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Chapter 1

Catherine's POV

It's loud.

So loud.

It's raining.


It's always raining every time I look out through the small window of my room. White walls on all sides and a metal door that's locked on the outside. I'm locked in for my safety they said. Who's they you ask? I don't know. They grabbed me on a rainy day like it is now...claiming I was unclean. All I know now is my name. Catherine O'Farrell a.k.a Patent 943E. Age 18. But for the time being they have finally stopped the experiments for the night.

I press my face against the cold glass of the small window looking out into the dark, wet woods that surrounded the building that I'm being kept in. I haven't eaten in a week because the "group" that's keeping me here wants to test my limits with the different drugs. I weak... So weak.

I wont out. I can't stand being here in this cell anymore. I weakly bring my hand up and started banging on the window. It's cold against my hand, maybe even cold enough where is can at least crack some. My hand is bleeding now where I'm banging so hard. It's painful, but I could care less, all I want is out.


I hear it. It's not big, but its working. The window is cracking because not a whole lot like o wanted it to. I pound as hard as I can on the window. It's cracking some more. If I hit it a few more times, it should be able if break completely. I was about to hit the window again but then I hear foot steps hitting against the stone floor in the call way.

It's one of the guards doing a nightly check to see how the patients are going. I hear clicking of the locks of the peep holes on the metal door, so they can be uncovers so the guards could look through them and into the rooms. The guard is getting closer, so I stop my hitting and make my ways over to my mat on the floor in the corner of the room. I roll on my side, my back facing the door. I slowed my breath to pretend I was sleeping.

The guard's foot steps stop at my door, but instead of hearing the lock on the peep hole, the sound was coming from the lock on the door when it gave a few clicks. He's was coming in the room and that only meant one thing.


This always happens every few days and its not always me. It happens to some of the other patients as well, whether its male or female. The "group" doesn't care about us. Just themselves. I hear him walk in my room and the door shut behind him... Or so I thought. I felt his gross, large hands brush through my greasy and matted hair. His hands moved further down my body, touching places that he has no business to be touching. I try to take it... Being as still as can be, but when his hand started groping my ass, I quickly shot up and moved away from him. That didn't do much. This guard was one of the more forceful ones and loved to cause his victims pain. He grabbed him hard, holding onto him waist in his tight grip. I was so skinny that I know if he squeezed any tighter, then my hip bone would probably break.

The guard pulled me towards him and he fully laid his entire weight on top of me, trying to kiss me. When he did so, I bit onto his bottom lip as hard as I could until I tasted the blood. He growled him pain and slapped me across the face. He started to curse at me, but I just tuned it out. About to rip my white patient gown off me, I started freaking out so I brought my foot up and kicked him. The guard gave a painful grunt and fell back slightly. I started getting up and when I did, he tried to grab me again. But this time a kicked my leg up, my foot making contact with his jaw. His head flew back, hitting hard against the already cracked window and shattered it. The guard had passed out from the blow to the head with the window and me kicking him.

All of a sudden, noise started coming from the hallway. People were yelling and running down the hall. Apparently before the guard passed out, he had hit some kind of alarm. I knew that if I didn't escape now than I would be caught and most likely killed. I looked over at the metal door to my room then at the window. Going through the door would be a death sentence, so I made up my mind and decided to climb out the window. Before I did, I grabbed the gun from the guards belt for protection then I climbed my way up to the window and climbed out of my room. It was a long way down, but I had to do it. I looked back into my room, and saw that someone...(probably one of the doctors)...was coming into the room. They opened the door fully and saw me. The doctor shouted at me. I panicked and jumped down to the ground, my feet landing on the broken glass at the bottom. My legs were hurting from the fall and my feet were cut badly but I didn't care.

It was still raining as before and it felt cool on my face. I wanted to stay like that forever, but new that right now it was not a possibility for me. I held the gun close to me as I started to run for my life. As I made my way into the thick brush of the woods, I could hear the yelling of guards and doctors looking for me. A loud siren was also blaring in the back ground as well... Even dogs were barking. But I didn't look back. The only thing I had in my mind...


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