The Event

Chase Jennings and his lifelong obsession in 10 sentences.

Movie - All of these years later and The Event still played out in his mind like a movie on an endlessly repeating reel (surreal didn't even begin to cover it).

Location - He had not stepped foot in Salem since Hope found out the truth about what he did to Ciara and very nearly murdered him for it.

Gold - Ciara was golden, untouchable, perfect, and right or wrong (probably very wrong), she was forever frozen in his mind at seventeen (so sweet and beautiful), looking just the way she had before he'd ripped away her innocence.

Days - The days since It happened faded into weeks, then into months and finally, years, and here he was, twenty-five and about to pledge his fidelity to a woman named Helen who knew nothing of his sordid past.

Era - It had been years since he saw Ciara; since he tried to apologize for The Event. He told himself that it was time to move on and stop living in the past (much easier said than done).

Charity - Letting go of the tortorous memories of his past proved to be impossible and his longing eventually melded into anger. At some point, he began to resent Hope, who had no doubt taken him in following his father's death as an act of charity, but had quickly tossed him aside when he messed up.

Life - Life with two kids... Well, things weren't exactly turning out the way he had planned... Sometimes he looked at Helen and he hated her ... Hated her simply because she wasn't Ciara.

Figurine - He took time picking out the perfect gift for Ciara (it was a figurine of a Phoenix; symbolic to be sure). He had decided that after nearly fifteen years, he had to see her (he couldn't actually stay away another second) but he couldn't very well go empty-handed, could he?

Yard - He made it as far as the front lawn that afternoon, coming to an adrupt stop when he saw three little children playing on a swing set - all the perfect mix of Ciara and Theo (so they'd gotten together after all; just as he'd known they would; it was all too inevitable). He lost his nerve and walked away, never to see Ciara again.

Chase - Chase had lived a hard life; alienating everyone who ever tried to care about him, including his wife and kids. He died alone at the ripe "old" age of forty, riddled through with cancer. His final thought? Of Ciara, of course. He pictured her standing in that pretty gown on what should have been their parents wedding day - framed in a brilliant shaft of light.