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Chapter 6

Sebastian's POV

I made it into the kitchen and started to make my young master's lunch, but was also thinking before hand on what I was going to make for dinner that night. Once I had things in the oven, I made my way around the manor doing chores while I waited for things to finish.

Making my way outside and just turned a corner of the manor when I heard a loud scream. Right then, I knew that that scream could only come a girl..or Finny. But it couldn't be Finny because he was in the manor. I quicken my speed to the back yard of the manor and saw Catherine being surrounded by men in suits.

I ran over to the men and started to fight them to hold them back for now. But with my powers most of the men ended up dead, I grabbed Catherine around the waist and jumped away from the others to the roof of the Phantomhive manor. I looked over at Catherine, wiping the fallen tear from her cheeks.

"Stay here and hide. Whatever you do, do not look over the edge." I told her. "Do you understand?"

Still crying, Catherine nodded her head.

"I'll come back." I stood up and looked at the rest of the men. I gave a demonic wicked grin, jumping to the ground and started to have some fun with my prey.


I gave a loud sigh when I looked at my, what used to be, tailcoat. It was torn to shreds and holes all in it. I will have to go into town to have the Tailors to fix it. I didn't have the time to do it myself. I looked around at the fallen dead men on the ground. I saw one trying the crawl away. Quickly grabbing the guy, I lifted him off of the ground bring the man right p to my face.

"And where do you think you're going?" I asked the lump of a man.

"Just let me go! PLEASE!..." The guy yelled at me. Like really, screaming at me will not make things any better... For him.

"I'll let you go, only if you tell my why you were attacking one of the Phantomhive maids."

"I can't tell you. My boss while kill me." He told me and the guy was practically crying.

"And if you don't tell me.. I'll kill you." I grinned, showing him my demon canines.


"Well then?" I gestured for the man to start talking.

The guy started to explain. "My boss, Lord Ryker Crispin, is one of the most successful business owner in all of England. He has a 'facility' where he takes in a group of young boys and girls each year who have been abandoned or were adopted by other staff members and given to him. He uses them for different things... Experiments mainly, but also has them prostitute for money. Lord Crispin cares for all of his children just like if they were his own. He might do wrong, but he does care. He..."

Lord Crispin hmm? I might just have to look into this man and see about this facility. I cut the guy off and asked. "What kind of experiments?"

"Radiation... Injecting the children with harmful diseases... Shock Therapy... And anything that is considered illegal." The guys said with his head down. "He does it all and he never gets caught. That girl, with the pink hair, she was Lord Crispin's most prized possession because she survived it all. She was making the man rich selling her blood all over the world. After she escaped the facility, Lord Crispin sent us to get her. And if we don't come back with her, he will be so pissed."

"Well... Thanks for the information." I said with a chuckle, putting the man down back on the grown but still had my grip on the man's shirt.

"Now... Will you let me go?" He asked me.

"Sorry, but no." The guy didn't have time to scream because I quickly gripped his throat and broke his neck. It giving a loud.. SNAP! Letting go of my grip, the lifeless body fall down to the ground with a thud. I did a quick work and deposed off all of the bodies in the back yard.

Looking around to see if everything was clear and I went back over to the manor, jumping onto the roof. When I did, I saw Catherine curled up in a ball and was crying heavily. Her face was red and puffy. Slowly walking over sitting down beside her, I picked her up and placed her on my lap. I felt her nuzzle against my chest, cuddling close to me. I started to rub the back of her head gently and just let her cry it out.

If any told me that I would be so sweet and caring for a girl, I would have eaten that persons soul. But I wouldn't have it any other way. Even though I just started to get to know her, I loved her. When I first saw her last night asleep in her bed, I knew that I had imprint on her. Demon mates and imprints were rare. And when a demon imprints, the male or female imprint would be respected by others. I'm going to have to explain this to Catherine, but right now, I'll just give her time to feel normal first before I drop this bomb on her.

After awhile, Catherine finally calmed down from her crying. She raised up her head and looked at me with sad eyes. I rub my thumbs under her eyes to wipe the tears from her eyes and cheeks.

"I'm sorry for crying so much." She said.

"It's quit alright m'lady. You are safe now and I will do everything in my power to see to it." I said with a smile on my face, leaning down at kissed her on the forehead. "You have my word."

"Thank you Sebastian." She said laying her head on my chest again. We stay like this for awhile until I stood up with her in my arms.

"Come, I have lunch being made. I should go check on that so it doesn't burn." I told her, holding onto her tightly and jumped from the roof. Once on the ground, I carried Catherine through the door to the kitchen and sat her on her feet. I left her there, while I checked on the food.

The food was finished so I plated everything and took them to the dinning table, placing them on the table. I made a pot of Earl Grey Tea and sat out the fine China. Looking over at Catherine, I asked her to go get the young Lord. Once Lord Phantomhive sat at the head of the table, he began to eat. The other servants plus Catherine sat around the kitchen where they were eating their lunch, while I stayed with the young Lord.

Once lunch was over, everyone went their separate ways, but I cleared the table and went back into the kitchen. What I saw, was so sweet. In front of the kitchen sick was Catherine already washing the pots and pans that I had cooked with.

"You didn't have to do this, you know." I said while I clean off the plates from the left over food.

"I don't mind." She said with a smile on her face. I didn't argue, so I just helped her with the rest of the dishes and cleaning the whole kitchen. She even helped me clean up the dinner food that I had decided on making. She was such a good help, and followed me around with the other nightly chores that I needed to do.

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