Kirk looks over at Chewy, who is walking by his side. I can't just walk around these halls for who knows how long Luke is going to be absent, Kirk thinks to himself. Then he remembers the training he will grow through as a Sentinel once he returns home. Find and destroy traces of the dark side. How am I supposed to know what to look for when I don't even know what the Darkside is?

Kirk walks in a room with Chewy. The room is filled with pictures and a long dining table with glasses and silverware on it. A pure white tablecloth covering it. Behind the table is a wooden cabinet where they probably keep the tableware that was sitting out right now. Chewy is behind him as Kirk looks up at all of the pictures he passes by. Most paintings appear to be important people. One is of a man with shoulder length curly hair with distinctive features similar to Rey and Ben. A relative, maybe? Speaking of Rey and Ben, he finds a photo of them much younger than they are now, hanging on the wall. Just below that photo is one that stands out practically. It is a photo of five people, which appear to be posing in battle stances. Some kind of stunt pose for emphasis?

In this group photo, they are all facing forward, three men and two women. Four of the five are holding blasters, kneeling on one knee, while one is holding a lightsaber. What made this photo stand out to Kirk is the lightsaber the woman is holding. The lightsaber has gold trim wrapped around the blade, and the beam is a bright gold light. It is the same weapon he found on Mustafar! From the looks of the photo's quality, it looks to have been snapped way before his time. Kirk unhooks the blade from his belt starting at it.

"So this blade must be around two centuries' old." He says out loud to himself. He hears Chewy give a few growls. Kirk clips the sword back onto his belt, and faces the Wookie. "Do you know who these people are in this photo, Chewy?" He asks as he points at the photo.

Chewy responds with growls and nods of his head to which Kirk could not understand one word of. Kirk just shook his head hopelessly. He looks back up at the photograph – one female Jedi master and another female wearing a traditional Starfleet Captain's uniform. The other three in the photo are males constituting of an Andorian, Tellarite, and a Vulcan. These were the same five species that formed the United Federation of Planets. How can that be when the Jedi were discovered five years ago, yet the photograph looks as if the Jedi made contact way before that? Not to mention that all five in the photo wore clothing dictating high ranks: Admirals, Ambassadors, Lords, and who knows what else… He continues to stare at the group in the picture.

Then something catches his eye. He sees a head to neck shot of what appears to be a bird or dragon of some sort. Kirk looks over to the next picture, which shows those same five appearing to be fighting an army. These are not the type I would want to run into a dark ally. Kirk thinks to himself.

He continues to walk around the room looking at each photograph on the wall, until he and Chewy hear a rattle of a doorknob. The Wookiee softly growls, and points in front of him, while nudging Kirk.

"WHAT?" Kirk asks confused, and alarmed.

Chewy growls, again. He points at a wall that seems to be moving. "What the-"

The Wookiee grabs him by the robes and shoves him towards the direction of a large cabinet.

"OK, ok, I get it. No need to shove-"

The two quickly get into the large cabinet, and shut the door, leaving only a crack open to see who has entered the room. An opening of a door is heard. Chewy moves to get a look, smashing Kirk in the process. The space in the cabinet is not as big as it may appear from the outside.

"Hey, watch it!" He whispers. He hears the Wookiee apologetically growl in a low tone.

They carefully move around to get a good look.

Finally, the two are able to see a hooded figure walk in front of the table with a pitcher of water. He pours some in all of the glasses set around the table. In the last one, at the end of the table, he takes out a white colored pill from his robe pocket, and drops it in as he fills the glass with water.

He sets the pitcher on the middle of the table, and turns to the photo of the five warriors. "Ah, Savitri may the galaxy be forgiven from all its sins when you return." With that, he leaves the room. Moments later the royal family come in through the door he and Chewy walked in a while ago. All five sit down in their seats not saying a word. Kirk watches as the queen sits at the end of the table.

That is when Kirk and Chewy throw open the cabinet doors startling the family.

"Kirk." Leia says, startled.

Kirk ignites the sword cutting the glass cup in half with a spin of the blade.

"Kirk what is going on?" Rey stands up from her seat, eyes wide.

He looks down at himself with the blade in hand, and the water all over the floor with broken glass. Well, I guess that was a bit over-dramatic.

"You think?" He hears Ben reply to his unspoken comment.

Kirk turns to Leia.

"Ma'am, I apologize, but someone is trying to kill you by poisoning your water."

"What?" She asks in disbelief.

"Someone came in here, dropped a white pill in your water, said something about Savitri, and left. Did you not see a hooded man walk out the door just now?"

The family looked at each other. "No."

"Then he must have come through another entrance."

Kirk looks around the room to find the moving wall from earlier. Then he hears Chewy growl and point at a doorway that he did not notice before.

"Where does that lead to?"

"That is the service entrance. It has not been used for many years." Leia tells him.

Kirk and Chewy look at each other for a moment. "Kirk-" Rey begins to say, but before she can say another word, he is off running after whatever man or thing came through that entry way.