Summary: In the midst of the Great War, two powerful dragons began fighting. Fearing their power, leaders of the supernatural war forced them into another dimension. The ninjas of that dimension, for their own safety, sealed these two dragons into human vessels: dragon jinchuuriki.

Chapter 1: Banished and Sealed

Year: 1659 AD

Location: Unknown

"Please, God, hear me out," Lucifer, the strongest of the four Great Satans, pleaded. Usually he would not had been one for pleading, but drastic circumstances had forced him. He waited until the image of the God of Christianity that hovered in front of the powerful devil indicated for him to continue.

"Thank you. As you know, the two strongest dragons, the Red Dragon Emperor, Ddrag, and the White Dragon Emperor, Albion, have begun fighting. I know that we are on opposite sides of a war, but if we let them continue their battle, there will be nothing left for us to fight over. No Heaven or Hell or life on Earth. We must combine our powers to either kill them or force the two out of this dimension."

The great I Am pondered the words of his devil adversary. Despite what some of his followers may think, he was not all-knowing. Nearly all-powerful maybe, but not all-knowing. The image seemed to look at the wall to the left of Lucifer, copying the movements of its visage as God looked out to view the warring dragons. A tremor raced through the room, shortly followed by the sound of a massive explosion. The image of God cringed, the original having seen the actual destruction of the land caused by the attack. Coming to a decision, the Lord turned back to the leader who had called for this negotiation.

"I accept your argument. The war is not over, but I will call a cease-fire until the great Dragon Emperors are gone. I know not if we can truly kill them, but it is within our abilities to banish them from this dimension. Where they will end up, though, I cannot say."

"As long as it is not here, it is no longer our concern."

"I suppose you are right. I only hope where they end up is somewhere with no life for them to destroy except each other."


In the distance, two massive beasts battled to the death. One, a giant red dragon, shone brightly as his power doubled. In response, his opponent, a white being of the same race, shone as well. His white light canceled out the red rays shining from the crimson creature and halved the doubled power. The Red Dragon Emperor roared, charging at his foe angrily. The white dragon countered, biting at the armored neck of his opponent.

Their fight had gone on for nearly three months, neither eating, sleeping, or caring about the destruction they had wraught so far. The only thought running through their intelligent but war-riddled minds was the order to kill the other. Neither remembered why the fight had started, too many blows to the heads causing loss of memory, but they fought on.

"I'm going to kill you Albion!" roared the red dragon for what seemed like the 100th time.

"Not if I kill you first Ddrag!" the White Dragon Emperor responded. They engaged in combat once more as the great powers of the holy, devil, and fallen angel armies snuck out onto the battlefield.

"So how are we going to do this?" asked Azazel, the most powerful of the fallen angels.

"I'm not sure," responded Lucifer, the other Great Satans behind him. "I was hoping we could open a tear in space and force them through, but the power required to maintain the tear would not leave us enough to fight them into it."

"We shall wait," declared God. "They will separate to regroup themselves before charging each other again. When they charge, we will open two rifts between them and let their momentum carry them through."

"That's brilliant," exclaimed Azazel. "Just as you would expect from the Lord." They waited patiently and in silence, the only noise being the sounds of the battle before them. The combatants danced their deadly, close-combat steps for nearly an hour. Finally, the White Dragon Emperor flapped his wings, springing upwards and using his back legs to kick Ddrag in the face. The Red One stumbled backward and the White One glided away. They glared at each other for a good minute, about a mile separating them. The time and distance was all that the beings below needed to enact their plan.

With dual war calls, the mighty dragons rushed forward. A second later, two cracks in time and space opened in the air between them. Both beasts of god-like power tried to stop or turn, but to no avail. The great creatures sped through the openings between dimensions, coming out into a rocky land in the middle of the night.


Year: 120 years before the Kyuubi attack

Location: Land of Earth, Elemental Nations

Current Event: 1st Shinobi World War

The First Shinobi World War, or the Great Shinobi War, was winding down. Konohagakure (the Village Hidden in the Leaves) and their allies, Kumogakure (the Village Hidden in the Clouds) and Uzugakure (the Village Hidden in the Whirlpools), were preparing to finish the army of Iwagakure (the Hidden Stone Village). Iwagakure's ally, the Village Hidden in the Mist (Kirigakure), had abandoned them, dropping out of the war and conceding defeat after their failed invasion of the Hidden Whirlpool. The Hidden Sand (Sunagakure) had long since surrendered; their numbers never were high even before the war and their loss to the joint Leaf/Whirlpool army at the Battle of the Border. Still, the Hidden Stone was stubborn, refusing to budge or give an inch despite the overwhelming odds against them.

The three armies of Cloud, Leaf, and Whirlpool stealthily approached their target from the north, south, and east, respectively, blending as best they could into the rugged terrain and the dark, moonless night. The leader of Konoha called for a halt and began making hand signs for a justu. The armies on the other sides stopped as well, members of the Yamanaka clan relaying the Hokage's order. Just as Senju Hashirama, the leader of the Leaf, was about to finish his preparations, a roar tore through the night.

The sound was like nothing the shinobi had heard before. The closest thing they could equate it to would be a call from a lizard summon, but even the call from the boss of the Lizard clan was dwarfed by the sound. The cry woke every person within the Village Hidden in the Stones and attracted the attention of every member of the three attacking armies. To the south-east, between the armies of Konoha and Uzu, two jagged lines had opened within the air. Sunlight flowed through the openings, blanketing the areas around the cracks in the warm rays of a sun not known to the Elemental Nations. The leaders of each army wondered what justu the stone ninja could have activated, but if the alarms coming from the settlement below were of any indication, they had nothing to do with it.

Just as the alarms were beginning, two monstrous forms tumbled out of the openings. One, a large red dragon, skidded to a halt on its stomach, crashing into one of the many mountains the Land of Earth was known for. The other, a white counterpart of the red dragon, came out of its crack sideways as if if it had tried to turn suddenly. It barrel-rolled for a good mile and a half before it extended the winds protruding out of its back and halted the motion. The two beasts raised themselves and turned to face each other. Surprising all those around, the lighter one spoke.

"What did you do Ddrag? This is not where we were fighting before." The voice was masculine. Deep, but not overly so.

"I don't know and I don't care Albion," the Red One responded in a low bass. "As long as I kill your ass, I don't give a shit where it happens." The dragon that had spoken last fired a beam from his mouth, the red ray slamming into the unprepared dragon. The resulting explosion caused a shock wave that destroyed many buildings in Iwagakure and knocking over nearly every person and every tree (not that there were many of those to begin with) in the area.

The dragons' fight continued, the battle leading them every which way within a two kilometer radius. They stomped through the Hidden Stone Village, flattening a majority of the city and killing shinobi and civilians alike. Many from said village attempted to stop the rampaging creatures, but their attacks did not even register to the battling beings. A misfired beam from the Red Dragon Emperor ripped through the center of the Cloud forces, ending the lives of over 40 of Kumo's strongest warriors. The White One swiped at his opponent who took to the air. The swing cleaved into the mountain above the Leaf ninja, the debris crushing many who were unable to get out of the way. In response to the attack, Ddrag dived at Albion, slamming into him and causing both to fall toward the army of Uzugakure. The massive forms of the dragons crushed most of the members.

Thinking quickly, the head of the Uzumaki clan and the leader of the Hidden Whirlpool ordered every able person of the clan to contain the beasts with their chakra chains. Chains of all colors sprung from the ground, wrapping over the dragons that snarled at each other. By the time the giant combatants realized they were being restrained, it was too late to escape. The dragons fought to break the chakra constructs holding them, but before they could members of the Senju clan had arrived to aid their close friends. The wood release of the Senju added another lair to the prison of the giant beasts and ended any attempt or chance they'd had at escape.

"What are we going to do with them?" asked the leader of Whirlpool as the beings from the other dimension roared from their prison. Hashirama looked to where they had come from, but the openings that had let them in had vanished, leaving no proof of their existence except the beasts they'd left behind.

"Is there any chance we could seal them like we did the bijuu?"

"I don't know," his friend responded. "If we could, who would accept the burden?"

"We would," the Riakage answered, entering the talk of the fate of the powerful creatures. "I'm sure Kumo could find hosts for the both of them."

"You will do no such thing Riakage-dono," the Hokage told him. "We've already given you both the nibi (two-tails) and the hachibi (eight-tails). You don't need any more sealed beasts."

"Well I'm not going to let you have them Hokage-dono! You have the kyuubi (nine-tails), the strongest of the tailed beasts!"

"We'll take them," the head Uzumaki said calmly, the Raikage starring at the Uzukage in surprise. "Uzu does not currently posses a tailed beast like Kumo or Konoha. The sealing of these dragons into citizens of Uzugakure would make sense seeing as we are the only major village lacking at least one." The Raikage was forced to concede the point.

The sealing of the dragons went off without a hitch and Iwa was forced to surrender since most of their city was crushed and their people killed. Thus, the Great Shinobi War ended and the stories of the Dragon Jinchuuriki began.


Year: 100 years before the Kyuubi attack

Location: Uzugakure

Current Event: none

"Uzumaki Sasumaru, I challenge you to a dual to the death!"

"I accept Uzumaki Saru! I'm going to kill you!"

The two combatants faced each other, the elders of the clan taking positions around the arena. The leader of the village walked between the two young men, a frown on his old yet young-looking face.

"Are you two sure about this? One of you will not leave this arena alive and you are Uzu's strongest warriors."

"We know this Uzukage-sama, but we are destined to fight to the death," the one called Uzumaki Saru assured.

"Could this fight not wait? I and the other Kages sense that another World War is coming."

"No, it cannot wait!" cried the other, Sasumaru. "We may be twin brothers, but the beasts inside us cry out for the other's blood. By the power vested in me as the Red Dragon Emperor, I must kill the White One."

"But if one of you were to die, what would become of the beast inside you? I may not be able to stop you, but the power of the dragons may be needed to protect the village."

"We do not know," Saru answered. "It is likely that the dragon would die with us, but the one that survives should become far stronger than before."

"Fine," the Uzukage groaned. "But let it be recorded that I am opposed to this dual."

"Duely noted!" called one of the elders, writing down his protest on the record he was keeping.

"There is no stopping you. Let the dual begin!"


Uzumaki Sasumaru, the Red Dragon Emperor, lay dead on the ground. His twin, Saru, panting and bleeding heavily, stared down at his defeated opponent rather than the destruction around him. The young man's arm was still covered in the white and blue armor the Vanishing Dragon granted his vessel. Within his mind, the White Dragon Emperor, Albion, rejoiced.

"Hahaha. Finally! I have killed Ddrag. Or, I guess, we have partner."

"Don't call me partner!" Saru yelled at the beast, surprising all the elders present who could not hear the dragon. "Because of you and your beef with the Red One, I was forced to kill my brother! Does it not bother you at all that your pointless battle drug us into it?" The man's armored arm shone before returning into his normal appendage as Albion considered his words.

"I suppose it was not right to include either of you, but it was not our choice to take human vessels. And to continue our fight, we would have had to break out and probably killed both of you in the process. At least this way one of you survived."

"I don't care about that! My brother is dead!"

"And I am sorry, but there is nothing I can do for you." The clan leader hesitantly approached the winner of the dual. He quickly signed a small series of hand signs, causing his hands to glow green. He placed his hands over Saru's bleeding wounds. The boy flinched at the initial contact, but the soothing sensation calmed him somewhat as the justu began closing his wounds.

"Now that you are done," the man said, sadness permeating his words, "we must begin preparing for the inevitable war."

"Yes Grandfather."

Meanwhile, Ddrag woke to the sound of a crying baby. Confused, he took in his surroundings. The area around him was blank but for a small child with brown hair wrapped in a light brown cloth. A thought came to the Red Dragon Emperor and, with only a look around to confirm it, he concluded that he was in the mindscape of the baby.

'Interesting' the dragon mused. 'It appears that our otherworldly origins have effected this world's sealing of Albion and me. I suppose I should not be surprised considering the powers given to my last vessel, but I think we are now similar to the [Sacred Gears] of our world. That means we should move on to a new host after the previous one dies. Thus, why I am here rather than dead like Sasumaru. Things will be quite interesting here.' With that thought, the Red One lulled himself into hibernation to wait for his vessel to grow.


Time: 70 years before the Kyuubi attack

Location: Land of Wind

Current Event: war between Uzu and Suna

Two special solders faced each other in the middle of the desert. One, an older man with red hair flecked with silver, tightened his Uzugakure headband. The second man, a younger male with brown hair and a deep tan, adjusted his Suna flack jacket.

"You Uzumaki Saru?" the younger man questioned.

"Depends. Who's asking."

"Name's Koroto Mitame. I'm the newest Red Dragon Emperor."

"What are you talking about? My brother was the Red Dragon Emperor and I killed him many years ago."

"Listen pal. I'm not one for details, but Ddrag mentioned something called a [Sacred Gear] and finding new hosts. Honestly, I zoned out for half of it, but all in all, I'm here to kill you. The fact that we are at war only justifies that even more than the dragons could." The man's arm changed, gaining a cover of red armor with a large green gem. He sped forward with the speed of a ninja, his red-haired opponent reacting just as fast.

"So that's how it is," Saru commented, holding back Mitame's clawed fingers with his own white and blue armor. "You ready to die?"

"Sorry, but it's not me that's going to die today."


The battle raged until only one was left standing, leaving the enemy's body to be lost in the dunes. Laughing loudly, the Red Dragon Emperor congratulated his current vessel. Mitame gave a chuckle at the antics of the beast that dwelled inside his body. He trudged back to the Village Hidden in the Sands, a strong wind whipping his clothes about his form as he mused on if the next host of the White One would be stronger since he would not be part his prime.

And thus, the cycle continued. Every couple of decades, the hosts of the great dragons would meet, fighting until only one was left alive. The dragon inside them would then move to their next host, the baby boy born closest to the moment that the previous host's spirit passed into the next life. Little did they know that one host would change the world...

End of Exposition