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Abandoned. Lonely. Depressed. These were the words that described me. Though it didn't look that way from the outside, on the inside, I was crying myself to sleep. My friends, no...They're not my friends anymore. I know it.

Hate. Fear. Loathing. Those are the words that describe my feelings towards them. They left me a long time ago but the pain's still there. The pain of rejection, and worthlessness. I hate them. I don't want to see them anymore. But I will, someday, our paths will cross again and they'll see the REAL me; the me that was hiding; waiting for the right moment to spring out.

I kill for sport; I kill for fun. I kill for a living. My knife is my best friend, and my gun is my greatest ally. I killed people I never knew, I killed people I knew for a short time, but never got too close to.

Sometimes, I'd make them trust me, love me even. Sometimes, I'd be close to making love to them...then I kill them. That's when it's too close. I kill them, slowly, so they don't know they're dying, until it's too late.

I know, I'm cruel and heartless. But I wasn't always this way. Some people said I was kind, innocent even. Hah. I never was. It was just a fa├žade. I needed it because I was diagnosed with maniac depression and if I didn't start acting good, I'd be sent back to...

*The place*

But I won't get into that. I haven't seen that place in almost a decade. Thank god for that. And I'm keeping it that way. I use to be at the top. I used to be the best. Everyone looked up to me, admired me. But now, my eyes have gone cold and so has my heart.

I'm only a shadow now. No one knows me so no one can hate me. And those that do don't live long enough to tell about me.

Oh wait, some people do know me. But I hardly see any of them. But I know they're there. I know they're watching me. Watching to see if I make a mistake. Watching to see if I screw up.

They watch because then, they can hunt _me_. If I mess up, I'm the hunted one. I know, it's sick and twisted. But they can't have failures. So I don't fail them. I kill, and I kill with vengeance.

I kill, striking my pain into the hearts of millions. I kill because I am in pain. I kill to take away my pain. I am cold, I am heartless; I am an assassin.

I kill because of my abandonment. I kill because I am hated and feared. Even *they* think I am too dangerous to be part of them. But I am. I'm part of them. I *am* them. I'm everything they could only dream to be, I am every goal they wish to accomplish, I am everything they love and hate.

They don't care. They just want me to kill. I kill for money, I kill for other people. They pay me to kill them. It makes sense. People want other people dead, but they don't have the skill, or possibly even the guts to do it themselves.

And that's where I, or shall I say *we* come in. We know how to kill. We have the guts to kill. We *love* to kill.

Kill. Murder. Rape. It's all the same in my book. You die form it all. If you're alive even after rape, they' you're a fool because you're only giving yourself more pain. But then again, suicide's the easy way out, isn't it?

So, who cares? No one would, that's why you were raped. Because no one cares. And comes to help you? No one. Keep telling yourself that people still care, but when they hear about what happened, they'll say you're lying and turn away.

Believe me, it's been done before. And that's why we kill them. We kill the ones that raped them; we kill their friends. We kill everyone that's caused them pain, but they can kill themselves.

It's funny really. You can get away with killing yourself, but you're too chicken to take another's life. Pathetic. I'm not afraid. I fear nothing but my past. I might not be able to stand up to it, but killing it is different.

I can't kill unless they want me to. So I wait. Wait for the one-day when they hire me to kill my own friends. They know every little thing about me, and they know I'll be waiting for them to tell me. They won't give them mission to someone else because if they do, I'll kill the one they signed the mission to; even though it might cost me my life. Then my friends are next.

They know I'm waiting. They know me. They also know that when I do face up and kill them all, I'll finally be one of them. They want me to be truly like them. So they wait, *I* wait. We wait.

We wait for the day when someone asks me to kill them. And when I do. I'll finally be one of them. A true killer with no heart; a true killer with no emotion. Not even hate. I'll be a true assassin. No holding back.

I am Yuugi Muhto; bearer of the Millennium Puzzle, and the so-called chosen one. I was raped by the person I trusted most Yami, my darker half. I tried to tell my friends, but they wouldn't listen and turned me away. I was left alone. Truly alone. I turned to murder, rape, and blood spill; my only comfort. I am a killer, I am an assassin.

Never again will I trust; never again will I love. And when the day comes to murder my own friends and family, I will never again be able to hate.

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