Okay so here is finally the last chapter of my first story, and the first of a trilogy. Im going to give more information on whats to come at the botton, and I am also going to put the theme song on the top so I can say my last words before the next story. So please enjoy.

Get up, Get up, Get up,

I'm a show you everything I've got inside
I won't give up, give up,
Never backing down this is my fight

How do you live, when every finger's pointing in your face?
How do you give your heart to something only you embrace?
How do you put your mind to something that you love,
When you were growing up everyone told you that you weren't good enough?
Good enough would work for me,
Instead of love you hurt me deep,
Broke my trust and watched me bleed,
Ignored my pleas and squashed my dreams.
Everything hiding underneath is coming out for you to see.
The screams kept hidden down beneath,
A broken spirit, are finally free

Get up, Get up, Get up,
I'm a show you everything I've got inside
I won't give up, give up,
Never backing down this is my fight

Everything we do in life has got to be for something.
I won't go down without a fight, no I won't die for nothing.
You held me under too long. I see a coming end.
Take back your hand, you're not my friend; to me you're fucking dead!
All the things you did and do showed me the colors inside you,
I now know all your hidden truths. If I were you, shit, I'd lie, too!
It's my turn now, I'll burn you down, nowhere to run and hide for you.
It's tried and true, and I'll get through. I'll watch your spirit die in you

It was only a couple hours and still around midday when Mikoto woke changed quickly into her normal level 6 clothes, and went back out to the main hall. From there she notices that everyone was in the training area. She goes to join them, but not before attaching the gauntlets (pretty much hidden blades from the Assassin Creed games) back onto her wrists. Yes she had used them to kill the guards, but she was beginning to get attached to having more than one bladed weapon on her at all times, as she always had her waistband on. She walks into the training area, drawing the attention of everyone. Raiden and Elise had been busy in a sword fight. Touma, Ruiko, and Kuroko had been practicing their hand to hand combat against each other.

"So the princess is awake, and it looks like she is ready to fight," Elise comments. She was looking at the gauntlets under Mikotos wrists, as it was the previous version of the ones that Elise wore. Elise's Gauntlets were able to shoot projectiles from a mini crossbow, as well as having the blade option.

"Actually I am, I want to practice more with blades." Mikoto admits.

"From the news reports about what you did last night, i think you know enough about fighting with a blade," Elise comments, not caring if she pissed Mikoto off. It does as Mikoto immediately fires an electrical blast at her. But Elise gets her dual swords in the way of the attack, and instead of blocking the attacks like an HF Blade would, her swords completely neutralize the attack. This was reminiscent of Toumas Imagine breaker, a fact everyone took note of, till Elise explained.

"A year or two ago, during one of my missions I can across this extremely rare metal, one that I still dont even have a name for. It didnt take me long to notice that the metal completely negated all esper abilities and Magic, not much different than Toumas Imagine breaker. So I had a blacksmith I knew forge the metal into two Katanas, and these are the swords I use. A HF Blade will still trump it, but I can always beat an esper with them." Elise explains

"Wow, I didnt know there was anything else that could do that besides Imagine breaker," Touma responds in shock.

"Anyways, lets see just how much you know about fighting with those gauntlets you have on Mikoto. You will only fight with those, while elise will use her swords. No esper abilities are allowed, got it?" Raiden states.

"Got it, Mentor." Mikoto responds. She keeps the gauntlets unactivated, waiting for Elise to make the first move. She does so rather quickly, attacking with both weapons. Mikoto was able to dodge the first couple of strikes, but then eventually she has to get an opening to use her own. She gets her chance as During one of Elises attacks, she leaves one of her sides open. Mikoto rams herself into Elises side, forcing Elise away from her. Then using the time she just gained, she flicks her wrists and activates the Gauntlets. The blades extend to their full length and she charges forward. Then begins a parrying fight, as even though Elise has a longer range with her swords, Mikoto manages to expertly parry all of her attacks with her hidden blades. But eventually one of them has to make a mistake, and it was Mikoto. She gets caught off guard by a punch to the chest by Elise, then as she recovers, Elise had her swords to her neck, ending the fight. They both step away from each other, Mikoto deactivating the gauntlets and Elise sheathing her swords.

"You are a very quick learner Mikoto, though you have yet to learn how to fight someone who fights dirty," Elise states, a smile on her face.

"Yeah I guess I do still need to work on that," Mikoto admits. Training activities like this continues for about another 2 hours before they decide to do something else. Mikoto, Kuroko, Uiharu, and Ruiko all leave Raidens base to do some shopping together on Mikotos last day in the city. Touma had gone to his apartment to get Index some food before he would be returning to the base. This all went pretty well, as they all had fun and nobody had tried to start anything with their group. Then it began to get dark, and Mikoto has to say her goodbyes.

"Come on Sissy! Why does this have to be goodbye? Cant we come with you?" Kuroko asks, tears welling up in her eyes.

"It is not a goodbye forever, only for a couple of months," Mikoto tries to reason with Kuroko, though it didnt seem to work as Kuroko only held her tighter.

"Well i wish you luck Mikoto. I just hope to see you again." Ruiko states. Though her voice was even, her eyes betrayed her own sadness.

"I will miss you Mikoto," Uiharu says, tears in her eyes.

"I wont be gone for long, besides I need you all to stay where you are in this city. Kuroko stay in Tokiwadai, I need you to keep an eye on them for me. Uiharu, keep watch over the city, I am counting on you. Ruiko, use that new suit of armor to protect those two, they might get into trouble." Mikoto orders. The others nod their heads in understanding, and after one last goodbye they all go their separate ways. Mikoto returns to Raidens base, and she immediately notices that Touma was back. He was one of the people that she was not going to be saying goodbye to, as she wasnt going to be going anywhere without him. The truth behind her upcoming disappearance is that she is going with Raiden and Elise to help them with their missions, and she was making Touma come with.

"So Zapper, are you ready to get some sleep before we have to go?" Touma asks, when he sees her enter the base.

"Yes, just let me change to my pajamas first." Mikoto responds. It wasnt long till they were both laying together in the same bed for their first time as boyfriend girlfriend. Touam fell asleep rather quickly, but Mikoto stayed up a little longer in thought. She cuddles up to Touma as she thinks her last thoughts before sleep claims her.

Its time to save this city, and change the World! To the Church, Im coming for you, and you better be ready for my storm. A Railgun will not stop till it has destroyed its target, and you the Church, are my Target.

The next morning Kuroko and the others head back to Raidens base, expecting to find someone there. But they are greeting by the sight of all of entrances being locked and everything looking Like it was shut down. Even the identification luck would not work. Then Ruiko finds a note, and after drawing the others over, she reads it out.

Well, the whole city knows my secret. I am the only level 6 in the city. I am no longer the Ace of Tokiwadai, but the Ace of Academy City, yet Im leaving them. Thats because a true Ace protects the city from not just internal dangers, but from the external ones as well, and that is what I am going to do. Not for the city officials, not for the scientists, but for all of the innocent espers living in the city. I will find those that mean us harm, and bring an end to them, once and for all. With Touma by my side, and knowing all of you are here to guide the city in my absence, I can do anything. It means so much to me that I have friends like you and I couldnt be happier. We will see each other again, I promise you that. I am Mikoto Misaka, The Railgun, The Ace and Protector of Academy City!

Okay so I hope you enjoyed this final chapter of The Ace of Academy city. I can not even begin to describe how much I enjoyed writing this story for all of you, and what all of those reviews meant to me. So in about two weeks time the first chapter of the second story will be release. Until then I bid you all farewell.