Camping with the JLA

Chapter 3: Ascension into Divinity

"Ok kiddies, who wants to hear some scary stories?" Two-Face asked

"Nuh-uh, not me" Dinah whimpered, chattering her teeth

"Awww, is wittle Dinah afraid?" Lois teased playfully

"Lois, be nice to your little sister" Hippolyta scolded

"ok Mom, can't I ever have some fun?" Lois asked, Dinah sticking out her tongue

"I got an idea; how about we sing a campfire song?" Jade asked

"great idea, Jade!" Hippolyta exclaimed


Listen to that howling mob of blockheads in the street

A trick or two with lepers and the whole town's on its feet


He is dangerous

JLA Girls:

Jesus Christ Superstar


He is dangerous

JLA Girls:

Tell us that you're who they say you are


That man is in town right now to whip up some support


A rabble-rousing mission that I think we must abort


He is dangerous

JLA Girls:

Jesus Christ Superstar


He is dangerous


Look Caiaphas, they're right outside our yard

Mr. Zsasz:

Quick Caiaphas, go call the Roman guard


No wait! We need a more permanent solution to our problem


What then to do about Jesus of Nazareth?

Miracle, wonder man, hero of fools?


No riots, no armies, no fighting, no slogans?

"Ok time for bed everyone" Hippolyta announced

In Kara's and Alex's tent…

Alex placed her pillow over her head as Supergirl snored extremely loudly

"Hera please, please make her sleep more quietly…" Alex pleaded

Supergirl then placed her thumb in her mouth and sucked on it as she slept

"thank you" Alex sighed in relief, looking at her younger sister before going to bed

In Jade's and Kyle's tent…

"Jade, I really do wish you wouldn't use your perfume before bed" Kyle griped

"oh suck it up Kyle darling. I like my beauty sleep" Jade retorted

In Hush's and Sheila's tent…

"Tommy?" Sheila asked

"yes, dear?" Hush asked

"why is Zsasz in our tent?" Sheila asked as Zsasz was eyeing her weirdly

"because, he's my brother" Hush answered

"oh" Sheila said, going to bed

"…did you look at her butt?" Zsasz finally asked as soon as Sheila was asleep

"…shut up" Hush snarled

In Black Mask's and Killer Croc's tent…

"Jones, for the last time, put that damn grill out! It's gonna burn the damn campsite" Black Mask complained

"don't worry mon frere, Diablo just did it, man" Croc said in his smooth Cajun accent

"…you are just so free with yourself" Black Mask grumbled, laying down

"…what the hey was that supposed to mean?" Croc asked the camera

In Dick's and Amy's tent…


In Neron's and Kate's tent…

Kate was sound asleep, snoring softly with her right arm around her stuffed teddy bear, her left hand holding the leash to Neron's collar as Neron listened to Kate's even breathing and her snoring. Across from where Kate was sleeping were the keys to his collar. Seeing that Kate was fast asleep and that the keys were by her pillow, Neron spotted an opportunity to free himself. Kate gurgled in her sleep, licked her lips and snored. Quietly as a wood mouse, Neron moved to the keys as Kate slept. Kate then stirred and closed her eyes, hugging her bear close, smiling innocently as she dreamed happily. Just as he reached the keys, he felt a gun being pressed to his head. "Mmm…drop the keys Neron…mmm, you don't wanna wake me up from my dreams…" Kate mumbled, yawning as she turned on her side and snored some more, Neron snapping his fingers in defeat as his master snored and dreamed. Unbeknownst to Neron, Kate smiled lewdly in her sleep as she dreamed of fooling around with her soon to be wife Cameron Chase

The next morning…

"oh my, what a lovely morning" Supergirl exclaimed as Alex fed her breakfast

"wow, it's very lovely. It would've been even nicer if someone didn't shoot the rooster after he crowed" Diana said, glaring at Black Mask

"oh gimme a break Di, he was asking for it. He should've cocked before he…" Black Mask started before forgetting the punchline in disgust

"morning everyone" Kate said cheerfully, dressed in her adventure hiking outfit

"morning sweetie. You're just in time for breakfast" Hippolyta cheered

"why the hell does it smell like brimstone and ash?" John asked

"oh, I think this is the answer" Kate said, giving the chain rope a yank, out came Neron crashing facedown on the grass

"morning, sunshine" Kate teased as the devil got up and hissed his forked tongue angrily at his captor

"you should be grateful I don't attack you here and now" Neron hissed, stumbling to get up, Kate rolling her eyes as she helped her prisoner up


After breakfast, Kate retreated to her tent to take a nap before their hike. Neron tiptoed in to see Kate sleeping on her sleeping bag, snoring loudly with a smile on her face. What Neron noticed were Neron's collar keys tied around the neck of Kate's bear. Neron sighed in disgust, knowing how angelic Kate looked when she's sleeping and that he wouldn't dare to bother her while she was napping. Neron noticed Kate wasn't zipped up in her sleeping bag and worried that she might get cold. Neron gently crafted a warm satin red blanket and draped it over Kate, gently tucking her in. Kate smiled happily as she continued snoring. Neron then knelt by her and gently kissed her cheek

"mmm…I love you Mom…" Kate moaned in her sleep, dreaming of Hippolyta. A happy tear poured down Neron's face as Kate dreamed. Neron then gently pulled the brown locks of hair off from Kate's face as she snored. Kate woke up and looked around her tent noticing the blanket over her. Kate sighed knowingly

"Neron…" Kate said to herself, yawning as she drifted back to sleep, hugging her teddy bear as she snored and dreamed

After a while, Kate awoke from her nap, refreshed and wide awake. Kate decided to keep her red satin blanket as a keepsake before getting dressed. Kate then got out of her tent and found Neron sitting by the fire, playing a harmonica

"hey" Kate said

"ah good morning. I trust you slept well?" Neron asked

"yeah. I had a good snooze. Why'd you give me that red blanket?" Kate asked

"because…I noticed you were cold" Neron said truthfully

"oh. Well, thank you. It's really cozy" Kate admitted

"Katherine…there's something I should tell you. You're too…um, what's the word, you're too…" Neron started

"too uptight?" Kate asked

"yes of course. That's exactly it, thank you! I have a spell for you that'll awaken your innocent inhibitions, to be pure of heart, be free, be of gentle and beauty. You miss that part of your life. You miss dressing up with your sisters. You miss having your room decorated with your stuffed animals" Neron said, Kate actually sobbing

"oh I'm so sorry, do forgive me my dear" Neron said

"it's ok…Mommy…she…she thinks I'm too grown up. I wanna be her little girl again. She used to call me Little Katie when I was a little girl. She called me cute feminine names, she took me to ballet class, she…she opened the whole world to me" Kate said, feeling a magical change over her

"oh…oh…" Kate gasped, realizing she was wearing a bright pink frilly dress, her long brown hair now pigtails with pink strings, cute black booties, long pink socks

"Katie!" Hippolyta exclaimed

"Mommy" Katie cheered, rushing into Hippolyta's arms, sobbing

"Shhh…there, there Katie…it's ok sweetheart…shhhh, it's ok…shhh" Hippolyta said soothingly as Kate sucked her thumb for comfort

"Neron…" Hippolyta said, looking at the demon prince as Kate put herself to sleep with her thumb

"yes, Your Majesty?" Neron asked, worried that what he did may have incurred her mother's wrath

"thank you" Hippolyta said

"…I beg your pardon?" Neron asked, confused

"thank you for giving me my little Katherine back. I missed her so much. Now that my baby girl's back to me…I feel so happy. I thank you for this Neron. And I'm sorry. I misjudged you. You are more of a man than a monster" Hippolyta said as Neron smiled warmly, his teeth no longer fanged but now pearly white

"well…you're welcome Your Highness" Neron said kindly as Hippolyta cradled Kate in her arms

"Congratulations Neron" Hippolyta said warmly, making a gesture with her hand. All at once, Neron's manacles and chains disappeared, his collar dissolved. He was finally free!

"Your Majesty, I have a request I wish to make…" Neron asked, kneeling before Hippolyta as Kate continued sleeping

"name it Prince Neron. Because of you regaining your humanity, you may have whatever your heart desires" Hippolyta said kindly

"I…I wish to be with Katherine. I…I love her. During our time, I've developed a…care for her. She represents what is left of my human soul. Now…she has awakened it. I don't want to be separated from her. These chains…they keep me close to her, like the bonds of love and compassion" Neron said

"very well Prince Neron" Hippolyta said, kissing Neron on the forehead as his collar reappeared, this time in a gold celestial form, his manacles and chains made in a more divine holy color

"mmm?" Kate asked, waking up, taking her thumb out of her mouth

"Kate sweetie, do you wanna stay with Neron?" Hippolyta asked kindly

"yes. Yes I do…as my brother" Kate said, giving him a hug

"Roman! Kids! Come see this" Hippolyta announced, everyone getting out of their tents to see the bounty hunter and her bounty bonding

"aww…" everyone awed as Neron hugged her back, his eyes now blue and his hellish robes gone and replaced with a celestial white robe