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Iris was honestly a bit surprised at how easily her antics seemed to have caused the two visitors to freeze up and cease to function, aside from all the rapid blinking that is. Really, the pair of professors were just staring at her, or perhaps her conjured firefox, with wide dilated eyes as she did her best not to fidget under their scrutiny.

Messing with adults for her own personal amusement? Ok. Being stared at openly like she'd just grown a second head? Not so ok, and seriously what the heck was wrong with them? They were still staring, and it was getting creepy. It was like they had never seen magic before or something! They were supposed to be magical teachers so really this had to end soon or she was going to catch something on fire just to end the stare-off.

Immolation was taken off the menu as Hermione entered the room escorted by Dudley, gritting her teeth in annoyance Iris hid her agitation as her brother and sister shuffled past the adults. They both got on her case whenever she decided 'burn it to the ground' was the best course of action, mostly because it was usually her default fallback plan. That route taken from her, rather unjustly may she add, Iris instead held in the sigh building up in her chest before turning back to the Hogwarts professors as they addressed her once again.

" need no focus to use your magic?" The pretty older lady, McGonagall, asked sounding incredulous as she stared Iris down. Said girl wanted to roll her eyes at the question, considering she had a firefox burning in her palm the answer to that question should be fairly obvious, grown ups, seriously. Unfortunately her mum was giving her the look so she decided being a smart mouth would probably not help her much in the long run.

"No I do not, neither does my brother or sister," nodding to said pair she stood up from the table while snuffing out the fire in her palm and allowing her siblings to flank her. The trio met the Professor's gaze evenly as they shrugged as one, the message clear.

We follow our own rules, but we're willing to listen to what you have to say.

It was Hans, or rather, Professor Snape who replied first. He seemed to have gotten over his initial shock quickly and was giving her a rather calculating look before twitching his chin once, a nod of recognition of sorts perhaps? The man was impossible to read once he was composed, that would certainly make class with him interesting at least.

"Your mother could do the same, that is to say Lily, your birth mother. She always infuriated her Pure-blood classmates with the ease at which she could touch her magic and effect the world around her."

Iris blinked at that meeting the dark man's gaze in honest interest, "Really? How so? Sir, that is, how so sir?"

Hermione rolled her eyes at Iris's attempt at propriety while Dudley openly snickered, the adults though were focused on her, and oddly enough it was her mum who spoke up first.

"Lily could make flowers bloom from the soil just by laying in the grass wishing for them, when we were very little she found a baby bird that had fallen from its nest and had broken its wing. She held it in her hands crying and suddenly the bird was healed and placed back in its nest no worse for wear."

Professor Snape interrupted her with a nod, "The station wagon just outside Cokeworth," at which her mum groaned and nodded quickly as she continued on for him.

"Quite, that drunk that lived in the broken down caravan on the corner...Turner wasn't it?" Snape nodded once and she continued, "Lily saw a dog in the street when a rather notorious local drunk nearly hit it with his station wagon."

Dudley spoke up at that, "Did she save the dog?"

Petunia and Snape snorted as one shooting each other sardonic looks, the man responded with an amused lilt in his tone, "In a manner of speaking. Lily Evans was...a complex girl, one prone to acts of retribution towards those she felt deserved it." He grimaced a bit but schooled his features quickly enough to hide it from everyone but his coworker, who was kind enough to not bring up the painful past in front of children.

"Retribution? Sir, that is?" Iris was a smart kid, far smarter than many her age, but she wasn't a walking thesaurus by any means.

Hermione though, was, "Making someone pay for their actions Iris. Oh and my apologies for not introducing myself, I'm Hermione Granger I live down the road but I spend most of my time here."

"You were our next stop," Mcgonagall said in a tired tone, at this the girl simply shrugged.

"My parents aren't home and they have already been given the basics from Mrs. Dursley," there was a cough from said woman while Hermione blushed slightly, "That is Aunt Tunia. So I would not worry about it for now, would you please continue your story sir?"

Snape continued his narritive with a slight edge of irritation at being sidetracked, "Lily spread her hands out before her and Mr. Turner's station wagon was crumpled at the center into an L-shape and thrown twenty yards into a field across the street. When the bobbies showed up and pried him from the car he had a blood alcohol content high enough to pickle a fish and was arrested after his stay in the hospital."

He met Iris's gaze before narrowing his dark eyes in a considering manner, "Really, we should not be surprised you took after her, being raised by her sister and all. Evans women always were a special sort."

If his tone was laced with bitterness, those present were tactful enough to not mention it.

There was a brief silence before McGonagall decided to derail any further reminiscing, "Yes, well since we obviously do not have to explain the basics of magic to you three or your parents it is about time we escort you to Diagon Alley to purchase your school supplies."

Hermione shrugged then nodded, "My parents have long compensated for their lack of attention with money, if you take me somewhere I can exchange sterling for galleons I am ready to go now."

Shrugging Dudley and Iris turned to Petunia who simply gave them a single nod of approval before speaking, "Enjoy yourselves my dears, and take them by storm."

The Dursley siblings exchanged glances before grinning widely and after grabbing Hermione between them they stood before the professors with openly mischievous smirks .

"Take us to your shopkeepers," Dudley drawled out which earned snorts from both his sisters. The two professors exchanged wearied looks and after a moments indecision each grasped a child and they vanished with a resounding pop.

Petunia Dursley plucked her now lukewarm cup of tea from the table and sipped it as a wicked smirk curled its way up her lips, a moment later she couldn't help snorting out her open amusement.

"Heh..ha..haha!...Oh you really have no idea what you fools have signed yourselves up for do you? Ah well...all the better for me." With that the mother of two...three precocious magicals went about making dinner, fully intent on interrogating her children on their days adventure once they returned.

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