.

"I'm checking the baby. From the condition of this basket, the baby's been out at sea for a few days." Iceburg said. He unwrapped the blanket discovery the gender of the baby to be a girl but also…

"Is that a tail?!" Franky screams pointing at the baby.

Attached to the baby girl is furry tail the same color as her hair. It resembled that of a monkey's tail, as it swayed back and forth behind her small body.

Franky continues freaking out running around the duo.

Iceburg ignores Franky and looks into the basket that once held the tailed baby. "Huh? That's strange."

Franky stops and turns towards Iceburg, "What's strange other than the fact that the baby has a tail!"

"This basket." Iceburg picks up the basket, "It's got nothing in it."

"Sooooo?" Frank questions.

Iceburg lets out a sigh. "Sometimes I can't believe you're this stupid."


"What I mean is that someone left this baby in a basket with nothing else. No note, no markings, nothing to indicate where she came from." Iceburg explained.

"Hmmm?" Franky grabs his chin thought, "I guess you're right about that."

"Well, then it's decided," Iceburg stated.

"What? What's decided?" Franky questions. You could literally see the question mark above his head.

"She's coming home with us," Iceburg declared.

". . . . .WHAT!" Franky yells. "Are you crazy, and you call me an idiot!"

"You are an idiot. What did expect us to do." Iceburg lightly bounces the baby in his arms, "Leave her or put her back in the basket."

"Uh-wha...I don't know but not keep her!" Franky shouted.

"Besides." Iceburg puts the baby up to Franky's face, "How can you say no to this face."

The baby and Franky look eye to eye starting a silent staring contest. Her eyes were large and a beautiful ocean blue that you could easily get lost in. It was almost like you could see the waves ripple in her eyes. She had a perfect little button nose that was right above her tiny mouth. Even though her face displayed a calm neutral emotion she radiated innocence and joy.

Franky continues to stare at the baby and can't help but think that she is adorable. He crosses his arms over his chest "Well I guess she is a little cute." He grumbled

The baby reaches out her small hand towards Franky. "Hey, I think she likes me."

Franky puts out his hand towards the baby and she grasps one of his fingers with her hand.

"Haha, I gu-AHHHHH!" Franky let out a scream falling to the ground in pain, "My finger! AHHHHHHHHH!"

Iceburg not fazed at all by Franky's outburst just looks at him. "What's your problem?"

"She's gonna break it!" Franky screams.

Iceburg raises his eyebrow, "Your finger? She's just a baby."

"Ow ow ow well tell that to her!" Franky yells.

Iceburg gently grabs the girl's hand that's grasping Franky's finger and prys it off.

Franky pulls his hand back once it's free and grabs it. The place where she had grabbed was already starting to bruise. "What the hell! She's SUPER strong!"

"Maybe you're just super weak," Iceburg mused.

"Oh yeah!" Frank raises his fist up to Iceburg, "Say that again I dare yah!"

Iceburg points his finger down at Franky which catches the baby's attention, "I think-AHHHH!"

Iceburg's sentences is cut short once the baby grabs his finger.

"Hahahahahahahaha!" Franky laughs and points at Iceburg, "Not so tough now huh!"

"Sh-Sh-Shut Up!"

After the finger situation, Iceburg and Franky make their way back home. The two teens getting many stares from the locals. It's not every day you see Tom's apprentices carrying around a baby.

"So how are we going to tell Tom and Kokoro about the baby?" Franky asked.

"I don't know but I'm sure they'll be happy." Iceburg said.

Iceburg and Franky finally make it home and walk through the door, where they are greeted by the smell of lunch cooking.

Kokoro hears the door open and close and calls a greeting out to the boys. "Haha, you two are finally home. I'm glad you didn't kill each other."

Kokoro turns around facing the two, "How wh-", Kokoro stops short looking down at what's in Iceburg's arms, "Is that….a baby?"

The two boys scratch their heads letting out a nervous chuckle.

The 3 of them gather around the table accompanied by the giant frog Yokozuna, while Iceburg and Franky try to explain the situation to Kokoro.

"So you're saying you just found her in a basket that washed up on shore," Kokoro said.

Both boys nod their heads.

"Yep," Franky said

"That's right," Iceburg replied.

"Hmmm well then." Kokoro looks down at the baby, "It's a good thing you're so cute." She gently taps the baby's nose. She turns back towards the boys, "Do you know why she has a tail?"

"No clue." They both answer.

"Haha, I've seen many things in my life but a baby with a tail like that is something new. The sea does hold many mysteries. So what are you going to name her?" Kokoro said

"Huh?" The two boys said with puzzled books.

"Well, you did find her with no note right. That means she has no name. Since you found her you should name her." Kokoro said.

"Franky Jr.!" Franky shouts while jumping up.


"We're not naming her that!" Iceburg yelled after he hit Franky.

"Oh yeah! Well, I found her! I should get to name her!" Franky shouted.

"You didn't find her!" Iceburg sets the baby down on the floor and faces Franky, "I found her! If it wasn't for me you would have shaken her brains out in that basket!"

"I would have opened it eventually!" Franky countered.

"Yeah after she was as dumb as you!" Iceburg retorted.

"I'll show you who's dumb Bakaburg!" Franky shouted as he tackled Iceburg to the ground.

Everyone is so engaged with the baby naming argument that they forget about the real baby on the floor, who is now crawling towards the front door.

As the baby stops a few feet in front of the door, it starts to open.

"HAHAHA! I'm home!" shouted a voice.

Entering the home is none other than the Fishman shipwright known as Tom.

"What's all the ruckus!" Tom asked.

Tom feels something brush against his feet and looks down to see the baby.

"...Haha well, aren't you a cute one!"

The fight between Iceburg and Franky stops once they hear Tom's statement. Everyone in the other room quickly makes their way over to the entrance to see Tom bending down towards the baby.

"Are you here to be a shipwright too little one? It's never too early to start hahaha!" Tom says joyfully.

"Is that a tail?!" He said, "Haha well you're one of a kind aren't you."

Everyone watching the interaction smiles….that is until the baby reaches up to grab Tom's beard.

"Ah, Tom wait!" Iceburg and Franky both run towards the two but it's too late.


The baby had reached up and grabbed Tom's bread and pulled him down making him kiss the floor. Everyone was silent as they watch Tom lay still on the ground the baby just still sitting next to him.


The silence in the room is broken by the laughter coming from Tom himself.

He lifts up his head and continues to chuckle at the baby, "I like this kid. She's got gusto!"

Everyone is back in the kitchen sitting at the table.

"Haha, so you found this little one." Tom lifts the baby up, "Well I don't see why we can't keep her. It would be wrong not to keep someone with so much gusto." Tom smiled, "Now what's the little one's name?"

"Franky Jr.!" Franky shouted.


"How many times do I have to tell you we're not naming her that! It's not even a girls name!" Iceburg yelled.

"It would be if we change the spelling Bakaburg!" Franky yells back.

The two continue to argue until they're stopped by Tom.

"Now now boys, no need to argue. If we put our minds together I bet we can come up with a great name." Tom said.

Everyone ponders what to name her.

"Hmm? How about Blue?", Franky said.

"Blue? I think that's worse than Franky Jr." Iceburg said.

"Well, I don't see you coming up with anything," Franky said.

"Haruka?" "No."

"Eri?" "No."

"Cho?" "No."

"Madoka?" "No."

After several names, no one had come up with a good name for the baby.

Frank lays his head on the table, "Man, this is hard. Naming a ship isn't even this hard."

"It just seems like none of these names fit her," Iceburg said

"*Sigh*, It seems like we've hit a snag," Tom said

"Hmmmmm." Kokoro ponders a name until, "Aha! Umiko!"

Tom, Franky, and Iceburg turn towards Kokoro and tilt their heads. "Umiko?"

Kokoro nods her head, "Yes, Umiko it's perfect. It means Child of the Sea. Not only did she come from the sea, but with her hair and eye's she resembles it quite well."

"Hmm, Umiko." Iceburg hums, "I like it."

"Me too!" Franky said

"Haha me too!" Tom said.

Everyone looks at the newly named baby.

"Welcome to the family Umiko!"