My Fan Fiction Idea:

Trollz + Jackie Chan Adventures Crossover

Written By: Khalif Brown/Harriet 546

The B.F.F.L. and the Zodiac Adventures: When the evil Shendu gets transported to the world of Trollzopolus, he gets found in his statue form by Simon the Gremlin and seek revenge on both Jackie Chan and the B.F.F.L.; so Jackie Chan, his niece Jade Chan, Uncle Chan and Tohru once again find the 12Talismans with the help of the B.F.F.L.(Best Friends For Life: Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz and Onyx) in order to defeat this dark magic.

Genre: Action/Adventure

Chapters: 13


Chapter 1: Levitation of the Troll Rooster

Chapter 2: Ox Strength

Chapter 3: Invisibility

Chapter 4: Troll Speed

Chapter 5: Snarf in Sheep's Clothing

Chapter 6: Gremlin Combustion

Chapter 7:Onyx and the Rat Talisman

Chapter 8: Amethyst and Coal's Horse Healing

Chapter 9: Topaz the Monkey

Chapter 10: Sapphire's Dog and Pig Show

Chapter 11: Ruby's Yin and Yang Tiger

Chapter 12: Enter the Dragon


Nine Centuries ago, a demon named Shendu has terrorized ancient Asia with humans as subjects and slaves. Until one of his subjects named Lo Pei cast a Chi Spell that imprisoned Shendu in a statue form and divided his powers into the Twelve Talismans. Then scattered them to the rest of planet Earth, so Shendu would never go into power again. The Twelve Talismans are magical octagon shaped stones with images of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac: Rooster (Levitation, Telekinesis), Ox (Strength), Snake (Invisibility), Rabbit (Speed), Sheep (Astral Projection, Dream possession), Dragon (Combustion), Rat (Animation: Motion to Motionless), Horse (Healing), Monkey (Shape shifting), Dog (Immortality), Pig (Thermal Vision) and Tiger (Spiritual balance: Yin and Yang).

Today the Twelve Talismans and Shendu have been transported separately to the magical world of Trollzopolus where five female teenage trollz, who possess the Magic of the Five, and their Ancients must find these talismans to keep them out of the evil hands of a Gremlin Boy named Simon and his Dog Snarf to prevent the resurrection of Shendu.

Simon, in the Shadow World, wanting revenge when his dog-thing named Snarf discovered something. "Master, come quick" Snarf said. "What is it now?" Simon asked. "It looks like a statue shaped like a Dragon" Snarf said. This isn't just a statue, it's Shendu in his statue form! "I'm not just a statue, I am Shendu, the Fire Demon sorcerer" Shendu answered. "I'm Simon ,who destroyed the ancient world of Trollz" Simon said. "I'm Snarf, but why are you a statue if you are a demon?" Snarf asked. "I was imprisoned in this form for 900 years and my powers were divided into 12 Talismans" Shendu answered. "Each talisman represents an animal of the Chinese zodiac." He continued. "What's in it for me?" Simon asked. "Find my talismans and I'll share some of my powers" Shendu answered. "Alright then, now I'll get revenge on the B.F.F.L" Simon said. "I'm in too" Snarf said. "Now find my Talismans" Shendu demanded.

In a town called Trollzopolis, in mall, an old Troll named Obsidian senses Shendu and the talismans. Meanwhile in a High School for Trollz, there were 5 teenage girl Trollz known as the B.F.F.L. (Best Friends For Life): Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz and Onyx. "It's good to be back from our two-week vacation from Trollhiti" Ruby said. "Yeah, but I really miss Zirconia" Said Topaz. "Well I miss her husband Spinell" Onyx concluded. "At least our friendship stopped the volcano" Said Sapphire "And stopped island monsters" She continued. "Not to mention Simon and Snarf" Amethyst concluded. "At least we got rid of them for good" Ruby commented.

All of a sudden, Ruby felt Obsidian's presents. "Ruby what's wrong?" Amethyst asked worriedly. "This might be crazy, but I think I felt Obsidian calling me" Ruby explained. "Ugh, Mr. Trollheimer is calling me too" Sapphire continued. "My Grandma's also trying to speak to me" Amethyst added. "It's like our ancients are calling us for some reason" Topaz said. "Then let's find out what it is!" Onyx commanded. Meanwhile the B.F.F.L. left school after the bell, going straight to the mall and into Obsidian's Shop. "Obsidian we're here, what's wrong?" Ruby asked. "Thank goodness you're here; an evil force once again is unleashed" Obsidian said. "Is it Simon?" Sapphire asked. "And Snarf?" Onyx continued. "No, this evil is far greater and stronger!" Obsidian warned. "What do you mean this evil is stronger?" Amethyst asked. "Nine centuries ago, before Simon and Snarf's banishment, Planet Earth, in Asia, lived the evil Shendu" Mr. Trollheimer said. "Who or what is Shendu?" Ruby asked. "Shendu was a Fire Demon Sorcerer" Mr. Trollheimer described as the ancients magically showed Shendu. "He looks more like a dragon to me." Topaz commented. "Demons can take different shapes and forms" Said Obsidian. "Anyway, Shendu was a Demon who had Humans and Trollz as subjects and slaves" She continued. "That's awful, but what happen to him?" Amethyst asked. "A warrior named Lo Pei used a Chi Spell to imprison into a statue then divided his powers into 12 Talismans and scattered them across the globe" Said Amethyst's Grandma.

"What are the 12 Talismans?" Onyx asked. "The 12 Talismans are magical octagon shaped objects that have the images of the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac." Mr. Trollheimer stated. "What kind of animals?" Sapphire asked. "There is the Rooster, Ox, Snake, Rabbit, Sheep, Dragon, Rat, Horse, Monkey, Dog, Pig, and Tiger" Obsidian described. "Those animals must be more famous than Ruby" Topaz commented. "I heard that!" Ruby said angrily. "But Shendu and the talismans have been scattered separately in both our world and the Shadow world" Obsidian warned. "You mean this Shendu is with Simon and Snarf ?" Ruby asked. "I believe so, and that they are now joining sides" Mr. Trollheimer said. "If Simon gets the Talismans and gives them to Shendu, he could have revenge on his subjects by destroying their descendants!" said Amethyst's Grandma. "So we should find all Twelve Talismans before Simon" Onyx said. "Correct, we ancients will contact Zirconia and Spinell and let them know what's going on!" Obsidian said. "We will make locator spells for you" Said Mr. Trollheimer. "Alright then Girls, let's find those 12 Talismans" Ruby ordered. The five girls nodded. "B.F.F.L!" They said in unison to find the Talismans.

Chapter 1: Levitation of the Troll Rooster

It was the next day at school for the B.F.F.L. but they were thinking about what their ancients said about Shendu and the 12 Talismans. They said the first talisman is the Rooster Talisman. "So where are we suppose to find the first talisman?" Topaz asked. "I don't know yet" Amethyst answered. "We should use a locater spell Obsidian told us about." Onyx said. "Wait, here comes Amethyst's boyfriend" Onyx continued, but teased as a boy their age named Coal walk towards them. "Coal is not my boyfriend, Onyx" Said Amethyst angrily. "Hi Amethyst!" said Coal. "Oh Hi Coal." Amethyst said. "Hey Amethyst, can I ask you something?" Coal asked. "Sure Coal, what is it?" She asked. "I'd like to give you this." Coal explained as he gives Amethyst what appears to look like the Rooster Talisman. "Thank you so much" Amethyst said as she hugged Coal. "Would you like to spend time with me later?" He asked flirtilly. "Yes" Amethyst said happily. "Okay see you later" Coal said as he left. "See ya" She said. But when Amethyst looks closely at the stone: "Guys, look it the Rooster Talisman!" She shouted. "Whoa, you're right Am" Ruby said. "Yeah but let's take to Mr. Trollheimer after class" Sapphire stated.

After class: "Mr. Trollheimer, we found the first talisman" Sapphire said. "Good work girls, I'll tell Obsidian right away" he said. Meanwhile, Simon was talking to Shendu. "I sense the Rooster Talisman is nearby" Shendu said. "This Talisman represents Levitation and Telekinesis" he continued. "It might be in Trollzopolus" Simon told. "l may have warriors to accompany you" Shendu said as the Shadow Khan Ninjas appeared. "My Shadow Khan, help Simon find the Rooster Talisman!" he commanded as Simon, Snarf and the Shadow Khan went to find the first talisman. Meanwhile: "So what do we do with talisman in the mean time?" Topaz asked. "I don't know but it has something written on the back" Ruby said as she looked at the back of the Talisman. "It looks like Chinese inscription" Sapphire described. "What does it say?" Topaz asked. "I think it is says something about powerful abilities." Said Sapphire. "I wonder what it means" Amethyst said. "I wonder what the Rooster Talisman does?" Onyx commented. "We should find out later, 'cause right now, I have to meet up with Coal." Amethyst exclaimed as she left to find Coal; unknowingly taking the Rooster Talisman with her on her date with Coal.

What she didn't know is that the Shadow Khan were following her. As Amethyst reaches the mall, Coal is waiting for her. "Hi Coal, I'm here" Amethyst said. "Hey Amethyst" Coal said. Coal and Amethyst were spending quality time together and were having a romantic moment when suddenly the Shadow Khan appeared. "What are they?" Coal asked. "I don't know!" Amethyst answered. Coal grabs Amethyst's hand and they made a run for it until they ran into someone familiar. "Hello Trollz!" Said Simon as he and Snarf laughed evilly. "Simon and Snarf?" Amethyst asked. "I thought you two were in the Shadow World" She continued. "That is until we met Shendu" Simon said which made Amethyst gasp. "That's right, Shendu promised my master power" Said Snarf. "We see you both met the Shadow Khan." Simon said. "So that's what they're called" Coal said. "Now hand over the Rooster Talisman!" Simon demanded. "No way Simon, We're not letting you free Shendu!" Amethyst refused. "Very well, Shadow Khan attack!" Simon demanded as the Shadow Khan started attacking Amethyst and Coal. They both started dodging the ninjas, when Amethyst saw some heading towards Coal. "Coal look out!" She warned as Coal avoided them until he was surrounded. "Leave him alone Simon!" Amethyst demanded.

"Give me the Talisman first, if you want to save your boyfriend" Simon said. "Amethyst run!" Coal said. "Let Coal go, now!" She said angrily, when suddenly the Rooster Talisman started to glow. As it shows bright light, it's power is activated as Amethyst starts to Levitate. "What's happening to me?" Amethyst asked. Amethyst looked at the Talisman glowing and flew down to Coal. "Coal hang on!" She called out as she grabs Coal's hand then they flew off. "Stop them!" Simon demanded as the Shadow Khan went after them. While Amethyst and Coal were flying away from the Shadow Khan she started thinking of a way to stop them in their tracks, when suddenly objects started to move. "Coal take cover" she warned as the objects hit the Shadow Khan they disappeared into the shadows. "This isn't over!" Simon yelled as he and Snarf teleported.

"Nice job Amethyst!" Coal complimented. "Thank you Coal, sorry our date's ruined" Amethyst said disappointedly. "Don't worry about it" Coal said. "See you tomorrow" he continued as Coal kissed Amethyst on the cheek and left. "Okay see you Coal" Amethyst said bashfully, as she retrieves the B.F.F.L. their first Talisman.

-Written by Khalif Brown (Harriet546)