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I created this story long before the Sun & Moon games/anime series was announced and about a year before the XY series ended. As I edit, however, I will try to make this fact irrelevant without changing the story too much.

Also, I made all these characters older than they are stated to be in the anime:

Ash Ketchum – Ash is 16 years old at the start of the first chapter because, like many other fans, I had to make him and the other characters age. My headcanon is that he was 10 in Kanto and Johto, 11 in Alola and the Orange Islands, 12 in Hoenn and during the advanced generation series, 13 in Sinnoh, 14 in Unova, 15 in Kalos, and in this story, he had recently turned 16, with his canon birthday being May 22nd. The reason I believe he visited Alola immediately after Johto, then went to the Orange Islands and Hoenn is because he seems only slightly more mature in Alola and his character design made him seem younger than he did in the post-original series regions. Also, the return of Misty and Brock in their old designs encourages this idea.

Currently, Ash is still in Kalos, although the Pokémon League Tournament for that year has ended. He's traveling with Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie and was recently joined by Duplica. As usual, Team Rocket is nearby.

Misty Waterflower – Misty is 17 in the first chapter.

Brock Harrison– Brock's canon age at the beginning of the anime was fourteen, So, in this fic I made him 20.

Forrest Harrison – Brock's younger brother is rarely mentioned in the anime, but he does exist and became the gym leader at some point after Brock left to travel with Ash. I assumed he was about ten years old when he replaced Brock the Pewter City Gym Leader, so I made him thirteen in this fic.

Jessie Tonaka – As far as I know, Jessie of Team Rocket does not have a canon nor 'fanon' last name the way Brock, Misty, and even James do, so I picked 'Tonaka' out for her. There is a lot of information about her past that is canon, such as the identity of her mother, how she first met James at Pokémon Tech, how they both failed out and joined a bike gang together, and how she was temporarily separated from James and was not on good terms with him when they joined Team Rocket separately. Some sources say that she was 17, others say that she was 25 at the beginning of the anime. I made her and James 25 in this fic. EDIT: in 2017 I learned that 25 is Japanese canon, and 17 was never true. Nevertheless, they're still 25 in my story despite my timeline putting them past 30.

James Morgan – This last name is not canon but 'fanon', so like 'Harrison' and 'Waterflower', it is a name many fans often use for James. He is 25 too.

Duplica Imitae – this is the teal-haired girl who had two Ditto. She meets Ash, Brock, and Misty in Kanto. She appeared in at least two episodes, débuting in the episode Ditto's Mystery Mansion. Though her Japanese name is 'Imite' and her mansion called 'The House of Imite', in the original version of this fic I accidentally referred to her with the surname 'Imitae'. Because she appears in sequels that I already edited, I am going to keep this spelling for consistency. She is the same age as Ash, so sixteen.

Mondo – Mondo is a canon character and member of Team Rocket, but he isn't mentioned outside the Japanese radio dramas from the 90s. He has a Ditto and a Tauros and worked as an assistant to Jessie and James when they were in Kanto. He has a lot of respect for James, Jessie, and Meowth and is a few years younger than them. I made him 17 in this fic. I did not give Mondo a last name.

Iris Negai and Cilan Gaulle – I made them 16 and 20 respectively. I gave Cilan the French surname 'Gaulle' because he always seemed French to me and didn't have a surname, and I gave Iris the surname 'Negai' which was inspired by the term Negaishipping. Negai means 'wish' or 'request' in Japanese.

Clemont Dupont, Bonnie Dupont, and Serena Yvonne – Clemont is 17, Bonnie is 9, and Serena is 15. The name 'Dupont' is French and it is heavily implied that they are French, and Serena's surname is based off her Manga counterpart 'Y' who is frequently referred to as 'Yvonne' by fans.

Jessiebelle Winchester- My guess is that she is the same age as Jessie and James, 25. I made this last name up. I made her a bit more sadistic than I think the writers had in mind: just a heads up.

Meowth – Meowth's age is never stated. My headcanon is that regardless of his physical age, maturity-wise he's on the same level as Jessie and James.

Pokémon sexes – canonically, Meowth, Wobbuffet, and Ash's Pikachu are male. This is known because some Pokémon have physical characteristics that indicate their assigned gender at birth/ their physical sex. I'm not 100% about the other Pokémon that have major roles in the anime, though Sir Aron's Lucario and the Mewtwo from the first movie (the same Mewtwo from the Detective Pikachu movie) have deep male voices indicating that they are most likely male. Their ages vary. I am open to any input here at all it doesn't matter to me which gender they use.

I refer to all Pokémon in the plural form the same as I would in the singular form and I capitalize their names. Ex: 'a herd of Tauros' or 'a dozen Pikachu'. This is canon in the games. I also capitalize the names of their attacks, which is also canon in the games. Ex: "The flock of Pidgey were affected by Abra's Hypnosis." Places such as the 'Vermillion Gym' and 'Pokémon Center' and items such as 'Sitrus berries' and 'Master Balls' will also follow the game canon and be capitalized.

Random and less important characters:

James' Parents: Akane Morgan and William James Morgan

James' Grandparents: Linda and Paul Morgan (Nanny and Pop-pop)

Jessiebelle's Parents: Kyoko Winchester and Alastair Winchester

Thank you for getting through the notes, finally, here we begin!

Chapter 1: Kalos- Where Dreams and Adventures Begin?

Kalos, Spring 2014

Jessie, James, and Meowth were asleep in a small abandoned Team Plasma cabin outside of Lumiose city. Jessie tossed and turned as images of a red Gyarados battling a Dragonite raced through her mind. Then the dream shifted to something more familiar, a flashback:

Jessie was walking through the woods with James. They were alone, Meowth was back at camp. They were exhausted and filthy after a battle against a powerful Rhyperior. Though Ash and friends assisted them, the battle was still stressful, and so were the events leading up to it. It was the day she almost left Team Rocket for good.

"I'm glad you're coming home," James said after a long, uncomfortable silence.

Jessie nodded. "Where is home?" she wondered aloud.

"We set the balloon down behind these trees."

As he spoke, the deflated Meowth head came into view.

"We can move it if you want," said James. "Meowth wanted to put it closer to the river but I wanted to find a more secluded area."

"This is fine," Jessie said as she tossed one of her bags into the balloon's gandola. She set down her overnight bag and started to open it. "You already built a fire and put up the tent. I don't know about you but I did enough physical labor for today. I just wanna go to sleep."


"You and Meowth can have the tent to yourselves tonight; I wanna stay out here."

It wasn't unusual for Jessie to request a place to sleep separate from her partners, but usually, it didn't work out or at the very least, she got the tent and the boys got the cold.

"Are you sure?" James inquired. "It's cold and there's potenially dangerous wild Pokémon…we won't make a peep."

"I'm sure," Jessie responded.

James knew that look. It was the 'I'm not changing my mind so don't ask again' look.

"We'll save you a spot in case you change your mind," said James.

James took his pajamas out of his backpack and headed into the tent.

Meowth didn't speak. For once he'd decided that the best thing for him to do was to shut his big Meowth. The only sound was that of their footsteps and the mesmerizing chirp of the wild Volbeat and Illumise.

Jessie knew that James was worried. Her demeanor was out-of-character. It's not that she was always temperamental, but usually, she had a lot to say after a major fail…

'Enough of this reflection stuff,' she told herself. 'It's a waste of time…'

She closed her eyes and pretended to sleep, hoping that James and Meowth were genuinely happy that she chose to not abandon her teammates.

"What's eatin ya?" Meowth asked James as he climbed into his cat-sized sleeping bag. "You twos are never dis quiet. Da air is as thick as pea soup round here. It's makin me nervous."

Wobbuffet put his arm on James in concern.

"It's okay," James whispered. "Truly. We're just tired. Tomorrow everything will be back to normal."

"Okayyya," said Meowth, his voice lower than before. "But I know how yous two feel 'bout one another. You ain't foolin nobody. Especially yereself."

"I'm going to sleep now."

"I'm just saying dat time is runnin out. It's not like yous two are gonna go on livin like dis forever. If yous don't tell her how yous feel, den she's just gonna leave de team and go runnin off with de next guy dat gives her a warm place to sleep and a meal. I know yous don't want dat."

James glared at Meowth. He decided to drop the subject, preventing the tension among the three of them from getting even worse.

"Wobbuffet, get outta here and protect Jessie," Meowth demanded. "And do it quietly."

"Wobba," he agreed before leaving to find his mom.

Jessie stared at their tent until she heard Meowth's gentle snoring. Then she took a deep breath and walked inside. As she expected, James was still awake. He jumped up when she entered.

"Would you mind going for a walk with me and Wobbuffet?" she whispered.

"I thought you were asleep," James said as he sat up.

"I can't go to sleep. So, walk?"

"I suppose I can use a walk."

They crawled out of the tent, careful not to wake Meowth and the other Pokémon.

"Is everything alright?" James asked once they were a short distance away.

"No," Jessie asserted. "We have business to settle about you and me. You know that."

"I just want us to be okay again. This is the first time things have ever been awkward between us."

He bit his lip and waited a few seconds for her to react.

"Yeah but every time we argue, we make up. Why should it be different this time?" Jessie choked, tears forming in her eyes.

James was taken aback. Jessie wasn't quick to share her feelings, nor to genuinely break down.

"We didn't technically argue," he said softly. "If you don't want to share any details with me, that's fine, but I'm curious as to why you left Dr. White. You said you loved him and you and Wobbuffet would be happy living there."

"I was wrong, about so many things," Jessie admitted. More tears fell and she rubbed them viciously. "I said I would never fall in love and get married, I said I would never leave Team Rocket, I said I would never let you down, and I almost did all of those things in just one day. You must think I'm pathetic."

James rubbed her back and was comforted only by the fact that he himself had yet to cry.

"You're just about the least pathetic person I know," James began. "Surely you don't really think you are anything short of amazing."

Jessie smiled back. Anyone can flatter her, but only one person ever really made her feel wanted, and that was her best friend.

"You must have hated me for leaving," Jessie said as she turned away. "I was so pissed when I thought that you decided to stay with Jessiebelle and here I go doing the same thing to you a few years later."

"How could I hate you? You're my best friend. I want you to be happy," James said as he gave her a hug. "No matter what happens, I'll stand by it all."

Jessie let the words sink in. "I never want to hurt you again. Not like this. I want us to be close again. Can we put this behind us?"


They walked back to camp, hand in hand. Jessie moved here sleeping bag into the tent and placed it in the reserved spot between James and Meowth. Meowth opened one sleepy eye and saw the two of them lying together.

It took Jessie a while to realize over a year had passed since that night. She looked over at her partners. Both were fast asleep. Meowth was passed out and snoring. James lied peacefully with his Pokéballs close. He always slept with them nearby. She closed her eyes and drifted back off.


The next day, Meowth packed up camp while James filled their water canteens and Jessie stood lookout for Ash and his companions.

"Ha!" she said, putting down her binoculars. "The two girl-twerps are headed towards the shopping mall!"

"But where's Ash and Pikachu?" asked Meowth.

"If I knew where they were, I would have said something! I say we follow the twerpettes and let them lead us to Pikachu." Jessie returned the binoculars to her knapsack. "Let's get moving, James."

No one responded.

"James?" she repeated. "James!"

She looked around to discover that James was missing.

"He was just here a minute ago," said Meowth.

"Stop stating the obvious and help me look for him," Jessie retorted.

"James!" the two of them yelled together. They looked around the campsite and in the surrounding forest but saw no sign of him. After nearly an hour of searching, they decided to stalk the twerpettes without him.

"Maybe he'll catch up later," said Jessie.

"Sure, but if he doesn't, I'm not sharin da credit wit him if we actually manage ta catch some rare monz," said Meowth.

"I agree entirely…"

"Yer worried."

"Just stop. We have work to do."

Meanwhile, James lied in the back of what appeared to be some kind of truck. Groggy, his last recollection was of kneeling in front of the river. He sensed something behind him but before he could react, he was knocked out by mysterious pollen that covered his body.

Now, he tried to yell for Jessie and Meowth, but his mouth was covered with duct tape. He tried to remove the tape but discovered that his limbs were duct-taped together too.


"Dis plan is genius," Meowth told Jessie.

"Shut it, Meowth. I'm trying to listen to them speak," Jessie replied. "We need to get closer."

Jessie, Meowth, and Wobbuffet followed Serena and Bonnie into a department store. Jessie's hair was curled and dyed a dark blond with highlights. She wore red-framed glasses and a simple sundress with a matching straw hat. Meowth wore a red collar and walked on all fours to resemble a normal Meowth. Wobbuffet walked behind them, dressed as a little girl.

"If anyone's gonna blow our cover, it's gonna be dis lug," Meowth grumbled.

"Wob," Wobbuffet defended.

"We need a third person…so there," Jessie asserted. "Wobbuffet, just don't talk."


Serena and Bonnie laughed as they tried on jewelry. Jessie and Meowth smirked.

"I really like this one," said Serena. She picked up the necklace and put it on herself.

"It's pretty," said Bonnie. "And the tag says that it was made by an Aipom! How cool!"

Serena continued to read the tag. "For every necklace sold, half the profit goes to supporting the Committee for the Protection of Rare or Endangered Pokémon. Let's get one for Ash, Duplica, and Clemont."

"You're the kindest and best big sister ever."

"Dey're sistas?" Meowth asked Jessie. "Dat's awkward, yous were shipping de lemon kid and—"

"Shush," said Jessie.

"She's in a tighta mood den usual."

"Wobba," Wobbuffet agreed.

"This is fun," Serena told Bonnie. "Let's go to that store that has all the cool accessories for Pokémon and their trainers."

Jessie and the Pokémon grew bored with the girls' conversations. Concern over James' uncharacteristic disappearance took over all of their minds, Jessie's most of all.

"Listen," Meowth said after a while. "Dey're talkin about de twerp."

"Why don't you like Ash anymore?" Bonnie asked Serena.

"I still like Ash! I…I just like him differently from before," Serena replied. "Sometimes people move on."

"Do you have a crush on someone else?"


"I've been trying my best to get Clemont a girlfriend but no one ever wants to go out with him. Why don't you go out with him?"

"I suppose I would but he never asked me."

"You mean if he asked you out you would definitely say yes?"

"Of course. I wouldn't want to hurt his feelings, and—"

"I gotta tell him this!"

"I think you should stop trying so hard to find your brother a girlfriend, it's kinda weird. Clemont doesn't like it either."

"But if I don't help him no one will!"

"He doesn't need any help; he's fine just the way he is. Maybe one day he'll meet someone extra special, but that will be up to him, not up to you."

"I guesso...Sorry, Serena. You said that the last time I brought it up…"

"It's alright. Let's head to the food court—they might already be there waiting for us."

"Thrilling," Jessie mumbled. "Meowth, I couldn't care less about the twerpette's love life."

"First of all, I didn't know dey were gonna talk about dat specifically, and second of all, yous and James talk about dat all de time," Meowth retorted.

"Wobba!" Wobbuffet scolded, defending Jessie.

Jessie, Meowth, and Wobbuffet reluctantly followed Serena and Bonnie. Their plan was to wait until the Ash showed up with Pikachu and then they would create a diversion. While they were distracted, Meowth would sneak up behind Pikachu and shoot him with a tranquilizing dart. They would then run off before anyone noticed Pikachu was missing. As they got ready to initiate their attack, Jessie and Meowth couldn't help but feel sad that James wasn't around to see them achieve victory, especially since it had been months since the last time to capture the electric rodent. They stuck with their plan anyway.


What seemed like an eternity later, the truck that carried James halted. Light pierced his eyes as four figures appeared before him. When his eyes adjusted, he was shocked to discover the identity of his kidnappers.

"James, Dear, you should have told me you were in Kalos. We could have met up sooner. You know how much I adore the Kalos region!"

Jessiebelle stood in front of James. With her were two Machoke and Vileplume. She ripped the duct tape off of his mouth.

"Are you insane?" James asked. "And ouch, that really hurt…"

"After our last encounter, your parents begged me to forgive you for the way you acted towards me. I decided that I would forgive you, as long as you married me, and now that we can put this behind us, I am ready for us to be married," she explained.

"You want me to apologize?! You should be the one apologizing! You chased me around with a whip, had your Vileplume attack me with Sleep Powder and Stun Spore, and told my two best friends that they would never see me again. Then you kidnapped me years later, and now again... There's no way I'm ever going to marry you! There's something seriously wrong with you."

"I'm not the problem. You are. Your parents are growing irritated with you. You are an embarrassment. It's time to grow up. Without me, you are never going to get that fortune or your parents' respect."

"I don't want their money or their respect! I want to live with Jessie and Meowth and never have to worry about high-class living ever again. And I will never leave my teammates behind."

"Don't tell me you've fallen in love with that tramp and her weird talking cat."

"What makes you think I would prefer you over them?"

"You know that sooner or later you are going to have to settle down and start a family. You are twenty-five years old!"

"I already have a family and you are not part of it. They're probably worried sick about me."

"They don't care about you. They are lowlife thieves that would do anything for money. You are too blind to see it."

"You don't know them at all."

Jessiebelle sighed and looked to her Pokémon.

"If I can't get you to agree with me, I will just have to take more extreme measures," she grumbled. "Vileplume, use Stun Spore and Sleep Powder!"

James was instantly silenced by the attack. Her two Machamp, Alice and Andrey carried him to the basement of the unfamiliar facility. When he finally woke up and was able to move, James discovered that he was tied to a chair in the middle of a low-lit room. He recognized it as her personal torture chamber.

"I hope you are comfortable," Jessiebelle said as James struggled against the restraints.

"Let me go," James demanded. "I wanna go home!"

"I want to make a deal. If you marry me, then I will be kind enough to donate a handsome sum of our money to those two criminals you call friends—enough for them to afford to quit Team Rocket."

"No deal!"

"Mull it over."

"I'd rather be with them and be poor than be rich and stuck with you! I have a better deal: you bring me back to my camp and never bother me again, then we both continue living our lives on separate continents."

Jessiebelle shook her head and laughed a laugh so evil it made him shiver.

"I can have a private search squad find and arrest them within an hour," said Jessiebelle. "Then they will spend the rest of their lives behind bars."

"What will they be arrested for?" said James. "Failing?"

"We have been watching you for a while…you have robbed many facilities. There are also charges for loitering, driving without a license, tax evasion, missing court dates, capturing Pokémon from reserves…on more than one occasion, you kidnapped several children. We have documentation of all of this and more."

"Prove it!"

Jessiebelle growled, then reached into a cabinet a short distance away from where they stood. She cleared her throat and read:

"In August 2005 you stole one hundred water bottles from a convenience store in—"

"You would've stolen that water too! It was 98 degrees and our van broke down!"

"Such an environmental hazard…then you sold it and made approximately $513.00. Please, that's enough for half an entrée at Le Louvre!"

"They won't lock us up over a petty crime!"

"December 2013, you lured four children into your van and drove eight miles before they escaped. You were fined $1000 and given a court date, but you never paid that fine nor showed up to court. You each earned fifteen years in prison and a fine of $10,000. Pocket change to me, but to them…Dear, that's more than you probably make a year working for that deprived organization! Don't you see? I can make it so that you will never see them again. That is, of course, what I plan on doing if you refuse to marry me."

"What kind of monster are you?"

"The kind that knows how to get her future husband to cooperate."

James couldn't think of what was worse, being married to Jessiebelle, being separated from his friends forever, or being in jail forever, possibly in a different prison from his friends. Jessiebelle would make him give up his Pokémon too, even the cute ones like Mime Jr, who he was recently reunited with.

'I'll figure a way out of this no matter what,' he decided.


"Tthat was a total bust," Jessie moaned.

"If it weren't for dat stupid copycat, we woulda gotten Pikachu fer sure," sighed Meowth.

Earlier that day...

Jessie and Meowth waited for Ash and Pikachu to show up at the food court with Serena and Bonnie. Before he sat down, Jessie stepped in front of him and engaged him in conversation. She made up some lie about how she thought she had battled him a while back. Ash talked about how she looked familiar, but he honestly couldn't remember when he had run into her. Meowth stabbed Pikachu with the tranquilizing dart and scurried off with the Pokémon before anyone noticed. When Jessie saw that Meowth was gone, she dismissed Ash and left the food court. The Pikachu they swiped, however; wasn't the Pokémon they were looking for.

"We can still get away with this Ditto, even though it isn't what we came for. We can use it to make money or impress the Boss," said Jessie.

"Or both," Meowth agreed.

Before they could make their getaway, the twerps showed up with the Ditto's master: Duplica Imitae of Kanto. They engaged in battle using every Pokémon in their roster, from Mimikyu to Meowth, and lost badly.

"Let's head back to camp," said Jessie. "James should be back by now…"


James nervously sat in the limo beside Jessiebelle on their way to his family's estate. Jessiebelle could have taken the private jet the final thousand miles, but she insisted on traveling by car instead because it would give her more time to talk to James.

He agreed to marry her if it meant that Jessie and Meowth could live comfortably and stay out of jail—but though he swore it to her, he had no intention of surrendering so effortlessly.

As soon as Jessiebelle gave a good sum of cash to his friends, James would order an anullment. He would be left with half of his inheritance, and then he could return to Team Rocket. All he would have to do is stay married to Jessiebelle for exactly thirty days, to make the marriage official, and then he could take his half of the money and run. He just hoped that he would be able to talk to Jessie privately to explain his plan before she got too angry about him marrying Jessiebelle and live to tell the tale…


"Dis isn't good, Jessie. James ain't nowhere to be found," said Meowth. "I found his canteen on da ground where he sat fillin it dis mornin. I only got two of his Pokéballs—Inkay and Mime Jr. Inkay says dat he hears someone say 'Stun Spore and Sleep Powda' and da next thing he knew he could no longer feel James' presence. When he came outta his ball, James was nowhere ta be found. Mime Jr says dat he was asleep when dat musta happened. Ta top it all off, I noticed Sleep Powda and Stun Spore remnants on de grass near de riva."

"If someone was after us, why would they only go for James and not us?" Jessie pondered aloud.

"At de very least you tink dey'd steal his Pokémon, too. Are you tinkin what I'm tinkin?"

"All I know is that he isn't anywhere around here and that isn't normal for James. He doesn't even piss without letting us know…I say we report this."

"Ta de cops?"

"We'll disguise ourselves and be vague, run away after we get what we want… I won't be able to sleep otherwise."

"Den let's get movin."

In the same disguises they used earlier that day, they headed to the closest police station. Officer Jenny sent out a search team to find James and told them that she would inform them as soon as James was found. Jessie checked her cell phone every few minutes all night to see if James or officer Jenny called, but no one did.

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