Been hit with a bought of depression as of late and rather then delve into some of my darker stories I decided to revisit my favorite cheerful pep in her step red mage, hope you all enjoy the transition towards Hogwarts. I'm still a bit torn between making the initial trio all Gryffindors or making Dudley a rather terrifying Slytherin, thoughts? Anyway this was another result of a sleepless night so...

Please, PLEASE, don't whine about it being too short, alright? It isn't like I enjoy working fifty hour work weeks and getting three hours of sleep a night and my only release is either writing or playing Civ.

Aside from that, peace, and I hope you all enjoy.

"Hurry up Dudley we have to get to the train in time!"

Dudley rolled his eyes as his little sister skipped ahead before him while she randomly stopped in her tracks to pet her owl perched upon her trunk before taking off again as if nothing had happened.

"Hogwarts really has no idea what it is getting itself into, does it?" Hermione muttered lightly and really, all Dudley could do was let out a resigned sigh and a nod of agreement before replying to the muggle born witch.

"No, no it does not," Dudley muttered as he brushed a hand over Nilgiri's head as she poked out of his sleeve from her curled up position on his forearm, just enough movement to garner Hermione's disinterested attention but no one else's.

They had already said their goodbyes to their parents before passing the barrier between platform 9 3/4's and the magical world so they really had no reasons to hold back after all, still the two more cautious members of their little trio were a bit nervous about potential threats.

Thankfully nothing negative occurred before they passed through the archway leading to the landing that housed the Hogwarts Express. When Iris came to a dead stop upon seeing the massive crimson train Dudley and Hermione stood beside her in worry, that is until she spoke out in a tone of complete wonder.

"She is beautiful..." Snapping out of her daze Iris shook her head quickly and began walking forward again while muttering, "I love magic."

Shooting Hermione a bemused look the pair followed Iris towards the train, and after a bit of shuffling managed to get all their trunks aboard. Once they had themselves secured in a private cabin Dudley quickly secured their trunks in the overhead racks then turned around and closed his eyes as the girls changed into their school uniforms, a few minutes later they returned the favor.

Done with the tedious stuff they took their seats and then soon started to debate magical law of all things, completely ignoring the fact that the train began moving away from the station now heading north towards Scotland.

Eventually the door to their cabin opened and a blonde boy accompanied by what appeared to be a pair of young trolls stepped inside without permission. The boy took in the cabin's occupants and sneered in disdain before stating, "I am the heir of Wiltshire, Draco Malfoy. I am looking for Iris Potter, have you seen her?"

Dudley's eyes widened slightly when he saw his sister's fingers twitch, and embers of fire began to spark between them as she bared her teeth and her eyes began to glow before he quickly stood and replied to the blonde boy.

"Sorry, never met her, better luck next cabin mate," with that Draco sneered at him and walked away with his two bookends slamming the door behind him.

There was dead silence for a time, then his sister spoke up in a quiet tone, her eyes dulling and the potential inferno snuffing out in the process, "That...isn't going to be the end of it, is it?"

Dudley glanced towards Hermione who returned his look with one of worry and concern, eventually he could only sigh while shaking his head slowly.

"It doesn't matter what that little shit wanted with you, if he's a potential friend, great, if he's a git towards you, well..." Dudley grinned as he shrugged lightly while cracking his knuckles, "I'll take care of it."

Iris stood then, stepped forward, and hugged him while whispering, "You're a good big brother you know that?"

Dudley returned the hug while muttering out, "And you're a very high maintenance little sister, but you're worth the effort."

Iris giggled at that when Hermione cleared her throat and pointed out the window, "We've arrived."

The Dursley siblings glanced out the window and saw that the landscape was in fact slowing down as they approached Hogsmead station, it appeared it was time for them to make their debut in magical society.

Iris smirked at that thought as she cocked her head to the side, "Do you think they have any idea what they've invited into their hallowed halls?"

"None what so ever," Hermione stated dryly as she grabbed both Dudley and Iris's hands, "So shall we?"

Dudley grinned in return as he spun his arms to break the hand holding and crooked his arms around the girl's as if he was escorting them to a posh social event, "We shall."

Iris worried her lip a bit glancing back at their cabin before speaking up, "What about Hedwig and Crookshanks?"

Hermione responded quickly to that, "The house elves will bring them to our dorms after we are sorted, it was mentioned in Hogwarts a History."

Iris nodded in return, "Oh, okay."

Exiting the train they were guided towards the docks where the largest man any of them had ever seen called out that it was four to a boat to head to the castle. They entered a boat and were joined by a blonde girl who introduced herself as Daphne, who was also shivering as she pulled her cloak around herself as tightly as possible.

As their boat began moving across the Black Lake Iris extended her hand towards Daphne and blue fire erupted around them warming them all yet not burning a thing. Daphne stared at her in shock and Iris just winked in reply, when the castle appeared on the horizon as a burning beacon of light and magic, Dudley could not help but comment on it.

"Ok, I'll be the first to say it, impressed."

" is quite a sight," Daphne stated while she distractedly ran a finger through the blue fire warming her.

"I read about it, but I never thought it would be so majestic," Hermione muttered.

Iris though remained silent as a grin spread across her face, this...this was going to be an adventure.