Chapter 2 king of invensions

my name is takeru tenkuji, on my 16th birthday I came to the world of fiction in aruadon prep school but was killed by a ganma , so I became kamen rider ghost to collect all 15 heroic to wish my self back to life . I now found the musashi eyecon , and now I only have 97 days left

in aruadon prep takeru is packing his things up in his dorm little did he know he was sharing a room with ben. " well its good to have a roommate" said ben. " thanks for welcoming me ben" said takeru " man if only I could call akari and onari I tried to use my cell phone but I cant call them" said takeru looking at his phone " well then have I got something for you" as ben and takeru turned around they saw sage holding a green brack and orange rotary dial telephone. " this phone will let you call anyone no matter which world your in" he said handing takeru the phone " wow thanks uh sage ive ben meaning to ask how was able to get the musashi eyecon?" asked takeru " im glad you asked there are three things you need to now about eyecon hunting 1st you need an item related to the person 2nd you need a person who has a connection with the person and 3rd when the item starts to glow you must make a seal witch is..." takeru then spoke as sage wait for him to finish " the eye symbol" said takeru. " ping pong ping pong, ah I can even see it now the next hero you must find is known as the king of invensions" said sage. Takeru thought and then check is historic hero book " aw that sound like thomas edison" said takeru " thats right" said sage

history trivia

Thomas Alva Edison (February 11, 1847 – October 18, 1931) was an American inventor and businessman. He developed many devices that greatly influenced life around the world, including the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and the long-lasting, practical electric light bulb. Dubbed "The Wizard of Menlo Park", he was one of the first inventors to apply the principles of mass production and large-scale teamwork to the process of invention, and because of that, he is often credited with the creation of the first industrial research laboratory

" woah thomas edison so thats the next eyecon" said ben. " well I wonder who we can find that has an intrest with edison" said takeru. Later takeru and ben where walking down the hall to find the 4 isle kids " hey guys" said mal. " hey we found out what the next eyecon is its edison" said takeru. " wow thats great" said evie. " so how are we gonna find it" said jay. Then all of a sudden they could hear power tools coming from a near by room. " whats that noice?" asked carlos. They opened the door to see a man in a lab coat working on a big machine " its almost ready" said the man . As he got down off is ladder he saw the students who had entered the room. " hey what are you kids doing here" said the man " oh sorry" said ben " we just wanted to know what all the noice here" said takeru. Carlos then noticed a display on the table an old phonograph a prejecter and most importantly a light bulb with a picture of thomas edison " woah your a really fan of thomas edison" said carlos " oh you noticed my display why yes I am a fan of his work my name is professer Myles Pendulum an i'm an enventor" said the professer " what are you making?" asked mal. " well I guess I can tell you... this is the infianator (mix between infinate and generator) this envension will salve the energy crisis and am almost finished with it" said the professer.

" dose fairy god mother know that your doing this?" asked ben " well I had to convice her but yes she dose know and hopefully the hole school can use this for power and it won't cause any problems." said the professer. Then on the top of the school two people could be seen one in ragy clothing and the other in a trench coat and hat " is it almost ready" said the young man in rags " the one you sent has arrived and will finish his mission" said the old man in the coat. Back in the lab takeru could heir laughing from the catwalk he looked up to see a ganma on the catwalk it was the elec ganma. " oh no a ganma" said takeru. " what?" asked mal surpised. " so you can see me well I wont let you ruin my plans" said the elec ganma. " well see about that" takeru said summonig his ghost driver and taking out the ore ghost eyecon. He hit the button on the eyecon as it had a G in front and opened the belt to transfrom.


" henshin!"


takeru became kamen rider ghost once again and took out the gangam saber he started to attack him and they where both thrown outside as the others went outside mal took out her spell book " beware forsware, show us the spirit thats out there" said mal. The spell then made the ganma visible " oh no ive been spotted" said the elec ganma. He then did a shock attack at mal buut ghost stopped him.

Yurusen then appered " you'll need something else to get rid of this guy" said yurusen. " I got just the thing" he said taking out the musashi eyecon.




ghost then bacame musashi damashi and switched the gangam saber two dual wield mode. " are you sure thats a good idea?" asked yurusen. As he charged the ganma shocked him the two swords acted like rods that conducted the electricity badly shooking takeru until he changed back.


takeru then had black smoke all over his face " told you" said yurusen " are you okay takeru?" asked mal " yeah im fine I think I need lay down" said takeru as he fainted. Later takeru went back to his room as mal was teating his burns " what where you think, metal conducts electricity" said ben. " I didnt know he had electric attacks" said takeru. " now what that ganma could come back at anytime" said mal.

" we can't let him get that eyecon" evie said " we'll be ready when he comes back" meanwhile with akari and onari , as akari was studying energy waves something strange happen on the moniter. " thats odd these energy reading are going hay wire onari I need to check this out" said akari. " maybe I can help" said onari " if you want lets go" said akari they went to the same path that takeru took and found a dead end. " its coming from this wall" said akari " but how and why" said onari. Then a flash of light appear, they covered there eyes and when they opened them again they found a tunnle. " what magic is this" said onari. " thats impossible, lets go in" said akari as tney both went in.

meanwhile as the professer was working he the ganma came to give him a little 'motavation' " thats it finish your little project" said they denki ganma. As the others where in class mal saw a weird cloud formation outside. " thats weird" said mal. then looked outside " thats weird it looks like a storm is coming" said mr. deley. Then the clouds formed an eye symbol and then a wormhole opened up. " THATS NO STROM, EVERONE GET DOWN" shouted mal. The hole was getting bigger and bigger as all the students where in a panic. Meanwhile fairygod mother went to talk to the professer. " mr. pendulum what where you thinking" said F.M.G . " im sorry didnt know" mr. pendulum said. Then takeru and the others came in " whats wrong" said takeru " mr. pendulum just made a wormhole with his machine, now shut it down" said F.M.G. " I cant I dont know how" said the professer. Then the ganma showed up "your all to late all 3 worlds will be ours" said the ganma " I think you can, the real edison world never give up, if you want to be like edison then do it" said takeru.

"Well ok" said mr. pendulum. As he keeped working to stop the growth of the worm hole his body and edison's first light bulb stared glowing yellow. " takeru its time" said carlos. "right" takeru said as he took out the ore ghost eyecon




as he became kamem rider ghost , he then drew an eye symbol over the light bulb and then it changed into a parka ghost it was silver with yellow outlines and lightning bolt designs even a lighting bolt ghost tail and light bulbs for hands as it posed an image of edison outlined in yellow. " there it is" said jay. " nows my chance" said the ganma. Before the parka ghost could become an eyecon the ganma fused with it and mutated. " uh mal you might want to see this" said ghost. Mal used her magic to make the mutant visable " what happened" said jay. " the ganma fused with edison he's forcing edison to give him is power" said ghost. The mutant then grabbed mal and run off making a hole in the wall.

"Mal!" shouted ben. The ghost striker then appeared as ghost got on " ill get her back" said ghost. He then drove off. " man that things big" said ghost. Yurusen then appeared " ive got just the thing, captin ghost!" yurusen then summoned a giant black huanted pirate ship with green claws red eyes and an erie smile. " combined your bike with it to form the iguana ghost striker" said yurusen. As the bike attached the pirate ship became a giant iguana. " amazing, now let mal go" said ghost The iguana then lashed its tougue out and lunged forword and slashed at the mutant as it dropped mal. The gang went to check on mal "mal thank goodness your alright" said ben. " come on dont be so worried" she said as she kiss ben on the check. Ghost jumped on a building and looked at the wormhole . " how do I close this thing?" asked ghost. " pull the lever on your driver four times and do the omedama." said yurusen. Ghost followed orders and pulled the lever four times.


a giant eyecon appeared in front of ghost. He then kicked it at the wormhole and it closed. Just then the iguna manged to seperate the parka ghost and the ganma. " no the wormhole my power!" said the ganma. " he thought he could use the professer's dream, I wont let him get away with this , edison lets go" said ghost. The parka ghost went into the driver and became a yellow eyecon the top had a light bulb image and the number 02 on top and edison writen on the bottom. He pushed the button as the iris changed to the number 02, he put it in the driver and jumped down from the building


KAIGAN! EDISON! (electrical voltage crackle)EREKI! HIRAMEKI! HASTUMEI-O~!

as the parka ghost went onto ghost the arms of it went to the sholders and ghosts mask changed into a yellow light bulb , kamen rider ghost had become edison damashii. " why you ill make you pay." said the ganma. The ganma shot out his electrical attack put then the antenas on the hood of edison absorbed the shock. " I see I can aborb electricity now" he then changed his gangan saber to gun mode and stared the eye contact attack.


"my life is burning bright, this is for tricking the professer" said ghost as he pulled the trigger.


a ball of electricity came out of the gun. As the ganma was destroyed in a firey exsplosion he left behind a radio and a ganma eyecon that blew up. Back that the lab finally stopped the machine " I did it" said the professer. Back in the dorm the gang finally relaxed after along day. " 2 down 13 to go" said takeru. "mr. pendulum is gonna keep working on his machine maybe one day it really could save the energy crisis" said ben. " thats great" said mal. " well another job well done id say.

Meanwhile with onari and akari , as they finally left the tunnle the saw the very same sight takeru one saw. "Akari, I dont think we're in japan anymore." said onari. " no kidding" said akari.

To be continued

jay kai kamen rider ghosg

F.M.G: we will need someone to be in charge of the wreck room

mal: id say I could do it

audery: oh yeah V.K

a?: you two look lost maybe I could help

?: they are to busy arguing show them what you can do

ghost driver: HELLO ARROW! MORI DE AOU

episode 3: hello arrow

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