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'I'm home.'

Honestly, it wasn't as if she hated her job at the café, it was just some days were much tougher than others especially if the café was busy.

'Now that I think about it,' Kagome wondered as she slowly made her way up the shrine steps from a day's work at said café, 'I seem to be the only waitress working there. I should force Shippou-chan to hire someone else.'

It's not like she could continue on working solo if she managed to attract anymore regular customers.

'Not that I don't appreciate their patronage,' Kagome thought, 'But it's strange to think that some of them come around just to see me.'

She wasn't really anything special.

'Of course, being a Miko doesn't help,' She huffed, also wondering if she should ask Shippou about that as well, 'It's not like I can be the only holy one left in the entire world,' Her blue eyes narrowed as she thought of a certain someone, 'I mean, there's always–?!'


No, it couldn't be...

'Am I just tired?' Kagome paused on the steps, feeling a familiar aura dancing over her senses, 'Please, just tell me I'm tired!' She resumed her movement, only a little bit faster this time around, 'Oh, Kami-sama!'

It really was the wrong thing to think of.

The Miko finally reached the top of the steps and stopped in shock when she met the sight before her very eyes. She could only whimper and had to resist the urge to take a step back and just tumble down the shrine steps as red eyes stared at her in amusement.

"You're late, Priestess."