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Me, Myself, and I

Chapter One: Split Apart, Yet Whole

Heavy pants came from him as he ran, clutching his bloody and unmoving right arm by its shoulder while he favored his right leg. His eyes were wide with a mix of adrenaline and growing terror while the pouring rain made the blood run and drip to the earth beneath his feet.

This wasn't how things were supposed to happen. All he was supposed to do was ambush some Leaf ninja alongside his compatriots, but then that…that monster ruined it all! She was like a demon in human skin!

He still shivered at the insanity-driven, pink eyes that she had as she stared directly at him. Those eyes pierced his soul and made every instinct he had scream for him to run.

"Oh, Stone-nin~!" called out a feminine voice in an echoing singsong. "Come out, come out, wherever you are~!"

Panic took the place of terror and he tried to move faster to get as far away as he could. But luck was not on his side for his damaged left leg finally twisted on the wet ground, making him fall with a shout of surprised pain as he landed on his back.

"Oh! There you are!" the same voice exclaimed gleefully, making the man's brown eyes widen as he took note of his pursuer landing on a tree branch above his prone form.

She was dressed strangely for a kunoichi; let alone a psychopathic killer in his eyes. On her feet were blood red ninja sandals. Moving upward, she wore equally red shorts that stopped above her knees while her torso held a pure white kimono top with bell sleeves. The kimono was held together by a red obi and it showed her developing figure that had no covering beneath it. Her hair was red and wavy, falling to her rear end and tied around her upper back with a black ribbon. Finishing off her appearance was her eyes, which were a fierce pink and had slit black pupils. (1)

Her eyes shone with insane glee, which was highlighted by the many splashes and flecks of blood that ruined her once pristine kimono and beautiful face. In her hand was a sword that had a serrated edge and was drenched in blood, most likely from his comrades. Leaping down, she landed with an unnatural level of grace and took slow, measured steps toward him.

"I always love a good chase," she commented contently, as if describing something breathtaking. "It makes me feel so refreshed, plus it helps relieve the boredom I go through day after day."

The man was trembling in fear as he tried to use his good arm and leg to move away from her. The glee in her eyes shined brighter at his struggling.

"I really should thank you," she continued, still speaking in an almost sultry whisper. "You and your friends made this little excursion of ours just a bit more memorable." Finally reaching him, she used her left foot to hold him in place and leaned down, staring deep into his terrified eyes while her lips stretched into a grin. "Arigatou," she whispered as she slammed her foot hard enough for him to scream, allowing her to run her sword into his open mouth and through the back of his head.

Slowly, the smile left her face in exchange for a blank look. She then pulled out her sword, letting the edge grab pieces of his skin and pull it out with the blade. Once removed from the body, she swiped it to the side, splattering the ground and grass beside her with the crimson droplets and pieces of flesh before the sword disappeared into a flower marking on her right palm.

She looked down at the body in disgust, biting out, "At least try and stop someone from killing you, you fucking pussy." With that said, she turned around and began to walk back to her group, letting the rain wash away the blood from her body while the kimono she wore continued to stay stained in it.

Entering a clearing, she saw her mentors disposing of the bodies of the ninja that tried to ambush them. One of them looked to her as she approached and she questioned, "All clear?"

"You really need to ask?" fired back the redheaded girl with a smirk that was returned by the questioner.

"Had to check. Did you enjoy yourself, Kisaki-chan?"

Shrugging, she moved over to her tent and began to pack up. "It could've been better. I swear, people turn into complete quims when they're about to die."

The woman hummed thoughtfully at that, having seen plenty of people die given her profession. Turning to her superior, she asked, "Ready to head out, boss?"

The other woman rolled her eyes at the title, but replied, "Yes. Let's head back. No doubt Hokage-sama will want to know what happened here." She then looked to her shared charge and frowned in concern as she finished packing up her tent. Walking over to her, she put a hand on her shoulder, which got Kisaki's attention. "You okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be, sensei?" she asked, raising a slender brow.

"Just checking. You know that Anko and I worry about you…and Kikyo."

Kisaki turned away from the woman at that. "I'm fine, and so is Kikyo. Can we go now?" she asked tersely.

Yugao Uzuki sighed softly, but nodded as she leapt off followed by her partners. It was no secret that Kikyo was a very sensitive subject for Kisaki. Whenever she was brought up, Kisaki would lock herself up emotionally and try to avoid the conversation and the one conversing.

Turning to her friend, Anko Mitarashi, the two shared a look before refocusing on their destination. At a young age, Kisaki was taken in by the Snake Mistress, and the girl was in a very dark place. It happened years ago when the girl was once so innocent and kind, even with the scorn of the village attempting to weigh her down.

Kisaki Uzumaki was an Academy Student at the time, ready to take the plunge into becoming a proud kunoichi of the Hidden Leaf. One night, she had found an unoccupied training field that had leftover weapons scattered around it; the Junkyard, otherwise known as Field 21. She was excited about her find and began to practice with some rusted and worn out kunai, shuriken, and even a ninjato that had its blade broken close to the tip.

At the time, Anko only knew Kisaki from passing glance, scattered greetings due to the girl wanting to be friendly with anyone, and from ill rumors about her. She ignored those rumors, choosing to focus on who Kisaki was as a person; and she was impressed at how optimistic the girl once was.

As for Yugao, she knew of Kisaki; as well as who her mother was. After all, the swordswoman was once a student of another redheaded female; the only other recorded one capable of birthing the young girl. But, while she would've loved nothing more than to get to know her teacher's child, she was an ANBU, and she had a sworn duty of acting under the persona of her given mask. She wasn't able to just retire so easily; but she was close at the time.

That same night, some of the more spiteful and daring citizens of the village pulled together some funds to hire a third-party person to kill the young girl. So, while Kisaki was happily enjoying her time training, she was unprepared for someone to suddenly enter the field and attack her.

No one but her knows exactly what happened. All that anyone knew when they arrived on the scene was that she had gotten a fortunate kill shot on the man when he made a lunge at her and she held up the broken ninjato at the last second. Once people arrived and reached her, they saw that she was covered in the man's blood, her eyes were wide in horror and unmoving, and her body was trembling in her fear-induced shock.

Yugao still felt like the man got a merciful death. She wanted to make him pay for trying to kill Kisaki, but the deed had already been done by the poor girl. What surprises her to this day was that Itachi Uchiha, now a traitor and rogue ninja for killing off his clan save for his brother, was the one that found her and stayed by her side as she became practically catatonic.

After nearly a week of being unresponsive to anyone, she finally moved on her own. But what was strange to everyone was how she had then introduced herself as "Kikyo" and couldn't seem to remember anything about her traumatic experience. It was beyond concerning, and both women remember how the Yamanaka Clan Head, Inoichi, had entered the girl's mind to determine what had happened.

Yugao gave an involuntary shudder at that memory. Within second of entering Kikyo's mind, his body began to receive cuts and slashes before he was ejected from her mind and pushed back into the room's wall by an unseen force. After that, Kikyo's once blue eyes changed to the fierce pink with slit pupils that were associated with Kisaki, and the girl was beyond angry at the invasion of her mental center.

The threats she made, the rage in her eyes, and the sheer protectiveness towards Kikyo made them all see that the girl they knew had now become two girls. The one they once knew as Kisaki was now a fierce and sadistic girl who was adamant about keeping Kikyo safe. As for Kikyo, she took on the role of what Kisaki used to be; kind, compassionate, and innocent to a fault.

Dissociative Identity Disorder

That was what Inoichi had determined what happened to Kisaki. She was two people in one; both of them representing a different side of the same coin. Once that was determined, the Third Hokage spent many days conversing with both personalities in hopes of helping the single body recover. What was surprising was how both sides refused to speak unless Itachi was in the room. This of course was denied by Fugaku, the Head of the Uchiha Clan and Itachi's father.

However, the man was unable to deny a direct order that a Hokage could place on their ANBU, which was the rank Itachi held at the time. So, with the Uchiha prodigy in the room, an agreement was made. Kikyo would be the lead personality when inside the village walls, but Kisaki would take over when Kikyo was in danger and when their body was outside the walls on assignment or on a training trip; much like the recent one the three women just finished.

It worked out well; though it was worth concern to see how attached both Kisaki and Kikyo had become towards Itachi. Even when the Uchiha was on duty as ANBU, other ninja would notice how they would try to find him, as well as how determined they went about it. Fugaku was aggravated by this and almost went to the Hokage to make her leave her son alone.

But he never got the chance because of the Uchiha Massacre.

After that, Itachi left and the dual-persona girl was left in a depressed state. When she had been taken to therapists, Kikyo wouldn't respond and would simply weep in silence while Kisaki would sit in defiant silence, refusing to say a thing. At one point however, Kisaki snapped and cut down the therapist once she began to degrade and insult the Uchiha for his atrocious act.

While many called for her death, Sarutobi was able to deny such action under the grounds of mental distress and, under classification, because Kisaki/Kikyo was the last Uzumaki within the village. The Elders and other Clan Heads were not about to lose an heiress or her clan because of a mental break. In a moment that would only happen once in their lifetime, both sides made efforts to help the girl, even the warmongering Danzo Shimura; though the man explained that only Uzumaki were capable of holding the Kyuubi within them. So, he knew that the village needed her if they wanted to keep a Bijuu.

So, acting on this allied decision, the Council had assigned Kisaki a guardian in Anko, which had surprised the woman greatly. Given her own condition and status, she didn't think she'd be given the position at all. However, it was explained that she was one of the best kunoichi within the village, even if she was only a Special Jonin. With that in mind, they believed that she would be best in teaching Kisaki how to be an essential member of the Ninja Corps.

It was completely militaristic in view, but she accepted the position. In truth, she saw this is a great opportunity to try and establish a connection with a fellow outcast and help keep her from going down the wrong path.

Once word of this reached Yugao, she had immediately went to Sarutobi and just short of demanded him to let her retire from ANBU so that she could help watch over Kisaki. She presented plenty of arguments to support her decision, and she was approved the following week.

So, with two new guardians in their life, Kisaki and Kikyo slowly broke out of their shells and gave the women a chance. Kisaki was the one who opened up fastest when presented with the opportunity to learn how to fight. She had been "born" thanks to the trauma, and she enjoyed the idea of battling and, in her words, "painting the ground red with blood".

While unnerved, Yugao and Anko knew that Kisaki would need a way to protect herself. So, they began to teach her, but tried to pace the more sadistic persona. Unfortunately for them, Kisaki excelled in anything related to combat and she quickly took in everything presented to her like a sponge. Kenjutsu, ninjutsu, and advanced taijutsu were a breeze for her, much to their concern.

As for Kikyo, she was terrified of battle and saw it as something horrific. She preferred to learn things that would keep her from fighting; though she wasn't against some form of self-defense. So, she leaned more towards arts such as medical ninjutsu, genjutsu, and fuinjutsu. Her reasoning was that she could still help and protect others without having to personally get involved in a fight.

"Kisaki-nee wants to do that," she had said at the time.

So, Anko called in a favor in her close friend, Kurenai Yuhi, to give Kikyo some pointers. The Snake Mistress was still slightly jealous at how much the kinder persona and her friend had clicked.

Kikyo had also taken the time to shadow some of the medical staff and a couple of them had even given her some pointers on their branch of ninjutsu, which she enjoyed. As for fuinjutsu, she spent long nights reading over scrolls, her nose practically touching the paper as she immersed herself in the art.

After years of study and practice, the shared body of Kisaki and Kikyo had become a splendid kunoichi that was proficient in nearly all of the ninja arts. No one was able to fully determine why she had so much drive to get better, but Sarutobi had an idea.

He had just dismissed the three women, hiding his wonderment at how much the now fifteen year old kunoichi had grown over the years. No longer was she the frightened or broken girl she used to be, and in her place was kunoichi her parents would've been proud of. But still, the drive she showed was aimed at something.

He wasn't called the "Professor" just for his level of intellect and skill in various branches. He was also very observant, and he had little doubt that the drive shown in both Kisaki and Kikyo was because of something he had involuntarily started. It was Kikyo who had asked about the chances of running into rogue ninja outside of the village, and he had honestly told her his hypothetical estimate.

Kisaki then came up with the idea of becoming a Hunter Ninja, which Sarutobi had stated was an impressive goal and said that she could one day be the person to bring in criminals such as Orochimaru and Itachi.

He sighed as he realized that it was finding Itachi that was fueling the girl. That attachment had never fully faded since his departure, and the small part that lingered had become so solidified that both personas believed that their best chance of finding him again was to actively "hunt" him down. A weathered hand reached up and tiredly rubbed his forehead as he came to the conclusion that he'd have to try and find some way to sway her from that path.

Every side of his thought process, be it emotional or rational, didn't believe he had a chance in hell.

"Here again, Kikyo-chan?" asked a nurse with a kind smile as the blue-eyed persona walked up to the Check-In Desk.

The girl smiled and nodded. "I know I still need more lessons. So far, I can only fix cracked bones. I need to move onto fractured and then broken ones."

The nurse nodded in understanding as she wrote a note on a slip of paper, handing it to the Uzumaki. "Go ahead and take that to Yakushi-kun. I'm sure he'll be happy to continue your studies."

"Thank you, Hibara-san," the redhead replied as she took the note and went to find the medic in question. She had met him a couple of times, and he was always very polite with her.

"You realize that he's only so nice to us because our condition interests him so much, right?" voiced Kisaki from within Kikyo's mind. "We're a subject of study in his eyes; nothing more."

'Maybe… But, is it so wrong to give people the benefit of the doubt, nee-sama?' she asked back.

"Give them an inch, they take a mile. I'm only looking out for you, imouto…"

Kikyo smiled at her sister, happy that she was always looking out for her; even if she disapproved of Kisaki's obsession with combat…and blood. She then opened up a door to a patient's room and saw the person she was looking for changing a fluid bag on a resting patient.

Noticing her arrival, Kabuto Yakushi gave her a kind smile. "Hello Kikyo-san. Or is it Kisaki-san this time?" he greeted with a small chuckle.

"It's Kikyo," she answered with her own giggle that made Kisaki give a universal gag me sign. "I was hoping to continue my lessons."

Taking the note presented to him, he looked it over before giving her an apologetic look. "I'm sorry Kikyo-san, but I'm quite booked today. Maybe tomorrow when I have less responsibilities, okay?"

"Oh, alright then. I'll just…let you get back to it," she awkwardly said, not knowing what else to say. Bidding him farewell, she left the hospital and sighed. 'What to do…'

"We can always bother the other so-called graduates," suggested Kisaki. "I can't believe how pathetic some of them are; especially the girls! By the Kami, they're embarrassing to be associated with!"

'They're not…too bad,' Kikyo tried to defend, but it came out unsure and hesitant.

"You don't believe that for one damn second, do you?" deadpanned her other half.

'…Not really, no,' she answered with a sheepish expression, earning the sound of Kisaki palming her face echoing in her thoughts.

"At any rate, find us a training field. We need to refresh ourselves."

Mentally nodding, Kikyo used the Body Flicker to arrive at Field #44, just outside of the gated Forest of Death. Once there, she held up a cross handseal and summoned forth a solid clone that twitched for a second before rolling its neck.

"About time," muttered the clone before its eyes opened, revealing the pink orbs Kisaki had. "Alright, you go work on whatever you want, imouto. I'm gonna see how long I can last in there before I disperse."

Nodding, the blue-eyed half gave her sibling a concerned look. "Don't hurt them too much… They're just animals."

Rolling her eyes, Kisaki replied, "Exactly, and as animals, they will only act like instinctual beasts. If they come at me, I'm not holding back. But, if it makes you feel any better, I won't use my sword. Happy?"

Her sister smiled brightly. "Alright. Try to bring one of them back so that I could practice my healing techniques."

"No promises, considering I'm using a clone's body," retorted Kisaki as she leapt over the fence and disappeared into the dense forest. After she left, Kikyo pulled out a calligraphy set and some tags.

It was just another day for the two twins.

"So, how is she doing?" asked a silver haired Jonin who wore a facemask and his headband over one of his eyes.

Anko took a sip of her sake and asked back jokingly, "Which one?"

Giving her a bored look, he stayed silent and returned his gaze to the orange book in his hand.

"She's fine, senpai," replied Yugao as she took a drink of her water. "More than ready for the next Chunin Exams, and she's doing alright emotionally as well."

"And her studies?" Kurenai asked, genuinely curious at how far Kikyo had taken her teachings.

Anko rolled her eyes and leaned back in her seat, eyeing the other Jonin around her. The sensei of the rookie teams holding practically all of the clan heirs and heiresses were there, along with Guy and Hayate; Yugao's boyfriend. It honestly bothered her at how curious they were now that Kisaki/Kikyo was a successful investment for the village.

'Why couldn't they show this amount of interest before I took her in?' she mentally ranted, taking a breath to keep such thoughts from become vocal. "She practices every day; even on weekends. She has something to prove, that's for sure."

Guy smiled and gave his signature thumbs-up. "Her Flames of Youth burn brightly, then!"

The others didn't even bother to comment on his exuberant statement. "You know," began Asuma Sarutobi, "if she's a wind type, I'd be happy to give her some help."

"And what about your students?" queried Anko with a frown. Both personas were her and Yugao's apprentices, and it'd be a cold day in hell before they gave the split-minded girl to another teacher. Kurenai was an exception due to both of them having practically no knowledge in genjutsu.

"I can balance teaching them and giving her some pointers," confidently replied the smoker, tossing away a used up cigarette.

Kakashi gave the man a sidelong glance. "I doubt that, to be honest with you. I won't deny that, even if I really want to, I wouldn't be able to teach her and my team at the same time. This recent mission to Wave proved that to me."

Anko couldn't help but throw in a barb. "Your laziness finally get the better of you, Cyclops?"

"You could say that," he answered, putting away his book. "I need to step up my game as a teacher; otherwise I'll get them killed."

Kurenai gave an approving nod. "At least you can notice faults before they become hazardous. And I agree with you in terms of balancing teaching."

She couldn't take it anymore! Standing up and slamming her palms on the table, Anko shouted, "Where the fuck do you all get off, huh?!" Seeing how she got their attention, along with a mix of shock and surprise, she continued, "Who the hell do you think you are, trying to take our student and charge away from us?! Better yet, where the fuck were any of you before she became the local gossip prodigy?!"

Yugao sighed at her friend's outburst, but she said nothing to stop her. She was right in a way, after all.

Crossing her arms under her chest, Anko glared at her colleagues. "Get this through to your heads; Kikyo and Kisaki are our girls. I appreciate how willing you are to help, but I find it annoying and fucked up that you all wait until now to do a fucking thing for her."

With her piece said, she walked out of the bar they were seated in. Yugao waited for her to leave before she too stood up, closely followed by her boyfriend. "While I wouldn't have said it like that, I completely agree with Anko. Focus on your own students' growths and leave the twins to us."

She too then took her leave with Hayate, leaving the others to contemplate their words in silence.

"You didn't have to be so rough on him, nee-sama," admonished Kikyo as she looked over an unconscious bear that had many bruises and a few cracked ribs.

"Hey, that walking floor rug tried to fucking maul me!" defended the pink-eyed twin as she polished her sword. "I wasn't gonna take that shit lying down!"

Sighing without stopping her work, the kinder twin commented, "You picked up too much of Anko-nee-sama's mannerisms…"

"And you became a prude like Yugao-nee," fired back Kisaki with a smirk.

The two then shared a laugh at the barbs shared, enjoying the moment they had together as sisters. Sitting in silence, the two just enjoyed the moment as Kisaki continued her weapon maintenance and Kikyo attended to her patient.

After a moment, she stepped away from the beast, letting her sister drag it back into the forest and lock the gates. Clapping her hand free of dirt and fur, Kisaki turned to her twin. "They said that we'll be going on a mission outside of the Land of Fire this week. Something about looking after some big shot actress or something."

"Actress?" mused Kikyo, tapping her chin cutely before she perked up, smiling excitedly. "Ooh! What if it's Yukie Fujikaze?!"

Raising a brow, the pink-eyed twin asked, "From the Princess Gale movies?" The possibility went through her mind and she shrugged. "Could be… But I wouldn't get your hopes up, imouto. It could just be some random actress that we've never heard of."

She sweatdropped when she noted that her younger twin wasn't even listening to her; too lost in her excitement. She even saw a blush on her face, making her roll her eyes. She wasn't ashamed to admit that she and Kikyo held more of an attraction to their own sex, finding women to be better choices both emotionally and intellectually.

But still, even if they preferred women, they both held one male close to their hearts. Sighing, Kisaki almost sulked as she wished that he would be a she. But, that was just wishful thinking. 'Wherever you are, Itachi...we'll find you. I swear it.'

"Achoo!" sneezed a ravenette man with the eyes of a legendary clan.

"Catching a cold, Kin Slayer?" joked a blue-skinned giant of a man with a bandaged object on his back.

Ignoring his partner's amused query, a certain Uchiha rubbed at his chest and frowned in annoyances at the feeling of his bandages becoming worn out from the harsh weather of the Hidden Rain. "I'm fine. Let's get going. We have a job to do."

As he left, the taller man gave off a chuckle. "Right behind you, partner."

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And there we are with the first chapter of this idea! For those of you who might still be confused, let me explain:

Kisaki (the original one) suffered through a traumatic experience and her psyche remedied that by splitting in half. The original half reverted back to its once innocent persona and gained a new name while the new half kept the original name, but matured dramatically from experiencing a cruel aspect of the world and humanity.

This half, Kisaki, became the mental (and sometimes physical) protector of the other half, Kikyo. As such, she became the "elder twin" and embraced the darker side of humanity; becoming sadistic, bloodthirsty, yet fiercely protective. The "younger twin" grew up with a fear of violence, seeing how much it changed her twin, and chose to take on studies that would keep her relatively far from it.

Both sisters will also have different levels of skill/control with their chakra, which you readers will see in future chapters.

Basically, Kisaki Uzumaki is the elder and slightly unstable twin while Kikyo is the younger and more innocent one.

As for the story's pairing, I was going to have it be a yuri pairing between the Twins and "Itachi" Uchiha. If anyone has a decent female name for Itachi, I'd be very grateful.

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