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I woke up on complete blackness. Otogi next to me. I yawned then sighed. Another day of hell.

Sometimes, I wondered why I was alive, or why I was even born. I didn't have anything special about me; even though I freed Yami from the puzzle but what good did it bring me? It turned me into...this. A killer, a shadow, something that's neither alive nor dead. Something that can die so easily but is indestructible by human means. I don't know who I am or what I am anymore.

Malik and Bakura's trials are today. I have to go and see. I am the one who brought them in after all. Morning Otogi greeted nipping at my ear. I sighed and tilted my head back allowing him more access to my neck. I could feel every painful bite and I knew there were already enough scars there but I didn't seem to care. I wasn't alive nor was I dead. All I knew was that I belonged to one person.

And that person had been sleeping next to me just moments before.

His kisses are like a poison, dangerous yet intoxicating, and I always feel weak when he touches me. He bites at my skin like a rabid animal turning it raw and red then kisses it lightly to take away the pain. His hands know every curve and twist in my body; I can hide nothing from him, not even in my mind. His dark green eyes are like precious gems, full of hatred of the world and off anything but they change to lust and hungriness when he sees me, and only me. He claims authority over me; he is envious of anyone who dares try to get close to me.

He's a part of me, my owner, my lover my everything. I'll always belong to him, from now until the end of time.

"I have to go to their trial today" I whispered breathlessly as he found a most forbidding part of me. The rest of what happened was a blur, and why wouldn't it be. Before I knew it, he'd disappeared and left me, stripped down to almost nothing, bright red scratches and bruises left on my skin. I watched dully as they quickly healed, my skin becoming snow white and pure again, as it always had been. Nothing could kill me, nothing could hurt me, even if I was tortured for a thousands years, my skin would show no scar. Only my soul would. Then again, no one can ever see those scars can they?


It wasn't long before I found myself at the trials. Abbie and Seto were there, as well as thee council and Malik, Marik and Bakura. I smirked. "Well," I said walking up to a chained up Bakura with bruises all over his skin and his hair a complete rat's nest. Obviously, he'd been fighting since he'd been captured, and was not ready to give up. "Give up Bakura." I snarled. "There's no escape from here on out."

Bakura's eyes opened slowly as recognition along with hate and cold fury came across his face. "BASTERD!!!!" he cried out forgetting that he was chained up as he prepared to attack me. I smirked as hot, salty tears rolled down his cheeks. "Pathetic" I said shaking my head in disappointment. "You let your emotions rule over you; you've actually let yourself become attached to your little hikari now didn't you? It must've been painful to see him die like that but what about all the other deaths you've caused, huh Bakura-chan? In the past? I know, you've killed but you never thought you'd let someone become close to you only to watch them die huh? Guess you know what those close to the ones you killed feel now"

"SHUT UP!!!!!!" Bakura cried out in a rage. He somehow managed to break free of all in bonds in his anger and lunged out to attack me. My eyes widened the slightest bit. He was strong. I could just disappear into the shadows if I wanted to. But I wanted to test his strength. I closed my eyes and braced myself for the attack my hand on my knife. It didn't matter if he died. All three of them were expendable anyway.

The blow never came. I opened my eyes and saw Otogi in front his me, his hands stopping Bakura from even touching me. He glared then slapped him so hard he fell to the ground. Bakura gasped at what had happened and brought a shocked hand to his face. "Don't you fucking dare touch what is mine" Otogi growled then kicked Bakura's gut. "You're lucky to even be alive, you worthless piece of shit." Heh. That was Otogi. But, he's wrong. He's not lucky to be alive. No one in this order is. And once you've entered it; it's a hell lot worse than being dead. Death is the easy way out, when you die, you're at piece. But here, you live with an agony and the knives of hell constantly going through your skin and puncturing the depths of your soul.

Malik and Marik just watched in horror as Otogi took out a knife and prepared to kill him. The council didn't even bother to stop him. I hissed. Don't kill him, I want to I told him telepathically. He turned around and I glared at him. Otogi shrugged, obviously not caring. Fine by me he answered. I smirked. "You know" I said out loud walking up to the bruised Tomb Robber. "Otogi wasn't exactly right when he said you were lucky to be alive."

I lifted up his chin to see his angered face, blood dripping form his lips. He breathed hard; he was too exhausted to fight back. "Kill me" he said. "Go ahead, you've killed so many before how is this any different pharaoh's boy?" he said and smirked. My eyes widened in fury as I slapped him hard across the face. "Don't call me that" I said angrily, my temper rising. He laughed. "You think I don't know, Yuugi. Of course, everyone knew what you Yami had done to you. And he was in agony for weeks, it was actually funny. Deep inside, no matter how much hate you harbor, you won't be able to kill him. Because...he's a part of you damnit, you don't kill the other half of you. Just like I couldn't kill Ryou." His eyes suddenly flashed sadness and it surprised me but I quickly hid it.

"Tch" I said. "I'll kill him; I killed everybody else didn't I?" I said laughing insanely. "I even killed you precious light ha! You must hate me now don't you" Bakura shook his head. "Nah...It's different actually. I actually feel sorry for you, you little basterd" he said laughing. That was it. Pity? Again?! Right then and there I hated him to no end. I pulled out my knife and before I knew what I was doing, I struck him. Not one, not twice, but so many times I couldn't count. Once again, I had carelessly let my emotions control me as I struck him again and again and Otogi had to stop me.

"He's dead" he said kissing me softly and taking the knife away from my hands and placing it next to Bakura. "Heh" he said his eyes starting to roll up into his head. "If you really, truly hated him, he would've been the first person...to...d....ie..." and then he was gone. I growled and turned away from the corpse. "Fucking basterd" I said then relaxed as I felt Otogi's hungry kisses on me again. I moaned and threw my head back, my neck inviting him to kiss my pain away.

It didn't last long. After a while, we pulled apart as I gazed upon the two left. Malik and Marik. Malik had been unchained by Kaiba, who he now clung desperately to while Marik had broken free from his bonds to rush to his lover. He sighed. "He was right, if you really had hated Yami with everything you hate, you'd have killed him first. I feel sorry for you, really I do. You've shown your true colors but you're still hiding. Hiding behind the curtain of despair." And then he took the knife from Bakura's side and killed himself as well. I looked away, but it didn't bother me.

They both deserved to die. NO ONE pities me and lives. I'm not hiding, they're wrong. WRONG. I do hate Yami, but when he dies I won't even have my hate anymore. Yami, I'll kill, you, I'll never forgive you, you hear me? It's too late for apologies; look at what I have become. Truly, you must be upset. Now, I'm exactly like you. Or rather, the opposite. You've forgotten in this modern world full of forgiveness and goodwill what it's like to feel death and punishment all around you. What it's like to feel pain. That's what went through for a while. Now I'm awake, and I intend to show you who I really am. Before was just a taste and if you're terrified now, you'll just love the rest of me.

Malik's eyes widened then he lowered his head in obvious sorrow. Kaiba whispered for him not be so, and lifted his head up so that they faced each other. "From now on, this place is hell. This is where the lost and broken souls of the world come to gather. We live to kill and to feed ourselves. We kill others because that is the one thing that makes us fee alive. We are worse than dead, we are immortal neither human disease nor weapon can kill us. Like me, you will be taught everything we abide by to survive. From now on, every other human being you see is nothing but extra meat that shouldn't be on this planet. Humans are imperfect beings and we must rid this earth of them, don't you agree?" he said and smiled a sinister smile.

Malik was too afraid to respond but nodded. He closed his eyes and tried to remember what a life full of hate and pain was like. When they opened again, there was the Malik I'd see before that had tried to kill me and Yami during Battle City. There was the cold-hearted person who'd used so many to his own destructive pleasures and desires. There was the heart of a killer whose eyes reflected my own almost perfectly. Violet orbs ready to strike and kill in an instant, eyes that will go through any means to accomplish their mission.

Abbie nodded as she walked up to Kaiba. "You've learned well although you have only been here a few weeks my child" then she turned to me. "And you whom I've trained for the past 5 years have done so much as well" She smirked. "I'm quite pleased with both of you, Yuugi, you will help Kaiba in teaching Malik everything there is to know, you have more experience than the both of them. I have done my part" then she disappeared. I sighed. "Goodbye then" I said and turned to Otogi. "She's gone for good now, isn't she?" I said though I knew the answer. Otogi nodded. "She's done what she was obligated to do, though I think she was a bit reluctant to leave. You are one of her best after all" I smirked. "Of course." I said then motioned for Kaiba to show Malik around. "I'll start training you in a few days, Kaiba, teach him what you know. You will receive you first mission in a few days time."

After that, Otogi and I left.


I sat in my room, sighing. It had been hours since I left Malik and Seto to do, whatever there was to do. Otogi had been sent on another mission and was due back any time later. It was already the dead of the night and he still wasn't back. No matter, I didn't care much. I was just now really bored from a lack of anything to do. I SHOULD be working on my mission but that can wait. I've killed off everyone except for Yami and Isis. Isis, hell I don't where the hell she is and I don't care frankly.

Yami. That name made so many emotions pass through me. Anger, fury, hate, sorry, pain, anything. I hated more than ever now. I wanted him to die, to die for raping me, to die for not being able to fight against the bitch Anzu's mind control and believing all her sweet-sugary lies. Everything was a lie. My life, who I was, everything. Suddenly, I sensed another presence coming down to my room. It wasn't Otogi...I knew that for certain, he could mask his appearance and surprise me if he wanted to, it was someone inexperienced, someone who didn't' know what to do.

It was Malik.

"To what do I owe this special visit my beautiful blonde friend?" I asked before he could even step in front of the door. I heard a gasp. "Come in" I said dully waving my hand as the door opened by itself. "You don't know how to mask your presence yet, I will teach you that soon" I said. "I could feel your energy walking down throughout the halls" Malik was silent as he nodded. "I have much to learn Yuugi-senpai" he said and plopped down next to me.

"Heh" I said smirking. "What you'll learn from me and Kaiba is just a taste of it all, once you've had you're first kill and cried you blood tears then you'll know what it's like" Malik blinked. "Blood tears?" he asked in disbelief. "Are we so inhuman that we cry the blood of the ones we've killed?" I nodded. "Accept your fate or die Malik" I said without a trace of emotion. "Not even hate should penetrate you, as far as you know, there is no such word as feeling and emotion, there is only those who must be destroyed, and that is everything that is human in the world.

"Blood is the one thing we feed on" I continued. "Once you've had your first taste it will be like sweet honey to your tongue" "I've already tasted blood, the smell is intoxicating" Malik replied leaning back as if he were in rapture. I smirked. "So you have" I replied then leaned in closer to study his features. He truly was a beautiful being. Capable of killing so many in a heartbeat without a single though or conscience. It used to make me sick but then I learned that that was the way of life.

"That's all humans are worth. They are born into this world pure but imperfect, vulnerable to everything and they will believe whatever comes to them. There, they are thrown into a world filled with deep darkness and despair. And what would become of them in this world full of rape and violence. There are hardly any innocents left in this world and what'd left of them they lives will one day break because humans desire those who are completely pure, closed to the outside world, and beautiful. Because such a thing is rare and no one will hesitate to own such a being. It's sick, it's twisted it's wrong. And yet, it happens to millions of people everyday." I said smirking when Malik's eyes widened at my view of the world.

He sighed. "You are right." I said turning away from me. "It's just..." "What?" I asked the smallest bit of curiosity overtaking me. "Well...I never expected to hear it form you, that's all," Malik replied and looked down. My eyes widened and I slapped him. "So you're saying you can't just accept the fact that I've grown up huh? Nobody can! Everyone still thinks I'm a child why do they do that! Everyone pities me! I see it in their eyes, why is it there?!"

I suddenly found myself crying, the blood spilling out from my eyes. Malik gasped as he reached out to touch my face, finding out in fact that I was telling the truth about our tears. Then his own sprang to his eyes, but they were not like mine. They were pure blood tears while mine were sill diluted with water. I turned away hoping that he wouldn't not see the difference.

"You're different form the rest of them" Malik said turning my head. "YOU still have a chance no matter how hopeless it seems. You're still human deep inside" he said. I clenched my fists and growled. "SHUT UP!" I cried out then punched him. He took the blow pretty hard and fell to the floor. He gasped as he got up then smiled at me. "You know what I'm saying is true, you're still human, you've never managed to become one of them no matter how hard you tried, you're still a human child Yuugi!" he screamed as I hit him over and over again.

"You know I'm telling the truth" he said smiling weakly, once again, like everyone one else, giving me that look that I hated so much. Pity. I didn't want it!! Why did so many feel sorry for me!?!? I rather have their hate than their pity damnit! What's wrong with them? I was about to lay another blow on him when something stopped me.

It was Otogi.

Malik smiled then breathed heavily as his body began to sink into the shadows. He seemed a bit alarmed at first then got the idea. "I guess this means I don't need to run away, I can just disappear" he said as the rest of him sank into the floor almost disappearing from view. "I still feel sorry for you Yuugi, and you know everything I've said is right, somewhere deep inside, you know I'm telling the truth" and then he was gone before I could lash at him again this time permanently making sure he didn't bother me again.

I sighed then fell guilty to Otogi. Do not let him bother you love he told me as he ravished me in kisses and caresses treating me as if I were a precious doll that he wanted to break. I hate every single one of them I told him. They pity me, it shows in their eyes. I want to kill him; I want to strangle him I was to rip out his eyes so I can't see the pity in them. I'd rather have someone, anyone's hate rather than their pity. Pity is for the weak. For those who have...I shuddered at the thought. Pity is for those who know emotion.

Otogi smirked. They pity you because they think you are weak love. Prove them wrong. Show them that you are not the innocent child you have been portrayed as, show them that you are someone who should be feared, and hunted down. Show them what you have become. I sighed. They will not believe me I replied letting my clothing fall to the floor.

Then force them to believe you Otogi replied biting down hard on my skin. I gasped but let him continue. Simple as that. You can kill countless victims, in the blink of an eye and not shed a tear. You can bring upon torture to people who have hurt you or sought to hurt. You can make people love you, care for you before betraying their trust and killing them. You are the devil himself, come in the form of an innocent angel. I laughed. I am no angel I replied. Perhaps you are right. I WILL show them who I am, and what I've become. I shall show them my blood tears... I stopped.

What is wrong? Otogi asked me. I suddenly began screaming and tearing at my eyes. Otogi's eyes widened slightly but he understood. He took my hands and nails away from my face. Do not bruise such a lovely face he told me kissing the parts where I had hurt myself and watching them heal. You blood is mixed with water so what? He asked me. It means I am not a true assassin, I am still human, Malik was right about me, I still knew what hate and anger were, I had just displayed it out through him.

Shh....Otogi replied giving me a heated kiss on the lips. You will learn, you have learned. You are truly one of us, or soon you will become one. Once you kill him you will be free of all emotional attachment. The only thing standing in your way is him, and only him. You must kill him soon. Or the anger inside of you will erode inside and eat alive.

I knew what he was saying was true. It was eating at me. My anger my fury, my hate, everything. I wanted to kill Yami, to hurt him. I never allowed ANYONE to mention his name. The last that did was barely left alive. Not even Otogi dared to mention it even without me there. Of course, he is almost constantly with me.

I know I said as we fell into sleep, our bodies entwined.

I woke up later feeling odd. I didn't know why but something was bothering me. I had to leave. I left Otogi sleeping which was ironic; he was usually the one who left me. I felt my body pass through the dimensions and bring me to a cliff that sat by the sea. I knew this place well. This is where I used to come when I felt lonely. I had stopped coming after Yami came into my life because then I'd thought I wasn't lonely anymore. Hell, I was wrong. Now I was more alone more then ever.

My thoughts drifted back to the trial today. Marik and Bakura had failed and as a result, they had died together. Nobody mourned their death, nobody knew they were even there; it was a private judging as all of them are with only a few select invited, if any at all. I thought on what Bakura had told me and what Marik had said. Somehow it had hit me really hard. I had become angered, what he said, what he showed me, it was all haunting me. I didn't know why. Malik had repeated it to me and added even more than I could take. It had angered me, I didn't want to hear it, and it wasn't true. IT WASN'T TRUE.

But then, why had I become angry? Was it because...no...I placed my head in my hands. That's not the reason. NONE of what they said was true. It wasn't. But why had I responded .Why had I cried when I saw Malik pity me? Why did I become furious when someone showed me their pity, why hadn't I killed Yami yet? What if they were right? What if this whole thing was a hoax and that I'd never really become a true killer? All these questions ran through my hand hitting me each screaming for my attention. I suddenly heard those voices again. People's thoughts, they're mourning, they're crying over they're lost ones, their pain. I heard it all.

What is this? Why am I hearing them? I shut out those voices so long ago. Why were they haunting me? "LEAVE ME ALONE!!!" I cried out knowing that no one would hear me and that my scream only caused more voices to enter my head. I screamed in agony as I saw flashes of people's lives, how happy their lives were how those happy lives were broken through human stupidity. Through greed, through adultery, through rape, smoking, drugs. I couldn't take it. I saw how they lived now; I saw how much they suffered.

I saw the people who I killed; I saw their friends and family still weeping over their losses. I saw even Hikari, who was being beaten by her drunken father. I saw her activate the power I'd given to her; I saw her using it to protect herself. She didn't' not know how to use it so she had hit her father pretty hard. She did not know what to do. She was scared, alone and crying. No one would even lift their dirty human hands to help her. "HIKARI!" I cried out in pain. Her image was now the only thing in my mind as the others dissolved into darkness. She was crying, bleeding from the bruises her father had given her. Her house, if it was even considered one, was mess with vomit and porn all over the place. How could she live like this?! How could that man raise such an innocent child like her in such a horrid place?

She was crying, crying for the mother I had taken away from her so long ago. She was crying for the father she had accidentally killed now. She was crying for me, the person who had totally ruined her life then made it worse by giving he a great power she did not know how to control. She was alone, scared, she did not know what to do. I wanted to go to her; I needed to go to her. This was my fault. I'd destroyed her life just like I'd destroyed my own. No matter what, I was still weak on the inside, I still knew what love and compassion were and deep inside, I'd wished that Yami would forgive me and that we could start over. I hated it. I didn't want to feel this way. I hated Yami, but then why didn't I kill him? Was it because I still care for him? Was it because I was still ready to forgive him after all this time? Was it why my tears carried water along with them when I cried?

I couldn't take it. "WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME?!?!??!!?!?!" I cried out screaming pulling at me hair and digging my nails into my skin so that I could cry real blood. I looked at my tears in disgust; they were still filled with water. They were still watery, diluted. I tore at my eyes with my nails, hoping to rip them out and then I'd truly cry blood. I wanted these images of Hikari to die; I didn't want to do this. I wanted my thoughts to die. I shouldn't be having them. I shouldn't be having doubts! AM I truly still human inside? Am I!?!?!?!?!?!

I screamed and suddenly found myself in Hikari's room. She looked surprised to see me but immediately flew into my arms. "Yuugi! Yuugi!" she cried out. "I killed Daddy I didn't know what I was doing, it wasn't my fault!" she sobbed. Then she gasped when she saw me. "Your face..." she whispered breathlessly. I looked to one of the broken mirrors and saw how horrid my face looked. I had torn the entire skin off form under my eyes and my cheeks and eyes were red and bruised from my tears. The wounds didn't even bother to close themselves up. It stung to have my salty tears on my open wounds but I didn't care. "It's my fault" I said crying even more.

"I'm sorry Hikari" I sobbed. "God! Why is this happening to me? GOD!!!!!!!!!!" I cried out letting the tears roll down my face, regardless of anything else. "Why?! Why me, what is wrong with me?!?!?!" I screamed. Hikari seemed surprised at first, then I felt her wrap he arms around my shoulders. "Yuugi, I'm just like, now, aren't I?" she asked desperately. "Look at me, my tears are red"

I turned around violently, to see that she was right. "No......." I whispered breathlessly. "NO!!! Not you too!" I cried out then grabbed her before I knew what I was doing. "Not you too! I can't stand it!!" I slapped her over and over and again and her sobs for me to stop were deaf upon my ears. "Why you?! You don't deserve this! You deserve something better Hikari! Stop it! Stop! STOP!!!!!!" But they wouldn't stop. The more I hit her, the more she and even more blood spilled out form her eyes.

I didn't know what I was doing anymore. All I knew was pain. Hikari can't be one of us. She can't be! She's too pure, too perfect, I won't let her become this...this thing I've become! Why do I feel this way? Why am I afraid she'll become one of us? Why?! Is it because I care for her? How is that possible? I haven't cared for a single living person since my 'death' what's wrong with me!?

Finally, that blood began to disappear. Her tears, became like mine, diluted, and slowly, the blood was fading away. This time, she cried pure human tears, salty and clear. I smiled. "There, that's how it's supposed to be," I said sadly, my damned tears still half human, and half not. "You're better than this Hikari; you can't become one of us. You can't. You're too pure, too beautiful Hikari. I love you. God!" I cried out and cried upon her small form. Now I knew why I felt the way I did. She reminded me of me before I became what I was now. She didn't deserve this life, she was too good, too pure, I won't let her fall to the shadows like I did, I won't!

 Hikari's face was red from being hit repeatedly from me, but at least she didn't look like a killer. "Yuugi-sama...please, let me be with you, you're all I have left!" she cried out and once again, I saw her tears turn red. "I want to be with you, please! I'm a child that nobody wants, everybody says it in school, I want to leave this place, I don't care where you take me, just please take me away Yuugi-sama!" Her tears were pure red. Why was that? WHY?! Aren't they supposed to be like mine? Diluted. They're not. They're pure red! NO, she can't be like this! I wont' let her become a cold blooded killer I won't! It's too painful, I wont' let her become this thing!

I couldn't take it anymore. "Hikari, no!" I pushed her away and beat upon her again so that her tears would once again become pure. "I can't let you become what I am, I just can't! I won't! You deserve better than this, Hikari. Don't you see? Look at me Hikari! I'm a killer, I kill so many people, and I've hurt everyone that's close to them! Hikari, you don't want this, the guilt would eat you alive, you're too pure for this Hikari!" I screamed. "Then kill me," Hikari said desperately. "There's no one left who loves me then" she said coldly, taking one of the kitchen knives. "If you won't take me with you, I'll just die. I'm someone that nobody wants! Yuugi-sama, it's too painful. I can't take it anymore!" Then she placed the knife in my hands. "Kill me," she said desperately. "Kill me now, I want to see Mommy again, kill me Yuugi-sama! If you won't love me, then kill me!!" she screamed.

I stood frozen before, not knowing what to do. Then, I raised the knife, ready to kill her. She tilted her head, so I could easily slit her throat and she'd die quickly. I was ready; I was going to do it. But I couldn't. In anger, I threw the knife out the already broken window. "No! There has to be some other way, there HAS to b! Hikari, you're not going to die, I can't bear it if you die, god! I love you too much Hikari! I've loved you since I first set eyes on you, when I saw that you could look at me without hate in your eyes. I won't let you die but I won't let you become a killer either!" What was this feeling...this emotion inside of me? Why did I let her affect me like this? Why didn't I kill her? Why?!

"Then what do you want me to become?!?!" she screamed at me. "Do you want me to forget all this? I can't, its part of my life Yuugi-sama! I could never live a normal life, not like this! Yuugi-sama, just take me with you, I don't care what I'll have to do, if I must..." here she paused and sobbed quietly before continuing again. "If I must kill in order to be with you, if I must become emotionless, if I must do all these things, I'll do if I can be with you! You're all I have left Yuugi-sama!" her tears were bright red now and I could see the pain in her eyes. She truly didn't want to live anymore; she'd given up all hope a long time ago. That Hikari, the small girl I'd met so long ago in the park, she was under a façade as well, she was desperate. She truly wanted me to make her what I was, or die.

"No!" I cried out. No NO NO!!!!!" This isn't how it's supposed to be! Hikari, I won't let you! You deserve a better life than this." I said trying to reason with her.  "AS WHAT?" she cried out. "As a child that nobody wants?! I can't live like this anymore, everyone made fun of me because they knew what Daddy was doing to me, and yet they didn't say anything. They said I was a child that nobody wanted! I can't live like this anymore Yuugi-sama! Let me go with you; let me become what you are so I can't feel this pain I'm feeling. I don't want to feel it anymore!"

Suddenly, she took a shard of glass from the broken window and held it up to her throat. "If you won't make me what you are then I'll just die, here and now" she said bringing the glass even closer to her throat. "No!" I cried out. No! Hikari! There's got to be another way! Hikari no!" "Make me what you are..." she said breathlessly, sniffling from all her sobs. "I don't care what you make me into, if I'm with you, it'll be okay. Won't it, Yuugi-sama?" This wasn't the girl I'd met so long ago. She was broken, I'd broken her. She had no one left but me and I was refusing to take her with me. I couldn't. "No...It won't" I said. "You won't be able to take it Hikari; there are better things out there in the world, Hikari please! Don't do this to me! PLEASE!!" I screamed in agony.

Then, I saw her smile. She smiled in happiness. She lowered the glass shard from her neck and walked up to me. At first, I felt happiness when she dropped down the glass. Standing up as high as she could, she closed the distance between us. My eyes widened and I saw tears slip down her cheeks yet she was smiling. I closed my eyes and savored this moment I had with her.

Before I knew she had pulled away. "I love you Yuugi-sama," she said sniffling. But..." she paused and smiled. "I don't like it here anymore. Everyone says I'm a child that nobody wants" "No..." I said softly walking closer to her but she only stepped away. "Hikari..." I said. "What they're saying isn't true, everyone is wanted in this world, EVERYONE! I made that same mistake a long time ago, Hikari, I didn't think anyone wanted me or cared if I was alive but in the back of my mind I know that's not true! Hikari, please..." She shook her head and lifted the glass to her neck once more.

Then, I'll go, I'll go and see Mommy, I hope I'll see you again Yuugi-sama...maybe then, then we can grow together" "NO!!!" I screamed and ran to her but it was too late. She'd cut her own throat by the time I reached her, even with my speed, I couldn't have stopped her because I was letting my human side control me. "Hikari...." I sobbed holding her frail body in my arms. He eyes were half closed but I was sure she could still see me. "Y-Yuugi-S-s-sama" she said breathlessly and touched my cheeks, which now had tears streaming down them. "I...I can see Mommy, she's smiling at me. S-she s-sa-says, she forgives you. Y...Yuugi-Sama...." And then suddenly, her lips were against mine. It was a gentle kiss and I could feel the blood and warmth in her lips. But that slowly diminished and I was soon holding her limp corpse in my arms.

I held her body close to me and cried. I cried out her name so many times I couldn't count, I mourned I hadn't been able to save her, but why was I doing this? I didn't know. I was a killer, I should've killed her when I had the chance, but why did I feel this pain? God! Why did I love her!?

 "There wasn't anything you could do" came a voice form behind me. I turned around then growled at who I saw. Otogi. "You were here, all this time, why didn't you stop her?!?!" I cried out. He shook his head. "It wasn't in my place to interfere; her death was bound to come. Either that, or she'd become one of us."

My eyes widened. If she hadn't died, they were going to turn her. That's why her tears were red. "BASTERD!!!" I cried out dropping Hikari's body and lashing about all my anger at him. He took every blow, but none of them seemed to affect him. He dodged a few, but kept that same emotionless look in his eyes, having neither no pity, nor no sorrow for what had just happened. I raged at him until I felt my energy slipping. Darkness met me, and then I couldn't feel the pain anymore. I couldn't feel Hikari's death; I couldn't feel the bruises I'd given myself.

I couldn't feel anything.

I am Yuugi Muhto, a killer, an assassin, a child. No one believes I am a true killer; they all look at me with pity in their eyes. Why do they do such things? WHY!?!? I am not helpless! I am not weak! I don't regret what I did, I don't!

Ha, who the hell am I kidding?

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