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Summary: Alice had visions of Bella coming to Forks. The shy one from Twilight. Edwards mate. However what happens when two people randomly met and no decisions were made? What happens when this meeting changes one of them entirely? But Alice didn't see any of that and the Cullen's are prepared to meet the shy, clumsy Bella, so what happens when that's not who shows up? Read and find out!

Oh and I think that the majority of the chapters will be written from everybody BUT Bella's…mostly, may be tiny parts. Don't ask I'm weird like that.



It had taken weeks for Alice to convince me that this human girl was my mate. I had already seen it in Alice's hundreds of visions, most of which showed us together and smiling. The rest of the family took it pretty well that I would be a mate with a human girl. Carlisle and Esme were ecstatic that I had finally found a mate, Alice was excited for a new best friend (visions told her they would), Jasper was too but concerned how well he could handle her blood, and Emmett was thinking all about how he could tease me about it. Rosalie was the only one. She was the only one, but after reading her mind I could tell that she was jealous that I picked one that wasn't her, not that she wanted me to, but she just wanted me to swoon at her feet.

"Family meeting!" I heard Alice call out from the living room.

In her mind I could hear this had something to do with my mate so I quickly blurred down and beat my family. Rosalie also figured what this was about and in her thoughts I could hear her frustration. The rest of the family filled into the room and Alice started off.

"Okay, so Bella is coming to her first day of school tomorrow. We are going to play this exactly like my visions except for the part of Edward having difficulty with her being his singer."

I frowned again at this; my poor Bella is in so much danger from me. I could hurt her so easily. Plus the visions showed my reactions to her blood and I was in no way anxious to scare the shy girl.

I looked at Alice and noticed her in a vision and I caught the brief ending with me smelling one of Bella's shirts, eyes pure black. Alice looked at me and I nodded back.

"That could work," she added.

"What could work?" Emmett asked, annoyed in our one sided conversations.

"I am going to stop by Bella's house and borrow one of her shirts for Edward to get used to her house," Alice replied.

Rosalie scoffed, "Is there any reason for me to actually be here?"

When no one replied she simply blurred out of the room and into her garage to play with her cars. Emmett looked disappointed but he ran after her. Carlisle and Esme looked at Alice.

"What is she like?" Esme asked.

"She's shy but kind, sweet, totally innocent, and incredibly clumsy, she has broken so many bones from just random falls. Plus I can't read her mind," I responded, cutting Alice off.

She looked annoyed that I did but she was my mate, well not yet. Alice turned to Esme and started talking about my Bella while Carlisle and Jasper seemed curious as to how she can block my telepathy. We talked about her throughout most of the day, all of us anxious to finally meet her.

Bpov (A.N. Lol I tell you no bella pov and second persons is hers)

I was ready for this. I looked up at the countdown, under two minutes. I kept my breathing down and my heart rate calm. Panicking was not a smart thing to do now. Not that I would panic. Done this at least a hundred times now.

The sound of my phone ringing pulled me from my thoughts; I unzipped the pouch on my pants and pulled out my phone. I grimaced at the name, he had to call now.

"Hey dad," I answered the phone.

"Hello Isabella," crap he's pissed, "I would just like to point out my surprise when I grabbed your bag from the pick up zone like you asked, and the attendant informed me that the flight it came on was only a cargo plane, no passengers. Now, would you like to tell me where you are?"

"Um, I'll be out of the plan in about one minute," I added sheepishly.

"Really?" I heard him shuffle around, "I don't see any planes on the tarma-…Bella are you doing it again?"

I sighed, "Yeah dad and before you say anything look up and notice the only semi cloudy sky. This is easy. Relax and take a deep breath. I'll see you on the ground."

I heard him sigh, 'Fine Bella, be safe."

"I will, love you," I finished, throwing my phone back in the pocket.

Less than thirty seconds. I stood up and walked over to Sparky, one of my friends even though he's kind of a dick. We weren't really hugging friends so we simply fist bumped and walked over to the red light on the wall.

"Come on Door Bell, time to go," he told me.

I smiled at him, "See you later Sir Sparks-A-Lot."

He rolled his eyes before looking up at the red light. I followed his gaze and placed both my hands on either side of the open door, wind whipping around my face.

I heard the beep the same time I felt him tap my shoulder and I launched myself out the open door.


We were waiting in the parking lot. Today was supposed to be the first day with Bella. I had been practicing her scent as much as I could with her shirt and though I was better, it still hit me like a wrecking ball every time.

I looked around at my family all who were waiting for Bella Swan to show up as well. Even Rosalie was curious, though she tried to hide it as she worked. Something had happened to the engine and she was . I smirked internally; at her mental debate about how to find out what car she was driving without coming out as interested.

"It's an old rusted Chevy, Rose, thing is supposed to be falling apart," I commented at her.

She glared at me before turning and going back to finish her work, slamming the hood shut and looking on her arms for grease, satisfied that she was clean she leaned against the hood. I smiled at her planning on telling her that her elbow had a small amount, but the sound of an older engine driving closer pulled all of our attention. We sat there waiting in anticipation, Alice and I were the only ones who had actually seen her…sort of.

It was actually Rosalie that noticed it first.

He said older Chevy right? That doesn't sound like a truck, more like a…hot rod.

I frowned at this, maybe it was just because it was falling apart that it sounded off. But my thoughts were proven wrong as the car got closer and Rosalie became more and more positive that it wasn't a truck. I scowled as both Jasper's and Emmett's thoughts began pointing in the same direction.

Rosalie figured out the vehicle the same moment it pulled into the parking lot.

1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500.

All of us stared confused as the deep blue muscle car drove around the lot revving until it expertly backed into a parking spot. After the car cut off everyone stared, anxious to see who would pop out. And pop out they did. She looked gorgeous and confident as she scanned the parking lot with a bright smile on her face, as her eyes began to get closer to my family I stood taller and smiled at her. Her eyes scanned me before moving on, no change in her look.

Oh rejection I heard Emmett think.

I snarled quietly at him but continued to watch her as she reached back into her car and grabbing her backpack and an apple. She closed her door and elegantly strode across the parking lot, only stopping near the office door to look back to us. I smiled thinking I had caught her attention, but as her head tilted as if thinking I heard a thought that put me off.

Why is she looking at me like that Rosalie wondered.

After looking at her again I realized that Rosalie was right and she was being looked at, but not in lust, more in curiosity. She shook her head as if clearing her thoughts before strolling into the office. Everyone stared at her disappearing figure, or in Rosalie's case, the midnight blue Mustang that had no purpose being in this lot.

"Alice, who was that?" Emmett and Jasper asked at the same time.

Both Alice and I stared at each other completely confused, she forced a vision, but regardless of what she pushed, all she got was Bella pulling up in red Chevy. This didn't make any sense.

"I don't understand," I told her.

"Guys, come on, who was that?" Emmett asked exasperated while Jasper tried to judge our emotions.

"That was Bella Swan, the shy clumsy new girl at Forks High School," Alice replied as if it was nothing, but her thoughts betrayed her internal conflict.

It was silent for a moment before their thoughts started shouting.


She wasn't embarrassed with all the looks, she wasn't shy at all. Plus she was actually quite balanced walking away from her car.

Are they sure? That Mustang is defiantly not a broken down Chevy, looks gorgeous and in great condition. Wonder if she has…

I tried to block out their thoughts before responding, "Yes Emmett, that was my mate. I'm not sure why she wasn't embarrassed Jasper, maybe it's just with us. And she might have more than the one truck, and stop focusing on the car please."

We all started walking towards the school when the bell rang, each focusing on their thoughts, except me who was focusing on Mrs. Cope as she handed Bella her slip before Bella flashed her a brilliant smile and backed out of the office. Now back outside, I watched her as she quickly scanned over her classes and shoved the list into her jeans pocket. She started walking forward before Eric Yorkie interrupted her. I growled as the boy thought about asking her out as he introduced himself to her. She smiled back at him.

Then she spoke for all of us to hear, "Hey, yeah, I'm Isabella Swan, just call me Bella though. And yeah I would really love the help getting around. I swear I could get lost in my own house."

Eric laughed at her and internally he jumped thinking that she was into him. Again I growled but I could only watch as he escorted her away, giving a running commentary all the way. I watched her walk out and as soon as she disappeared Alice was pulled into a vision and I followed her. It showed Bella with bright gold eyes running along someone. It looked like they were about to turn so we could see who it was but the vision ended before we could.

"No," I snarled at Alice, "I've told you that's not happening. I will not condemn her to this life of being a monster."

Alice frowned as our siblings around us asked us what we were talking about.

"Alice had another vision of Bella being one of us, a vampire."

They all rolled their eyes at our continued debate but I focused on Alice's thoughts. She was thinking back to every single one of the visions that showed Bella as a vampire and comparing them to the one she just had. Her thoughts were too jumbled for me to keep up so I simply waited for her to come to some conclusion on whatever she was contemplating. And it didn't take long. Her gasp alerted me to her conclusion. It was whom she was with and her smile. In each one of the other visions she was smiling shyly and always with me. But in this new vision she was grinning like a Cheshire cat and running with someone else.

Edward what does this mean? She asked.

"I don't know," I murmured before walking off to my first class.


I was bored as I sat in my second period Senior English, Rosie was supposed to have been in this class but last minute they changed it so now I was by myself. And I was BORED. Suddenly an intoxicating scent wafted through the door.

"Thanks Jess, I'll see you at Lunch," I heard a girl shout.

Through the door walked Bella Swan; confidently she walked over to Mrs. Dres and handed over her slip and introduced herself to the teacher.

"This is a senior level class," Dres said scowling.

Bella smiled, "Yeah I have been taking advanced classes in Phoenix."

Dres tried to continue scowling at her but Bella's relaxed smile put her off so she just nodded before directing Bella towards a seat in the back, right next to me.

Inwardly I did a touch down dance as Bella walked up the aisle towards her seat, smiling at everyone. She reached her seat but before she sat down she reached her hand out to me.

"Hey, I'm Bella Swan, and since we are practically partners I figured I might as well start off on a good," I grinned at this and watched one her eyebrows lift at my smile, "and based of that smile I'm guessing you make look tough but you're a total prankster and child at heart."

I chuckled, "I'm Emmett Cullen, and oh yeah. My family calls me the kid of the bunch even though I'm kind of the oldest. And as for pranks…well your just going to have to find out for yourself."

She grinned back at me before shaking my hand, "Oh, I think we are going to get along just perfectly."

I was about to respond but Dres calling attention forced our conversation to end. I was curious why this Bella wasn't the shy one in Alice's visions but so far I liked her.

Near the end of the class, Dres finished her incredibly dull lecture and gave us time to ourselves. Before anyone else could talk to her I claimed her attention.

"So Bella Bear, what illegal thing did you do to get sent to dismal Forks?" I noticed as heads turned in front of us, trying to get the gossip of the new girl.

She nodded solemnly, "I hosted an orgy at my last school, guess they didn't like it."

My jaw, along with everyone else's, dropped. We stared at her shocked before I noticed Bella was trying to hold it together. I pulled myself together and feigned a glare at her.

"Oh Bella Bear that was not funny."

She laughed brightly, "Oh Em, you should have seen your face, priceless." she continued to laugh at my failed attempts to glare, but I could feel my cheeks pulling so I knew I was smiling.

When she finally calmed down she finally gave her real answer, "No, my mom remarried and she wanted to travel around with him so I decided to move in with my father."

I nodded, made sense, "You enjoying the cold weather so far?"

"Eh, it's not bad, don't really mind the cold but it's a big difference from the Phoenix heat."

I laughed at this, "Yeah, the rain can be a big difference."

She sighed, "Yeah, it also makes it hard to find something to do. Everything outside gets cancelled in the rain," she sighed again before looking at me, "What about you, Em, what do you do for fun, besides taking steroids?"

I scoffed, "Steroids, please this is all me."

She rolled her eyes, "Please, I'm betting you're a total disappointment down there cause of how many steroids you take."

I grinned mischievously, "Is that a request to see it?"

She shook her head, face seriously, "When we get to science, then maybe I can check."

I frowned confused, "What does science have to do with anything."

She grinned and I realized I fell into her trap, "So I can borrow a microscope of course, how else do you expect me to see it."

We laughed at her joke, and I could hear a couple of chuckles in front of us.

"Oh Bella Bear, that's cold," feigning a hurt look.

She grinned, "Sowwy Emmy Whemmy, did dat huwt yor fewwings?" she asked in a baby voice.

I grinned back, "Nah, cause I know once we get into science class I am totally going to prove you wrong."

She laughed, "Sorry Tiny, I don't play that way."

I frowned, confused again but before I could ask what she meant the bell rang ending the class. I watched as she quickly threw her stuff together before turning to me, confused as to why I hadn't moved.

"You coming Em?"

I smirked, "Nope, Dres is my History teacher as well, I don't even have to move from this spot. Lucky huh."

She turned and looked at the scowling withered Mrs. Dres before looking back at me with her eyebrow raised again.

"Oh yeah Em," she replied sarcastically, "Sooooo lucky."

She gave me one last wave before disappearing from my sight randomly strolling up to a group of people and jumping in. I grinned, she was cool.


I scowled as I walked down the halls toward the cafeteria listening to the thoughts of all the students. Everyone was thinking about her, every clique, group, and club. She randomly would introduce herself, talk to them for a few minutes before running off to go talk to someone else. She had no filter and could make a joke about anything. She didn't judge and was friendly to everyone regardless of dress, race, or age. It was nice, but it wasn't what Bella was supposed to be like, she was supposed to be shy.

After grabbing my tray of repulsive food I walked over to sit with my family, all who were staring at Emmett incredulously. I quickly read their minds and discovered what was going on.

"You talked to Bella?!"

"Yeah Eddie, she's in my English class, she was cool."

I ignored him calling me Eddie and focused on his thoughts of them talking. My frown grew at their conversation, Bella wasn't supposed to be like this, what had changed?

"Hey Bella! Come join us!" I heard Jessica Stanley shout.

I turned and watched Bella say goodbye to another group of kids, who I recognized as the chess club, and walked over to the popular kids table. I also noticed she was carrying a packed lunch. She sat over at their table and said hi to pretty much everyone there. Everyone except for Lauren gave her smiles and replied in kind. They began talking about random things as Bella's eyes wandered the cafeteria. Eventually her eyes landed on our table, again she barely gave me a passing glance and her eyes settled on Rosalie. Her face scrunched up and she rested her chin on her palm.

"Hey Jess, who are they?" she asked.

Oh, she already has eyes for the Cullen's. Probably drooling over Edward. Jessica thought.

"Oh those are the Hale's and Cullen's. The Hale's are Jasper and Rosalie. The Cullen's are Emmett, Alice and the super hot one is Edward."

Bella took a breath, "Please tell me the super hot blonde is single."

The blonde? Jasper? Oh I guess she like the silent type.

"No, they are with Alice."

Bella groaned and put her head on the table, "Damn, so freaking sexy, totally my type."

Jessica laughed, "Yeah, I guess Jasper is pretty attractive."

Bella lifted her head confused, "Wait, her name is Jasper?"

What? Who is 'her'?

"What do you mean? Jasper is the guy next to the pixie girl that looks like he swallowed something sour."

"Oh, no, not him. The super hot bombshell sitting next to Emmett. She is totally my type."

Our table occupants and the ones at her table, plus whoever could hear nearby, jaws dropped. I stared at her completely shocked. She was interested in Rosalie? But that would make her a lesbian. And my mate wouldn't be a lesbian, that didn't make any sense.

"Ah no, that's Rosalie, she's with Emmett, the big one."

Ah that's what she meant by she 'doesn't play that way'. Huh, that's going to make Edward's wooing tactics kind of pointless.

I turned to Emmett as I heard his thoughts, my face incredulous, along with everyone else at my table.

"Hey Bella, are you um, a lesbian?" I heard Mike Newton ask forcing me to turn to see her response.

"Huh? Oh yeah." she replied nonchalantly.

It took several moments for an expression that looked like she remembered something to cross Bella's face.

"Oh, um if that like freaks or weirds anyone out, um sorry I guess." she told them.

I listened to the thoughts of those around her, the guys were disappointed at first but then they thought of how hot it was, most of the girls were a little uncomfortable, while other were entirely interested and the last few were just fine with it.

"Oh don't worry Bella," Angela, one who was both fine with it and a little interested, "you're totally fine."

Bella smiled at her before grabbing her water to take a drink.

"As long as you don't think about trying to get any of this," Lauren snarled gesturing to herself.

Bella coughed up the water she was drinking and it took several moments for her to stop coughing and when it did it turned into chuckles.

She looked at Lauren still smiling, "Don't worry Lauren, I prefer my women a little more," she ran her gaze over Lauren's thin body, "matured."

Lauren's mouth dropped and she blushed, mumbling about something about the restroom she stood up and quickly walked away.

Bella smirked at the people at the table, all who gave laughs and high fives to Bella, all pleased that someone had gotten the better of Lauren.

Tyler, who had finally recovered from the loss of dateable material decided to tease Bella, "So Bella, Rosalie mature enough for you?"

She sighed and glanced over at Rosalie, "Oh yeah. Stunning, confident, looks great in heels, and-Oh my god is that car grease on her arm?" I looked at Rosalie and noticed her shocked and embarrassed but Bella continued, "That is so hotttt. A bombshell that isn't afraid to work on cars. I think I'm in love."

I watch Rosalie as she rubbed the grease a bit but then decided to leave it, her thoughts showing how she was embarrassed that she caught, but more that Bella found her attractive in not only looks but her love of cars. Jasper laughed at the embarrassment that he felt from I would have smiled at this if I weren't so annoyed that Bella seemed to more and more be an actual lesbian. This didn't follow Alice's visions at all.

Jessica claimed Bella's attention again and explained our family dynamics and how we were all adopted. Bella seemed to lose interest when Jessica talked about how 'dreamy' I was, which made me scowl more.

The rest of lunch was spent with me watching Bella through the minds of others as she laughed and told jokes, waving and talking to others as they walked past her table and made eye contact. I could hear that everyone generically liked her. There were a few who didn't like her simply because she said she was lesbian, which they found out as Jessica walked around and spread the gossip. My seemingly permanent frown only seemed to grow, as she would inform whoever asks that she is in fact a lesbian. Emmett took personal pleasure in reminding me as frequently as he could that she was interested in the softer sex by thinking of Bella in all sort of compromising positions with any female he could think of. By the end I was near to ripping his head off.

There was no way that my mate was a lesbian, there must be some reason she is saying this. And I would find out. Because her next class is Biology with me.

I decided to avoid the moment of her scent being blown by the fan by showing up later to class. I walked though the door seconds before the bell rang and noticed Bella was just starting to walk towards her desk, confused I read the teachers mind.

Nice kid. She knew what she was talking about too. Shame. Oh well, for today lets…

I stopped focusing on him as he began thinking about his lecture and I followed Bella towards our desk. Ours. My smile grew at the thought of something being ours.

She sat down on her chair and placed her bag on her desk. I walked around her, seeing her shocked expression in my peripheral vision. I sat down next to her and prepared myself, I took a deep breath and her scent hit me like a wrecking ball but because I prepared myself I was ready.

"Hello, I'm Edward Cullen."

She tilted her head before a strange smile came across her face, "Hey, I'm Bella Swan."

I decided to voice my latest theory in her claim of being a lesbian, "Can I ask you a question."

"I believe you just did," she replied smirking playfully.

I ignored her jib, "You told everyone that you are a lesbian."

She straightened, "Yes, I did."

"I was just wondering if you only told them that in order to keep the boys from bothering you."

She immediately stiffened and her eyes narrowed, "No in fact I told them that because I wanted to know that I am interested in the fairer sex. And I would appreciate if you don't make assumptions like that ever again. If you do then you have my complete permission to keep them along with any other words you have for me to yourself."

With that she turned and faced the front of the class. Behind us I could hear whispers of the groups behind us.

"Holy crap, that is the first time I have seen her that pissed."

"Yeah I wonder what Cullen said to tick her off, not even the people who didn't like her simply for being gay pissed her off that much. She just ignored them."

"Looked like she threatened him. Dude looks like he got totally rejected."

I ignored the others and tried to fix my relationship with Bella, "If I insulted you then I apologize, I was simply asking."

She scoffed and rolled her eyes, "I'll take your apology in consideration."

I scowled, as she didn't even turn in my direction, "You know, it's rude not to look people in the eye when you talk."

She turned and glared at me, "And what, it isn't rude to insinuate awful things about others?"

I stiffened in my chair, "I onl-"

"Save it," cutting me off and turning away, "I don't really care."

I bristled at this but before I could respond Mr. Banner started the lesson. I didn't stop me from hearing the thoughts of the people behind us as they passed notes talking about how hard Bella was slamming me. Before long, the rest of the class had passed the notes around and I could hear them all mentally amused. Although there were a few females who hoped her hurting me would force me to seek comfort in them, which was ridiculous. I had my mate right in front of me, if only she would see it. For the rest of the class I tried to start conversation but she would cut me off or just ignore me. By the end I was fuming while she seemed that she didn't care about my words at all.

As soon as the bell rang she quickly gathered all of her stuff before walking over to one of the other tables that was crowded with people and jumping into the conversation. I scowled at the desk, contemplating walking over to talk to her over walking out. Looking back I noticed that the crowd had grown and most were trying to think of a way to ask Bella what I did to piss her off. I huffed in annoyance before walking out of the room.


I looked over and noticed that Cullen left and turned back to Bella.

"So Bella, what did Cullen say to piss you off so bad," I asked, noticing everyone leaning in to hear.

She turned and glared at his now empty seat.

Damn if looks could kill.

"The douche said that the only reason I said I was a lesbian was to avoid getting hit on by all the guys."

All the girls gasped while a few of the guys shook their heads.

What an idiot, can't believe that he said that.

"Damn, sorry Bella. Dude just had to look and see you drooling over his sister and I bet he wouldn't have thought that."

Bella laughed, "Well yeah, but then again I bet he sees everyone drooling over his sister, I mean have you seen his sister?"

Everyone laughed at her joke.

"Anyways, I'm glad I won't have to sit with that annoying jerk anymore," she stated with a sigh of relief.

Everyone looked concerned and confused, "What do you mean," I asked.

"Oh, I already took this class, so I am moving up to Chemistry tomorrow, I was talking to Mr. Banner to make sure I was able to and he said that he would make sure I went up."

Everyone groaned at the thought of her leaving, she was a lot of fun. But everyone murmured started agreeing with her as she explained what else he said to her that pissed her off. I began memorizing as much as I could, planning on telling Jessica in hopes to get rid of the annoying Edward Cullen fan club.


After Rosie and my last class we were walking toward the car past the office when we heard Bella talking to Mrs. Cope inside.

"Are you sure you want to change classes Miss Swan?"

"Yup, I took AP Biology last year and I really need Chem, Mr. Banner called Mrs. Adrian and she said that she has another opening. So I would really love to shift classes."

I had to cover my laughs as I realized that Bella would be leaving the one class that Edward had with her. Rose figured this out at the same time and I could feel her shaking with silent laughter.

"She is transferring to my class," she choked out.

My laughs became louder, "Eddie is so pissed when he finds out."

"Oh babe, we are so going to have to keep this from Edward," she commented.

I nodded in agreement as we listened as Bella completed her transfer out of the class before walking out. When she walked out she noticed us, at first her eyes lit up, then it turned into a glare. I took a step back as she took several forward, kind of scared at how intense she looked. What happened?

"Emmett I don't know if you and I can be friends anymore," she informed me.

I freaked out, she was cool, why couldn't we be friends, "What? Why can't we be friends?"

She looked at Rosalie, "Because you totally grabbed the most amazing looking girl in this school. And I don't think you are going to like me very much when I steal her from you."

Rosalie smiled at her, "Thanks, Bella, but I don't think you will be able to handle all of me," she finished with a smirk.

Bella raised an eyebrow, "Is that a challenge I detect, because if so then I am so up for it."

Rosalie laughed and shook her head, "As fun as you are, I do think that I am going to have to stick with Emmett for now, I kind of love him."

Bella sighed theatrically, "Damn, worth a shot."

Rose and I laughed at her depressed face as Jasper and Alice walked up to us. I noticed Jasper's tight expression and realized the thirst was getting too much for him. I placed a hand on his should, both to restrain him just in case and as a reassurance.

He nodded to me before turning towards Bella, "Hello, I'm Jasper and this is my girlfriend Alice."

Alice was smiling, but it was a little forced, "Hi."

Bella smiled brightly at both of them, "Hey, nice to meet you guys."

Jasper gave her a tight smile, "That's quite an entrance you made today with your car. It's pretty impressive. A '67 Mustang right?"

She nodded, "Yep, she's my baby."

Rose nodded in agreement and looked at the car in question, "I love the color, and the way it ran…sounded beautiful."

"Yeah, it took some work, but I was finally able to get it to running perfectly."

Rosalie perked up at this, "You worked on your own car?"

Bella nodded, "I'm not the best at it, but I love maintaining my baby. I always freak out that I will have to send her to a shop for work, but they would mess her up, so it's just me until I could find someone I can really trust."

Rose jumped on this, "I could check it out if you want, I do all the work on my families cars."

Bella Bear grinned like she just won first place in the Olympics, "I think I would love for you to check out my engine and undercarriage."

Rose rolled her eyes, "I feel I'm going to have to remind you that I am looking at you Mustangs engine frequently aren't I?"

"Constantly," she winked, "Sorry, I would love to stay and chit chat but I have to take off right now and I have a dreading sensation that your brother will be showing up soon, and I don't think I could handle another five seconds with his judgmental comments without shoving a knife through his stomach and pulling out all of his innards. So I'll see you dorks tomorrow," she turned to Rosalie, "Oh and gorgeous, I will defiantly see you tomorrow as well."

She winked at Rose again before turning and sauntering away. Rose rolled her eyes again as Bella walked towards her car. I laughed at Bella's playful seduction techniques. My advanced hearing picked up on Edward's light footsteps approaching quickly. I gestured to Rosalie and she nodded back, understanding. We both shielded our thoughts from him; we found that if we needed to hide something from him, all we had to do was think about how amazing our sex was. He usually whined or left us alone when we both started getting graphic.

He turned the corner into the lot at the exact moment that Bella started up her Eleanor. He glared at the offending vehicle as she drove around the lot towards us. She rolled down her window when she got close. I saw the smile on her face and while I may not be psychic like Alice, I figured out what she was going to do. As soon as she blew a kiss at Rosalie, I jumped in front of her.

"AH!" I shouted, falling to my knees, "I'm hit. Oh the pain. Rose, go on without me! Run before she gets you too."

I looked to see Bella give me one last glare before laughing and driving off.

Edward stomped his foot like a three-year-old, "Come on, family meeting at home. Something is wrong with Bella."

Both Rose and I rolled our eyes at his voice, and I was the one they called the child.


Edward complained for almost two hours about how something was wrong with 'his' Bella. He also spent a little of that time yelling at us to stop saying that we kind of like this new Bella or that he wants us to stop thinking about sex. But the meeting turned when he informed us that she was deliberately rude to him.

Emmett frowned, "Really? She was nice to everyone though. I doubt that she would single you out like that."

"Well she did," he replied acting high and mighty, "We were talking and then she got all defensive when I asked her some things."

I stiffened at this, 10 bucks you insulted her. I thought to him.

Edward glared at me, "I would never do that!"

What did you ask her?

Edward turned away and ignored me.

"What did you ask her Edward?"

He huffed, "I merely asked why she decided to inform everyone that she was a lesbian."

I stared at him slack-jawed, he did what? The rest of the group asked him the same question.

Carlisle interrupted us, "Everyone please calm down," Edward smirked as us as he was defended by being the favorite, "Edward was just asking why she decided to tell everyone, and while it may be a little invasive and rude," Edwards smirk went to a shocked look at Carlisle's words, "He only asked a question that is basically harmless."

I looked at Edward and noticed when he looked away from us. He was hiding something; he did something else as well.

Both Jasper and I reached the same conclusion and voiced it, "That's not all he did."

Edward glared but I continued, "You said something else to her didn't you?"

Edward bristled, "I merely informed her of a theory I had been working on."

I leaned forward, "What theory Edward, stop stalling and tell us."

He stood up straight and tried to stare me down, "I asked her if she told everyone that she was gay simply to avoid attention from the boys at this school."


Then everyone started talking at once. Emmett was opening yelling at him, pissed that Edward was rude to his friend. Jasper was calling him an idiot for talking to a woman like that. Alice was shaking her head and told him that he had taken away her best friend. Esme was reprimanding him for saying such things. Carlisle looked disappointed and was trying to tell him where he went wrong.

And I was sitting on the couch, leaning back. It had started as just a bit of shaking. Then it progressed to little giggles, then up to chuckles. By the time it had reached laughs, everyone had stopped to look at me like I was crazy.

"What's so funny love?" my husband asked.

Edward snarled at my thoughts, "YES SHE IS!" he shouted.

Pfft, what a child, "I don't think Isabella Swan is Edward's mate anymore."

Everyone stared at me shock so I continued, "Well, first off she's lesbian, and while I would have no problem taking off Edward the item she doesn't want on her lovers," Emmett and Jasper winced while Edward continued to glare, "Secondly, you said she was lying about who she was to everyone at school the first day she met you, kind of a dick move. Finally, she informed us that she probably couldn't spend five more seconds with you without attempting to take your life."

Everyone stared at me with various degrees of shock on their face, except Edward who just glared at me.

"I know she is my mate," he snarled quietly, "we may not have talked much but I still know she is."

Alice decided to speak up then, "I don't know about that anymore Edward."

He looked shocked at her but she continued, "When I'm near her I get new vision, and they show her as a vampire, but she's never with you anymore. She's always running with someone else."

Edward snarled at her and they began debating back and forth. But I was thinking about what he had just snarled at me. Something didn't sit right with what he said. I ran it over and over. Suddenly something clicked in my head, and when Edward looked away, I knew I nailed it.

"Edward?" I asked feigning sweetness, "How long were you talking to her before you insulted her and called her a liar?"

He didn't answer but I had caught everyone's attention again and they were all looking at him curious as well.

I scoffed at him, "You probably asked right after you introduced yourself didn't you?"

Carlisle scoffed, "Edward would be smarter than that, he would know that would be rude."

Awkward silence as Carlisle looked at Edward for confirmation. When none came Carlisle mouth dropped in shock and Esme gasped.

"Edward!" Esme scolded, "You just met the girl! You had no right to question her like that?"

The moron in question looked on in disbelief as Esme continued to scold him like the child he is. This day was getting to be so much fun.


Bella's future was no longer making sense. One vision she would be who I saw before, and she would be shy or clumsy with her group of friends or us. Others she would be the one we met today and running around with random people and easily making friends.

I sat in my room doodling in my sketchbook, trying to figure out what was going on. The family meeting finished an hour ago when Edward stormed off after Emmett continued to tell Esme and Carlisle how much fun this 'new' Bella was. I had checked through my visions and saw that he was planning on checking on Bella by climbing the tree that looked into her house. Everyone was against it but his claim that she was his mate made our opinions void in his mind apparently. I had had also seen that Bella wasn't home right now so I had no problem letting him go. I tried looking for her in the future but I kept getting some strange vision of me hiding in the forest by the drive way giggling.

I shook my head from these and focused on the two different Bella's problem. I breathed out a loud sigh as I sat there totally confused. I got a brief vision of me standing in front of Carlisle study after he called for me.

Seconds later I was in the exact same position before he called.

"Come in Alice," he called through the door, unsurprised at my presence.

I walked through the thick mahogany door and entered. I scrunched my nose as the smell of old worn book hit me.

"You were about to call?"

"Yes, Alice. I have a running theory why your visions are so strange with Bella."

I sat down at the chair in front of his desk and motioned him to continue.

"Well your visions are subjective, they only show if a decision is made correct?" I nodded, "And if two people randomly meet, and they only act on instinct, just say the first thing that pops into their head, then you wouldn't be able to see the meeting or anything that happens after, correct?"

Again I nodded, "Yes but as soon as they make a decision again I would be able to see them."

"Okay so here is my theory, seventeen years ago, you had your first vision of Bella, which is when her parents decided to have her. When you saw this you began focusing on this Bella, who would grow to be shy and clumsy. However, at one point, she, and some other party, had a random meeting, and both acted upon instinct. And thus she became invisible. But by this time, Edward and you had already come to know her as his mate. So whenever you tried to look into Bella's future, you were actually looking at your decisions and plans, not hers. And now that you have met Bella after she went through the random meeting, you are able to see her future as well. But both Edward and you are only focusing on the older Bella, which is why you still have visions of both."

I sat back against the chair and stared at Carlisle. It made sense and fit the situation. The only flaw could be the actual random meeting itself, which I voiced to him.

"Yes, as both could plan on travelling or either could just pick a random path to trod down. It would have to take a ton of different events to cross to make the meeting of two people entirely random in your precognition. The only way I think it could work, is if both people just started walking and kept their thoughts on something irrelevant and at one point their paths crossed."

I frowned, I didn't like the idea there was something that could sneak by my visions. But at least I had an explanation.

"So the visions I have been having of Bella, those aren't of her but of our idea of her?"

"That's my theory."

I hummed thoughtfully. I was about to respond but again I was hit by the same vision of me standing alone in the forest.

"Ughhhh I don't get this," I groaned coming out of the vision.

Carlisle tilted his head, "What was the vision about Alice?"

I quickly explained my visions to him and Carlisle placed his hands under his chin as he thought over this new dilemma.

"And you say you get this one when you try to focus on Bella? And that this takes place at the front of our driveway?" he asked.

"Yes on both." I replied.

He nodded to himself, "Then perhaps you should seek out this scene from your visions. You may get some answers there."

I thought over it before agreeing. I thanked him before blurring out of the house, hearing everyone except Edward just relaxing inside.

I took me several minutes to actually find the scene from my visions. I was surprised to find that it was just inside from the turnoff from the main road and on to our driveway. After getting there I looked around and noticed…nothing. I huffed and leaned back against the tree, trying to force a vision. My face scrunched up as I concentrated. Nothing.

I slammed my head against the tree, creating a small dent. I bit my lip and tried to think of what to do. I was about to take off back to the house when I heard it. An older engine was driving on the road towards our driveway. I waited for it to pass but surprisingly when it got to only several feet away from the turnoff the engine cut. I frowned as I heard the person open the door and walk over to stand in front of our driveway.

"…Wow," I heard a female say, "They must REALLY hate having neighbors."

I had to cover my mouth to hide my laughing as I realized that this was Bella Swan. Edward went running to her house to check on her/stalk her and she came driving over to us.

Bella continued to question whether or not this was actually our house, debating that Charlie said it was an unmarked driveway against the fact that the driveway was terrifying and she was probably going to be killed. After much debate she got back in her car. Using this I took off ahead of her as she slowly pulled through the way, still mumbling how she was going to get attacked by an axe murderer.

I reached the house, "Everyone! We are going to have a guest soon!"

Everybody blurred to the entryway, all with varied degrees of confusion on their faces.

"Who's coming Alice?" Esme asked.

I giggled before skipping off, "Oh, I'm not telling, I want to see the shock on all of your faces when they get here."

By now they could all hear Bella's car as it slowly rumbled up the way. I could see realization of both Rosalie and Jasper's faces along with a large smile on the former. Both Carlisle and Esme were confused, as they never heard it. Emmett just didn't stop grinning like an idiot so it was hard to tell if he actually recognized it at all.

Finally Bella pulled into the meadow and parked her car. It actually took her several minutes to get out of car, no doubt in awe of the house. She finally opened the door and got out, and we could barely hear her as she now mumbled about rich axe murderers with gorgeous torture chambers.

Both of our parents frowned as they tried to figure out who this was. Bella took a deep breath before walking up the porch steps and over to the door. She quickly pressed the doorbell and to restrain Esme from going to fast out of curiosity. After a short pause Esme walked over and opened the door.

"Hello, I'm Isabella Swan, you must be Mrs. Cull…" she trailed off.


NEXT TIME ON BELLA THE BOLD. Bella discovers an ancient treasure hidden beneath the sea using a map she found in her grandfathers attic. Joined by renowned deep-sea diver and womanizer Rosalie Hale, together they plunge to the depths of this mysterious deep-sea treasure and the curse surrounding it. Its sink or swim with this one folks! Join us NEXT TIME.

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