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The fire was roaring, his friends surrounded him, and Terence felt at peace. Finally, there was nothing to be done, fetched, or cleaned, and the present company knew him well enough that they couldn't give a damn if he stretched himself out along the dusty ground right beside the fire pit. In fact, the King himself looked simply bemused. Although Terence's skin tingled slightly in the heat, he found he was too comfortable, and a tad too drowsy, too move. It didn't matter, it felt like bliss anyway.

The King had decided three months ago to go on a tour with his closest friends, and he really meant his closest friends. He'd arranged it in a way that meant he had complete control of who went, by making it a trip for Guinevere and him. That way, anyone who went with them was for protection, the Knights of the Round Table (and the single squire they claimed to share), or for company for the queen, hence Lady Eileen and Lady Morgan. It would've frightened Terence how close Eileen and the Queen were if he didn't know just how awfully kind Eileen was to anyone who wasn't him. It was rather upsetting.

Last he'd checked, Eileen and the Queen were in conversation with Arthur and Bedivere, who was at the same time helping Dinadan and Gaheris with some little challenge over fletching. That was rather interesting, seeing as Terence would most likely be given the arrows when they finished. While terrific knights they may be, none of them could shoot an arrow to save their life, and it worked in Terence's favour quite a lot of the time.

At the other side of the fire, Gawain, Parsifal and Tor were getting steadily drunker, while Kai and Morgan actually held a decent conversation. Surprising, seeing as they never usually got along. In fact, Terence wondered why they were getting along. He hadn't been listening to their talk. In fact, he'd been trying to get to sleep, because some people had to get up early to sort out the travel arrangements, but one thing happened to catch his attention.

"Say Kai," Morgan began as Terence listened in. "Do you believe in faeries?"

Oh no no no, he did not need this right now. He dragged his eyes open, panic subsiding slightly as he recognised Kai's look of 'I-Am-Always-Right-When-I'm-Talking-To-Morgan'. In fact, it was rather funny. Not that he'd admit Morgan had done something right.

"Well," the man grumbled. "I won't say there's no chance, but until I see something convincing I'm not going to lay all my hopes in some funny little people and their magic."

Terence held in a snort, and Morgan's eyes turned to him. She smirked. "Of course you wouldn't believe in what is right in front of you."

Terence's heartbeat sped up as Kai's head turned to him. Perhaps he… wouldn't put two and two together?

Kai's eyes widened. Well.

Terence internally sighed and decided to just give up. He'd been forced into this situation, and he'd see it through with some style, damn it. So he winked.

Kai went white as a sheet.

"No way," the man muttered, glancing between Terence and Morgan so fast that the squire worried for his neck. "That's- that's ludicrous. Faeries don't exist. Not here."

"Oh of course not," Morgan crooned, soaking in Kai's bewilderment like she needed it to live. "Well, we're waking rather early tomorrow, so I must be off to bed. Goodnight Kai. Goodnight Arthur.

Arthur turned from his conversation with a grin. "Goodnight Morgan, sleep well." He went to turn back, but happened to catch sight of Kai.

"Kai, brother," he began, concern lacing his tone. "Are you quite alright?"

"Of course I am!" the knight snapped, glaring. "Faeries don't exist!"

"What-" Arthur stammered, furrowing his brows and looking to his wife for help. "Whatever you say? I'm not sure when I brought faeries up, but-"

Terence couldn't help the chuckle that broke through, before Kai kicked him hard. Ludicrous indeed.