All characters presented here belong to Akira Toriyama and Toei Studios. The story is based in part on characters from Star Trek: The Next Generation, created by Gene Roddenberry and belonging to Paramount Studios. This fan-fiction explores a potential crossover scenario between the DBZ and Star Trek storylines and is not written for profit.

So please don't sue me. :)

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Author's Notes:

The idea for this story came from a topic on the Gamefaqs message boards more than a year ago, when topics about "who could beat the Z-fighters" had reached their peak. It occured to me that the Borg would be interesting fight, simply because they're almost the exact opposite of the Z-fighters in every way. Instead of a small group of super-powered individuals with insanely powerful energy attacks, they're a seemingly endless swarm of relatively weak drones, against whom insanely powerful energy attacks are mostly useless.

It becomes a matter of raw destructive power versus an astronomically vast army, of human ingenuity against constant cybernetic and technological adaptation...

Anyway, some notes about the setting. This is more or less an "alternate" DBZ saga that takes place a little less than three years after the Cell Saga. There's only one crucial difference: due to some slightly different circumstances, Goku is now alive and well--how that happened is explained in the story.

This is a story about the Z-fighters and the DBZ world fighting against the Borg; as such, there are no other Star Trek crossovers, such as the Federation, or any Trek characters or ships. For all practical purposes, this story simply assumes that a version of the Borg also exists in the DBZ world.

Readers will probably notice that some of the DBZ terms are from the Funimation dub, and some are the original Japanese names. There's no real pattern to it, besides which name I think sounds the best. For example, I'll mostly stick to the dub for names like "spirit bomb," "instant transmission," and "ascended saiyan," because even if they're not the exact translations, they convey the meaning pretty well and they sound good enough.

A few terms, like "energy," "tri-beam," and "destructo-disk," on the other hand, are referred to by their Japanese names, "ki," "shin kikiho" and "kienzen." At any rate, the Japanese names are so few and far between that I think anyone who's watched DBZ can keep up.

Likewise, Star Trek fans will notice that this is mostly the "Next Generation" Borg, mainly because I despise how Voyager changed them. Hence, there's no Borg Queen, no unamatrix facilities or transwarp hubs. Instead, this is the Borg from the TNG episodes "Q-Who" and "Best of Both Worlds," a swarm of constantly-evolving collective beings possessing one hive-mind. Likewise, the Borg ships in this story are the gigantic cube-shaped monstrosities seen in those episodes, rather than the smaller ships seen in Voyager.

There is one Borg ability that I've kept from the movie "First Contact," but if you've never seen that movie, then I'll let you find out exactly what that ability is for yourself... :P

Those are the rules. Now, let the mother of all crossover battles begin... :)