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Chapter 11:Recovered

Two weeks later in the keep:

Darien slowly woke up, feeling a presence above him. He tried to speak, but found that he couldn't. He opened his eyes and was shocked by the bright lights and quickly shut them. He began to hear the soft beeping of machines and the whish of a respirator. When he reopened his eyes, the light was more bearable, and he saw Claire standing over him.

"Hi you." she said." Don't try and talk, we had to intubate you. We can take it out now if you can prove that you can breath on your own. I want you to try alright?" Darien nodded his readiness and she flipped the power switch on the machine.

Darien began to breath.




 "Good Darien. Now when I tell you to, exhale for as long as possible and I'll pull out the tube, okay?"

Darien nodded his head yes. Darien watched as Claire grabbed the tube.

"Now Darien."

Claire pulled the tube out as Darien exhaled. Then he began to cough.

"Are you okay?" she asked, after the fit was over.

"Been better." He said hoarsely.

"You had us worried there for a little bit," she said, taking a seat next to him.

"Sorry." he said wriggling up into a sitting position.

"We had to take you to the hospital the first week after we found you. You stayed out of consciousness for the most part while you were there. Towards then end you would wake up for a few minutes, but you were incoherent as to what you were saying. We brought you here once we were able to move you and tomorrow we're going to move you into your new place."

"What about my apartment?"

"You're apartment was ruined. Cassandra placed a bomb outside of it. That was how she kidnapped you."

"Oh. So where's my new pad?"

"Right now...my place." Claire said with a smile.

"Why Keep! I didn't even know we were dating," he said laughing softly.

Claire leaned down and kissed him on the forehead.

"Me neither." At least not yet, she thought smiling." You get some rest now and in the morning we'll take you home."

Darien smiled and leaned forward and kissed Claire's cheek.

"Thanks for everything." Then he lent back and closed his eyes and he was asleep in a matter of minutes.


Claire woke a few hours later to the door sliding closed. Apparently she had fallen asleep in the administering chair where she had sat after Darien had fallen asleep. She opened her eyes slightly and saw the Official walk over to a sleeping Darien and sit in the rolly-chair by the stretcher. She watched the Official as he watched Darien, wondering why he was there.

"I'm… sorry, Darien, that this happened. Especially to you. I swear to God that we'll find that woman and put her behind bars for good." The Official placed his hand over Darien's head and paused just short, too afraid to touch him, scared that he'd hurt him or wake him. Claire fell back asleep after she saw the Official get up and leave, wiping tears from his eyes.


"Hey, Claire, wake-up...Claire." she heard someone saying. Claire slowly woke-up, blinking, and she saw Darien standing over her, all ready and dressed to go, waiting for her.

"Hey sleepy-head. Ready to go? I am getting really hungry."

She laughed, "I'm ready right now. You do know that you shouldn't be up."

"I haven't moved in two weeks. You lay down for that long and tell me you wouldn't want to get up."


As Claire and Darien slowly made their way to her car, a woman was watching them from a coffee shop across the street. She watched them drive away, then smiled and left the store.

"Darien, Darien, Darien, you may have gotten away this time, but I will get you someday. And now your friends have a debt to pay as well." Then Cassandra laughed." This is going to be fun."


Well, actually…