Planetside on Naboo

As it happens, swear jars are part of a very old tradition.

"My Lo-"

The conversation stopped dead. All eyes on were on the ex-Imperial and the big man with the astounding scars and the fluffy orange cat riding one shoulder.

The taller human fixed the shorter one with a hard glare and dug in his pocket. He held out a credit stick.

"Oh, come now, that one doesn't count!" protested the other man.

The glare intensified. The cat, apropos of nothing, licked her human's ear.

"You let Captain Altor slide by the other day!"

Glare. The cat began to purr, just a bit louder than the oxygen concentrator the man carried on the opposite hip.

The shorter human gritted his teeth. "Fine." He held out his own credit stick, tapped the number pad, and thumbed the transfer button. "Happy?"

"Yep." Skywalker smirked down at the total and slipped his credit stick back into his pocket.

The two men relaxed, apparently ignoring the staring and whispers. "What are you planning to do with that if we fill it up?" Piett asked his friend.

"Oh, I dunno. Something explosive. Or alcoholic. Maybe both?"

The cat flowed down from his shoulder and began to make friendly deposits of orange hair on Piett's trousers.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I have no idea how currency actually works in the Galaxy Far Far Away. I imagine that a credit stick is a small, sturdy, theoretically unhackable personal data device that is only used for holding money in electronic form. It's typically only seen in the Core Worlds. You can transfer money to or from somebody else's credit stick using a tiny body scanner (set up for thumbprints in Piett's case) and a code. The Banking Clans have little readers (also theoretically unhackable) set up everywhere, like vending machines; they periodically scan everybody's credit stick and update the Banking Clan's database, also extracting a small transaction fee. So, basically, GFFAcard.