My Partner?


Nick turned around from his desk to see the one and only hyperactive bunny, Judy Hopps, beaming a huge smile at him. She held her phone in her paws, and upon hearing a beep from it, she shot out of her chair.

Ever since the case of the fourteen missing mammals, they have been partners. Nick didn't mind it, he loved working with Judy. He enjoyed going on patrols, arresting criminals, and working with her in general. Since Nick joined the force, he had been Judy's partner. He would always work with her or somewhere near her. He would ride with her to work, get her a coffee in the morning and hang out with her on break. Thankfully, Judy seemed to enjoy his company.

Nick smiled back at Judy, and she could tell that he was hard at work coming up with a sly quip or joke. Judy didn't mind his jokes. In fact, those jokes became her nicknames. Names like Carrots, Sweetheart, and Cottontail. Judy didn't really care about the nicknames—she loved them. She was never bothered by Nick's sense of humour. He was a mammal who wasn't based off of the predator and prey book. She knew he played by his own rules, and she liked that. Judy thought that their partnership was unique, different from other officers. They were just that close. Nick and Judy loved spending time with each other, they were friends. They complimented each other.

Judy looked up from her phone with a grin glued to her face. Nick raised a brow at her. "Hey Carrots, what's up—"

"I'm meeting an old friend!" Judy shouted with enthusiasm. "Sorry, just excited," she replied as her calm composure returned.

Nick laughed. "It's alright Whiskers. So, who's the bunny?" He smirked.

Judy bit her lip. "Actually, it's not a bunny." She smiled. "It's a fox!"

Nick froze up. A fox? He thought. Nick would never have considered Judy to be friends with a fox, let alone any predator. He thought he was her first fox friend. But he knew Judy, she was optimistic. Nick raised a brow, thinking about his next few words carefully.

"A fox? Never would've imagined it." He chuckled.

Judy frowned. "Yeah, I know. But we weren't always... friends," Judy said slowly while she swayed back and forth on her feet.

"What do you mean?" Nick inquired as he reached for his coffee on the corner of his desk.

"Well, actually..." Judy's voice fell into a whisper, "He bullied me at first."

"What!" Nick choked on his coffee as he fell off his seat and onto his knees. "Are you serious?" He asked in mellow tone, though his face showed concern.

Judy's ears flung up. Nick peeked out of their cubicle to see that nearly every officer in the building was looking at their cubicle, where the source of the disruptive noise had came from. Nick had then realized after his brief choking episode, he had made a lot noise, thus attracting everyone's attention. After an awkward moment of staring, the mammals resumed their work.

"Nick, are you okay—"

Nick waved off her concerns, "yeah, yeah, I'm fine." He let out a raspy cough. "Anyways, I was gonna ask, how do you know he's changed?" Nick lowered his voice, being wary of his previous stunt, he didn't want to draw attention once again. Nick's paw found itself on Judy's shoulder, using it as support.

"Oh, don't worry. I met with him back when I quit. Remember when I quit during our night howler case? Well I went back to my folk's farm, and guess what? He actually works with them. He makes pies—blueberries too!" Judy said as she smiled. Knowing Nick, he'd be interested with the berries part. "Nick, if it weren't for him, I would've never known about the night howlers."

Nick sighed. "Alright, if you're sure." Nick patted her shoulder, as Judy smiled as she turned back to her desk. Her desk was directly to the right of Nick's, and both of them had a corner cubicle.

Nick was often worried about Judy's open trusting nature. One of the main reasons he stuck with Judy was to make sure she would not get taken advantage of. Within certain parts of Zootopia, the mammals would take any chance they got to scam open-minded animals and especially cops. Nick turned back to his computer and begun clearing out all his windows.

He took another sip of his coffee. "So, when ya meeting him?" He asked, still retaining eye contact with his computer.

Judy walked over to her desk and sat down on her chair. "Oh, um, around four o'clock. I'm taking a half day today. We're going to meet at Sahara Sweets. The coffee shop in Sahara Square?" She nodded, smiling brightly at Nick.

"Yes I do Carrots, I get our coffee there." Nick nodded, as he lay his left arm on his office chair's armrest. He had his head propped up against his left paw, and he kept his gaze focused his gaze on the monitor. "Tell me about this..." Nick stopped, prompting Judy to fill in the blank.

"Oh, Gideon!" Judy responded enthusiastically.

"Okay. Tell me about this Gideon." Nick raised his brow at Judy.

"Well, not much to say really. I know that he's moved to Zootopia for a bit, but that's the whole point of this meet. I've kept in contact with him after I quit. But I want to get to know him, and also thank him. He not only helped me solve the case, he also was part of the reason why I was encouraged to be a cop." Judy smiled once more.

"Ooh! Inspiration! Guess I've got him to thank for having this Cottontail around," Nick said smugly as he gestured towards Judy.

Judy cupped her paw to her mouth, as if she was telling Nick a secret. "I'll give him your thanks." She winked at him.

"Would ya please?" Nick chuckled.

Judy laughed quietly. A look of concern spread across her face as she patted down her pockets. She turned back to her desk and opened her drawers. Her expression shifted into confusion.

"Hey Nick, do you know where my phone is?" She asked.

Nick averted his eyes from his computer back to Judy. "Uh, no," he raised a brow.

"I swear, I had it in my paws." She shook her head.

"Tsk tsk Judes, your memory isn't what it used to be." Nick shook his head as he turned his head back to the computer.

"Nick, did you see me with my phone here?"

"Nope. I'd check the break room." Nick said as he pointed to the break room door.

"Huh... weird." Judy shrugged as she walked off to the break room, muttering to herself in confusion.

Little did Judy know that whilst Nick patted Judy's shoulder, he had managed to swipe her phone without her noticing. Nick shook his head, "Sorry Whiskers." Nick knew this was a huge deal within their friendship. He may be a sly fox, but he promised Judy he would never invade her privacy without her consent. He pressed the home button, turning the phone on. Nick didn't know Judy's password, but that wasn't what he needed. He looked at the message that Judy received.

"Guess what? Cleared my schedule. I'm free, Hopps." Nick looked at the name of the contact, "Gideon Grey."

"Gideon Grey," Nick muttered to himself.

He now knew how to spell the name, the full name, without getting Judy suspicious. Nick walked over to Judy's desk, opened a drawer on the left and tossed the phone in, burying it under a few files. He wanted it to look believable. He walked back to his seat, and started to open up a background search on Gideon Grey. As he typed the name, he heard Judy returning from the break room.

"Nick, it wasn't there!" She shouted.

Quickly but subtly, Nick turned off his monitor. "Darn." He snapped his fingers. "Did you double check your desk?" He pointed with his thumb toward the desk.

"Oh no, you've gotta help me too Nick." Judy said as she grabbed his paw and pulled him toward her desk. "I don't want to be late!"

Nick sighed concedingly. "Okay, I'll help." He walked over to the right set of drawers. Thinking logically, he'd want Judy to find the phone. Him finding it would look suspicious, at least in his eyes it would. Judy dug into the first drawer and started moving some papers. Nick had placed the phone in the second drawer, so he went to the other side of the desk and pretended to dig around in the drawers. Judy, having investigated the first drawer, closed it and moved on to the second drawer.

"Wait a minute..." she muttered after she shifted through a few papers. She grabbed the phone and cheered, "found it!" Judy begun shaking the phone in the air in celebration.

"Well, well, well, Zootopia's greatest detective has solved the case of the missing phone!" Nick clapped his paws.

"Thank you, thank you. I try!" Judy bowed in response.

She looked back at Nick and smiled. She stood up straight and turned on her phone. "Oh darn, it's 3:36! I gotta go meet Gideon!" Judy grabbed her keys and threw her phone into her pocket as she ran. "Bye Nick! See ya tomorrow! Remember, we need to talk about tomorrow night!"

Nick waved goodbye. "Yeah I know. Can you meet me at my place at six?"

"Yeah, obviously!" She shouted back as she ran out of the offices.

Nick shook his head. "Whiskers, you'll never learn."

Nick returned to his computer and turned his monitor back on. He searched Gideon's background; his records—mainly because he was curious. Nick's frown, developed more as he read on. No illegal actions, he was a baker, and basically nothing else. Nick growled to himself. The fox was a clean slate, and Nick didn't like that. He was a bully, he must've done something illegal. Not all foxes were sly like Nick, but every mammal had done something—at least that's what he assumed. Nick pushed back in his office chair and sighed heavily. He couldn't bear the thought of Judy hanging around another fox. He wanted her all to himself—he needed her. After all, he needed his partner.

Nick shook his head, comprehending what to do now. He had no other plans, Judy made them. He sighed heavily once more, and tapped his fingers against the desk eagerly. Nick took another sip from his coffee, realizing it was empty. He got up from his seat and threw it in the trash. He then directed his gaze toward the break room.

"Eh, I'd rather not," he muttered to himself.

The coffee there wasn't the best, Nick knew from experience. He once critiqued it as, "Something that was only missing sandpaper, if it was trying to destroy everyone's taste buds." Nick sighed. Whoever made that coffee was to blame for such a disgusting tragedy. He looked back at his monitor, seeing Gideon Grey.

"Pfft, even looks like a farmer," he spat out.

He hopped up onto his office chair, sat down, and minimized the window. Nick pulled out his phone to entertain himself. He opened it and went into Furbook, looking at all of the recent posts. Suddenly, a notification popped up. Nick clicked it. It was tagged, "Heading to Sahara Sweets, hanging with an old friend." And had Gideon Grey in the tags. Nick was surprised to see that they were already friends on Furbook. He sighed again, realizing what he was doing. He was basically stalking the dude.

"Nick!" A voice shouted in the distance.

Nick dragged his attention to the source, he looked up from his phone to see a Gray Wolf. The wolf smiled, holding a file in his paws. It was none other than, Freddie Wolfstein. He was one of those hard edged, observant cops who always knew what was up. He was a tough sly wolf who seemed pretty laid back. He'd helped Judy and Nick with a few previous assignments. He always has a joke to crack, much like Nick, giving them another reason to like him.

"Oh, hey Officer Wolfstein—"

"Ah nah, please Freddie. We may be at work, but no need to be formal." Freddie smirked at him.

"Alright. So Freddie, whatta ya need?" Nick smiled at him.

Freddie pawed Nick the file. "Can you run a background check on this suspect? His name came up in interrogation, he's a suspect of robbery. But I've got another guy in interrogation and priorities are priorities." He rolled his eyes.

"Aw, sure thing Fred. I'll take care of it." Nick placed the file on the desk and opened up the program once again.

"Thanks Nick," Freddie said looking at Judy's desk. "Hey, where's your partner?" He placed his paw on Nick's desk, leaning against it he shifted forward.

"Oh she left early. She had to meet up with an old fox she knew," Nick said in a reserved tone.

Freddie raised a brow and smiled, "Oh, so is this fox's name is Gideon Grey?"

Nick looked back Freddie confused. Freddie tilted his head towards Nick's computer, revealing Gideon's profile. He started to chuckle nervously. "Uhh no. What? Ju‒Judy didn't tell me—"

"Ah Nick, you ain't gonna fool me." Freddie shook his head. "You—uh… a little jealous?" Freddie said as he closer, teasing him.

"What! No!" Nick felt his fur blush slightly. "I‒I don't like Judy in that—"

"I didn't say you did." Freddie backed away slowly, with his paws in the air. "You did," he said pointedly.

"I—uh, what—damn it Freddie!" Nick growled. "Just for that I won't do this background check for you!" He shouted as he shook the file in his paw.

"Sure, sure. Nick? After I'm done with interrogation what's say you and I talk after work, huh? I'll talk to Bogo to see if we can leave early," he shouted back. "After all, things like this need to be talked about!" He shrugged playfully.

"I—uh... argh! Fine!" Nick passively agreed as Freddie saluted him and left toward the interrogation room.

"Pfft, darn wolf." Nick grumbled.

He didn't like Judy in that way. It'd be strange—inter-species relationships don't happen often. They're sort of like a disgrace to mammals, which was a sad story. As Judy thought, anyone could be anything in Zootopia, so why wouldn't an inter-species relationship be accepted? Nick shrugged off all the thoughts and stopped for a moment. Did he like Judy? He wondered for a minute, comprehending what an inter-species relationship with her would constitute. She was a really close friend, and she'd done so much for him. She is kind and—

Just a friend. Nick scolded himself mentally. She was his partner, they were partners. It was nothing more.

Nick shook it off mentally saying, "work comes first." He tried to convince himself. He opened the file and looked at the name. "Wilfred Warner," Nick read. Occupation was fast food worker at Betty's Bites.

That was all. Nothing else, no picture, no specification of mammal type. Nick chuckled mentally. "Glad I'm not working this case, what an impossible lead." Nick typed in the name and waited to see what came up. A picture appeared, a tiger with roughed fur. He looked thuggish, however Nick didn't want to judge too quickly. He read Wilfred's involvement with Betty's Bites. The thought of fast food really hungered Nick. The fried insects, soda pops, he was craving it all. Judy didn't like fast food, she thought it was way too unhealthy for the mammal body. Nick would often argue with her, debating how delicious it was.

Nick smiled, looking at Judy's empty desk. Nick wanted Judy to be here, she'd help him focus. Nick shook off all the cravings and continued to read. He read all the connections anyone who was involved with him had. He looked at the information, seeing several sections worth an entire essay.

"Oh boy." Nick muttered under his breath.


Nick had created a file for Freddie's case. As soon as the file finished printing, he grabbed the sheets and stuffed them into a folder labelled, "Wilfred Warner." Nick tucked all the papers in neatly and looked at the time, 5:36 pm.

"Damn, two hours huh? This better help ya Freddie," Nick said to himself as he left the printer room and walked over to Freddie's desk.

Freddie sat at his desk tucking away all his files and grabbing his coat. He moved from his seat and noticed Nick approaching him.

He smiled. "Oh hey Nick, you have the file! Great! Paw it to Clawhauser on our way out." Freddie put on his coat and walked out with Nick. "I just finished up on the notes the suspect gave during investigation."

"Alright." Nick nodded. Nick and Freddie left the offices and entered the lobby. They walked by the front desk and stopped in front of Clawhauser. Nick waved the file. "Hey Clawhauser, got a file here for you."

"Ooh! For me? Oh you shouldn't have." He giggled excitedly. "What's the case?"

"The robbery on Sahara Square." Freddie answered.

"Oookay! I'll put it with the rest. See ya guys in the morning!" Clawhauser waved as the two said goodbye and exited the precinct.

"So..." Nick said awkwardly. "What do you want to talk about?"

Freddie laughed. "You know what we're talking about, Wilde. Say, let's head to Sahara Sweets." Freddie walked over to his car door.

"Uh, alright." Nick shrugged.

He opened the large blue door just after Freddie had unlocked the it. Nick hopped inside and closed the door behind him. Freddie started the car as Nick fastened his seatbelt. Freddie shifted into reverse and backed out of the parking lot. They drove onto the road and before long, they came across a stop light.

"So, how long have you and Judy... been friends?" Freddie asked giving Nick a sly look.

Nick rolled his eyes. "Since the 14 missing mammals case."

"Oh, so... 5 months? Wow."

Nick was taken back by his statement. "Has it really been 5 months?" Nick said as the light turned green.

"Yeah!" Freddie scoffed as he pulled away from the light and made a left turn. "Guess time flies when you're in—"

"I don't like her that way!" Nick shouted defensively. "We're just... friends."

"Yeah, yeah. I'm not saying you're not. But I can tell you don't want to be 'just friends' much longer. You got a wild side Wilde, it doesn't come around that often when you're near Judy." Freddie smirked. Nick left his mouth ajar, thinking of a response but nothing came to mind. "Nick, I've seen you two work together. You guys have been thinking with one mind... it's freaky."

Nick shook his head. "We're just good at our jobs. We know each other very—no! Actually, we don't! Yeah, we don't know each other very well!" Nick smirked at Freddie.

"Oh yeah sure, and I'm a polar bear!" Freddie said sarcastically. "Nick, you and I got a lot to talk about."

They slowed down as they pulled into the parking lot. Freddie parked the car and smirked. He and Nick exited the car and entered Sahara Sweets. Nick and Freddie walked to an empty table near a window. About a minute after they sat down, a female tiger waitress approached them.

"Hello! What can I get you two?" She smiled.

"Uh, I'll take a cappuccino and... an oatmeal muffin." Freddie smiled.

"I'll take a cappuccino too, foamed, with a small drop of sugar," Nick smiled. "With a carrot muffin as well."

"Alright, I'll be back soon with your orders." The waitress smiled as she walked back to counter.

"So, foamed cappuccino with a small drop of sugar and a carrot muffin?" Freddie raised a brow.

"Uh, yeah? What about it?" Nick asked confused.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but aren't those Judy's favourite?" He smirked.

"What about? I just get her coffee every morning, it's no big deal! I've learned her favourite... which soon became mine." Nick shrugged sincerely. "After she made me try it."

"Okay Wilde, I'll get straight to the point. You are way too fond of Judy. I know you admire her."

"What! No! That's absurd!" Nick fired back.

"Alright, well you said you don't know her well right?" He asked.

"Yup. Judy doesn't open up much." Nick lied.

"Well I know everything about Judy, I know that she hates music, especially Gazelle's. She likes to stay up at night, she is really shy, she isn't that outgoing, she loves fast food, and hates predators." Freddie smirked.

"What! Are you kidding me? Not even close!" Nick shot out of his chair. "She loves Gazelle's music—we went to a concert together, she hates staying up at night—she wants to wake up early! She is incredibly outgoing, she has the most amazing personality, she hates fast food, she knows it's bad for the body, and she doesn't believe in the predator prey booklet! She came to Zootopia completely against that! How can you—" Nick stopped himself, looking at Freddie who was smiling back at him. "What? What do—oh..."Nick sat back down with the realization that he had been tricked.

"So, don't know her that well... huh?" Freddie smiled.

The waitress came back with their drinks and proceeded to paw them out. "Here you go."

"Thank you miss." Freddie nodded at her as she hurried off to another table. "Nick, you obviously know a lot about her."

"Yeah... I do..." Nick sighed. "But I don't like her... do I?" Nick looked at Freddie with a pout.

"Nick, that's for you to decide. I'm only here to help you talk it out. My opinion, you might like her. Why? Well what could cause you to run a background check on another fox?" Freddie shrugged sincerely.

"No! She said that fox was a bully when she was younger! I was only making sure-"

"Nick, you did that because you want to take care of her... right?" Freddie interrupted him.

"I... yes. She needs me—we need each other." Nick corrected himself, convinced that was the right response.

Freddie nodded. "Of course you do! But Nick, the question still remains... do you like her? I mean after everything you guys have been through over these 5 months? The movie nights, the hanging out during breaks or after work, going to concerts together, never going anywhere without the other?"

Nick smiled. Thinking of Judy, beside him. The movie nights they had on Fridays were always fun, they would usually invite Freddie and Clawhauser.

"I..." Nick stopped himself, recalling a memory of a recent movie night.

"I—uh... the last movie night..." Nick took a sip of his coffee sheepishly.

"I know Nick, I saw. You enjoyed it." Freddie smirked. He was referencing the movie night where Nick had pulled the moves on her. He had wrapped his arm around her—to tease, at first—but instead of pushing it off like he anticipated, Judy moved closer to him. Freddie could see the tint of red across both their faces, but neither pulled away then. Yet, Nick was trying to pull away right now.

"... I... did..." Nick responded almost ashamed.

"Hey Nick, it's not bad." Freddie reassured him.

Nick took a sip from his coffee and looked at Freddie. "Is it wrong... that I... might like her?"

Freddie laughed. "Nick, it's not! There's nothing wrong with it! Inter-species relationships happen more often than you think. Some mammals are just... shy about it." Freddie shrugged.

Nick sighed heavily. "I just... didn't want to give in to these... feelings. She's my friend, besides... she and I will always be friends—partners," Nick said almost defeated.

"That's where you're wrong Nick." Freddie said as he lifted his drink to his muzzle and took a sip. "She likes you, it's completely obvious."

"What? No it's not, she only sees me as a friend," Nick said irritated, as if he was sick of the conversation. "We're just partners."

"Nick. Stop doing that to yourself, you need a confidence boost," Freddie muttered before he took another sip.

"I'm confident enough!" Nick retorted.

Freddie scoffed "Well, with this whole Judy situation: no, no you're not." He shook his head at Nick and rolled his eyes once more.

"Nick, you like her right?" Freddie reconfirmed.

"I... yes?" Nick thought for a moment.

Freddie raised both eyebrows in shock. "Okay, come back to me when you actually feel like saying it." Freddie chuckled. "Just... tell me what you like about her." Freddie smirked deviously.

"Uhh, why?" Nick asked almost worried.

"Just do it." Freddie sighed.

"Well okay... uh, I like her smile... it—uh always brightens my day, her personality is always outgoing and amazing, she's cute... even though she doesn't want me to call her that she is cute either way, she is strong minded and capable of so many things! She's unique, first bunny to become a cop, her crazy drive to get the job done, to prove herself against all odds... she is just amazing." Nick smiled.

"Aww, that's adorable." Freddie smiled. "Now we know you really do like her."

Nick smiled at Freddie. "Yeah... yeah! I do like Judy! I like Judy!" Nick threw his arms in the air in excitement.

"Yeah you do! But calm down, mammals are staring." Freddie advised as Nick looked around the restaurant.

"Right. Sorry," Nick said sheepishly as he put his arms down. "So—um, what should I do now?"

Freddie laughed. "What should you do now? Tell her, ya dunce!" Freddie chuckled.

Nick bit his lip. "I... should." Nick nodded in agreement. "How should I do that?"

"Pfft, beats me. Your love life bro, I don't want to tell you how to get together. But I recommend a little romance, sweet talk her," Freddie said, confident in his advice.

"Uhh, I'll pass on romance for now. But when should I do it?"

"The sooner the better. But today would probably not be the best time. Maybe tomorrow? We have another movie night planned, so probably before it." Freddie snapped his fingers.

"Yeah! I'll tell her as soon as possible. She deserves that." Nick said nodding. Nick knew as her friend, Judy deserved to know.

"Good on ya Nick!" Freddie cheered.

"Thanks Fred, I needed a wake up call." Nick smiled.

Nick's phone beeped. He pulled it out and read the message, "I'm coming over for the night, we need to work on the marathon for tomorrow!" It was from Judy.

"I should get going, Judy's coming over for the night." Nick said standing up and grabbing his carrot muffin and his coffee, as he prepared to to leave.

"Has she slept over before?" Freddie smiled.

"Yes—separately!" Nick showed a disgusted expression. "You dirty minded..." Nick muttered as he left the shop.

"Hang on, I'll give you a ride!" Freddie called as he walked over to the counter and paid the waitress for their order.

"Thanks for the lift!" Nick waved as Freddie drove off.

"See ya tomorrow!" Freddie shouted in the distance.

Nick walked up to his apartment building and made his way up to his floor. After the quick elevator ride, he walked over to his apartment door and brought out his keys to unlock the door. As he entered his apartment he noticed two large grey ears sticking out if his couch and a small coat on his coat rack.

"Judy?" He confirmed.

She turned around and smiled. "Yup, didn't think I wouldn't take advantage of your apartment keys?" She shook them in front of Nick as he walked over to her.

He sat down next to her. "Well, I gave you those for a reason. I know your place isn't really... large. So I thought I could welcome you here any time!" Nick smirked.

"Thanks again!" Judy beamed a smiled back at Nick. "So, why'd you come home later? Thought you said you'd be heading back around 6:00."

Nick looked at the time, noticing it was 7:02 pm. "Wow, I was out longer than expected. Freddie took me out after work."

"Ooh! What'd you guys talk about?" Judy asked, causing Nick to tense up. Judy however, noticed his reaction. "Oh... um, we should talk about the movie marathon tomorrow."

"Yeah, we—um should do a romantic comedy marathon. We could take votes on each movie." Nick suggested.

"Yeah, you got snacks right?" Judy smirked.

Nick nodded. "Yup. In my cupboards, as usual."

Judy stood up and walked into his kitchen. Nick's apartment was a two bedroom average sized apartment. He had lots of room and it was neatly organized, This was surprising for Nick's case. Judy walked up to his cupboards, and stood on the stool Nick had for Judy.

"Wouldn't mind if I took a bag of chips?" Judy asked.

"No, not at all," Nick replied. "We're sharing though!"

Judy returned with a bag of potato chips and smiled, "Don't worry, we will." She sat down on Nick's left and opened the bag. She quickly grabbed a chip and stuffed it in her mouth.

"So..." Nick decided to spark another conversation. "How'd your meet with Gideon go?"

Judy froze up as well. "Oh, it was um..."

Nick stared at her in interest. There was an atmosphere of fear around the sudden topic. As if, he had brought up a touchy subject. It in intrigued him, as there was, a small hope that he was the topic of that subject. It was wishful thinking, but Nick was known for taking a few gambles every now and then. He raised a brow, prompting her to continue.

"It went well. I—um, talked to him about you." Judy smirked. "We basically caught up on our lives, and talked about what we're doing now, you know."

"Yeah..." Nick nodded. Even though Freddie advised against it, Nick considered telling her now. It felt like it was the proper moment, it felt right. He smiled at Judy, taking a deep breath as he turned to face her.

"Judy... I've got something to tell you," he smiled.

Judy sensed the sincerity in Nick's voice. In hearing this, she stiffened. "Uh, what about?" Judy chuckled a little.

Nick grabbed her Paw and looked in her eyes. Judy blushed at this. "I... Judy... I—"

Nick's confession was cut off by Judy's phone ringing. She let go of Nick's paw and reached for her phone. "Ho‒hold on." She turned on her phone and read the message. "Oh, right. I invited Gideon to our movie night tomorrow, Gideon texted me that he could make it." Judy smiled. "He was still moving in today. Oh! Um, continue!" She redirected her attention back to Nick.

"Judy..." Nick held her paw once more. "I... like you..." Nick smiled. "Not just as a friend... I really like you." Nick exhaled greatly.

Judy felt her entire world explode. Her entire body froze, she stared at Nick. She blushed brightly.

"Ni‒Nick! I‒I don't..." Judy stuttered, unaware of how to respond.

Nick shook his head. "Ju‒Judy! I'm not saying I want you to go out with me, I'm not saying you have to, I'm not saying any of that! I just wanted to tell you this... because we're also friends and you deserve to know." Nick chuckled as let go of her paw.

"I… I…" she stammered, "don't know what to say..."

Nick grabbed a chip from the bag and ate it. "Well, uh... I think that's enough for one night. You know where the guest room is. Good night Judes." Nick patted her shoulder, still chewing on the chip, he stood up and went to his room.

He'd done it, he'd told her how he felt. He left the room, leaving Judy by herself to comprehend what had happened. After Nick left the living room, Judy stood up and slowly walked to the guest room. She closed the door behind her and she laid down on the bed. Judy just sat there with her eyes open, staring at the ceiling.

"Nick..." She whispered.

She wondered what to do next, and how to go about telling Nick.

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