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Rookie 9: 17

Neji/Tenten/Lee/Deidara: 18

Itachi/Sasori: 19

Yahiko/Nagato/Konan/Zetsu/Hidan: 20

Kisame/Kakuzu: 21

Chapter ONE

The predictions of the Supercomputer, the Root Diagram, were created through the analyzation of anything that contained a code or a mathematical calculation of some sort, pulling together everything going on throughout the city in order to create an almost 'future reading' like ability.

Once in awhile an error in prediction occurred, but that had been expected. Emotions were one of the things not included in the calculations.

However, ever since the upgrade to the latest core system, version Sakura, no errors had been made. Considering the state of the previous, version Tsubaki, people considered it close to a miracle.

The fact that the previous versions of the computer couldn't include human emotional instincts into their calculations had been a major drawback in the predictions, which had been proven during events such as natural disasters, were people began to move according to their emotions of fear and panic.

If people knew better, they would think that the newest core of the Supercomputer contained not only a brain, but a 'heart'.

File: Scan complete

'Are they the one?'

'Ones. They are more than one. Plural.'

'Okay. Are they the ones?'

'Yes. I believe so.'

'You have never been wrong.'

'Yes. That is my job.'

'Do you think they can help?'

'Yes. I believe so.'


'Are you going to come with me?'

'Yes. It is my job to protect you.'

'You...sound like me.'

'Yes. That was what I was trying to do.'

'My apologies. How am I supposed to react?'

'I don't know. Shouldn't you know?'

'Human interactions are something I have yet to completely pick up. Until then, I will be a failure.'

'You are better than all the previous ones.'

'Better does not mean success.'

'So we await their arrival.'

'Yes. That is the only thing we can do.'

Their country, Kage no kuni, was one of the most advanced in terms of technology. Everything was governed by the Root Diagram, making sure that nothing was wasted, creating a close to perfect state of balance.

One could argue that the Root Diagram dictated the lives of the people. However, the predictions could save lives. It could act without the interference of emotions, which allowed it to make decisions based purely on the information and the way the majority of the people acted to benefit the most people.

One of the first thing most people did upon waking up was check the closest technological device around them. The first set of predictions came out a six o'clock sharp. People read these predictions, then decided how their day was going to go about.

Uchiha Itachi, currently nineteen, was not normal in most cases, but even he referred to the predictions. His morning was early. He was up at five at the latest and left for work at a quarter past six, and this gave him more than enough time to prepare.

Itachi came from a very well known family, the Uchiha clan. Considered one of the most powerful, influential clans in the Kage no Kuni, they were in charge of the police force. Itachi, who had been the previous heir to the Uchiha Police force, had turned down the position. While some could not understand why a prodigy like him would withdraw from a very rewarding position like that, Itachi was perfectly content with his decision.

Power and titles could not make the world a peaceful place.

Instead, Itachi was a part of an Elite Police Authority group that was well known throughout the country, called the Akatsuki. The Akatsuki usually worked alongside the police force, and were usually called upon during emergencies. When not in office, they took care of the 'front lines'. In a way, they were like a SWAT team.

Itachi would read through the predictions in detail on the train to work. People could input filters to narrow down the long list of predictions to read the ones that would affect them.

Traffic jam at Nanoha Road; 6:42

Clear at 6;48

House Fire; 8:14

Place; 12-32-2

Damage; North half of house-burnt;

Death; 1; Suffocation

Injury; 2; Light burns

Cause; Stove

Burst Pipe; 8:23

Place; 21-14-8


Effects; Lack of water; 2 Houses

Cause; Lack of Maintenance

Itachi would reach the Akatsuki headquarters as seven o'clock sharp. The first meeting of the day usually marked the start of work, and that was at eight but Itachi liked to be early. It was quiet and it gave him time to sort through the predictions of the day.

The next to arrive was usually either Kakuzu or Sasori. Itachi didn't mind either of them. They would simply offer each other a nod of greeting upon entry, then they would sit at their own desks and mess with whatever caught their interest until someone else arrived.

Then Kisame would wander in. Itachi was especially close with the man and despite their contrasting characters, they got along quite well.

Nagato, Yahiko and Nagato, who had built the Akatsuki together, arrived together at seven thirty. While Yahiko held the title of 'leader', it was clear to the rest of the Core members that Nagato and Yahiko shared the position.

If asked, Itachi would say that everyone that arrived after the three were annoying. Hidan was loud and sprouted more swear words than what Itachi thought was appropriate for someone who worked in 'Security and Safety' part of the community. Deidara was the youngest of the core members, and he certainly acted the part. He was an annoying brat.

Then again, Zetsu was just...strange.

As a whole, the Akatsuki were like a family. However, Itachi would never admit that.

Once everyone had gathered, Yahiko would always begin with a cheery greeting before ushering everyone towards the meeting room at the back of the office, where the issues of the day would be discussed. Pairs would be assigned to investigations and then the day would commence.

While it was hectic most of the time, it was what everyone considered 'normal'.

The first warning signs that that particular day was not normal was when Sasori woke up, only to find the predictions page blank. He had checked his watch to make sure he had woken up on time. He didn't like to be kept waiting, and didn't like to keep people waiting either. His internal clock was very accurate, but the Root Diagram was probably even more accurate.

He frowned at the time that blinked back at him.


He sat up, a frown on his face, and got ready for work. He checked his phone once in awhile but nothing popped up. Not even a notice telling him that there was technological problems, or something. Nothing.

When he reached the Akatsuki office, Itachi and Kakuzu and surprisingly, Kisame, were already talking about the lack of predictions. He wordlessly went to join them.

"Hey Sasori." Kisame smirked at him. "Nothing on yours?" He held up his own phone.

Sasori checked his screen again, just to make sure, ten shook his head. "No."

"This has never happened before." Itachi said quietly. "Perhaps we should request to put in an investigation."

Just then, the door was slammed open. Yahiko rushed in, phone pressed against his ear. Nagato and Konan were quick to follow, the latter also talking on the phone. At the abrupt entrance, everyone present got to their feet.

"Contact the others." Nagato ordered. "Tell them to get here as soon as possible."

A few minutes later, Deidara arrived at the door. He was breathing heavily and he staggered towards his seat.

Hidan and Zetsu arrived together. Both of them quickly took their seats.

"What's going on, un?" Deidara asked. "I ran up the hill because there was a traffic jam and the predictions..." He took a deep breath and sighed.

"Does this have something to do with the lack of predictions?" Zetsu asked.

Yahiko nodded. He had gotten off the phone after a heated yelling match. "We have a job." He said seriously. "But first, turn on the news."

Konan did as asked, and the huge screen at the head of the room came to life.

"-news. An unidentified trespasser has managed to enter the core of the Root Diagram. The methods ofthe entry and the Identity of the trespasser in unknown. I repeat. At five am in the morning, an unknown trespasser managed to break into the Core of the Root Diagram. He has currently locked himself within the Core, stopping the Police force from entering. The entire Core building is controlled by the Root Diagram, and how he managed to hack into the system is still unknown-"

Yahiko nodded, and Konan switched of the TV. There was a few seconds of shocked silence.

"...Woah." Kisame said, finally breaking the silence. "That's never happened before."

"'The 'Sabaku Defense Program' has never failed before either." Zetsu said. "No one's ever managed to break in."

Yahiko nodded. "The Akatsuki has received a request from the Government. We are to aid in the breakthrough."

The Akatsuki arrived at the location of the Center Core a while later. The scene that awaited them was of people wearing lab coats running around while the Police talked to the higher ups, trying to find a method to break through.

They were greeted by a young man and Nagato quickly launched into conversation with him, trying to find out what exactly had happened.

The man, Shin, instantly began to explain the situation. "There were signs of a disruption at around four." He said. "We sent over someone to investigate, but he was killed. It was a gunshot wound to the chest. Then the Security system began to rewire itself and locked everyone out. This has never happened before."

"Could it be that the Root Diagram shut down by itself?" Yahiko asked slowly.

The man turned to him, eyes blazing. "The current Core is very obedient." He insisted. "She would never-"

A hand came down on the man's shoulder, cutting him off. Yahiko eyed the man behind Shin and nodded. "Hello, Shimura-san."

Shimura Danzo was the leader of ROOT, an organization that was mainly in charge of the 'shadow works' within the government. "I will take it from here, Shin."

The grey haired man quickly nodded, then darted off.

"I assure you, Nagato-san, that the Root Diagram has been acting normal until today. Someone must have managed to crack the system."

Nagato glanced over at Yahiko but nodded. "Very well. We'll see what we can do."

"Make sure to tell me should you find anything." He said. "There are very delicate pieces of machinery in there. I will send my men with you to make sure nothing is damaged."

The moment Danzo had left, Nagato gathered everyone around him. "Everyone heard him, right?"

"That Shin dude called the Root Diagram a 'she'." Konan said.

"You think there's more to this than just a simple shutdown." Itachi noted. "It sounded like he didn't want us in there by ourselves."

Nagato nodded.

Just then, Yahiko's phone vibrated. The man frowned and pulled it out of his pocket. "I thought I switched it off..."

"You did." Konan said. "I told you to, and you did so in the car."

Yahiko stared at his screen, eyes narrowing. Wordlessly, he turned it around show his team.

Welcome, Akatsuki.

Nagato took the phone from his friend and was about to type something in reply, when the screen flashed.

Please follow the following instructions in order to enter the Core.

"Should we tell the Danzo dude?" Deidara asked, looking slightly creeped out.

"No." Nagato said. "We'll investigate this ourselves." He clicked on the file attached and it opened up to be a map of the entire area. He then sent it to the Info-pads of all the members. "We'll split in two. Itachi, Sasori and Zetsu, you guys will come with me to investigate." Everyone noted that they were the ones who could actually keep quiet. "The rest of you will stay here as to not alert Danzo. Keep a hand on your weapons."

The investigation team fully armed themselves before attempting to hunt down the location on the map. They were all armed with the newest version of the RD Laser Rifle and a standard Glock pistol. Itachi and Sasori opted to carry a knife as well.

They were clad in full gear, ones they usually wore during extremely high risk missions.

The backdoor was the location of the mark on the map. It was old and rusted, and had long stopped being used. However, when Nagato stepped up to it, they heard a series of clicks before the door unlocked. Clutching his weaponed in one hand, Nagato pushed down the handle and slowly opened it. Itachi slipped in first, rifle aimed to the other side of the dark corridor. As he stepped in, the lights flickered on.


Nagato switched on his radio. "We're in." He said.

A second later, Konan's voice came through. "I've managed to overlay the published map of the building with the one we received." She said. "The one you just got contains more rooms than the published ones. Mark them down, will you?'

Nagato quickly marked them down. "We'll check these out first." He said. He sent the upgraded version to everyone else. "Itachi, lead the way."

The Uchiha slipped down through the corridor and everyone followed, tense and focused. The first few of the unmarked doors they came across mostly contained files. Nagato flipped through a few of them, eyes narrowed. He grabbed a few and handed it to Zetsu. "Hold on to those." He said. "We need to look into them later."

Finally, Itachi stopped outside the door of the largest unmarked room. "Locked." He gestured towards the handprint lock on the wall.

Just then, Yahiko's phone vibrated again.

'The door will now open. Please put away your weapons, or you may be attacked.'

"Is that a threat?" Sasori asked.

Itachi glanced over at Nagato, who lowering his weapon but didn't put it away.

The moment everyone present had one so, the door let out a 'beep', then slid open. A moment later, they all noticed the person standing on the other side. In less than a split second, Itachi had his rifle pointed at the redhead standing in front of them.

The person looked like a teenager, and as far as Itachi could see, was not holding any weapons. He was clad in a simply white robe, something hospital patients wore.

"She said you put your weapons down." The boy murmured, his tone monotone and voice empty. "But you didn't. Does that mean I should eliminate you?"

"Who are you?" Itachi asked. The rest of the Akatsuki team had also pointed their weapons at the teen.

"Who...Oh...Are you the Akatsuki?"

Itachi narrowed his eyes and glanced over at Nagato, who nodded. "We are."

"Oh." The boy stepped back. "We were expecting you." He turned and began to walk away. "Follow." He said.

Nagato nodded briskly and they followed the teen, never lowering their weapons.

The boy had covered his ears and closed his eyes as they walked. He led them further down the corridor, coming to a stop in front of a door. He placed a hand on the metal surface and the door slid open.

Inside was a dimly lit room with wires decorating the walls. In the center was a large, human sized capsule.

The teen stopped and the Akatsuki members did the same a few meters behind. Suddenly, the capsule began to release steam and the top part of it rose, opening up.

The teen moved forward and reached a hand into the capsule.

Itachi's breath caught in his throat and he felt Sasori stiffen beside him. Slender fingers wrapped around the offered hand and the red haired teen pulled a girl to her feet. "They're here." He said.

The girl sat on the edge of the capsule and the redhead positioned himself to her side. "Akatsuki?" She asked.

The redhead nodded.

"Who are you?" Nagato asked.

"My name is Gaara." The boy said. "Though you may know me as the 'Sabaku Defense Program'."

The girl blinked her striking emerald eyes at them. "And I am Sakura, the most latest Center Core of the Root Diagram."


Those who walk the Realms of the dead (Sakura x Multi):

The Haruno clan are known for their unique relationship with the dead. To them, hearing whispers, seeing the ghosts wandering the planes and having their bodies taken over by spirits are common occurrences. However, once in a hundred years, the 'Reaper Child' is born. The chosen of this century, Sakura can walk the land of the dead at will, the limit to her powers unknown.

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