Today is Friday, 6:15 am in the morning. I decided to skip the shower time, so I can quickly brush my teeth and put deodorant on. Last night on Thursday, we all packed our stuff up and I got all of my stuff out of the safe; everything in the stateroom is all packed up into our luggage and Omoneiljr. is sent to my house via Hoopa's ring portal. I pulled out a breakfast bar for everyone for a quick breakfast. We all ate our breakfast bars and we left the stateroom while we are carrying out our stuff, our luggage, and the small bags that we carry on our hands. When we left the stateroom, I see Geewy, Blob, and Slimeball one last time. "Bye guys, hope you had fun." Waved Gooey. The four of us went to the elevator quickly with our bags; when we got to the elevator, the doors close and we go down to deck 3. When we went to deck 3, we all went straight to the transport tube out of the cruise. Before that, we went through the gate keeper and the security guard checks all of our room key cards and my ID of course. Also, he checked all of our passports and we are now squared away to go. Afterwards, we went to the escalator down the front door of the port.

Now, we are at the row where the x-ray scans our small stuff we carry on our hands. First, I sent Hoopa into the Cherish Ball and I placed it onto the basket along with my carrying bag that I carry with my hands. The x-ray already knows about my Tool Gun, and then I went through the metal detector. Afterwards, I got my stuff back and I sent Hoopa out of my Cherish Ball.

One inspection later, we are at the front door of the port with our luggage and our bags. "Now Hoopa, do your thing." I said. "Going home, Alléhooparing!" Exclaimed Hoopa. He grabs a ring from his left horn and he tosses it into the air. The portal forms up on the ring and all of us went to Gooey's house. We transported ourselves back to Cappy Town in Gooey's house at the living room. Afterwards, the ring comes back to his left horn. "This is it, Gooey. Home sweet home." Said Hoopa. Gooey unpacks his luggage in his house. "I have a plan Hoopa, transport me and Nabbit into my house to unpack my luggage and to go home." I suggested. "Bye Gooey, hope you had fun. Wish me a happy birthday tomorrow." Hoopa grabs a ring on his right horn and he tosses it into the air.

(The scene cuts to my house back at Emerald Town.) At Emerald Town, a ring portal appears in front of my house that my luggage, me, Nabbit and Hoopa were transported through the ring portal. Then, the ring comes back to his right horn. "This is it Neilie, you are back home at last." Smiled Hoopa. I pulled out my wallet from my small bag and I grabbed my key out of the wallet. And then I unlocked the door to my house. As we went to my house, I unpacked my stuff in my house. One manual labor later, all of my stuff is squared away as I got home. For now, Nabbit, Hoopa and I are chilling out at my house. "I've been thinking Hoopa, how about you invite Gooey and his friends to my house for a birthday celebration tomorrow." I planned. "Good idea, Neil." Replied Hoopa.

The next morning for sure, it is my birthday today. At my bedroom, I got out of bed and I stretched. When I got to the living room, Gooey, Geewy, Blob, Slimeball, Nabbit, and Hoopa says "Happy 18th Birthday, Neil!" I feel so happy that it is my birthday, today. "Here is a birthday card from your special someone; she wishes you a happy birthday." Said Hoopa, when he does the whistle for love. When I opened my letter, it is from my special sweetheart. "Dear Neil the Fox, I am so glad that you are turning 18 this year. You are so lucky to have a four day trip at the Nintendo Cruise while I am at the Unova region with my member Tabitha and my leader, Maxie. We are at Undella Town one time at the Unova region while you are at the cruise. Also, I provided you a $20 gift. I hope your birthday is a blast. Sincerely, Courtney. P.S. I hanged out with Caitlin at her Villa." I read the card. My heart pumps and I got so excited.

"Wait, there's MOAR!" Announced Hoopa. He handed a present to me and I opened it. I had gotten the DVD "Pokémon the Movie: Hoopa and the Clash of Ages." "Cool, this movie stars you!" I reacted. "Thanks, Neil." "Don't thank me, Hoopa. Thank yourself." Gooey and Geewy handed two presents to me. I opened both of them and I got "Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing" for the Nintendo DS and a black waffle robe. "Thanks guys, that is so nice of you." I said. "You are quite welcome." Replied Gooey and Geewy. Nabbit gave me some Cadbury eggs for an early Easter gift for me. "Thank you so much Nabbit." I smiled. Nabbit squeaks and he winks at me. Blob provided me some strawberry frosted donuts and vanilla frosted donuts for my birthday. "Wow donuts! Thanks, Blob!" I gasped. Hoopa and I gobbled up some donuts in no time; also, I gobbled up the Cadbury eggs too. "As a token of gratitude, I want you to have this on your birthday." Said Slimeball. He gave me two gift cards: the $10 Nintendo eshop gift card and the $25 iTunes gift card. "Thanks a bunch, Slimeball." I thanked. "My pleasure, Neil." We all hanged around my house having a good time together celebrating my 18th birthday.

The End.