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Previously on Humphrey's Life: Remastered. . .

He then got his phone out and went into his contacts. He opened up his dial-pad and entered Kate's number and saved it. Is he doing what I think he's doing? Is he going to send Kate a picture of me? I hope he does, because then Kate would call the cops and possibly the S.W.A.T., and then they'll come looking for me. He then told me that he sent a picture to Kate, with a message saying 'Good luck finding your boyfriend.' Wow, he really is a ruthless asshole/monster.

This is going to be a long time here.

Now, on Humphrey's Life: Remastered. . .

Chapter 19: Fun

Kate's P.O.V.

I am figuratively torn up inside. Humphrey, my only true friend that I have ever had, jumped off a bridge and killed himself. Why did he do such a thing again? Dad said he was the cause of this, but I don't think Dad would put marijuana inside his locker, and I don't think he ever meant saying that he regretted accepting him into our family, at least I hope he didn't mean that. Some more tears ventured out of my eyes after thinking back to some memories I had with him: from playing in the woods, to going to a waterpark, and meeting him after a long while the first day of high school. I need to go back to high school again considering Mom and Dad made me stay home some days to try and recover from this. . . this. . . monstrosity. Lilly has tried to comfort me during these tough times, but that didn't cheer me up one bit. I've just been stuck up in my room crying, watching TV, playing my own PS3, and gobbling down pint of ice cream after pint of ice cream. The waterpark was probably one of my favorite memories with him, just because of this one waterslide that almost went down at a 90 degree angle. He kept on saying that he was going to go so fast that he'll eventually fall off or land on the bottom of the slide with a big thud that will break some of his bones. Wow, he was so paranoid back then, now, he's just pretty emotional, and he's way more mature. Well, I can understand while he's emotional, but not how he matured so much over the break between us. That waterpark was the best memory actually. . .

6 Years Ago. . .

I woke up with a fit of excitement all over me. Today was the day that I get to go to Kentucky Kingdom with my best friend Humphrey. We're going to get to ride rollercoasters, water-coasters, and even the steepest slide there. Wait, let me rephrase that, we're going to ride EVERY ride there! Oh my gosh! I just cannot wait any more longer! I need to get there now! I swiftly put on the waterpark attire and sprinted out of my bedroom and into the bathroom to brush my teeth and take a nice, refreshing shower. A few minutes have passed, and I was finished with my shower, and put on my clothes that I had on, and made my way downstairs almost slipping on a stair near the bottom of the staircase. Mom and Dad were probably still in bed, just listening to all of the racket I was making down here. Well, I guess I could just make myself some cereal or some waffles; but freaking Frosted Flakes are just SO GOOD. After making my way into the kitchen and making me some Frosted Flakes, the first bite was already in my mouth. Mmm. . . this has to be my favorite cereal. Maybe, I'm too obsessed with it, but you know what, I don't care.

There was then the sound of a creaky door opening, which was either Mom or Dad because of the creaky door they have. There was then the sound of someone coming down the stairs, in which Mom looked over the railing and saw me eating cereal.

"Well, good morning Pumpkin!" Mom said.

"Mornin'" I said with Frosted Flakes still in my mouth.

"Ready to have fun today?" She said sitting down next to me.

"Yeah! What about Humphrey?" I asked taking another bite of the cereal.

"I'm sure he's just as excited as you are, baby." She said giving me a smile.

"Are you going to ride any of the slides?" I asked curiously.

"I would if I was younger, but I'm just going to ride the lazy river and relax. " She said looking into my eyes as if she was staring into my soul.

"Aww, come on! You got to at least ride AT LEAST ONE slide." I said putting up one finger.

"Fine, I'll ride the raft slide, or whatever it's called." She said getting up and beginning to make Dad some coffee.

"Good, I'll ride it with you if you get scared. . ." I said zoning out to eat some more cereal.

"Oh, yeah, I'll be screaming at the top of my lungs." She said cracking up after her comment.

We shared a good laugh right then. It only lasted a few seconds, but it was my new favorite moment with my Mom. She went back upstairs to go take a shower and do whatever, while made myself another bowl of Frosted Flakes. Man, I'm way to obsessed with this cereal. Dad came downstairs asking the same question that Mom asked me a few minutes before, and I just gave the same, plain answer, except I left the Humphrey part out. Dad just made himself some coffee and leaned against the counter whilst taking a sip of his coffee. He just had that position where you think that he is thinking of something that you just really want to know, but you don't. He was probably watching the sunrise or wildlife or whatever. I'm just way too excited for today, but who wouldn't be at this age? My sister, Lilly, probably won't even know what's going on considering she's only two, but she might have a small fraction of a memory when she ages onward. I finished my cereal, put my dirty bowl in the sink, and began to play Sly 2: Band of Thieves, which is my favorite game like. . . ever. It's just so good with its stealth, and it's platforming, and it's freaking addicting.

My parents reached the bottom of the staircase simultaneously with Lilly in a pouch that you strap around your back and it holds the baby for you. It was a cool invention, because wouldn't you get tired just carrying around a baby 24/7? I would, that for sure. Mom and Dad, and Lilly, were already in the car when I got in with their tablet in my hands. On car trips, I would just play games, and occasionally join in on a conversation, but mostly just play games like Lights Off because of how challenging it is. 40 minutes have passed and we have just now crossed the Kentucky State line with a hint of happiness, because that means we're getting closer and closer every millimeter! Ugh, come on! Why can't we just hurry up and be there already?! I'm so bored of this driving crap! Oh well, it is what it is. . .

I got bored of Lights Off and switched over to YouTube, watching all of the viral trends online such as: Greatest Freakout Ever, this epic cat video, and Mean Kitty Song. These videos were hilarious, and just so. . . so. . . GOOD. Every time you watch it, I guarantee you will in the least crack a smile, or probably even burst out laughing. Even six years ago I might still be bursting out into laughter from these videos. My Mom shouted something that broke me from my daydreaming, in which I didn't hear, so I asked for her to kindly repeat it back to me. It turned out that she said we're here, in which my adrenaline started pumping so fast. I was filled with excitement because well, we're at a waterpark/amusement park, and because Humphrey's going to be here with me riding all of the rides with me. In my opinion, waterparks are more fun because who doesn't like to occasionally get wet? Rollercoasters are fun too, but more accident prone, so I stick to waterslides more.

Mom and Dad picked out a seat right in front of the wave pool so that they can think that they're relaxing under the steaming hot sun with the vast, unforgivable ocean right in front of them. I don't blame them, because who wouldn't want to go to the beach over the summer? I mean, like, almost everyone does, right? I didn't go anywhere just yet, because of Humphrey, I'm only going to ride the rides with his little adorable face. Whoa, what the heck did I just say there? Well. . . that was weird, and unexpected. Something tapped me on my shoulder, which broke me from my daydreaming, so I turned around to see who tapped me, and it turned out to be the guy whom I was waiting for for like. . . FOREVER!

"Humphrey!" I shouted with excitement whilst giving him a hug straight afterwards.

"Hello, Kate! Ready to go destroy this park?" He said with a ton of enthusiasm.

"Heck yeah! What should we ride first?" I asked looking around at all of the rides here.

"Maybe we can do the. . ." He trailed off, just looking at all of the rides, trying so hard to pick one. "Let's do the amusement park side first, because we always save the best for last."

"Good idea! Come on, let's go!" I said taking one step forward, until I was stopped by my parents.

"Don't you go just yet. I want you to check in with me after every four rides you do, and even you Humphrey, do you understand?" Dad said, obviously worried as heck about me.

"I understand, Daddy." I said giving him a hug afterwards.

"Good, now go and have fun." He said shooing us away with his book.

"Let's go!" I told Humphrey sprinting whilst holding his hand for him to keep up.

Our first ride was this water-coaster where you go up, then drop with water getting all over you and your clothes. I looked over to my left slightly to see the first load of people getting splashed with gallons of water. I covered my mouth as I began to laugh for just knowing that this will be a great ride to start Humphrey and I's journey across the park. Humphrey was laughing his head off as well, probably because he thought it was funny that people were getting splashed with water, or because he knows that I made an awesome decision for the first ride. The second load of people got on and dropped down with the gallons of water being poured on top of their poor heads. I hope it doesn't hurt when that happens because if it did, that would be a humongous bummer. Humphrey and I were like the fifth load, so we had to wait, of course. Sometimes Humphrey can be very impatient as he'll start muttering "Hurry up" or something similar to that, heck he'll even start pouting, but I'm there to cheer him up with my terrible puns and jokes that he, somehow, thinks are funny.

Our turn came and Humphrey was probably more excited than me as he started to talk to me and even himself saying "Here we go!" and "Are you ready?". It was kind of funny, because of how boys are. Mom has told me all about boys and how they act, nothing about private parts though, as I already saw with my dad. That was uncomfortable, just walking in on him changing and seeing something dangle from between his legs was just weird. Anyway, let's not focus on that, let's focus on today and have fun. The drop was coming, and I could see Humphrey tensing up a little bit, heck I can't say that I'm not doing the same thing. Then, for what seemed like going in slow motion, we dropped with some people screaming from behind us and in front of us. We reached the bottom, and for a split second I thought to myself, where's the water, and then the water poured on top of me, catching me by surprise. When that was over with, Humphrey and I looked at each other and began to laugh our hearts out. Wow, what a great first ride.

The second ride was a rollercoaster named Lightning Run, where you go straight down for the first part, and go through a corkscrew, and go through so bumps, sharp turns, and even a tall loop. Wow, this looks scary, and fun at the same time. We turned out to be the third load there, either no one wanted to go on this coaster, or we just got here early, but that's a good thing. Now Humphrey won't get extremely impatient, like he normally does. It was no our turn and right when I was strapped in, my stomach began to fell queasy, not the sick kind of queasy, but the nervous kind of queasy. I don't think I've ever been this nervous in my entire life. Humphrey was probably pumping with adrenaline, or feeling just like me. Okay, okay, deep breaths Kate. . . Nothing will go wrong. . . Just have fun. . . My conscious was just telling all these things that seemed to make my nervousness to decrease, which is a good sign because who would want to be bawling his/her eyes out on a rollercoaster? Phew, all right, here goes nothing.

The instructor yelled "All Clear" and the rollercoaster began moving. I was breathing heavier and heavier as we got closer to the 90 degree drop. Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, no going back now. There was an array of screams coming from the front of the coaster, which indicates that they're at the drop. All of a sudden, the rollercoaster began to move faster and faster until we plunged into the inevitable. We picked up some more speed after the drop, and then we went upside down. After for what seemed like a second, the ride was over. Yay! We survived! Humphrey and I looked over at each other and let out a huge sigh, wow, so we were both nervous, good. Our third ride was another coaster that looked the same as the Lighting Run, except it was a different color. Our fourth ride was the Ferris Wheel, which went so high up that you could get an overview of the entire park. The instructor said that the Ferris Wheel was three quarters as tall as the Ferris Wheel in London, which is, like, the tallest Ferris Wheel in the world, right? Well, here goes nothing.

There was no safety straps or anything, you just sat in a little box and look out of the window it gives you. Unexpectedly, our box began to shake as it reached the top, which started to scare me as I thought that our box was loose and that we were going to fall at any second. Luckily, the Ferris Wheel started to move again, which gave me relief. We exited the box and let out another huge sigh, as we both knew we survived the first four rides! Yay! Now, we got to go check in with my parents. Humphrey was just dropped off here, just in case if you were wondering. We walked for what seemed like five hundred grueling miles until we finally got to my parents' spot.

"Hey! What rides did you ride?" Mom asked giving us both a huge smile.

"We rode a sick water-coaster, a scary rollercoaster that had loops, another loopty-loop rollercoaster, and the Ferris Wheel." Humphrey said.

"Well, sounds like you guys are having a lot of fun!" Mom said as Dad came back from the wave pool sitting down next to her.

"We are." I said looking at Humphrey and giving him a smile.

"Did you do the lazy river yet?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Not yet, but I'm planning to." Mom said getting back to her book.

"Alright, after another four rides, check in with us again, okay?" Dad said sternly looking at the both of us.

"Yes, sir." I said giving the salute signal or whatever it's called.

"Alright, now go have some more fun." Dad said whilst putting on his sunglasses and lying back to suntan.

This time, Humphrey dragged me with him as he must've saw a ride that is either scary or fun, or probably both. I just went with the flow as I was waiting to see what he was dragging me into. I looked up and noticed that he was dragging me to a tall tower with people on the top, but then, what caught me by surprise, the people dropped. Holy moly, Humphrey are you serious? No way! Now freaking way I'm doing that! I'm scared of heights! No! Please! Ugh, just try and go with the flow, Kate. You're here to have fun, not to just whine and cry. I shook my head to think of the fun I'm going to experience when I'm done riding this. Let's see how this goes.

Next thing I know, I'm being strapped in and being sent up 150 feet in the air. I looked down, which caused me to become more nervous, and more intense. It's okay, Kate. This'll be fun, and you'll be wanting to do this again when you're done, we both know it. When we were about halfway up, our thing started to spin, which caused to get even more nervous. For what seemed like an eternity, we reached the top and the spinning stopped. I looked down, same with Humphrey, and we both quickly put our heads back against the seat waiting for the drop to come. For about thirty seconds we were up at the top, getting a nice view of the world, and the next thing we know, we're being sent downwards at such high speed. My cheeks became loose which caused me to make a funny face on the way down. We reached the bottom and let out, yet, another huge sigh of relief. My legs were still shaking as I walked into the waterpark section with Humphrey. Our next ride was a waterslide where you have a trapdoor below you. The line for this ride was kind of long, but still decided to wait, because we both knew that it is going to be worth it.

Humphrey was starting to get very impatient. He was muttering under his breath, kicking the bannister, and spitting for entertainment. I started to tell him some corny jokes for him to stop, which actually might've worked, somehow. Humphrey was the first to enter the tube. He had his eyes closed, legs crossed, hands on opposite shoulders, and was waiting to be dropped. There was then the sound of a heartbeat, which turned out to be a sound effect the instructor playfully put in there. I shook my head with a smile on my face as I thought that that was just so funny. After a blink of an eye, Humphrey was gone. I looked over the bannister to see Humphrey looking up giving two thumbs up. So, I guess that's a good sign. Soon enough, it was my turn. I put my hands on my opposite shoulder, I crossed my legs, and closed my eyes. The heartbeat came back. I was just so nervous at that moment. Next thing I know, I'm traveling faster than the speed of light downwards. A few screams actually escaped from me as I was sliding down to the bottom. I reached the bottom with a huge splash. I opened my eyes and quickly got away from the slide, thinking that it was some monster. To be honest, that slide wasn't fun at all, it was scary.

Our third ride was a slide where you ride down with a raft. We even went through a tornado on the way down, which was awesome! Our fourth ride was just a plain waterslide where you just ride down into the pool. Now we got to go check in again. . . But that means we have to hike the grueling miles there. Oh well, try and go with the flow. For what seemed like an eternity, we reached the spot where my parents were located.

"Hey! What slides did you ride this time?" Mom asked out of curiosity.

"How'd you know that we rode slides this time?" I asked wonderstrucked.

"I saw you heading towards the waterpark side." Mom said pointing towards the direction where it was located.

"Well, a mother always knows." Humphrey said shrugging his shoulder afterwards.

Mom smiled after his comment, knowing that he was correct.

"Hate to break it to you, but you can only ride one more slide because we got to go soon, so choose wisely." Mom said putting on a serious face.

"Aww, okay. . ." I said disappointed that we had to leave.

Humphrey and I went back over to the waterpark side to attempt to find the best waterslide there. Humphrey was looking left and I was looking right. Soon enough, I saw a waterslide without rafts, or a trapdoor, that almost went down at almost a 90 degree angle. I just knew right at that moment, that we HAD TO do that one. I dragged Humphrey closely behind me on our way there. Humphrey was struggling to keep up, which was just hilarious. Soon enough we reached our destination. The line wasn't even that long, so we HAVE to do it now. Humphrey nodded his head in approval, and with that, we were off. We swiftly made our way up the 150 stairs going up into space. We looked over the bannister to see how high we were, and we turned out to be higher than the Ferris Wheel, but not the drop tower. Holy crap, this is going to be scary. There was two slides, so that meant Humphrey and I can race each other! Haha! It's time to prove once and for all who the faster one is. Soon enough, it was our turn. We sat down at the beginning of the slide, holding onto the bannister sending our feet floating in mid-air. Whoa, this is scary.

I let go of the bannister, and was sent flying down faster than the speed of light down to the bottom. I was going extremely fast! Holy crap! This is faster than the trapdoor slide. Phew. . . I reached the bottom, with Humphrey closely behind me.

"Ha! I beat you! That means that girls are better than boys and that means that I'm faster." I said rubbing it in.

"Whatever." He said looking away in embarrassment knowing that he just lost to a girl.

"Girls go to college to get more knowledge, Boys go to Jupiter to-.."

"Shut up!" He said playfully.

I cracked up after, knowing that that was the worst jingle ever and that it was just funny, and cute, seeing Humphrey mad. We made our way back to my parents and began to pack up our things. Soon enough we reached the parking lot where Humphrey's Mom was waiting in her car, smiling at the sight of seeing Humphrey smiling. Mom went over to say that he obeyed, blah, blah, blah. I entered the car and soon enough, we drove off towards my house. I was fast asleep when we got there. I woke up the next morning, knowing that either Mom or Dad carried me back up into my room when I was asleep.

Present. . .

I cried helplessly remembering that whole day. My pillow was so damp that I could squeeze it and make a whole Atlantic Ocean out of tears. My phone made a sound to tell me "Hey! You got a text!" I grabbed my phone from my nightstand, and went into my messages. I dropped my phones after seeing such a wonderful, and terrible sight. My Mom shouted something, but I couldn't make out what she said because I closed the door behind me as I exited the doorway. I got in my car and immediately drove off to the police station. Humphrey was actually alive, but was kidnapped by the only person that I know of that would do such a thing. . . Garth.

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