In Emerald Town, my house has a green colored house that looks like a head of Tails; it is right next to Tails' house. The mailman arrives to my street and he deposits the letters to my mailbox. Abruptly, I was in the mailbox while he attempts to deposit the letters. "Hi mailman!" I said. The mailman screams in fear when he was startled and he runs away. "Ok, see you later." I got off of the mailbox and I picked up the dropped letters. "Hmm, let's see. Junk mail... Magazines... Huh, what's this?" I noticed when I was seeking through the envelopes. Something good happened to me because I had obtained free tickets. "Yes! Free tickets, I can't wait to tell Gooey." I cheered for joy.

Meanwhile, back with Gooey at Cappy Town in his house. He is asleep at his bed in the morning. All of a sudden, he heard a knock on a door. That knock on the door woke him up. "Ugh," groaned Gooey. "What now." He got off of his bed and he forms up his blue body to the shape of Kirby like always. Then he saunters to the front door; his eyes were tired and his dark markings were formed on his eyes. When he opens the door, he was startled when I shouted "Guess what, Gooey?!" That made him jump all the way up to the ceiling; eventually, he got stuck on the ceiling. "Again with the startling? This is the second time!" Muffled Gooey. Then he fell down back to the floor and bangs his head. He gets up off of the floor and stands up with his two feet. "I got free tickets to the Nintendo Cruise for four days." I notified. "Um, Neil. You might want to take a closer look." "Oh ok; it says you and a guest have won a four day trip to the Nintendo Cruise vacation to the Bahamas. I have a guest with me." I pulled out a Cherish Ball and I sent out Hoopa in his confined form. "Good morning, Gooey. I'm Hoopa; Neil and I are going to the cruise trip together. Would you like to be our guest too because this envelope contains four tickets?" Offered Hoopa. "Why would I, this is going to be so much fun." Giggled Gooey. Hoopa grabs a ring hanging on the right horn and he tosses it into the air creating a portal. "Alléhooparing." Said Hoopa. He summons Nabbit from "New Super Mario Bros. U" as the fourth guest; he does not carry a sack that holds items with him.

Today is Friday, but the cruise ship leaves at Monday. "Remember the last time we went on a cruise ship?" Reminded Gooey. "Oh yeah, that was the iceberg that destroyed the last cruise ship on that other time. But this time, there will be no icebergs around here in the Bahamas due to its warm and hot weather. Therefore, this cruise trip will not be a major disaster." I explained. "I have a question Gooey, can I stay in your house for the weekend before we go to the cruise?" "Sure Neil." (The Scene fades to the night.)

Approximately, 18 hours later. Tonight is Saturday, we are getting our luggage packed as we get ready for bed. "Oh that reminds me, tomorrow is daylight savings time; spring forward." I grinned for some reason while I snickered. Before we go to bed, I set the alarm for the alarm clock. "Allow me to do the honors." Assisted Hoopa. He grabs the alarm clock on the desk and he accidentally turns the clock way far ahead; we are traveling through time. "Not again!" Whined Gooey. In the futuristic dystopia, the sun is exploding and it is going to burn the Earth. "Oh my god, let's go back." I admitted, this was a stupid idea. Hoopa turns the clock far behind that we went to the beginning of the universe. We all held our breaths in the void; and then I snagged the alarm clock to go back in time. (The scene cuts to an ape standing on its feet and arms; then it attempts to stand on its two feet.) Unfortunately, we appeared to the time where the ape stands up on its feet. It scares him that it runs away with its hands and feet. "What's his issue?" Commented Gooey. Nabbit squeaks about what is going on to us. I shrugged and I turned the clock to the present. Luckily, we are at Gooey's house in the present day. Suddenly, I hear a scratch on the door. I went to the door and opened it. It was Tails standing on its four feet due to the fact that time was affected by me messing up history. "I was working on my scientific project, but I have no use with my feet and my mouth because I don't have hands." Complained Tails. "Ugh, the monkey." We all said except for Tails and Nabbit.

I gave the alarm clock to Hoopa and he turns the clock to the time where the ape was ambushed by us. We appeared behind the rock while the ape strives to stand on its two feet. "Ok, we are about to appear. Ready?" I planned. On the time where the other me, Gooey, Nabbit, and Hoopa appeared, we pushed the other group off of the cliff. "Watch out!" Exclaimed Hoopa. "Great! Now we are going to be iced and our now selves will be extinct." The past selves flew back up to the cliff all of a sudden. Then the third group comes out of nowhere and the third clone of me says "I am the one who built a trampoline to save them." And best of all, the fourth group of us has a soda drinking hat and some popcorn. "What are you here for, guys?" I asked. "Oh, to watch the fight of whoever gets to go to the present." Added the fourth clone of Gooey. They all fight except for the fourth group; ironically due to the time paradox, the fourth group was actually us. We all laughed and then Hoopa winds the alarm clock back to the present while the three groups were left behind fighting.

In the present, an odd thing at the streets in the night was that the Cappy Town citizens have the colors of Nabbit, Gooey, me, and Hoopa. I had made a face palm about messing up history so much; on the other hand, they all stand on two feet. "Gimme that!" Snapped Gooey, as he snags the alarm clock from Hoopa. He twists the knob of the clock to travel through the time where the clones fight. At the cliff with the ape watching the clones fighting each other, our real selves appear in front of them. "Hey guys, you shouldn't be here. It's a time paradox!" I announced. And they were all like "Oh yeah." The clones vanished except for our real selves. A group of apes bowed down to us for our heroism. "Well guys, our work here is done." Said Hoopa. "Neil, you do the honors my green fox boy buddy." Gooey replied with glee. He handed the alarm clock to me and I turned the knob; suddenly, I am at the ancient civilization at the rally with a throne. When we appear in front of the throne, they all cheered that the legend was true. We all bowed together in front of the citizens. Finally, we went back to the present with the alarm clock at Gooey's bedroom.

Before something bad is about to happen, I am turning the clock painstakingly to one hour ahead to save daylight for Sunday. "There we go. Now that our troubles our over, let's have some shut-eye." Yawned Gooey. I pulled out a Tool Gun and I zapped at the floor to spawn an already made inflatable mattress for Hoopa and Nabbit. "Good Night, folks." I Announced. We all peacefully went to bed and our spring break begins. I am going to be 18 this year and Easter is coming this year's spring break. No wonder Nabbit is in this fanfiction.

The next morning, it is Sunday, and the hour has been pushed forward. The cruise ship will be ready for departure tomorrow. "Oh blah blah blah! Sunday has no major events or none of the consequences right now. End the chapter now to get on with the action because our bags are already packed for tomorrow." Demanded Gooey. "Ok ok." I replied with Luigi's voice from "Mama Luigi."