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Chapter 4:

Training Start

"Does that mean-?" Naruto began hopefully.

"Yes it does," Anko confirmed. "Congrats, maggots of Team 8."

To say Naruto was excited would be an understatement. With Anko's announcement, the blond grabbed the closest person to him and swung them around happily. Said person turned out to be Hinata who turned red and passed out.

"We did it~!" Naruto sang happily. "We did it~! Isn't that exciting, Hinata? Hinata?! Hinata!"

"Ahahaha!" Anko laughed, covering up Shino's quiet chuckles. "Now that's some funny shit, right there!"

"What are you laughing about?" the blond asked, angry at being laughed at and with the girl dangling unconscious in his arms. The remaining pain in his newly-regrown appendages wasn't exactly helping his mood either.

"You're totally oblivious, aren't you? That just makes it better!"

"Shut up! What am I oblivious to?"

"You won't get anything out of me, Whiskers. Now, I'm going to treat you three to a late lunch for being the first team to pass my test. And Whiskers, you're carrying White-Eyes."

"I wasn't going to trust you to carry her anyway," Naruto said, covering up his growling stomach.

Anko only smirked in response.

Fifteen minutes found the new Team 8 in their teacher's favorite dango shop, Naruto and Hinata on one side of the booth and Anko and Shino on the other. The girl was slowly coming to while the blond and the older woman were staring each other down. Shino was sitting quietly. Hinata woke and read the tension in the air.

"Sensei?" she asked, pulling Anko's attention from the girl's crush. "S-since we're y-your s-students now, w-what would you l-like us to c-call you?"

"Anko-sensei would be fine," the woman responded, "but I think Sexy-sensei would be better."

"Bitch-sensei would be more appropriate," Naruto stated.

"What was that, Gaki?"

"You heard me, Bitch-sensei." The two were locked into their staring contest again, but it was broken when the proprietor of the shop walked over and slid seven plates of dango, one to each of the students and four to the teacher, onto the table. The woman cheered and began eating ravishly, as if she had been the one using energy to regrow limbs. Next to her, Shino ate quietly.

Across from him, Naruto glanced at his food. He'd never had dango before and was questioning Anko's scandalous claims of said treat being better than ramen. Finally, after watching both Hinata and Shino begin eating, Naruto gingerly lifted the food and took a bite.

The blond was forced to admit that it was good, but nowhere near ramen. He ate rather slowly, about average speed for anyone else, the flavors of the food dancing over his tongue.

"Alright, brats," Anko began, having already eaten her much larger portion. "Since I'm your sensei now, you are no longer Academy students and under my command. I will be in charge of your training from now on and all missions you do will be on my watch. Training will be everyday, 7 AM to 6 PM unless I say otherwise. Understood?"

"Hai," the three chorused.

"Good. We start tomorrow. Go home and get some rest. You're going to need it."

After the team dispersed so Hinata and Shino could tell their parents that they'd passed, Naruto went back to the training field. He was now an official Genin, so he didn't care if someone saw him learning to use his new power.

"Alright," Naruto said to no one in particular. "How do I do this?" After a second of thought, he closed his eyes and looked within himself the way Iruka had told them to when teaching about chakra, except this time he pushed aside that energy and looked for the power that was distinctly not his own or that of the Kyuubi. Ddrag's power. He could feel it flowing through his body, hidden under his chakra, but it seemed closer within his left arm, so that's were Naruto pulled.

The energy reacted, shooting up to condense just above the skin in a flash of red light. Naruto opened his eyes, his arm weighted down by a gauntlet as red as blood. The only exception to this color scheme was the baseball-sized green gem on the back of his hand.

"Good job, Naruto," Ddrag rumbled in his mind. "You have successfully summoned your Boosted Gear. Here's how it works. Every ten seconds-"


"-that will happen, doubling your power. You can reach a maximum of ten boosts before it resets."

"Holy crap," Naruto muttered. "That's a lot of chakra."

"Now I didn't say that. It will dou-"


"-double the potency and strength of your chakra, not the amount."

"Alright, my bad." Naruto moved to test it, bringing his hands up to preform hand signs, but his arm was heavy and slow. "How am I supposed to make hand signs with this thing on?


"Some of my past vessels summoned two gauntlets and worked from there, but there might be other ways of getting around that problem. I'll leave that to you."

Naruto thought about it. "Hey, Ddrag?"



"If there are gauntlets, then where is the rest of the armor?"

"Within you, but you can't use all of it at once and remain within the laws of nature. You can really only summon two pieces at the same time or your body wouldn't be able to handle the power. At least, not in your current state."

"So could I summon the chest piece if I don't summon the gauntlets?"

"Yes, I suppose." Naruto released his hold on his Boosted Gear, allowing it to vanish back inside his body in a flash of red light. Suddenly, Naruto staggered, feeling like all of his power had been sucked out of him. "That was probably the reset," he mused before reaching inside himself again. This time he pulled on the power within his chest rather than his arms. It was harder to pull out and it took a couple tries to do, but a blood-red chest plate with a green gem in the center materialized over his clothes.


"Heh. I did it. Now, let's see how powerful my Water Style: Condensation is now." The Genin made the necessary signs and announced the technique. Water from the surrounding air collected, forming droplets twice the usual size and fell to the earth. So much water condensed, as a matter of fact, that the surrounding air became aired and stifling, like Naruto was standing in a dessert.


"That worked. Let's try this. Earth Style: Earth Clone!" Several clones rose out of the ground, no visible changes to them present. Slightly put out, Naruto dismissed the doubles and released his grip on Ddrag's power. In a flash of red light, the chest plate vanished back inside the blond's body. He stumbled, the empty feeling of the reset filling him again.

'I think that's enough for now,' Naruto thought to himself. 'I guess a celebratory bowl of ramen wouldn't hurt, though.' His head filled with happy thoughts, the blond turned back toward the village and walked off, humming an old Uzu tune Ddrag had remembered and taught him, singing along in his head.

Be a man...

Hinata waited patiently outside her father's office, sitting quietly. She'd signaled her presence several minutes ago and now was waiting for Hiashi to call her in.

"Enter," the clan head called, prompting the girl to stand and slide the door back.

"Good afternoon, Father," Hinata greeted with a bow, forcing herself not to stutter lest the man berate her like he had several times in the past. Her father was a stern man in his early forties with straight black hair that fell to the small of his back and the pail eyes that all Hyuuga shared. He was dressed in his usual black-and-white robes and the desk before him was covered in several neat stacks of papers.

"Is there something you wish to discuss?" Hiashi asked in a clipped tone. The man was a straight-to-the-point kind of person, but, if one knew the man well enough, one could hear the subtle annoyance in the man's tone he gained once a month while going through the monthly records.

"I-I only wish to inform you that I have passed my f-final test," Hinata answered. The Hyuuga clan head chose to ignore his daughter's stutter just this once on account of the information she had just provided.

"I see. Congratulations. May I ask who your teammates and teacher are?"

"My teammates are Shino Aburame and N-Naruto Uzumaki. Our sensei is Anko Mitarashi." Hiashi frowned at this information. He knew of both the village prankster and the Snake Mistress as well are their reputations within the village. Unfortunately, he had no say in the matter now that they were officially a team.

"I suppose a celebratory dinner is in order," the elder Hyuuga commented, pushing aside his distaste until such time as he could talk to the Hokage about his choice of team assignments. "Please, go wash up. I will have a branch member receive you when it is time for the meal." Hinata bowed silently and exited before releasing the breath she didn't know she had been holding. She turned toward her room and walked off.

"Oh," Hinata gasped, stopping suddenly so she didn't run into the person she hadn't seen around one corner. "Hello, Hanabi-chan."

"Sister," the younger girl stated before brushing past her. Hinata sighed in annoyance; things hadn't been like that between the two siblings until Hiashi had started training the younger of the two. Unable to do anything about it at the moment, the Hyuuga heir worked her way to her personal quarters to prepare for dinner.

"Father," Shino bowed.

"Son," Shibi Aburame bowed back. Much like his offspring and most of their clan, Shibi was mostly hidden by his clothes. Only the skin around his eyes and his hands were exposed to the open air. A baggy, dark-green jacket covered his upper half while the collar hid the bottom of his face. Matching pants hid his legs from view and goggles left his eye color a secret.

"I have passed the final test."

"I am glad to hear that."

"My teammates are Hinata Hyuuga and Naruto Uzumaki. My sensei is Anko Mitarashi."

"That is most interesting. I expect you to push yourself harder than before."

"Indeed, Father."

"I will see you at the meal tonight. Your mother will be proud of you, just as I am."

"Of course. Until then, Father."

"Should I or should I not?" the Hokage mused to himself. The Jonin had just left after telling him that only the last three assigned teams passed. Now, he was wondering if he wanted to tell Anko that one of her students was not only a jinchuuriki, but also one of the two famous Emperors. He thought about it for a few more minutes before coming to a conclusion.

"Nah," Hiruzen chuckled. "I'll wait to see what her reaction is." There was a knock at his door, leaving him slightly confused. His secretary hadn't sent him a message saying someone was coming up, so Hiruzen stretched out his senses. "Come in, Kakashi."

The door opened, the white-haired Jonin standing there. Surprisingly, he lacked his usual orange book, telling the Hiruzen that he was serious about whatever it was he wanted to talk about. He sauntered in and stood before the Hokage.

"You're late," Hiruzen observed. Rather than continue that subject, Kakashi cut straight to the point.

"Why?" he asked.

"Why what?"

"You know what."

"I know a lot of whats. Please elaborate."

"Why didn't you let me teach Minato's son?" Kakashi demanded. "You know he was the one student I wanted to teach."

"Then maybe you should have gotten to know him rather than avoiding him like you have been."


"Don't 'Hokage-sama' me, Kakashi," Hiruzen interrupted. "You're too late. Naruto already has a team."

"But you told me that I would lead a Team 7 consisting of Sasuke Uchiha, Sakura Haruno, and Naruto Uzumaki. Then, I get to the Academy, only to find out that all of the teams have been taken."

"You got there three hours after everyone had left and if you had come to the briefing I'd called the day before, you would have seen the notice I handed out about the team changes."

"I'm sorry, I-"

"Got caught on the road of life," Hiruzen waved off. "I've heard it before. You missed your chance, Kakashi. Deal with it." The man's one good eye narrowed, but he wasn't about to back-talk his leader. With a bruised pride and rather angry thoughts, the Jonin turned and left.

"Alright, maggots!" Anko yelled, bursting into the clearing and making all three of her Genin jump. "Everyone drop and give me a hundred! Shoes off, too!"

"You're sadistic, Bitch-Sensei," Naruto grumbled, his sandals falling from his hands.

"You wanna repeat that, Whiskers?"

"I said you're sadistic."

"I should hope so," the woman smirked. "I was second-in-command of the T&I Department. One of the best." She licked her lips. "Now why are you just standing there? Get to work!"

"Yeah, yeah," Naruto grumbled, being the most vocal of the three.

"Blondie," Anko said, pointing to the Jinchuuriki. "Because of your big mouth, you get to add 50 reps to your warm up. Understood?"

"Yes... Bitch... Sensei," Naruto growled out.

After their push-ups, Anko had the Genin run two miles around the rocky training ground barefoot. Then she had them do 100 sit-ups and finally had them finished their warm-ups with 75 chin-ups in the surrounding trees. Finally, the three pre-teens were given a break to catch their breaths.

"Can we... please... put... our shoes... back on?" Naruto gasped, sucking in great heaving breaths. Next to him, Hinata's hair had ruffled and stuck to her head while Shino was all but overheating in his overcoat.

"Alright, maggots," Anko sighed. "I'll give you all ten minutes. And yes, Whiskers, you can put your shoes back on. After that, I'll be sparing with each of you to find your strengths and weaknesses. Any questions? No? Good." She Shushined away to her favorite dango restaurant, leaving her Genin alone.

Alone until Kakashi wandered into the clearing.

"My, my," he chuckled. "What happened to you three?"

"Warm... up..." Hinata panted. The Genin had tensed at his sudden appearance, but his Leaf headband dissuaded their momentary fear.

"Seems harsh. You do know you all could request a new teacher, right?"

"We could," Naruto nodded, pulling himself up into a sitting position, "but we haven't had ours for even a day."

"Get up, maggots!" Anko's happy voice called, the woman appearing a second later. "If you have the energy to talk, you have the energy to spar!"

"Hello, Anko," Kakashi greeted.

"Well, if it isn't the Cyclops of Konoha," Anko responded, crossing her arms. "What can I do for you?"

"Nothing really. I was just passing through. You don't think you're pushing these kids too hard, do you?"

"They're a bit weak for my taste," the Snake Mistress admitted, Hinata visibly deflating at the words, "but that's to be expected. The Academy's not what it use to be. A few weeks and I'll have these kids top of their class."

"I didn't even think you wanted students," the white-haired man said.

"I didn't, but what can I say? These brats impressed me. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some torture- I mean, training to do."

"Mah, mah," the other Jonin waved, walking away. Behind him, he heard "Whiskers! You're up first. Go!"

And them pained screaming.

She was the predator and they were the prey. Two weeks had passed since that day Naruto had regrown his arms to get a team and, much to Kakashi's ire, they were still Anko's students. Now, Team 8 was playing a dangerous game of cat-and-mouse with their instructor, trying to find a way to lure her into a trap and win, while avoiding her by hopping through the trees. Anko was several hundred yards behind them with Hinata tracking her via her Byakugan, but still she could pounce at any moment.

And this game was damn serious. Food was on the line! Food!

Naruto and his big mouth had struck a deal with Anko. The person who came up with the plan that wins the game got to choose where the group would go to eat after training.

"Guys," Naruto whispered as quietly as he could. "I have a plan." Shino and Hinata both nodded, giving Naruto the go-ahead. "I've got a confession to make to you all, but the surprise factor could shock Bitch-sensei long enough for you two to tie her up."

"If the secret is that surprising," Shino began, "wouldn't that mean that you would need to confide in us beforehand so we wouldn't freeze as well?"

"I'm getting there. Hinata, are you ok with this."

"Y-yes, Naruto-kun."

"Alright. Stop here and I'll make some Earth Clones to buy us some time." They dropped between to old oaks before the blond make several hand signs and released two dozen Earth Clones in Anko's general direction. "That should do."

"Wh-what is this s-secret you wanted to sh-share?"

"You two remember how Iruka-sensei taught us about those dragons that supposedly came from another world, right?" He got two nods in confirmation. "Well, the way they change host is through the death of the previous one. When the old host died, the baby boy born closest to the time of death becomes the new host."

"Naruto," Shino interrupted in a monotone. "Are you one of the famous Dragon Emperors?"

"Thanks, Shino," Naruto huffed. "Ruin the surprise, why don't you?"

"Y-you're one of th-the D-Dragon Emperors?" Hinata questioned meekly. "Wh-which one?"

"I'm the container of Ddrag, the Red Dragon. And I was hoping that I could reveal this to Bitch-sensei. She freezes in shock, you two tie her up. We all go get ramen on Bitch-sensei's tab. Sound like a plan?"

"At least this is not as reckless as when you chose to sacrifice your arms," Shino joked with no emotion.

"Of course you had to bring that up," the blond sighed. "Hinata, how close is Bitch-sensei?"

"Oh, uh Byakugan!" The veins around girl's pale eyes bulged as she scanned the area. "Anko-sensei j-just killed the l-last Earth Clone," the Hyuuga reported. "She's on her way."

"Alright. You two, get in position." Both of Naruto's teammates nodded before jumping into two separate trees on either side of the clearing. Ten seconds passed before their purple-haired teacher rocketed into the area on a collision course with her blond student. Only instinct saved Naruto from the beating her fist would have brought with her, said fist leaving a small crater where it impacted with the ground. The pre-teen leapt up from where he had rolled several feet away.

"Oi! Bitch-sensei! I'm the Red Dragon Emperor!" She turned to dispute his obviously-fake claims, but when the Snake Mistress locked her eyes on the Genin, she was nearly blinded by a flash of red light.

"Heh," the woman laughed. "The Academy files said you couldn't do Genjutsu. I guess they were wrong." Her fingers curled into a ram sign and she pulsed her chakra, but the Red gauntlet with a green gem on the boy's left arm stayed very real. "Wait, I, what?"

'It doesn't make any sense' Anko screamed mentally. 'Not only is this kid a Jinchuuriki, an Uzumaki, and the child of a Kage, but he's also an Emperor?! The odds could only be more stacked for him if his parents had survived!"

Unfortunately for Anko, her mental rant was just long enough to give her other two students the time they needed to immobilize her with ninja wire and kikachu beetles. Finally, her mind caught up with the situation.


End of Chapter 4

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